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Youth Should Be Early – Hu Yitian, Zhong Chuxi

Youth should be early is an urban workplace drama, directed by Zhang Heyang, starring Hu Yitian and Zhong Chuxi, and co-starring Lv Cheng Yu, Hu Dandan, and Zhang Hanwen.

The drama is about Zheng Qian, Cheng Xin, Kong Hao, Yao Jia Ren, Meng Xi Xi, and Mo Xiaobao, who struggle to start their own business after graduating from college, facing the reality of love and the hardship of survival in the workplace.


Youth Should Be Early

English Title: Youth should be early
Chinese Title: 青春须早为
Genre: Workplace, Urban, Youth
Episodes: 47
Duration: 45min.
Director: Zhang Heyang
Writer: Meng Zeguang, Chen Siyi, Wang Boyu
Product Company: Blaze Film, Changjiang Culture
Broadcasting Website: Viki, NewTV(Youtube)
Released Date: June 9, 2021


Hu Yitian Hu Yitian as Zheng Qian
Zhong Chuxi Zhong Chuxi as Cheng Xin
Lv Chengyu Lv Chengyu as Kong Hao
Hu Dandan Hu Dandan as Yao Jiaren


At the graduation ceremony, Cheng Xin proposes to her boyfriend Zheng Qian, but is unexpectedly rejected because Zheng Qian believes that he is not ready for marriage because his career is not yet success.

Zheng Qian declines Cheng Xin’s offer to join Cheng’s group and looks for the job himself, but is repeatedly frustrated.

Cheng Xin has to fake an interview to get Zheng Qian to pass the interview and enter Tengda Group. The general manager of the company is Chu Yunfei, who has a crush on Cheng Xin. When the scandal of Zheng Qian’s falsified resume comes to light, Zheng Qian resigns and leaves.

After resigning, Zheng Qian and his buddies Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao set up the “Daydream” creative studio, which quickly gained fame in the industry because of its unique ideas.

While Zheng Qian reach a new peak in his life, a huge crisis is lurking – the assets of Cheng’s group are encroached by Uncle Liang, and in the critical moment, Zheng Qian and Chu Yunfei support Cheng Xin and finally win the victory.

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