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Derailment – Liu Haocun, Lin Yi

Derailment is a romantic drama starring Liu Haocun and Lin Yi, co-starring Huang Shenchi, Fan Shiran, Wang Zhazha, Wanyan Luorong, and Li Tiannuo.

The drama is based on the novel "Tuo Gui / 脱轨" by priest.



English Title: Derailment
Chinese Title: 脱轨
Other Titles: 离心力
Genre: Urban, Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Suspense
Tag: Rich Male Lead, Riches to Rags, Strong Female Lead, Fight, Time Travel, Slight Comedy
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Shen Yang
Writer: Wang Jialu
Producer: Yan Bei, Yang Fanru, Dong Xiuyuan, Yang Jing
Product Company: Youku, Xinghe Studio
Released Date: 2023-12-14
Broadcast Website: Youku,, 优酷



A “Time travel” which has many secrets made Jiang Xiaoyuan, a rich girl, turn into a low-level working girl with the same name.

Struggling to survive, she met her mysterious childhood sweetheart Qi Lian.

Together they searched for the truth. On the way to uncovering the "fog", they compose the song of love and career together, performing an inspirational life.


Year 2025. A pink car speeding on the elevated highway encountered a series of accidents. Jiang Xiaoyuan in the car was thrown off the bridge with the vehicle, and the situation was extremely critical.

In 2012, Qi Lian, his face covered in blood, pleaded desperately with the doctor to save his friend Xu Jingyang. He was informed that surgery in such a condition carried risks, but as a long-distance runner aiming to join the provincial team, the best option was rehabilitation training. Qi Lian lowered his head, his eyes filled with incomprehensible darkness.

On the hospital rooftop, Qi Lian made a phone call, and Xu Jingyang, who was originally in a wheelchair, suddenly disappeared. In 2025, just three days before the lighthouse system activation.

Wealthy heiress Jiang Xiaoyuan did not go to her family's company but went to a bar to have fun. She wanted to introduce her new boyfriend, Huo Baiyu, to her friends. He was a Stanford graduate and not accustomed to such occasions. Jiang Xiaoyuan's friends teased him, insisting he join them for a drink. Jiang Xiaoyuan, displeased, intervened, but her friends hinted that they were looking forward to a spectacle. Soon, Jiang Xiaoyuan witnessed the shattering of his innocent image, orchestrated by that girl taking photos. However, Jiang Xiaoyuan noticed that the girl was manipulating the situation. She didn't fully trust Huo Baiyu, but 70% of the orders in his advertising company were referrals from her, and he dared not betray her.

Jiang Xiaoyuan's friend Feng Ruixue opened a café with her help, and business visibly improved. They both wore the same ribbon that day, but Jiang Xiaoyuan could tell that Feng Ruixue's was fake. She advised her not to buy counterfeit goods. To help Feng Ruixue expand her business, Jiang Xiaoyuan gave her company's afternoon tea and gifted her a new scarf. However, Feng Ruixue couldn't ignore the gossip among the employees. It wasn't until Jiang Xiaoyuan had Huo Baiyu take Feng Ruixue home that she discovered their secret relationship. Feng Ruixue first begged for mercy, then hysterically accused and ridiculed out of jealousy. She begged Jiang Xiaoyuan not to withdraw her investment, as doing so would be akin to forcing her to die. But Jiang Xiaoyuan couldn't accept betrayal; she would not allow it.

That night, Feng Ruixue disappeared. Jiang Xiaoyuan felt responsible for her apparent suicide, but unable to reach her father, she asked her special assistant for help. The special assistant asked her strange questions, such as whether she liked herself in this world and why she came to this world. The assistant gave Jiang Xiaoyuan a phone, instructing her to use it for matters concerning Feng Ruixue, as some of her statements could be used against her in the future.

Fifteen minutes before the lighthouse system activation, Jiang Xiaoyuan received a call from the assistant, saying that Feng Ruixue had been found, but the situation was extremely complex. He asked her to rush from the Cross-River Bridge to Pier 13 within fifteen minutes. On the way to Pier 13, anxious and in a hurry, Jiang Xiaoyuan got into a car accident. She and the car plunged into the river. In a situation deemed worthless, Jiang Xiaoyuan logged into the lighthouse system and began this strange journey through a certain passage. Meanwhile, Qi Lian received a signal. After so many years, Xu Jingyang, is it you?

