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My Amazing Boyfriend – Janice Wu, Kim Tae Hwan

My Amazing Boyfriend is a romantic drama directed by Deng Ke and starring Janice Wu Qian, Kim Tae Hwan, Shen Mengchen, Fu Jia, and so on.

The drama tells the story of a "genetic mutant" who is accidentally awakened after a hundred years of sleep and sets out to investigate the cause of his death more than a hundred years ago.


My Amazing Boyfriend

English Title: My Amazing Boyfriend
Chinese Title: 我的奇妙男友
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi
Tag: Interspecies Romance, Love Triangle, Bromance, Female Chases Male First, Investigation, First Love
Episodes: 28
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Deng Ke
Writer: Shui Qianmo, Wang Xiongcheng
Producer: Zhang Na, Long Ya
Product Company: HUACE FILM&TV
Released Date: 2016-04-25
Broadcast Website: Viki, WeTV, Huace



After a hundred years of sleep, Xue Lingqiao was accidentally awakened by the unlucky actress Tian Jingzhiin in a car accident.

With the bizarre birth and uncommonly capable, Xue Lingqiao lived in Tian Jingzhi’s house. AlthoughTian Jingzhi pretended not to care, behind the scenes, she tried to get rid of the “demon”.

However, during this period, the relationship between them was warming up, and the ambiguity was spreading quietly.

Later, not only does Xue Lingqiao and Tian Jingzhi’s feeling for each other becomes clear, but also a big conspiracy that spans over a hundred years is slowly revealed.


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