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Romance of a Twin Flower – Ding Yuxi, Peng Xiaoran

Romance of a Twin Flower is a historical romantic drama directed by Xie Ze, led by Ding Yuxi and Peng Xiaoran, co-starring Yi Daqian, Ma Ke, He Changxi, Jia Nai Na, Miao Yu, Luo Qiuyun, Wang Zirui, Fu Jia, A Liya, and Dong Yan.

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Bai Lu Cheng Shuang, which tells the story of Ji Man, a young girl with a great talent for a business who accidentally lost her memory and entered the marquis’s mansion in place of her twin sister.

With her great business acumen, she solved many crises and finally won the love of the marquis, Ning Yuxuan, and gained happiness.


Romance of a Twin Flower

English Title: Romance of a Twin Flower
Chinese Title: 春闺梦里人
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy
Tag: Identity Swap, Smart Female Lead, Quirky Female Lead, Amnesia, Twin Exchange, Marriage
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Xie Ze
Producer: Fang Ying, Fang Fang, Han Mingxi
Product Company: TENCENT PENGUIN PICTURES, Shanghai Juxin Culture Creative Co., AINI PICTURES
Released Date: 2023-03-21
Boradcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo, Viki



Since childhood, Ji Man grew up in Haifang, she was a carefree girl, living a happy life. Unexpectedly, an accident occurred during a trip to the capital.

She woke up again and became the wife of Ning Yuxuan, the Moyu Marquis. After being treated as the brutal and jealous Nie Sangyu, Ji Man not only had to suffer the humiliation of being repudiated by Ning Yuxuan but also faced the danger of her life.

In order to get out of the situation, Ji Man decided to escape from the Ning Mansion by her own ability.

But at this time, Ning Yuxuan was put in prison and sent to Hai Fang. Ji Man followed him there in order to realize her business dream.

In Haifang, Ji Man helped Ning Yuxuan to relieve the victims and punish the evil and promote the good.

With the support of Ning Yuxuan, Ji Man also opened her own rouge store “Hao Xue Tang”.

Along the way, they had deeply fallen in love with each other.

On the occasion of the marriage between Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man, Ji Man’s original identity was revealed. Her real father was the leader of the tea gang who killed Ning Yuxuan’s father.

Faced with their father’s debt the lovers parted ways in pain.

Two years later, they reunited, facing the past, how should they choose this time…

Episode Plot

Nie Sangyu was running frantically on a mountain path with a group of soldiers chasing her closely behind. She looked ahead and realized that she had reached the edge of a cliff with no chance of escape. Her husband, Ning Yuxuan, had also come after her because he suspected that Concubine Wen’s injury was caused by Nie Sangyu. She was desperate and cursed Ning Yuxuan to a life of despair just like hers before jumping off the cliff. As she fell into the river at the bottom of the cliff, she remembered her childhood love and marriage with Ning Yuxuan and felt bitter about it.

When Nie Sangyu woke up in the Ning residence, her personal maid, Mu Xu, came to serve her, but she didn’t recognize her. Mu Xu was scared and thought that Nie Sangyu didn’t like her name, so she offered to change it. Nie Sangyu was confused and realized that she had fallen off the cliff. When she tried to leave her room, the guards stopped her. She went back to her room and asked Mu Xu for information.

The story began with Nie Sangyu wanting a chicken. She asked the steward and the maid, Ban Xia, to buy it for her. Ban Xia rushed to get the chicken, afraid that Nie Sangyu would kill her if she was even a minute late. When she tried to catch the chicken, it scratched her, and she used force to get it out, angering Nie Sangyu, who was drawing a plum blossom picture. Ban Xia begged Duke Hou and Miss Xue to save her while being dragged out.

When Nie Sangyu heard the word “Duke,” she asked about Ning Yuxuan’s whereabouts and learned that he was at the government office. She wanted to wait for him to have a meal together, which scared her serving maid. Ning Yuxuan took three days off to marry his second wife. He then became a hero by single-handedly killing a group of bandits who had just arrived in the city.

Nie Sangyu learned from Mu Xu that Ning Yuxuan was not only a hero, but also the most handsome man in the capital, and she was sure that many women liked him. Ning Yuxuan had been fighting bandits for many years, and there must be some who had escaped his grasp. In order to catch them all, he specially arranged the activity of marrying the second wife, to lure them out. However, Nie Sangyu was jealous and not only let a rooster replace Ning Yuxuan in the wedding procession, but also attempted to assassinate Concubine Wen at the wedding banquet. On the day of the wedding, the bandits who wanted to kill Ning Yuxuan easily entered the Ning residence, thinking it was too easy, but before they could think more, they saw Ning Yuxuan appear. Nie Sangyu had also married a rooster before, but now Concubine Wen could make Ning Yuxuan appear in person, which made her very jealous, so she caused a scene at the wedding banquet. Concubine Wen was injured, and Ning Yuxuan blamed Nie Sangyu for it, which made him unhappy. Afterward, he made Nie Sangyu sign a confession. Nie Sangyu thought she was not wrong and refused to sign, but as the officer, Ning Yuxuan had interrogated many prisoners and Nie Sangyu couldn’t fool him, so she had to sign the confession and move to the Siguo Pavilion. The Siguo Pavilion was desolate, covered in cobwebs and dust. Mu Xu was worried that Nie Sangyu wouldn’t be able to adapt to living there, but to her surprise, Nie Sangyu asked Mu Xu to leave for three hours and cleaned up the Siguo Pavilion herself, making Mu Xu unable to believe it. Ning Yuxuan only had the servants prepare a bowl of rice and two dishes of vegetables for Nie Sangyu, but she couldn’t eat it. So, she sneaked into the kitchen at night to find something to eat, but to her surprise, there was nothing to eat in the huge kitchen of the Ning residence. Nie Sangyu saw some vegetables in the kitchen and decided to cook them herself. She made a large table of food and sat down to eat. Suddenly, she smelled the burning of firewood and thought she was mistaken, but soon realized that the kitchen was on fire. She tried to put out the fire, but it was too big. The servants of the Ning residence also noticed the fire and came to help. Ning Yuxuan was worried that the fire would spread, so he ordered the kitchen to be demolished. He accidentally heard Nie Sangyu’s cries for help and rushed to save her.

