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The Truth – Gong Jun, Jiang Wu, Sun Yi

The Truth is a crime drama directed by Zhang Tong, led by Gong Jun, Jiang Wu, and Sun Yi.

It is adapted from Jiu Di Shui's work "Shi An Diao Cha Ke / 尸案调查科".


The Truth

English Title: The Truth
Chinese Title: 风过留痕
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhang Tong
Writer: Lin Jidong
Producer: Liu Xu, Luo Wenqi, Wang Qi, Zhai Bing
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



The Criminal Technology Division of the Yunxi City Public Security Bureau is the gathering place for local major and peculiar cases.

Led by Chief Chen Guoxian, the investigation team consists of members such as Si Yuanlong, Ye Qian, Leng Qiming, Wan Jin, and intern Wu Danqing, etc. They form a young and professional elite team.

Among them are skilled in reasoning and adept at understanding human nature, serving as the soul catchers in the courtroom; others are proficient in wielding scalpels and have a sophisticated style as returnee technical experts. There are also policewomen who handle both love affairs and tough actions, and intern policewomen who have a tender heart and obediently follow the rules. In addition, there are seasoned police officers with deep strategies and guidance, as well as smooth young individuals who bring amusement.

Adhering to the principle of "cracking the code of death and safeguarding the dignity of life," each of them possesses unique skills, fulfills their duties, and repeatedly solves peculiar cases, upholding justice in each perplexing and unimaginable case they encounter.


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