Jiang Xiaoyuan woke up once again, finding herself by the river with an ID card next to her. The name and birthday on the card were identical to Jiang Xiaoyuan's, except for the registered residence, which was in a small mountain village in Baiyang County, Sichuan, unlike Jiang Xiaoyuan's registration in Chongqing. Concluding that this was not her ID card, Jiang Xiaoyuan realized she had been knocked off the bridge. Where was this place? Facing the unfamiliar surroundings, Jiang Xiaoyuan felt frightened. Despite trying to find her way on unsteady legs, exhaustion caused her to collapse on the roadside. When she woke up, she was on a truck, and the driver, a woman named Zhang Jie, kindly explained that she was delivering goods to the city and took her along as company. However, the destination was not Chongqing but Luoshan City.

At a service station, Jiang Xiaoyuan rushed to a convenience store to use the phone. Unable to recall her special assistant's number, she called her father, but no one answered. It was then that Jiang Xiaoyuan noticed the time here was not 2025 but 2018! Overwhelmed by fear, she despondently got back on Zhang Jie's truck, and Qi Lian, seeing her, seemed contemplative. His phone received a call, but upon returning it, they found it was from the convenience store nearby. Qi Lian didn't question it and continued searching for Xu Jingyang.

Seeing Jiang Xiaoyuan's fearful expression, Zhang Jie comforted her, suggesting they go to see a doctor for her injuries. Jiang Xiaoyuan borrowed Zhang Jie's phone again to call her father, still unable to connect, so Zhang Jie took her home to rest. Qi Lian arrived at the place where Jiang Xiaoyuan had awakened, discovering blood on the ground. Xu Jingyang, is it you?

Following Zhang Jie to her home, Jiang Xiaoyuan found herself in an old residential building with a daughter. Feeling the time travel was absurd, she only wanted to go home. Although the years had changed, returning to Chongqing should lead her back home. But it was too far from Chongqing, and Jiang Xiaoyuan had only 520 yuan; she could only afford a plane ticket.

Qi Lian continued searching for Xu Jingyang's whereabouts, but the police had no information about him, and everyone claimed Xu Jingyang might not even exist. Jiang Xiaoyuan woke up early, feeling uncomfortable in this environment. Suddenly, a flowerpot fell from upstairs, knocking Zhang Jie unconscious. Tearfully, Zhang Tian begged Jiang Xiaoyuan for help, but with only 520 yuan, they couldn't afford the medical expenses. The remaining 58 yuan needed was unexpectedly covered by Qi Lian.

Hungry and penniless, Jiang Xiaoyuan appeared desolate on the streets. Now she couldn't even afford a train ticket. Qi Lian suddenly appeared, and Jiang Xiaoyuan thought he had come to collect a debt. She hurriedly asked him to get it from the mother and daughter. However, Qi Lian found it strange why Jiang Xiaoyuan pretended not to know him. Feeling dizzy, Jiang Xiaoyuan woke up in a hospital ward with Qi Lian by her side. Thinking Qi Lian was trying to flirt, she, a well-known heiress of the Jiang Group, was disdainful. She even called her father directly, but the call went to Qi Lian's phone. Searching the news, Qi Lian found out that Jiang Xiaoyuan's supposed father, Jiang Tianfeng, had died in 2009. Unwilling to believe, Jiang Xiaoyuan insisted that Chongqing did have the Jiang Group.

With tears in her eyes, Jiang Xiaoyuan walked through the hospital corridor, feeling lost. In a daze, she seemed to see her former self shining brightly, questioning why she came to her world. Jiang Xiaoyuan speculated that she didn't travel through time but entered another parallel world where she didn't belong. To return to her original world, she attempted to jump into the river but was rescued and brought to the police station. Qi Lian, who came to bail her out, was seen as having romantic entanglements with her, and the police tried to convince them otherwise.

