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Guys With Kids – Bosco Wong, Adi Kan

Guys With Kids is an urban family emotional comedy directed by Jiao Yongliang, starring Huang Zongze(Bosco Wong), Kan Qingzi, Luo Yunxi, Liu Yuqiao, and Huang Xiaolei.

The drama tells the story of three men with very different styles who are bound together by a baby of unknown origin, which messes up their already difficult lives.


Guys With Kids

English Title: Guys With Kids
Chinese Title: 奶爸当家
Genre: Urban, Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 42
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Jiao Yongliang, Xu Fuxiang, Wen Jie, Gao Tian
Writer: Zhou Juan
Producer: Zhang Junhan, Li Zhanying
Released Date: 2021-01-22
Broadcast Website: 优酷



Gao Han, a honest and kind-hearted man, loses a battle with his ex-wife for custody of their daughter.

At this time, the son of his first girlfriend Guan Lingling, is sent to his home. Becasuse she was dead in a car accident,

Gao Han and his two tenants, Wang Dongyang and Yu Bo, work hard to become three distinctive daddies.

Not only do they have to take care of the baby, but they also have to take care of Dudu's real aunt, Guan Shanshan, who is a big trouble.

The three of them work together to raise the child while trying to find the mystery of Dudu's origins.

After a series of embarrassing events, Gao Han and Guan Shanshan develop an affection for each other, while Yu Bo also has a crush on Guan Shanshan.

In the end, Gao Han and Guan Shanshan come together.


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