Nie Sangyu was frightened when she saw Ning Yuxuan lying motionless in the bathtub, thinking he had fainted. She quickly lifted him onto the bed and covered him with clothes to keep him warm. Ning Yuxuan turned over and continued sleeping, so Nie Sangyu was relieved and explained that she was innocent. She then left to find evidence at the fire scene where she found a lock buried in the ruins and a hairpin that smelled suspicious. The next day, Nie Sangyu was summoned to see Ning Yuxuan and encountered a tired-looking Wen Wan on the way. Wen Wan was scared and quickly retreated when she saw Nie Sangyu, who was confused until Mu Xu reminded her that she had stabbed Wen Wan. Wen Wan pretended that the clothes covering Ning Yuxuan were given to her by him. Nie Sangyu was not jealous and left with Mu Xu. When they arrived at the front hall, the servants avoided eye contact with Nie Sangyu, showing her usual authority. Ning Yuxuan asked Nie Sangyu why she was in the kitchen when she was supposed to be in the Siguo Pavilion. Nie Sangyu said she was hungry and went to find food, but found no witnesses. She claimed that the fire started from outside and the kitchen door was locked from the outside. Only Ban Xia and Tan Xiang, the first-class maids, were allowed to move freely at night in the Ning Mansion. They denied setting the fire, and Qian Lianxue, Ban Xia’s mistress, pleaded with Nie Sangyu for mercy. Nie Sangyu was not moved and used the lock and hairpin she found as evidence to prove her innocence.

Ban Xia no longer had any hope of luck and cried, admitting that she was the one who started the fire. The reason was that Nie Sangyu punished her by branding a plum blossom on her body and not allowing her to seek medical treatment. Nie Sangyu looked at Ban Xia’s terrifying wounds and couldn’t help but tear up. She now understood why Mu Xu said she had done many wrong things before. She sincerely apologized to Ban Xia and Wen Wan and asked everyone present to forgive her for her past mistakes. Ning Yuxuan saw that the truth had been revealed and told everyone to go home and live their lives peacefully without causing trouble. Nie Sangyu knew that Ban Xia’s injuries were so severe that only Shuhen ointment could remove them. She searched for money but found that she only had two small pieces of silver after being the madam for four years, which was not enough to buy medicine. When Mu Xu told Nie Sangyu that she had a precious box and kept the key herself, Nie Sangyu thought there were many silver notes inside. However, when she opened it, she found that it was all portraits of Ning Yuxuan, which disappointed her. Qian Lianxue thanked Nie Sangyu for not punishing Ban Xia for starting the fire and invited her to dinner at Kui Xing Lou. Unexpectedly, Nie Sangyu found a business opportunity and sold the portraits to various ladies who were obsessed with Ning Yuxuan, earning a lot of money. She generously gave half of it to Qian Lianxue and used the rest to make Shuhen ointment for Ban Xia. Mu Xu was moved by Nie Sangyu’s consideration for her servants and felt that Nie Sangyu had completely changed from before. Nie Sangyu tasted the sweetness of selling portraits and started charging people to secretly sneak into the Duke’s mansion to see Ning Yuxuan. When Ning Yuxuan found out about Nie Sangyu’s actions, he had Gui Bai as a witness and confiscated all the silver Nie Sangyu had earned recently, which made Nie Sangyu feel extremely distressed but helpless. Unexpectedly, someone found Mu Xu and was willing to pay 500 taels of silver for a chance to have dinner with Ning Yuxuan.

In order to get Ning Yuxuan to go to Kui Xing Lou, Nie Sangyu tried every means possible. First, she praised Ning Yuxuan for his martial arts skills, and then suggested that a doctor had advised him to revisit familiar places to regain his memory. However, Ning Yuxuan refused, thinking that Nie Sangyu was too domineering in the past and preferred her current silly and foolish demeanor. Nie Sangyu had to come up with another plan and decided to make lotus seed soup and wait for Ning Yuxuan outside the yamen. However, Ning Yuxuan refused to eat her food, which made her angry. She then pretended to smile and told him that a girl was infatuated with him and would die if he didn’t meet her. But Ning Yuxuan still ignored her and insisted that she stay ten meters away from him. Nie Sangyu and Mu Xu drank lotus seed soup while thinking of ways to win over Ning Yuxuan. They learned that he had a beloved sweat-blood horse and decided to use it as leverage. Soon, Ning Yuxuan received a threat from Nie Sangyu, saying that if he didn’t attend the banquet at Kui Xing Lou, his horse would be killed and eaten. Ning Yuxuan was suspicious and realized that there must be something going on. He asked Gui Bai to bring archers and set up an ambush. Miss Gao rented the entire Kui Xing Lou just to have dinner with Ning Yuxuan. Nie Sangyu praised her for her generosity, but when Ning Yuxuan arrived, Miss Gao was surprised and ran away. Suddenly, several black-clothed men appeared and tried to kill Ning Yuxuan. Gui Bai and his archers fought back, catching the attackers off guard. In a moment of desperation, Yuan Lang took Nie Sangyu as a hostage, but Ning Yuxuan was determined to capture Yuan Lang, regardless of Nie Sangyu’s safety. Yuan Lang noticed the jade pendant hanging on Nie Sangyu’s body and pushed her away to escape with his men. They eventually fled to the Hongta Temple’s library. Ning Yuxuan and his men chased them to the temple, thinking that A Lang was hiding in the library. However, the abbot and Tao Siwei stopped them, warning that it was a royal temple and that they would be giving their political enemies a handle if they forced their way in. Ning Yuxuan pretended to give up the search, but secretly instructed Gui Bai to station some unfamiliar faces outside the temple to keep watch.