Qi Lian has been following Jiang Xiaoyuan, claiming they are fellow townspeople, wanting to ensure she has a place to stay. To avoid exposure, Jiang Xiaoyuan decides to quickly shake him off but unintentionally runs into a dead end. No matter how she hides, she will be discovered. So, Jiang Xiaoyuan hides in the women's restroom, seizes the opportunity to climb out through the window, and escapes. Hungry for a long time, Jiang Xiaoyuan takes out the only two coins left on her, checks the price list on the wall, and orders two-thirds of a bowl of white rice.

Qi Lian never gives up searching for Xu Jingyang. Upon accidentally encountering Jiang Xiaoyuan eating plain rice in a destitute state, he tasks someone with investigating what happened to her in Chongqing. Jiang Xiaoyuan, a wealthy heiress, eating plain rice, never thought hunger could be so unbearable. Thinking about finding a job, Jiang Xiaoyuan witnesses a robbery. Once again, Qi Lian descends from the sky to rescue her, but she scolds him for his trouble. Ignoring her, Qi Lian gives her some money and advises her to find a place to stay quickly. Tearful, Jiang Xiaoyuan dislikes this kind of charity, but Qi Lian is right—without his help, she wouldn't survive the night.

Qi Lian brings Jiang Xiaoyuan to a hotel. The two remain silent throughout the journey. Before leaving, Jiang Xiaoyuan asks Qi Lian how to repay the money, and he tells her to call her dad's number. The two hundred yuan Qi Lian gave her is just enough for a night in a standard room, excluding breakfast. Jiang Xiaoyuan runs to an internet cafe to apply for a job as a network manager. However, she takes the wrong turn and ends up at a live-streaming anchor recruitment event. She doesn't stay in the hotel arranged by Qi Lian, causing him to search frantically.

Relying on her attractive face, Jiang Xiaoyuan becomes a network manager, eating instant noodles, and dreams during a daze. The next morning at 8 o'clock, Jiang Xiaoyuan finishes work, and her place of residence is a storage room behind the internet cafe. Qi Lian has searched all the nearby internet cafes but hasn't found Jiang Xiaoyuan. Unaware that she has entered an illegal internet cafe, Jiang Xiaoyuan, with the two hundred yuan given by Qi Lian, eats a bowl of wonton soup, buys some essentials, and purchases a phone charger. This phone is the only thing that traveled with Jiang Xiaoyuan when she crossed over, and she firmly believes that through it, she can contact her original world. After so long, she truly misses home. When the phone is turned on, she still can't reach her father, but a person claiming to be an uncle says her dad had a sudden cerebral infarction and needs surgery funds. Disregarding the scam, Jiang Xiaoyuan is found by Qi Lian. In Qi Lian's eyes, it's strange for Jiang Xiaoyuan to pretend not to recognize him after six years, but only Jiang Xiaoyuan knows that no one can help her.

In the following days, Jiang Xiaoyuan lives on five yuan worth of wonton soup each day, working as a network manager in an internet cafe, experiencing days of homelessness. Qi Lian is constantly worried about her and quietly watches over her. Until today, when Jiang Xiaoyuan was touched inappropriately by thugs in the internet cafe, she fought back, threatened the boss to settle her wages, and finally received a three hundred yuan salary. Jiang Xiaoyuan immediately goes to Qi Lian to repay the money, following the address he provided and arriving at a certain house.

Jiang Xiaoyuan sits outside the house, nibbling on a steamed bun, when suddenly three menacing men approach, inquiring about Qi Lian's whereabouts and even throwing her steamed bun. Before Jiang Xiaoyuan can react, Qi Lian returns, and the aggressors, clamoring to stand up to Qi Lian, end up receiving a lesson from him. Witnessing this, Jiang Xiaoyuan feels a bit scared, quickly offers the owed two hundred yuan in a respectful manner, and Qi Lian explains that he is now involved in some small business and occasional internet activities, and the men were rivals seeking him.

