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Children's Hospital Pediatrician – Luo Yunxi, Sun Yi

Children's Hospital Pediatrician is an urban emotional drama directed by Zhou Dehua, starring Luo Yunxi, Sun Yi, Ling Xiaosu, Zeng Li, Xu Shaoxiong, Liu Jia, Hu Rui, Li Yining, Li Dongming, and Liang Ce.

Based on true events, the drama tells the heart-warming real-life story of a pediatric clinic.


Children's Hospital Pediatrician

English Title: Children's Hospital Pediatrician
Chinese Title: 儿科医生
Genre: Urban, Medical, Romance, Drama
Tag: Doctor, Slice of Life
Episodes: 42
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhou Dehua
Producer: Tan Cunling
Released Date: 2017-11-14
Broadcast Website: Fresh Drama



Tang Yujia, a resident in paediatrics, has a stubborn and a bit cute personality.

Her ultimate dream is to become a surgeon, but she never thought she would end up in paediatrics.

Tang Yujia first meets her mentor, Ye Mei, who is incredibly strict in her profession. Under her critical and "oppressive" approach, Tang Yujia grows rapidly in her practice.

Subsequently, Tang Yujia discovers that Ye Mei's first love is the paediatric Chu Zijian, whose professional prowess is in stark contrast to his embarrassing life.

Mr Chu's wife cannot bear the emotional betrayal of Mr Chu and chooses to divorce him.

However, Chu Zijian chooses Ye Mei after experiencing a divorce and the illness of his daughter.

After a few bitter experiences, Tang Yujia's marriage to Shen He grows more and more stable.

As Tang Yujia's rotation in paediatrics comes to an end, she experiences the hardships of paediatricians and is eventually moved by Zhong Qin's selflessness and love for the children, and decides to stay in paediatrics and become a competent and committed paediatrician.


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