Master Liao Ran is A Lang’s uncle. He sent A Lang to Dingxia Mountain in his early years to temper his character. However, eighteen years later, A Lang still insisted on causing trouble for Ning Yuxuan, the son of Ning Zhongtian who died with his father. Liao Ran saw that A Lang couldn’t let go for so many years, so he let him do what he wanted.

After Ning Yuxuan returned home, he questioned Nie Sangyu about why Yuan Lang would take an arrow for her and demanded that she explain their relationship. Nie Sangyu didn’t know why and didn’t even know Yuan Lang. She only admitted that she led Ning Yuxuan to Kui Xing Lou for 500 taels of silver, which put him in danger. She knew it was her fault, but Ning Yuxuan didn’t save her, so they were even.

Ning Yuxuan brought out the whip that Nie Sangyu invented and questioned her again, but she insisted that she didn’t have it and was wronged. She couldn’t help but cry bitterly. Wen Wan came out and added fuel to the fire, pretending to care about Ning Yuxuan’s injury but actually torturing Nie Sangyu. Although Ning Yuxuan was angry, he didn’t really want to whip Nie Sangyu. Unexpectedly, Wen Wan found a loophole in his words and tempted the executioner to do it, causing Nie Sangyu to faint.

Ning Yuxuan knew something was wrong and sent Gui Bai to investigate. He found out that Wen Wan was the one who caused it. However, the executioner still confessed that on the day of the wedding banquet, Wen Wan took the initiative to stab herself, and Nie Sangyu was wronged. In order to minimize the impact, Ning Yuxuan decided not to reveal the truth and took the blame for Wen Wan. Nie Sangyu thought that Ning Yuxuan ordered her punishment.

At Siguo Pavilion, Nie Sangyu woke up in pain and looked at her scars, feeling aggrieved. She felt that no one in the mansion liked her except for Mu Xu, so she decided to leave. Qin Yixian heard that Nie Sangyu was whipped and her life was in danger, so he rushed to Ning’s mansion to check on her and brought a bottle of golden wound medicine. Nie Sangyu was carried to Ning Yuxuan and handed him a divorce letter, threatening to divorce him. Qin Yixian found it funny, but Ning Yuxuan felt embarrassed and suspected that Gui Bai had rescued the wrong person that day.

When the news of Nie Sangyu’s divorce spread to Concubine Wen’s ears, she was happy but also worried that Nie Sangyu was just saying it casually. So she went to inquire about the situation. Nie Sangyu didn’t know Concubine Wen’s thoughts and felt guilty for stabbing her that day, so he gave her the last bottle of scar removal cream. Concubine Wen pretended to be happy but then gave it to her servant, saying she could throw it away if she didn’t like it. Mu Xu knew that Nie Sangyu wanted to leave the Ning Mansion but had no money left after giving away the last bottle of cream. Nie Sangyu thought of using the cream to make money and went to Qian Lianxue for help. Qian Lianxue refused at first because she felt guilty for helping sell Ning Yuxuan’s paintings and causing Nie Sangyu to be punished. But Nie Sangyu explained her situation and convinced her to work together, with Ban Xia as their best advertisement. Nie Sangyu lay on a lounge chair and directed Mu Xu to make the cream while Ban Xia and Qian Lianxue were in charge of selling it. Soon, it became popular among the maidservants in the mansion. However, Concubine Wen was jealous of Nie Sangyu’s success and poured hot water on the rose tree at night, causing all the roses to fall and the cream production to stop. Qian Lianxue was worried about losing their source of income, but Nie Sangyu saw it as an opportunity to raise the price of the cream and make more profit. The cream was effective and well-known, and many rich ladies inquired about it. Nie Sangyu planned to make more money from them and only allowed Qian Lianxue to give them samples but not sell them. Qian Lianxue was worried that the ladies would buy the cream from others in the mansion, but Nie Sangyu didn’t mind and thought it was good for everyone in the mansion to make some money. After all, she was the one producing the product.

Nie Sangyu’s injury has already healed, and she is preparing to leave Ning Mansion. She gave away everything in her Siguo Pavilion and only took a pear to confront Ning Yuxuan, telling him that she would leave tomorrow at three o’clock. Ning Yuxuan was reading a book when Nie Sangyu took it away and made him listen to her seriously. Unexpectedly, Ning Yuxuan said that he would personally see her off tomorrow and took a bite of her pear. Nie Sangyu was so angry that she turned and left, and Ning Yuxuan had no way to deal with her. He could only pick up the book and continue reading irritably. Nie Sangyu specially gathered the people in the mansion and gave each of them a bottle of Shuhen ointment, asking them to see her off tomorrow. The next day, the people who came to see her off waited at the door for a while, but Nie Sangyu did not show up. Qian Lianxue suspected that Nie Sangyu was delayed by something, but Wen Wan, who wanted Nie Sangyu to leave, praised her for being a trustworthy person and said that she would keep her promise. At this time, Nie Sangyu was praising herself for her cleverness. She deliberately led everyone to the front door and planned to leave from the back door with Mu Xu. However, when she opened the door, she saw a group of soldiers standing at the door. She quickly closed the door, but Ning Yuxuan had already arrived and ordered someone to take Nie Sangyu back to Siguo Pavilion. Nie Sangyu refused to go back and held onto the railing next to her. However, she was no match for the soldiers and could only be dragged away. Nie Sangyu was very unhappy and criticized Ning Yuxuan for not keeping his promise. This kind of attitude probably meant that he was not close to his parents either. Nie Sangyu’s words hurt Ning Yuxuan, who had lost his father at an early age. He couldn’t help but frown, scaring Nie Sangyu into shutting up. Gui Bai reported that there were bandits gathering ten miles away, so Ning Yuxuan immediately led people to suppress them. When they arrived, they found that the so-called bandits were just a group of elderly, weak, sick, and disabled people. A woman holding a child begged Ning Yuxuan for help. Her child had not eaten for three days and was about to starve to death. Ning Yuxuan felt sympathy and took off his cloak to cover the child. The woman took advantage of this and attacked Ning Yuxuan with a knife, stabbing him in the abdomen and causing blood to gush out. The reason why the woman attempted to assassinate him was because Ning Yuxuan had suppressed the bandits too much and had imprisoned their family’s pillar. They had no way out and wanted to die with Ning Yuxuan. In order to save the woman from being killed by the court, Ning Yuxuan asked Gui Bai to buy medicine for him. He walked to Siguo Pavilion with his injury and was saved by Nie Sangyu with a bowl of medicine mixed with cow dung.

