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Ending Explained of Hidden Love

"Hidden Love" starring Zhao Lusi and Chen Zheyuan has come to an end. In the final ending, the most satisfying part for the viewers was undoubtedly the perfect conclusion of the love story between Duan Jiaxu and Sang Zhi.

Duan Jiaxu secretly invited Sang Zhi's friends and family to the seaside without her knowledge and held a grand proposal ceremony for her. In order to give Sang Zhi the biggest surprise, the reason given beforehand was that one of Sang Zhi's friends was going to be proposed to, and she was also part of the surprise team.

Unexpectedly, while trying to surprise others, she became the protagonist of this proposal party. With the presence of friends and family, Duan Jiaxu got down on one knee and said the declaration to Sang Zhi, "A lifetime, one person." Through his sincerity, he finally moved Sang Zhi and she accepted his proposal, followed by a sweet and passionate kiss between the two.

During their walk on the beach afterward, Duan Jiaxu once again expressed his heartfelt words to Sang Zhi. In fact, he had silently liked her for a long time before officially pursuing her. It was back when they experienced the first snow night together when Sang Zhi just started college, he had already fallen in love with her.

Sang Zhi also revealed her own inner thoughts. Their story began when Duan Jiaxu was 22 years old, but due to their age difference, Sang Zhi always kept her feelings for him hidden in her heart, afraid to let anyone discover them. However, in order to become someone worthy of him, she had been making efforts all along.

And this story officially ended when Sang Zhi turned 22. She realized that in this love, it was not just her running alone as she had thought, but a perfectly mutual pursuit. Her secret admiration turned out to be a reciprocal affection. Like a little sun, Sang Zhi gradually melted Duan Jiaxu's cold heart and healed his wounds from his youth. Duan Jiaxu also fulfilled Sang Zhi's innocent first love.

Before Duan Jiaxu officially pursued Sang Zhi, he had silently liked her for a long time. He had already developed feelings for her when they shared a night of experiencing the first snow together. However, he worried that he was too old for her and couldn't accept it, so he didn't dare to confess.

The relationship between the two was "strained" due to one worrying about being too young and the other worrying about being too old. Luckily, they encountered four assists, which made their love story a success.

Assist One: Qian Fei

Qian Fei was the biggest assist in their relationship. Duan Jiaxu fell in love with Sang Zhi but didn't dare to confess, afraid of hurting her and Sang Yan, thus jeopardizing their friendship.

Fortunately, when Qian Fei got married, he reunited with his former classmate. Qian Fei encouraged Duan Jiaxu to bravely pursue his true love, not being confined by age.

It was also fortunate that Qian Fei didn't know that Duan Jiaxu liked Sang Zhi at the time. If he had known, he wouldn't have encouraged Duan Jiaxu, as he didn't want Qian Sang to "beat" him!

Under Qian Fei's guidance, Duan Jiaxu started using various techniques to approach Sang Zhi and repeatedly confirmed if she had a crush on him during high school. After confirming Sang Zhi's feelings, he transformed into a peacock showing off his charm in front of her.

Duan Jiaxu was truly a genius in love. Despite never having had a girlfriend, he had many tricks up his sleeve, and no one could resist his sweet words and warm gestures. How could little Sang Zhi escape the clutches of this "old fox"? Moreover, Sang Zhi had already fallen in love with him first!

Assist Two: Ning Wei

Ning Wei was Sang Zhi's college roommate. When Sang Zhi and Duan Jiaxu first met in college and felt awkward and uncomfortable, it was Ning Wei who helped them behind the scenes. She would gossip with Sang Zhi every day about the secrets between her and the "older brother," fully playing the role of a matchmaker.

After Sang Zhi and Duan Jiaxu confirmed their relationship, Sang Zhi was not accustomed to physical contact, and it was Ning Wei who encouraged her. If it weren't for Ning Wei, Sang Zhi, and Duan Jiaxu wouldn't have been able to have a successful relationship.

Assist Three: Jiang Siyun

Jiang Siyun was Duan Jiaxu's superior and a very important assist. At Duan Jiaxu's request, she met Sang Zhi and clarified that she was Duan Jiaxu's superior, dispelling Sang Zhi's misunderstanding that they were in a romantic relationship. With the misunderstanding resolved after many years, Sang Zhi could continue loving Duan Jiaxu without any reservations.

Later, when Sang Zhi graduated from college, she couldn't leave her dad, mom, and brother and had to return to Nanwu for her career. However, Duan Jiaxu's hometown and work were in Yihe, so he had to resign. Jiang Siyun also considered this carefully and advised him not to quit but to apply for a transfer to the branch office in Nanwu. This way, he wouldn't have to separate from Sang Zhi and wouldn't give up on the career he had built for many years, allowing him to fully invest in this relationship without any regrets.

Assist Four: Sang Yan

Although Sang Yan's assists were unintentional, he was the most crucial assist. Without Sang Yan's matchmaking, this fate would not exist.

Sang Zhi helped Sang Yan move when they were in college, and that's when Duan Jiaxu fell in love at first sight. Sang Yan would always argue with Sang Zhi when teaching her physics, so he asked Duan Jiaxu to help with tutoring, giving the two of them a chance to be alone. When Sang Zhi passed the entrance exam for Yihe University, she entrusted Duan Jiaxu, who lived in the same city, to take care of her...

When he learned many years later that his beloved sister had been stolen by Duan Jiaxu, he was furious. If he had known earlier, he definitely wouldn't have asked Duan Jiaxu to take care of his sister!

But now that their feelings are mutual, what can he do? His sister has already made her choice, and all he can do is bless them.

The final ending is so perfect, as beautiful as a dream. It feels like following the tender Sang Zhi and Duan Jiaxu, experiencing a romantic and sweet love story!

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