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Go With the Times – Li Xiaoning, Guo Weijie, Zhang Zihan, Liu Xizi

Go With the Times is a youth film directed by Xie You, starring Li Xiaoning, Guo Weijie, Zhang Zihan, and Liu Xizi.

The film is based on Pei Bei's novel "Shui Ji San Qian Li / 水击三千里".



Go With the Times

English Title: Go With the Times
Chinese Title: 我们的岁月
Genre: Youth, Romance, Friendship, Drama
Duration: 86 min.
Director: Xie You
Writer: Xie You
Producer: Pei Bei
Released Date: 2023-03-17
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This is a youth era that two generations share, full of a sense of ritual between the younger generation and their parents.

A 12-year-old "genius boy", a 35-year-old "old class leader", a 21-year-old "creamy boy" and a 17-year-old "campus white moonlight" combine to form a unique university campus scenery.

The awkward age gap, humorous height difference, unrequited love, hazy and romantic pop culture, and passionate life collide to form a lovely, humorous, pure, and enthusiastic youth poem.

Time has hurt parents' youth, but will the younger generation who continue their youth be willing to understand and cherish their youth together?


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