Ning Yuxuan woke up and was furious when he saw his disheveled appearance. Nie Sangyu explained that she had tied him up to feed him medicine, but Ning Yuxuan was still angry. Gui Bai returned injured and informed Ning Yuxuan that he had been attacked and robbed of his medicine and money. Ning Yuxuan suspected that there was more to the story and instructed Gui Bai not to reveal the attack to anyone. Later, when Gui Bai carried Ning Yuxuan back to his room, Ning Yuxuan was in so much pain that he hit Gui Bai’s chest repeatedly. Gui Bai advised Ning Yuxuan to rest and recover before returning to his duties, but Ning Yuxuan felt trapped and had to stay.

The next day, Gui Bai brought food to Ning Yuxuan and noticed that the Siguo Pavilion had no tables. Ning Yuxuan learned that Nie Sangyu had given everything away and was angry, but he did not want to mistreat himself. He quickly had the pavilion redecorated and Nie Sangyu mocked him for not being able to handle the hardships of the pavilion. Ning Yuxuan was not going to let himself be mistreated and ordered Gui Bai to kick Nie Sangyu out.

At night, Nie Sangyu had to sleep on a cot while Ning Yuxuan slept in her bed. She was not happy about it and put up a screen to block Ning Yuxuan’s view. Ning Yuxuan wondered why Nie Sangyu had changed so much and got up to look at her. She was scared but he only glanced at her before returning to his bed. Lord Tan summoned Ling Jianxing and criticized him for being useless against Ning Yuxuan. If he could not win the position of Prime Minister, he would lose everything he had gained.

Ling Jianxing understood Lord Tan’s meaning and after returning home, he had his subordinates inquire about Ning Yuxuan’s whereabouts. They found out that he was sick with a cold at home and suspected that he was injured. Wen Wan learned that Ning Yuxuan had stayed at Siguo Pavilion last night and was so angry that she bit her silver teeth. The next day, she brought Tan Xiang with her and tried to barge in to see Ning Yuxuan. However, Mu Xu stopped her and reminded her that it was not convenient at the moment. Soon, Wen Wan heard the voices of Ning Yuxuan and Nie Sangyu talking intimately, which made her unable to maintain her calm and she left with Tan Xiang. Mu Xu was pleased to see Wen Wan fail. Nie Sangyu and Mu Xu were making ointment in the courtyard when Ning Yuxuan couldn’t help but secretly look at Nie Sangyu from the window. He was infected by her smile and couldn’t help but stare at her. Mu Xu noticed Ning Yuxuan peeking and reminded Nie Sangyu. Nie Sangyu scolded Ning Yuxuan for being a pervert who criticized her when he was in front of her but liked to peek at her. Ning Yuxuan felt embarrassed but couldn’t hide his smile. Nie Sangyu planned to sell more ointments and deliberately annoyed Ning Yuxuan to go out and see the market. She then took Mu Xu to the street to promote the ointment. Yuan Lang came to find her and proposed to invest in opening a store with her. After confirming Nie Sangyu’s jade pendant, he deliberately showed the mark of the tea gang, but Nie Sangyu did not recognize it. Yuan Lang concluded that Nie Sangyu had amnesia and instructed Zhao Long and Zhao Hu not to harass her again. Ning Yuxuan sent Gui Bai to find Nie Sangyu when she didn’t return home late. He claimed that he needed her to come back to change his medicine. When Nie Sangyu returned to the mansion and saw that Ning Yuxuan’s wound was healed, she asked him if he missed her, but he denied it. Ling Jianxing proposed to reward the Longxiang Army for their merits at the court meeting today and suggested that Ning Yuxuan attend. Everyone knew that Nie Sangyu, Ning Yuxuan’s wife, could not attend and they were waiting to see Ning Yuxuan’s embarrassment.

Under the coercion and temptation of Ning Yuxuan, Nie Sangyu finally agreed to enter the palace with him. On the day of entering the palace, Nie Sangyu followed Ning Yuxuan obediently. Worried that others would find out about her memory loss, Ning Yuxuan reminded her to be careful with her words. Nie Sangyu asked Ning Yuxuan what kind of husband and wife relationship they should play, and she could do it. This made Ning Yuxuan speechless, so he quickly found an excuse to leave.

When Nie Sangyu was alone, she overheard several official wives discussing their skin conditions. She saw this as a great business opportunity and started chatting with them. Just as she was about to promote her beauty cream, Tao Siwei came over and wiped the table and chairs for her, inviting her to sit down. Nie Sangyu thanked him, but this scared Tao Siwei. He assumed that Nie Sangyu didn’t remember the past and reminded her that she didn’t behave like this before, let alone thank him. He suggested that Nie Sangyu slap him twice or scold him to regain the familiar feeling they had as classmates. Nie Sangyu thought Tao Siwei was a masochist and quickly said that the emperor was coming and they should go greet him, which made Tao Siwei leave.

