2023 Chinese Drama List

Mermaid’s Jade – Zhang Bohan, Xu Yuan

Mermaid's Jade is a historical romance fantasy BL film, directed by Zhang Kaiqiang, starring Zhang Bohan, Xu Yuan, Zhuo Xi, and Leng Jiyuan.


Mermaid's Jade

English Title: Mermaid's Jade
Chinese Title: 鲛绡碧
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Duration: 65 min.
Director: Zhang Kaiqiang
Writer: Chen Lu
Released Date: 2019-11-18
Boradcast Website: -



In the gloomy haze of pollution in Chang'an, the delicate and beautiful merman Yi Xia became the "male pet" of the Minister of Punishments, Che Yuanshan. He was true in his affection, but he believed it to be fake.

In order to protect him, Che Yuanshan betrayed Yi Rou, Yi Xia's sister. Filled with hatred, Yi Xia escaped from Chang'an and finally returned to Che Yuanshan's presence with a vengeful dagger...


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