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The Fox’s Summer – Tan Songyun, Jiang Chao

The Fox's Summer is a romantic drama directed by Yu Zhongzhong, starring Tan Songyun, Jiang Chao, Zhang Xin, Wang Yanzhi, and Pu Tao.

The drama is adapted from the young romantic novel "Dang Zong Cai Lian Ai Shi", which tells the hilarious love story of "Miss Fox", a lie transmitter, and "President White Rabbit", a human lie detector, who go from being at odds with each other to getting closer and closer.

The first season premiered on April 5, 2017; the second season premiered on May 4, 2017.


The Fox's Summer

English Title: The Fox's Summer
Chinese Title: 狐狸的夏天
Genre: Urban, Youth, Romance
Tag: Boss-Employee Relationship, Love Triangle, Cohabitation, Rich Male Lead, Strong Female Lead, Fashion Industry
Episodes: 21
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yu Zhongzhong
Producer: He Houze, Yan Ruozhou, Ni Na
Released Date: 2017-04-05
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, Viki, WeTV



Gu Chengze is the president of Gu Department Store Group and the adopted son of Mrs. Gu of the Gu family.

Mrs. Gu wants her grandson, Gu Jinyun, to take charge of the company, but Gu Jinyun is not interested in it.

So Mrs. Gu assigns Gu Chengze the task of guiding Gu Jinyun into the position.

During this time, Gu Chengze meets the fashion designer Li Yanshu and accidentally learns that she and Gu Jinyun had a relationship before, which had a deep impact on Gu Jinyun.

Gu Chengze uses Li Yanshu as a breakthrough and recruits her into the company.

When Gu Jinyun sees that Li Yanshu has joined the company, he is determined to pursue her again, but Li Yanshu has no more affection for him.

When Mrs. Gu learns of this, she strongly opposes it and asks Gu Chengze to separate them, which allows Gu Chengze and Li Yanshu to come together.

In the end, with the company of Li Yanshu, Gu Chengze is able to overcome all kinds of difficulties and find his real mother, while Gu Jinyun grows up after experiencing many things and takes up his job successfully.


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