Ning Yuxuan learned that the emperor had chosen him to attend the banquet because of Ling Jianxing’s proposal, which made him suspicious. Lord Tan also attended the banquet and talked about what he had done for the emperor in the past. The emperor hinted that if he hadn’t learned to ride a horse, someone would have controlled the reins. Lord Tan’s face changed when he heard this and he sat down obediently, not daring to say anything more.

Nie Sangyu watched the palace dance for the first time and was very excited. Ning Yuxuan reminded her to pay attention to her manners. Nie Sangyu didn’t want to be a wooden person, so she asked Ning Yuxuan to pinch her leg and show their affection in front of the emperor. Ning Yuxuan pinched her hard, making her unable to bear the pain. Ling Jianxing deliberately came over to toast and mentioned Wen Wan, hoping to make Nie Sangyu lose her composure, but she remained calm, which surprised him.

In order to flatter the emperor, Ling Jianxing specially rushed six hundred miles to bring in fresh crabs for everyone to taste. Nie Sangyu saw the steamed crabs and felt that they were wasting such good crabs, so she didn’t want to eat them. Ling Jianxing thought that Nie Sangyu had never eaten crabs before and said he would give her an extra one, but he was actually mocking Ning Yuxuan for marrying an ignorant woman.

Nie Sangyu didn’t wait for Ling Jianxing to send someone to help her peel the crabs. She quickly dismantled them herself and then expressed her dissatisfaction with Ling Jianxing’s method of transporting the crabs, stating that there was a better way to get better-tasting crabs.

The Emperor was intrigued by Nie Sangyu’s words and asked her to make spicy crabs on the spot. After tasting them, he exclaimed how fresh they were. Ling Jianxing was surprised that he had worked so hard but Nie Sangyu had stolen the show and almost bit his teeth in anger.

Ling Jianxing challenged Ning Yuxuan to a sword fight to expose his injury, but Nie Sangyu, who had just appeared in front of the Emperor, used the excuse that Ning Yuxuan was still recovering from a serious illness and begged the Emperor to allow him to abstain from the fight.

Lord Tan, seeing that Ling Jianxing had not achieved his goal, immediately brought up the time when the country was in turmoil and he had fought while ill, criticizing the current generation for being too weak. Tao Siwei stood up and offered to fight, but after thinking it over, Ning Yuxuan volunteered to participate in the competition. Ling Jianxing agreed to the terms, and they each inserted a flag into their clothing, with the first to capture the other’s flag being declared the winner.

Ling Jianxing was sure that Ning Yuxuan was injured and used all his strength to force him to reveal his injury. He even resorted to dirty tricks, but Nie Sangyu suddenly rushed forward and scared Ling Jianxing, who was then forced to retreat by Ning Yuxuan’s move, causing his flag to fall and allowing Nie Sangyu to grab it.

The Emperor believed that as a member of the Nie family, Nie Sangyu should know the rules of the competition, but he also recognized her concern for her husband’s safety. He not only did not punish her but also awarded her the title of second-rank noblewoman. However, because of the violation of the rules, the Emperor declared Ning Yuxuan the loser.

Nie Sangyu originally did not want the title, but Lord Tan and Ning Yuxuan did not allow her to refuse it. She became a model wife to Ning Yuxuan, and seeing the shining title, she thought it could improve her image and business prospects. In order to keep the title, she proposed a delay in separation, which was exactly what Ning Yuxuan wanted.

Mu Xu was tasked by Nie Sangyu to distribute invitations for a banquet at the Ning residence. However, after waiting for an hour, no one had arrived, causing Nie Sangyu to suspect that Mu Xu had not done his job properly. Mu Xu insisted that he had delivered the invitations to the stewards of each household.

Just then, General Nie and his wife, as well as Nie Qingyun, arrived. Nie Sangyu did not recognize them as her own family and praised their demeanor in front of Mu Xu. When Mu Xu revealed their identities, Nie Sangyu rushed to greet them warmly.

Nie Sangyu addressed General Nie as “mother” and frightened Mrs. Nie, who thought that Nie Sangyu had suffered some injustice at the Ning residence. Nie Qingyun was also scared and hid behind Mrs. Nie, showing how intimidating Nie Sangyu could be.

Nie Sangyu claimed to have lost her memory and did not remember anything from before. She praised Nie Qingyun for being young, beautiful, and elegant, which made Nie Qingyun very happy.

Nie Sangyu saw some rare items that General Nie had brought from the northwest and immediately expressed interest in doing business with them. General Nie asked if Nie Sangyu was not doing well, and she replied that she wanted to divorce and open a water powder shop. After hearing Nie Sangyu’s complaints about Ning Yuxuan, General Nie thought it was a secret matter and left in a hurry.

Nie Sangyu changed into her second-rank court dress and walked hand in hand with Ning Yuxuan to the banquet hall. However, upon seeing the few guests present, she became depressed. Ning Yuxuan insisted that she sit in the main seat and give a speech, which made her uncomfortable. After the banquet, Nie Sangyu asked Ning Yuxuan to help her pay for half of the expenses, but he refused. This made her angry, and she drank too much and publicly flirted with Ning Yuxuan, saying that he looked like her crush and had a sweet smell.

Wen Wan watched as Nie Sangyu and Ning Yuxuan grew closer, feeling sour. She suggested sending the drunk Nie Sangyu home, but Ning Yuxuan insisted that Mu Xu escort her instead.

Today, Nie Xiangyuan recognized the jade pendant on Nie Sangyu and immediately sent someone to find Ji Ming in Luan County.

After drinking too much, Nie Sangyu fell asleep in Fei Yuan Ge. Ning Yuxuan instructed Gui Bai to settle the bill for the banquet and noticed his changing attitude towards Nie Sangyu. Gui Bai’s observation made Ning Yuxuan embarrassed.

Nie Sangyu stumbled into Ning Yuxuan’s room and tried to seduce him. He allowed her to kiss him but then tried to send her away. However, Nie Sangyu was too drunk to listen and continued to pursue him. Ning Yuxuan became angry and had her tied up in Fei Yuan Ge.