Qi Lian takes Jiang Xiaoyuan inside the house. Initially uneasy, she becomes frightened when she sees him holding a knife and rushes to leave. However, Qi Lian insists she stays to share a meal of curry-covered rice. Unable to resist the temptation of delicious food, Jiang Xiaoyuan devours her portion at the table and realizes that the person in front of her might not be as fearsome as she thought. She attributes his actions to assistance rooted in fellow-township camaraderie. While wandering around Qi Lian's home, Jiang Xiaoyuan accidentally enters a room filled with photos of dead people. Shocked, she attempts to flee but is cornered by Qi Lian.

Qi Lian speeds with Jiang Xiaoyuan on the highway, and upon reaching their destination, he drops her off and runs away. Qi Lian helps Jiang Xiaoyuan secure a job at a salon owned by their old friend Chen Fangzhou, although Jiang Xiaoyuan acts as if she doesn't recognize him. It's a high-end salon, and Jiang Xiaoyuan starts as an apprentice, but she gets free meals and accommodation.

Qi Lian finds information about Jiang Xiaoyuan during the years she went missing. She faced many hardships, working since entering school. Her poor relationship with wealthy classmates resulted in social isolation, and after a while, there was no news about her. Qi Lian is deeply saddened, wondering why Jiang Xiaoyuan didn't come to find him all these years. Chen Fangzhou arranges for Jiang Xiaoyuan to stay in the employee dorms, revealing that she and Qi Lian were inseparable in the past. They went to Chongqing for college, but she didn't inform Qi Lian, which deeply saddened him. Jiang Xiaoyuan decides to stay temporarily, finding it more respectable than the illegal internet cafe.

Assigned to the hair-washing section, Jiang Xiaoyuan faces exclusion and even goes without food. If not for Chen Fangzhou sharing his meal with her, she would go hungry. Confronted with colleagues' provocations, Jiang Xiaoyuan remains defiant. After work, she discovers Qi Lian waiting for her at the door. Despite her fear of him, Qi Lian returns her ID card and takes her to a supermarket to buy daily necessities. Qi Lian's gaze is complicated, and Jiang Xiaoyuan, choosing a leather jacket, bankrupts herself when she sees the bill.

Jiang Xiaoyuan realizes belatedly that Qi Lian's assistance is due to his fondness for the Jiang Xiaoyuan of this world. If he discovers she's an impostor, she fears he might act impulsively. She persists in searching for the time-space portal, frequently checking information while at work. Chen Fangzhou continues to pester her for hair-washing practice, making her even more frustrated. Qi Lian believes that Xu Jingyang must still be somewhere in this world. After being injured years ago, Xu Jingyang mentioned the possibility of leaving Qi Lian's world, but Qi Lian has never believed in his words.

A week has passed, and Jiang Xiaoyuan failed the apprentice test. However, she becomes determined and asks Chen Fangzhou to let her practice washing hair on him. Qi Lian arrives at the shop in the middle of the night, surprising Jiang Xiaoyuan with the fact that he has the keys and shares in the place. Hearing that Jiang Xiaoyuan hasn't been promoted, Qi Lian calls her over to demonstrate. Initially skeptical and doubtful that Qi Lian can wash hair, Jiang Xiaoyuan is left speechless by his gentle technique. As Qi Lian's fingers glide through her hair, Jiang Xiaoyuan's heart suddenly feels unsettled.

Qi Lian calmly blow-dries Jiang Xiaoyuan's hair, asking if she has learned. Feeling a bit guilty, Jiang Xiaoyuan adds that she will definitely pass next time. Without saying much, Qi Lian suggests she go back and rest. Jiang Xiaoyuan's promotion still hasn't gone through, despite her mastering the technique. Shop rules dictate unanimous approval for promotion, and Jiang Xiaoyuan's interpersonal relationships are evidently lacking. She sets a deadline for herself, determined to pass the test next Monday. However, her efforts seem futile as she struggles to integrate, prompting her to come up with the idea of giving everyone coffee.

Returning to the shop with coffee, Jiang Xiaoyuan overhears colleagues gossiping about her. She learns of another way—convincing Chen Fangzhou to give his approval. Fuming, she confronts Chen Fangzhou, who insists her skills aren't sufficient, and she must earn his respect.

