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UNIQ – Happy New Year

Name: Happy New Year
Singer: UNIQ
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: Dec.28,2015
Label: YH Entertainment
Lyricist: Wang Yunyun
Composer: Liu Jia
“Happy New Year” is not only UNIQ’s first attempt at a New Year’s single, but also the first appearance of the Cosmic Girl. In the music video, the members of UNIQ prepare for a party on the eve of a snowy New Year’s Eve, and the girls arrive as fate! UNIQ’s captain, Zhou Yixuan, even contributes her first love on the screen.
When UNIQ shares a sweet party with the girls of the universe, the ending is like a dream reversed, and it turns out that all the sweet moments are just… In a beautiful dream of Zhou Yixuan, the member Cho Seung Yeon lost his house key. In the moment of sadness, snow suddenly falls from the sky, just like in Yixuan’s dream.
With the sweet music of “Happy New Year”, UNIQ is leading the crowd to dissipate all the gloom and welcome a new and beautiful New Year.
With “Happy New Year”, UNIQ is here to help you get rid of all your tiredness and busyness, and start the sweaty 2016 new year.

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