Ling Jianxing was angry with Nie Sangyu for ruining his reputation and wanted revenge. He learned that Wang Mang from the Ministry of Punishment disliked Ning Yuxuan and planned to use him to harm Ning Yuxuan.

There was suddenly a wave of criticism against Nie Sangyu in the capital, accusing her of various crimes. She argued back but was recognized and pelted with rotten vegetables. Nie Sangyu returned to Ning Yuxuan’s residence in a sorry state and was comforted by him. He gave her a red bean and promised to help her with the situation. The next day, all the storytellers were suddenly mute.

Nie Sangyu was upset because this only confirmed the rumors about her. Yuan Lang received news that someone was going to kill the bandits and went to save them. He discovered that the killer had a Tea Association mark on his hand and decided to investigate.

Nie Sangyu sat on the street with a veil covering her face, feeling unhappy. When she turned her head, she saw a horse looking at her and couldn’t help but joke about killing the horse for meat. The owner of the horse arrived just in time, and Nie Sangyu quickly explained that she was only joking.

Yuan Lang learned from his subordinates that Nie Sangyu was feeling down and went to find her. To make her laugh, he invited her to eat roasted cakes by the river. Nie Sangyu asked about Yuan Lang’s background and learned that his mother had died long ago, and his village had been burned down. She couldn’t help but feel sad for him.

Yuan Lang felt that Nie Sangyu was the person he was looking for to marry, but since she had lost her memory, he didn’t dare to reveal his identity. He could only find a common ground between them, which was opening a shop. He believed that with Nie Sangyu’s vision, she would succeed. This made Nie Sangyu very happy, and they celebrated with roasted cakes.

Ning Yuxuan was dealing with rumors about Nie Sangyu when he saw her leaving with Mu Xu and Yuan Lang. Since they hadn’t returned late at night, he couldn’t help but worry and pace around. When he heard Nie Sangyu’s footsteps outside, he quickly sat down and pretended nothing was wrong. However, Nie Sangyu could tell that he was worried about her.

Nie Sangyu accused Ning Yuxuan of poisoning the reputation of the Sour Scholar Gang, which would only make her look worse. Ning Yuxuan explained that he had collected evidence of the gang’s lies the night before, and the scholars had lost their voices from talking too much. Nie Sangyu apologized for misunderstanding him, but she could sense that Ning Yuxuan was very concerned about her lately and suspected that he had feelings for her. However, Ning Yuxuan denied it and said he was only trying to maintain the dignity of her second-rank noble title.

Gui Bai suddenly reported that an official from the Da Li Si had come to the Duke’s Mansion to see Ning Yuxuan. Nie Sangyu thought that Da Li Si had acted quickly and was going to deal with the Sour Scholar Gang, but Ning Yuxuan knew that these people were coming for him. He learned that they were investigating the killing of refugees and quietly instructed Gui Bai to investigate the clues while he went with the officials from the Da Li Si. Nie Sangyu was worried about Ning Yuxuan’s safety and urged him to come back safely.

Gui Bai went to investigate the site where the refugees were killed and found some important evidence. However, he was attacked by someone who threw a smoke bomb and ran away. Gui Bai returned and told Nie Sangyu that he had found important evidence and wanted to go to Da Li Si to explain the situation to Ning Yuxuan. Nie Sangyu advised him to stay calm since the Da Li Si was not like other places, and they needed to find a way to handle the situation.

Nie Sangyu disguised Gui Bai as her maid and had him carry her imperial edict to sneak into the Dali Si at night. After revealing her identity and bribing the guards, she was finally able to visit Ning Yuxuan in his cell.

Gui Bai showed Ning Yuxuan the shoes and tea bag he found at the scene of the murder, and Ning Yuxuan realized that the victim was the same group who had previously attempted to assassinate him. He began to suspect that Ling Jianxing and the tea gang were involved, but he couldn’t be sure. He sent Gui Bai to investigate in Haifang, but Ning Yuxuan believed that there were still variables at play.

Nie Sangyu wanted to help Ning Yuxuan, so after leaving the Dali Si, she threatened Gui Bai to reveal the truth about Ning Yuxuan’s attack. Eventually, she realized that Ning Yuxuan was a good official.

Suddenly, rumors spread throughout the capital that Ning Yuxuan was a serial killer and that he and Nie Sangyu were a devilish couple who had done many evil deeds. The servants of the Hou Mansion were worried that Nie Sangyu would misunderstand Ning Yuxuan, so they explained that he had always been kind-hearted. After the death of the old Duke, he stopped speaking and locked himself in his room for several days and nights. He only spoke again after more than a year, but then the old lady died, and that was the last time he cried.

Nie Sangyu was moved by Ning Yuxuan’s tragic past and decided to help him. She bought off the Sour Wen Gang and had them spread the word about Ning Yuxuan’s good deeds. The people spontaneously offered incense and petitioned, which alarmed the Emperor. Ning Yuxuan was released, but he lost his title and was exiled to Haifang for privately dealing with bandits.

Lord Tan knew about this and thought that Ling Jianxing was a fool for not seeing the Emperor’s true intentions. He threatened him, saying that the tea had been steeped for too long and had lost its flavor, so it was time to change it. Ling Jianxing promised to keep Ning Yuxuan out of Haifang.

Nie Sangyu learned that the Emperor was sending Ning Yuxuan to Haifang, and she suspected that there was a deeper meaning behind it. When she heard from Mu Xu that Ning Yuxuan would return the next day, she was overjoyed. Nie Sangyu knew that Ning Yuxuan must have suffered a lot in prison these days, so she decided to do something to help him get rid of bad luck.

