2023 Chinese Drama List

Cast of Faithful

Cast of the Chinese Drama Faithful
  • Janice WuMeng WanMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    With a delicate and thoughtful mind, she excels at planning and schemes. She spent seven years in hiding, transforming her identity to become the mistress of the household, all to overturn an old, unjust case involving sisters.
  • Li JiahangLiu XinMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    A law enforcer, both righteous and cunning, often changes identities on the spot with less-than-graceful agility. While appearing as a street-smart character, he has his own sense of "justice" in their heart.
  • Qiao ZhenyuWu LianMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Insecure and adept at disguises, he engages in wrongdoing under the alias of "Mr. Embroidered Pavilion." In the end, he is brought to justice by a righteous individual in a court of law.
  • Hu YixuanLin RulanMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    She is clear, lively, and harbors romantic sentiments, enjoying a happy and contented life with dreams for the future, until the arrival of Wu Lian changes her life forever.
  • Tang JingmeiLiu SanniangSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Free-spirited and carefree, she may be a ”hooker“, but her straightforward and candid personality allows her to live life on her own terms.
  • Yang YutongTian XiaolingSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    She has a cold and solitary personality, originally hailing from a scholarly and well-off family. However, after falling victim to Wu Lian's evil deeds, she has been secluded in the Qing Shui An nunnery, unable to find solace.
  • Hai LuHuang JiaojiaoSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    A diligent and conscientious boss, striving to surpass the "Yanyu Embroidery Pavilion" and make amends for inner guilt, collaborates with Meng Wan to testify in court seven years after witnessing an accidental event back then.
  • Sheren TangWife of Nng DuckSupport Role
  • Hou ChangrongLou MingzhangSupport Role
  • Zhang DoudouZhang Rong'erSupport Role
  • Bai ShuLi ChunfengSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    With limited education but lightning-fast hands, he is a renowned local “pickpocket scholar”. Over seven years, he has been guarding the flower lantern, silently waiting for a reunion with an old friend.
  • Zhang KangleShen MuSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Once a constable often bullied in the yamen, he has harbored grievances for seven years because he couldn't help Rulan clear her name. He remains steadfast in his pursuit of fairness and justice in his heart.
  • Han YezhouFeng DaSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    A reckless and chivalrous hero in the mountains, he had received help from Rulan seven years ago and is determined to repay her life-saving kindness.
  • Ye ZuxinXu ZhiyangSupport Role
  • Lin YuanConcubine ChenSupport Role
  • Chen SisiMrs. XuSupport Role
  • Han YuchenZhao YuchengSupport Role
  • Du YuchenDouhua BeautySupport Role
  • Zhong QiWu NiangziSupport Role
  • Jie BingDean YanSupport Role
  • Liu WeitingGao ChenchengSupport Role
  • Xiao TianrenWu Lian (Teenager)Support Role
  • Song FangyuanJue XinSupport Role
  • Tan YanyanLan CuiSupport Role
  • Zhang YuanyuYao WusaoSupport Role
  • Shu YaxinChilde ZhouSupport Role
  • Jia ShuyiDharma Master Hui ChenSupport Role
  • Luo RuiSui YuSupport Role
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