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Everyone Loves Me – Lin Yi, Zhou Ye

Everyone Loves Me is a romance drama directed by Yu Zhongzhong and Li Qingrong. It stars Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in lead roles, with Hong Yao and Liu Meihan in special appearances. The supporting cast includes Tang Mengjia, Jiang Yiming, Zhan Yu, Wang Xiaoyunzi, Zhang Song, and Yu Xinxi.


Everyone Loves Me

English Title: Everyone Loves Me
Chinese Title: 别对我动心
Genre: Urban, Romance
Tag: Secret Crush, Female Chases Male First, Gaming, Smart Male Lead, Workplace Love, Workplace Setting
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yu Zhongzhong
Writer: Qiao Yao
Released Date: 2024-03-01
Broadcast Website: Youku,, Netfilx, Viki



The Campus Belle, Yue Qianling, harbors a secret admiration for the academic genius Gu Xun. Taking the advice of her friends, she decides to play the role of a 'naive beauty' to pursue his love. Unfortunately, Gu Xun has already fallen for his skilled and charming gaming partner, 'Rou Mi Xiao Ma Hua', in the virtual world. While he remains indifferent to Yue Qianling's advances in real life, he skillfully woos 'Xiao Ma Hua online, unaware that she is actually Yue Qianling.

Upon discovering the truth, Gu Xun finds himself on an unexpected journey of 'reverse pursuit.' The story unfolds with a delightful blend of humor and heartwarming moments as the two navigate the path of mutual understanding and love. In the end, they join hands to pursue their dreams and create a future together


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