At the entrance of the Ning Mansion, many people were waiting for Ning Yuxuan to return. When Wen Wan saw Ning Yuxuan, she went up to greet him, but he was looking for Nie Sangyu and was disappointed when he couldn’t find her in the crowd. Then, Nie Sangyu’s voice came, asking everyone to make way. She and Mu Xu carried a burning basin of fresh willow branches to the door and urged Ning Yuxuan to step over it to get rid of bad luck. However, Ning Yuxuan felt embarrassed and asked Nie Sangyu to stop. He went into the Hou Mansion from the side of the basin. Nie Sangyu’s efforts and intentions were in vain.

Back in his room, Gui Bai told Ning Yuxuan that Nie Sangyu really wanted to help him get rid of bad luck. The pomelo leaves for foot soaking were specially selected by her from the market early in the morning. Ning Yuxuan felt much better after hearing this from Gui Bai. He sent Gui Bai away and looked at the footbath water, thinking for a while before finally taking off his shoes and enjoying Nie Sangyu’s kindness.

After learning that Ning Yuxuan was being transferred to Haifang, Yuan Lang had doubts about the tea gang and decided to say goodbye to Master Liao Ran and go to Haifang.

Ning Yuxuan was worried that Nie Sangyu had offended Ling Jianxing and it would be dangerous for her to stay alone, so he decided to take her with him to Haifang. However, Nie Sangyu, who only wanted to open a shop, didn’t want to go at all.

Wen Wan offered to go with Ning Yuxuan to take care of him, but he declined. So she changed her mind and said she wanted to go to Haifang to see the bustling market and find some unique items. Nie Sangyu changed her mind and decided to go too, which pleased Ning Yuxuan. He gave her a box of gold bars when she asked for money.

The next day, Nie Sangyu gave Wen Wan a motion sickness ointment and Wen Wan gave her some peas. However, Nie Sangyu got sick from the peas and Wen Wan realized that she had given Ning Yuxuan cooked peas instead of raw ones. Ning Yuxuan scolded Wen Wan for her carelessness and reminded her that Nie Sangyu had not done anything wrong since losing her memory.

Ning Yuxuan found Nie Sangyu’s obsession with money amusing as she insisted on carrying her own belongings. Wen Wan was left behind in the capital to reflect on her actions.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Wen Wan sent a mat to Ning Yuxuan, hoping to plead for his safety every day. However, Ning Yuxuan believed that it was Nie Sangyu who should apologize. Wen Wan then apologized to Nie Sangyu and tried to give her the mat, but Nie Sangyu refused. Wen Wan watched as Nie Sangyu and Ning Yuxuan left together, no longer looking pitiful but rather fierce.

Ling Jianxing had already studied Ning Yuxuan’s travel route in detail and had decided to kill him on the weakest defense route.

At the inn, Ning Yuxuan asked Nie Sangyu to get a room from the innkeeper, praising her high status and ability to get a better room. However, Nie Sangyu deliberately got a straw room for Ning Yuxuan and took the better room for herself, thinking that Ning Yuxuan would come to change rooms. But Ning Yuxuan never came, so Nie Sangyu went to the woods to chat with the stars out of boredom.

Ning Yuxuan was thinking about how to proceed on his journey and unknowingly walked into the woods, where he saw Nie Sangyu. They sat together and watched the stars. Surprisingly, Nie Sangyu could predict the weather from the stars’ behavior, which amazed Ning Yuxuan. He asked if she could remember anything from the past, but Nie Sangyu couldn’t recall anything.

Ning Yuxuan was certain that Ling Jianxing would not miss such a good opportunity and would definitely send assassins to kill him, so he had Gui Bai prepare for it. The Tian room was too conspicuous and would definitely become the target of the assassins. In order to ensure Nie Sangyu’s safety, Ning Yuxuan had her stay in the firewood room with him.

Nie Sangyu didn’t want to go, but Gui Bai wouldn’t let her stay in the Tian room, so Nie Sangyu had to obediently go to the firewood room. She found that the conditions in the firewood room were not only dirty and messy, but there was only one bed. She quickly declared that she would not sleep on the same bed as Ning Yuxuan.

Ning Yuxuan was looking through the window crack, observing the situation in the post station. Nie Sangyu was very curious and went to see as well, but she didn’t find anything and couldn’t help but suspect that Ning Yuxuan was lying to her. She threatened him not to have any improper thoughts about her.

It was late at night and Nie Sangyu was too tired to stay awake. She was also worried that Ning Yuxuan would peek at her, so she sat on the bed wrapped in a blanket and dozed off. Ning Yuxuan looked at Nie Sangyu in front of him and found that she was really different. He suspected that she was not the real Nie Sangyu, but he didn’t know who she really was. Ning Yuxuan remembered that there was a mark on Nie Sangyu’s shoulder and wanted to verify it, but with Nie Sangyu’s current guard against him, he couldn’t see it.

The assassins attacked and they identified the Tian room as Ning Yuxuan’s and went straight to it. They didn’t expect Gui Bai to catch them off guard, but there were too many of them and there was another wave in the hall. Ning Yuxuan heard the sound of fighting and woke up Nie Sangyu who was dozing off. This frightened Nie Sangyu and she instinctively wanted to escape, but Ning Yuxuan reassured her and told her to stay here obediently. He would protect her. Nie Sangyu heard this and surprisingly felt a sense of security, so she stayed in the firewood room.

Ning Yuxuan joined the battle and quickly killed the assassins, but he knew that Ling Jianxing would definitely not only send this group of people, so he left two soldiers to guard Nie Sangyu and took the others to ambush Ling Jianxing’s people. As expected, he was right and he defeated the enemy.

Nie Sangyu was worried about Ning Yuxuan’s safety, so she left the woodshed and let the person who pretended to be dead take advantage of the situation and kidnap her to threaten Ning Yuxuan. Nie Sangyu thought that Ning Yuxuan would also choose to abandon her, but he ultimately chose to put down his sword for the person he cared about, just like his father, which surprised Nie Sangyu. The assassin tried to take Ning Yuxuan’s life while he was unarmed, but he had a hidden short sword and used it to kill his opponent. He then dragged Nie Sangyu and fled with his injured body, eventually being forced to jump into the river.