To influence Chen Fangzhou's decision, Jiang Xiaoyuan seeks Qi Lian as her mentor, hoping he'll teach her some massage techniques. Open to learning, she even lets Qi Lian take her for a new haircut. In Qi Lian's eyes, Jiang Xiaoyuan looks exactly like before, and he suddenly loses control, questioning why she pretends not to recognize him. Worried about deceiving Qi Lian's feelings, Jiang Xiaoyuan decides to confess that she's not the Jiang Xiaoyuan he knows. Qi Lian, finding this absurd and angered by the idea that she's pretending not to know him, doesn't believe her reasoning.

In a restaurant, Jiang Xiaoyuan witnesses her colleague Xiao K being deceived by a blind date. Trying to help, she pulls Xiao K away, but Xiao K misinterprets Jiang Xiaoyuan's good intentions, assuming she's just using Qi Lian for her advantage. Qi Lian advises Jiang Xiaoyuan that not everyone has the courage to change their lives.

Changing her approach, Jiang Xiaoyuan uses the massage technique Qi Lian taught her to wash Chen Fangzhou's hair. After completing the process, Chen Fangzhou agrees to promote her to an intern technician. From today, she can earn performance bonuses, making three yuan for each hair wash. Overjoyed, Jiang Xiaoyuan thanks Qi Lian for the lessons. Xiao K, grateful that Jiang Xiaoyuan kept her issues private, offers to help her get promoted, not realizing that Jiang Xiaoyuan has already become an intern technician, capable of fighting for what she wants on her own.

Jiang Xiaoyuan excitedly called Qi Lian, informing him that she passed the assessment and wanted to have dinner together. However, Qi Lian mentioned he was on a business trip and could only meet tomorrow night. In reality, Qi Lian went to Jiang Xiaoyuan's hometown, Baiyang County, and met her grandmother. Jiang's grandmother was delighted to see Qi Lian and urged him to sit down, expressing concern about not hearing from Jiang Xiaoyuan for a year. Qi Lian sighed but assured her that Jiang Xiaoyuan was fine.

Qi Lian learned from Jiang's grandmother that Jiang Xiaoyuan had disappeared for a year. During her last visit, she was seriously ill, and silently left a hundred thousand yuan for her. In fact, when Jiang Xiaoyuan first entered college, her grandmother was critically ill, and she worked hard to earn money for her treatment. Jiang Xiaoyuan treated Qi Lian to a meal with her 2,000 yuan salary. However, Qi Lian became suspicious; Jiang's grandmother mentioned that she now smoked and drank, habits she never had before. Qi Lian wondered how a girl like her could suddenly earn a hundred thousand yuan.

As Jiang Xiaoyuan raised her second glass, Qi Lian's expression grew more serious. He had been waiting for her to ask why he didn't keep their appointment six years ago, why he left without a word and didn't return to Baiyang County, and why, knowing Jiang Xiaoyuan needed help, he was absent for four years. Jiang Xiaoyuan, confused and not aware of the events, urged Qi Lian to understand that she wasn't the same person as before. Qi Lian, suppressing his heartache, agreed to all of Jiang Xiaoyuan's requests.

Jiang Xiaoyuan was grateful that Qi Lian was willing to be friends after learning the truth. However, she was unsure about their past. In the salon, Jiang Xiaoyuan, ranked last in seniority due to performance, received no clients. Xiao K voluntarily gave her clients to Jiang Xiaoyuan, helping her secure the first customer. Inspired by a client's suggestion, Jiang Xiaoyuan realized she could use her strengths to attract regulars. Implementing a plan with Xiao K, Jiang Xiaoyuan and Xiao K gradually improved their business, much to the dismay of Ling Jie.

While happily sharing her success with Qi Lian, Jiang Xiaoyuan noticed his ambiguous expression. Chen Fangzhou, before leaving for a business trip, shared insider information with Jiang Xiaoyuan: two junior technician slots would open up this month, and with effort, she could secure one. On the first day of Chen Fangzhou's absence, Ling Jie deliberately sabotaged Jiang Xiaoyuan by assigning her to attend to Helen's clients. Despite Xiao K's warning about Ling Jie, Jiang Xiaoyuan confronted her after a client left due to allergies, resulting in Helen disqualifying her from performance and competition.

