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Dream Garden – Simon Gong Jun, Qiao Xin

Dream Garden is a romantic suspense drama directed by Zang Xichuan, and starring Gong Jun, Qiao Xin, Jing Chao, Sun Yi, Zhang Duo.

The drama tells the story of Xiao Xiao, an emotional blogger, and Lin Shen, a professional psychological counselor, who make each other become better.


Dream Garden

English Title: Dream Garden
Chinese Title: 沉睡花园
Genre: Urban, Romance, Suspense
Tag: Multiple Couples, Blogger Female Lead, First Love, Love/Hate Relationship, Cold Male Lead, Chasing a Dream
Episodes: 16
Duration: 70 min.
Director: Zang Xichuan
Writer: Lan Bai Se
Producer: Zhao Zhuolin
Product Company: Huace Film&TV, Mango TV
Released Date: 2021-12-13
Broadcast Website: Viki, Huace, MGTV



Xiao Xiao, an emotional blogger, and Lin Shen, a professional psychological counselor, were feuding over differences in perceptions in a relationship variety show.

By chance, Xiao Xiao was recruited as Lin Shen’s assistant, and she hopes to enhance the professionalism of her emotional analysis by learning professional psychology knowledge.

While they are working and living together, they have solved a number of psychological cases and the crises around them, such as fan love delusions, Internet Troll, emotional attachment damage, etc., and their hearts are getting closer and closer to each other.

Xiao Xiao’s enthusiasm and energy infected Lin Shen, who has a cool personality, and Lin Shen taught Xiao Xiao how to become an excellent professional counselor.

But the crisis that lies around them also gradually emerges. After experiencing conflicts and crises, they eventually discover that love is actually a kind of hypnosis, making each other become better.


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