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Hidden Love's Unforgettable Charm

2023-07-15 11:15:44

Hidden Love is, like, a totally unexpected and awesome drama that shows the journey of Sang Zhi, this pure-hearted girl, as she grows up. The drama has this super unique romantic vibe from Taiwanese directors, and the way they express emotions is seriously moving. Zhao Lusi absolutely kills it in playing Sang Zhi, bringing so much energy and joy to the screen.

In the drama, Duan Jiaxu brings happiness to Sang Zhi, and she's all about enjoying every little thing and the good times they have together. Even though some people have different opinions about their relationship, the happiness Duan Jiaxu brings to the main character is a totally legit reason for this drama to exist. Through Zhao Lusi's portrayal of Sang Zhi, you can seriously feel her happiness and how it rubs off on you.

Yo, when was the last time we felt this kinda joy? Are the reasons and opinions of those who are against them really enough for Sang Zhi to say no to such pure happiness? They might fight, break up, or grow apart when they're old, but who cares, right?

Lusi absolutely nails that captivating young girl vibe in the drama, totally nailing the lovable and innocent character of Sang Zhi. Sang Zhi's personality is so relatable to every girl deep down, showing a real picture of a innocent schoolgirl. Her happiness comes from simple and pure things like food, breaks between classes, and hanging out. She's not afraid to go after what she wants despite her brother teasing her, finds satisfaction in food, and gets all excited when her brother keeps his promises. Lusi really captures all the different emotions of Sang Zhi, giving a seriously amazing performance.

Lusi's smile is contagious, her pretty features and expressive face always hit you right in the feels. When she's interacting with Sang Yan, her cute pouting when she's mad just makes you wanna pinch her cheeks. And when she's waiting to see Duan Jiaxu at school, her eager expression is seriously adorable, like a kid waiting for their parents to bring back snacks. And when she finds out that Duan Jiaxu is working at the dessert shop 'cause he's going through some money problems, she handles it with care, not wanting to hurt his pride. Lusi totally owns the role of Sang Zhi, showing off her amazing acting skills.

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