Feeling betrayed by Xiao K, Jiang Xiaoyuan confronted her, stating they were not on the same side. This incident reignited Jiang Xiaoyuan's determination to find the time-space gate. While browsing online, she came across a post where someone mentioned their friend, Little Xu, disappeared inexplicably, becoming a forgotten person in everyone's memory. Looking at the pictures in the post, Jiang Xiaoyuan experienced severe headaches, as if an invisible force was pulling her back. Qi Lian found her unconscious again and took care of her, covering her medical expenses.

The video exposing Ling Jie's scheming went viral online, and Jiang Xiaoyuan was unaware of it. However, everyone, including Chen Fangzhou, believed she was responsible and questioned her over the phone.

Jiang Xiaoyuan arranged to meet a forum friend online, revealing herself as a time-space traveler. Unaware that the person she would meet was Qi Lian, she embarked on the journey with only 24 yuan, hoping to find a way back. Qi Lian, upon receiving a call from Chen Fangzhou about Jiang Xiaoyuan resigning and being unreachable, reluctantly set out to find her. Jiang Xiaoyuan reached the agreed coffee shop but waited from dawn to dusk without meeting her online friend. With her last 22 yuan, she bought a pearl milk tea and checked the forum on the tablet, finding no messages.

After a month, penniless and with no way back to the salon job, Jiang Xiaoyuan felt lost. Qi Lian arrived at the coffee shop after Jiang Xiaoyuan left, and the staff handed him her abandoned phone. Using the phone, Qi Lian unexpectedly discovered that the online friend Jiang Xiaoyuan was supposed to meet was her. Jiang Xiaoyuan, now in the rain, felt everything unrelated to her collapsing and cried uncontrollably. Qi Lian pulled her back from the road as a car approached. Jiang Xiaoyuan clung to him, crying profusely, seeing him as a lifesaver.

Qi Lian, angry upon learning that Jiang Xiaoyuan wrote the forum post and arranged the meeting, questioned if she was a real time-space traveler. Jiang Xiaoyuan couldn't provide answers, and Qi Lian insisted she stay by his side until he finds the truth about the original Jiang Xiaoyuan. He revealed that their previous interactions were for the real Jiang Xiaoyuan. Emotions ran high between them, and Qi Lian took Jiang Xiaoyuan back to where she woke up a month ago. The coordinates were sent to her phone, originally belonging to Xu Jingyang. Suspecting Xu's involvement, Qi Lian confronted Jiang Xiaoyuan forcefully, demanding her body back.

The next day, Qi Lian dropped Jiang Xiaoyuan at the salon, promising to find a way for her to return. Chen Fangzhou scolded her and assigned her menial tasks. Despite the emotional turmoil, Jiang Xiaoyuan remained silent. Qi Lian, dealing with his own concerns, arranged for an investigation into the two phones. The salon changed its promotion criteria to prioritize technical skills. Jiang Xiaoyuan, demoralized, was scolded by Chen Fangzhou, who complained to Qi Lian about her lifeless state. Qi Lian warned her to stop or risk hindering her life. Jiang Xiaoyuan, contemplating her choices, decided to prove to those who saw through her that she could overcome. From then on, she dedicated herself to practicing hairdressing techniques, vowing to pass the assessment within a month.

Jiang Xiaoyuan practiced all night in Chen Fangzhou's office, startling him the next day. She couldn't figure out where she went wrong; every haircut turned out differently. Chen Fangzhou, helpless, sent her back to sleep, but Jiang Xiaoyuan collapsed after a few steps. Despite a high fever, she insisted on practicing, as she had nothing left, and only excellence could prevent her from being ignored. In this world, no one cared about her, and she feared that if Chen Fangzhou knew she wasn't the original Jiang Xiaoyuan, he would despise her like Qi Lian.

