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Ren Jialun’s 20 Quotes

Ren Jialun
  1. If you have a dream, go after it. I’ll stay with you when you’re tired.
  2. With effort, go with the flow.
  3. No matter what, face the facts.
  4. So-called legends are only what others look up to. Don’t be afraid of anything, even if it’s not expected, we have to work hard.
  5. I try to live a wonderful life even if I am alone.
  6. If you’re feeling particularly tired, don’t give up, maybe that time will be particularly rewarding!
  7. Life never owes anyone anything, it gives you a shadow and it will spread the sunshine not far away.
  8. Success has a cost, and time is a cost, and the value of time is the saving of cost.
  9. Those glories do not belong to me now, but they will be someday.
  10. Tough men, unstoppable men, who can’t survive if they can’t change.
  11. When others are playing, I work hard; when others try, I work hard; when others regret, I keep working hard; so that I don’t feel sorry for myself!
  12. Be quiet in all things: come quietly, go quietly, work quietly, reap the rewards quietly, and never make noise!
  13. Maybe I’ll have to go it alone, don’t expect anyone to burst out of nowhere, maybe there’s only one thing I can do, and that’s to pay back my parents.
  14. I will make people envious of my accomplishments, those who mock me, and those who give up on me regret it.
  15. I will one day reach the pinnacle of my desire! It might be a way to encourage yourself! I’ll work hard to the point where you’re stunned! My future is in my own hands, all choices are my own choices!
  16. Sometimes, we like someone not only for what we see in front of us but also for the part of them that hasn’t grown up. Go your own way and let others talk. I’ve been trying, not for others, but myself.
  17. I still have to make time, because, I have to fulfill my dream. I don’t want to regret it, I’m sure I’ll lose a lot, but I’m used to it. After all, my life has been so hard since the beginning, and if I don’t fall, I’m going forward!
  18. Doing anything without confidence means it’s over, so Ren Jialun cheers up! No matter how much chaos surrounds you right now, hang in there, look up at the sky, God is smiling on me.
  19. The people who should be respected the most are those who have dreams and keep on holding on to them, still not achieve, but they are not giving up. If you have your dreams, you must persevere, if you are tired, you can come to me, I will accompany you!
  20. Whether it’s acting or singing, it’s all a performance stage. I think I was born to be on a stage, so if I’m needed on any stage, I’ll happily step on there and perform.
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