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Fu Tu Yuan – Dylan Wang, Yukee Chen

Fu Tu Yuan is a historical romantic drama directed by Wu Qiang and starring Dylan Wang Hedi, Yukee Chen Yuqi, and Peter Ho.


Fu Tu Yuan

English Title: Fu Tu Yuan
Chinese Title: 浮图缘, 浮屠塔, 浮图塔
Genre: Historical, Romance
Director: Wu Qiang
Writer: You Sijie
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Broadcasting Website:
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Dylan Wang Dylan Wang as Xiao Duo
Yukee Chen Yukee Chen as Bu Yinlou
Peter Ho Peter Ho as Lord Fu


During the period of Longhua, Xiao Duo, a eunuch in charge of the imperial court, planned a palace mutiny with Lord Fu to help him ascend to the throne.

Bu Yinlou, who should have been buried, was saved by Xiao Duo because the emperor was interested in her and was later placed in Xiao’s house.

They got along with each other day by day and gradually developed affection, but due to their status, they had to hide their feelings.

Xiao Duo went to Jiangnan to supervise a silk trade with a foreign country. Yinlou accompanied him to visit her relatives in the south. During the trip, they fell in love and finally revealed their feelings, but there were many obstacles ahead.

Xiao Duo’s true identity, the threat of the Lord Nanyuan, and the suppression of the Emperor, a small mistake will lead to a deadly disaster.
Yinlou decided to sacrifice herself and entered the palace. Xiao Duo misunderstood her. They had to hide their emotion.

What is the fate between them…

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