That night, Qi Lian brought food, even if Jiang Xiaoyuan didn't want to eat, her body needed nutrition. Jiang Xiaoyuan, with teary eyes, ate the plain congee under his gaze, reminding Qi Lian of the time she ate in tears, having suffered grievances. They were both fond of putting on a brave front. Qi Lian's words provoked Jiang Xiaoyuan, and suddenly she smashed the bowl, asserting that crossing was not her fault, so why was Qi Lian angry with her!

Qi Lian received a call, and later knocked on the door, saying that Jiang's grandmother suddenly fell ill in the afternoon but was saved. Qi Lian requested Jiang Xiaoyuan to call her grandmother, considering it a favor returned. However, Jiang Xiaoyuan couldn't do it; her grandmother died before she was born, and her parents never cared for her. Softening his approach, Qi Lian pleaded once again for Jiang Xiaoyuan's help. She eventually relented, and Jiang's grandmother, hearing Jiang Xiaoyuan's voice, became emotional, causing tears to flow from Jiang Xiaoyuan's eyes. After the call, Qi Lian said he was looking for a way to send her back but warned it wouldn't be quick. Jiang Xiaoyuan needed to prepare for an extended stay in this world. As for the junior stylist exam, she didn't need to push herself too hard.

The next day was the promotion exam. Chen Fangzhou asked Qi Lian to come and show support, but Qi Lian felt that Jiang Xiaoyuan might not want to see him. Despite this, Qi Lian still showed up the next day. Both Jiang Xiaoyuan and Xiao K registered for the assessment, scoring full marks on the theoretical part. In the practical section, Jiang Xiaoyuan received the advanced stylist test, making Chen Fangzhou realize that Qi Lian had switched the questions. Qi Lian stated that if Jiang Xiaoyuan wanted to prove herself, she should strive for absolute fairness. Xiao K's speed was impressive, and while Jiang Xiaoyuan was doing well, her speed was not fast enough.

With only five minutes left, Jiang Xiaoyuan's hairpin broke. However, she improvised by tying a scarf around her hair to create a unique hairstyle. Despite this creative touch, Helen argued that Jiang Xiaoyuan's mistake was too noticeable. Qi Lian agreed, and they didn't approve Jiang Xiaoyuan's assessment. The winner was Xiao K. Frustrated, Jiang Xiaoyuan confronted Qi Lian, questioning if it was so difficult to acknowledge her excellence.

Xiao Bai suddenly reported to Chen Fangzhou, accusing Sister Ling of helping Xiao K cheat. She overheard Sister Ling obtaining the exam questions for Xiao K, and Chen Fangzhou instantly recalled the scene where Sister Ling emptied the trash in his office that night. Chen Fangzhou also realized that Jiang Xiaoyuan's curling iron had been intentionally damaged. After a heated argument, Sister Ling resigned, and Xiao K's promotion qualification was revoked due to cheating. The winner this time was Jiang Xiaoyuan.

Qi Lian, troubled by Jiang Xiaoyuan's situation all day, decided to help her revisit past scenes and people to recover the old Jiang Xiaoyuan. Qi Lian called Jiang Xiaoyuan to have dinner together, and Lily, thinking Qi Lian was pursuing Jiang Xiaoyuan, quickly helped her dress up. Qi Lian organized a hometown gathering, introducing Jiang Xiaoyuan to many people from their past. However, an encounter with Ding Xiangling, who claimed Jiang Xiaoyuan had stolen her 500 yuan, led to a quarrel. Jiang Xiaoyuan became angrier and disliked Qi Lian more, thinking he brought her here just to make her suffer.

To establish an equal relationship between them, Jiang Xiaoyuan and Qi Lian reached an agreement. Qi Lian would help Jiang Xiaoyuan find a way home, while she continued to play the role of this world's Jiang Xiaoyuan. Qi Lian told her the person sending coordinates might be a hacker, but Jiang Xiaoyuan found it surprising, as it seemed unnatural to her. When she woke up, her phone was off, making it impossible to locate. Where did these coordinates come from? Jiang Xiaoyuan and Qi Lian were increasingly terrified, and through investigation, they finally found the person who installed the locator for Jiang Xiaoyuan.

Jiang Xiaoyuan and Qi Lian immediately set out. Jiang Xiaoyuan's emotions became uncontrollable, even suspecting her crossing was orchestrated by Assistant Xu, but Qi Lian believed in Xu Jingyang. The location indicated by the locator was a large shopping mall, and Jiang Xiaoyuan and Qi Lian searched separately. Qi Lian followed a suspicious person to a secret passage, but at the same time, Jiang Xiaoyuan was being trailed by a mysterious figure. When they reunited, Qi Lian claimed the person he followed vanished into thin air, but Jiang Xiaoyuan didn't believe him.

Today is Christmas Eve, and Lily mentioned having a friend who has a date tonight and asked Jiang Xiaoyuan to help her dress up. Jiang Xiaoyuan created a very successful look for her. The locator in the phone has run out of battery, and Qi Lian learned that it can only last for a year.

Jiang Xiaoyuan has recently caught a cold but still wants to stay at the salon to practice. Seeing her getting close to Lily, Chen Fangzhou suggests that Jiang Xiaoyuan should spend more time with her. Lily's boyfriend, who works as a makeup artist in a photography studio, is in need of help since the original makeup artist ran away. Although Jiang Xiaoyuan is reluctant, she agrees to lend a hand. The clients at the studio are agitated due to a long wait, and the makeup supplies are insufficient. Jiang Xiaoyuan has to make a last-minute purchase.

Qi Lian receives news about the locator, so he asks for the staff dormitory phone number from Chen Fangzhou to inform Jiang Xiaoyuan. However, Chen Fangzhou says that Jiang Xiaoyuan is neither at the dormitory nor the salon. Qi Lian becomes nervous, fearing that someone might have found her. While purchasing makeup, Jiang Xiaoyuan recalls her past friendship with Feng Ruixue, feeling a fleeting warmth. As she finishes shopping, Qi Lian walks towards her through the snow, holding an umbrella. He informs her that the locator is produced by a company in Chongqing, and he needs to go there. Jiang Xiaoyuan wants to accompany him, but he refuses, citing concerns for her safety. She playfully lifts her chin, asking him whose safety he is worried about. Before he can answer, she avoids the question.

Qi Lian insists on accompanying Jiang Xiaoyuan back home, which infuriates her. At the photography studio, Qi Lian almost reports the studio. The bride is unhappy with her dress, and Jiang Xiaoyuan, using scissors, makes slight modifications, making it even more beautiful. Thanks to Jiang Xiaoyuan's help, the photography session goes smoothly. Upon leaving, Qi Lian unexpectedly brings cold medicine and hot water. In gratitude, Jiang Xiaoyuan buys him a cup of hot cocoa. She gives him sincere advice, suggesting he stop searching for her old self in her. Regardless of the circumstances, they are not the same person. Jiang Xiaoyuan playfully leaves, wishing Qi Lian a Merry Christmas, and Qi Lian's heart races.

The photography studio offers double pay to poach Jiang Xiaoyuan. Chen Fangzhou rushes to find Qi Lian, but he is certain that Jiang Xiaoyuan won't leave. Qi Lian asks Chen Fangzhou if he noticed any difference in Jiang Xiaoyuan compared to before. Chen Fangzhou thinks she has become more arrogant, but Jiang Xiaoyuan was like that in the past too. When Jiang Xiaoyuan arrives, she proposes opening a beauty department in the salon. However, Chen Fangzhou, not being from the headquarters, cannot make the decision. Jiang Xiaoyuan knows she won't stay here for long, but being suddenly recognized for her abilities makes her somewhat proud. Qi Lian also acknowledges her skills, thinking that maintaining this situation might not be a bad thing. That night, he writes an email proposing the addition of beauty services to the salon. The salon plans to add beauty services and send someone to Chongqing for training. Jiang Xiaoyuan boards a train to Chongqing and coincidentally meets Qi Lian, who is investigating the locator. Upon arriving, Qi Lian gives Jiang Xiaoyuan a new phone. The company has hired a reputed beauty instructor, Jiang Bo, who Jiang Xiaoyuan doesn't particularly like due to his arrogance.


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