Ning Yuxuan and Nie Sangyu were washed up on the riverbank, and when he woke up, he found that Nie Sangyu’s clothes on her shoulder were torn, revealing her skin without any marks, so he concluded that she was not the original Nie Sangyu. Nie Sangyu made a simple stretcher overnight and pulled Ning Yuxuan back, and personally made medicine for him. Mu Xu noticed that Ning Yuxuan’s attitude towards Nie Sangyu had improved a lot, which made her happy, and Nie Sangyu was also happy that she was no longer someone who could be sacrificed at any time in Ning Yuxuan’s eyes.

Yuan Lang discovered the traces of the fight at the inn last night, but did not find Ning Yuxuan’s body, guessing that it was the work of his opponent, but Ning Yuxuan was lucky enough to survive. Yuan Lang was worried that Nie Sangyu would be in danger if she stayed by Ning Yuxuan’s side and wanted to take her back.

Ning Yuxuan sat in the carriage with his injuries, and the bumpy ride made him very uncomfortable. Nie Sangyu took the initiative to let him lean on her shoulder, willing to live and die with him, which moved Ning Yuxuan and made him want to help Nie Sangyu recover her memory as soon as possible.

In Haifang, Nie Sangyu sat in the carriage and looked at the bustling streets, smiling happily, but Ning Yuxuan reminded her that they would definitely want to return to the capital when they arrived at the county government, but Nie Sangyu didn’t believe it and they made a bet.

At the county government, Nie Sangyu looked at the dilapidated county government in front of her and couldn’t believe that this was the place where Ning Yuxuan had come from afar to work. She wanted to turn around and leave, but Ning Yuxuan had come all the way to Haifang and didn’t want to go back, so he led a group of people into the county government. The county government was desolate, and banknotes were scattered everywhere, giving off a gloomy atmosphere. Nie Sangyu walked carefully and looked around, and when she found a coffin in the main room, she screamed in fright and ran back to Ning Yuxuan. Ning Yuxuan went to check with Gui Bai and found that the coffin was empty, realizing that someone was warning him.

Nie Sangyu worked extra hard for the sake of a red pearl. In just one day, she cleaned the room where the coffin was placed spotlessly. Mu Xu admired her greatly and praised her for being too amazing. Nie Sangyu asked Mu Xu to rest and sat on a stool, admiring her hard work. However, she soon discovered a mouse in the room and screamed loudly, almost overturning the roof. Ning Yuxuan and Gui Bai rushed over in their pajamas. Gui Bai carefully searched the entire room but did not find the mouse. He then realized that his clothes were not properly arranged and quickly pulled them up to cover his chest. Ning Yuxuan suggested that Nie Sangyu sleep in his room because he was afraid that she would think he was taking advantage of her. He offered to let her sleep on the bed while he slept on the floor. Nie Sangyu was still afraid, so she went to sleep with Ning Yuxuan. They talked and Nie Sangyu suddenly remembered how she used to control the servants in the Ning residence. She decided to do the same with the servants here and asked Ning Yuxuan for two red pearls. Ning Yuxuan knew that it was a deep water, so he promised Nie Sangyu that he would give her a hundred red pearls if she could do it. This made Nie Sangyu very excited, and she thought about her red pearls all night.

At the morning court, Wang Shangshu suggested that the emperor appoint a deputy prime minister because Liu Pingzhang was not feeling well. He recommended Ling Jianxing for the position. The emperor stopped them from discussing the matter, saying that Liu Pingzhang would recover in a few days according to the imperial physician’s diagnosis. Suddenly, Lord Tan appeared in court and also suggested that Ling Jianxing be appointed as the deputy prime minister. The emperor felt that this matter was too important and needed to be considered carefully. However, the officials led by Lord Tan pressured the emperor to appoint a deputy prime minister as soon as possible. The emperor was angry and asked the officials if they thought he was wrong. The officials dared not take responsibility and knelt down. Qin Yixian and Tao Siwei stood up against the pressure from Lord Tan and expressed their desire to become the deputy prime minister and serve the country. With their interference, Lord Tan’s goal for the day could not be achieved, and the emperor decided to adjourn the court and think about it again.

Nie Sangyu tried various methods but couldn’t get the servants to listen to her. This left her puzzled. Ning Yuxuan found out that she wanted to open a shop and offered to go with her. He even gave her a red pearl. As they walked past a flower stall, Nie Sangyu bought some flowers and learned that the stall owner needed permission from the Jiaolong Gang to sell her goods. Ning Yuxuan took note of this.

They went to a restaurant where they saw Lu Dekui, the head of the household, and found the prices to be exorbitant. Ning Yuxuan warned Lu Dekui not to use the same tactics he used on the county magistrate on him. While walking on the street, Nie Sangyu was attacked and knocked unconscious by Li Ming’s men. Fortunately, Yuan Lang saved her.

Ning Yuxuan learned from Lu Dekui that Li Ming was behind the attack and went to confront him with Gui Bai. Li Ming challenged Ning Yuxuan to a game of dice, with the loser having to shine the winner’s shoes. The game attracted a crowd, and when Nie Sangyu arrived, she found out that the county magistrate had lost thousands of silver. She tried to hit Ning Yuxuan with a stick, but Gui Bai stopped her. In the end, Nie Sangyu hit Li Ming instead.

Yuan Lang showed Nie Sangyu a good shop, but it was too expensive. He bought it for her, but she returned the money to him.

Wang Jinyao is the richest man in Haifang. When he learned that the new county magistrate, Ning Yuxuan, had taken office, he naturally wanted to make friends with him. So, taking advantage of his birthday, he sent an invitation to Ning Yuxuan and instructed his daughter, Wang Yueli, to speak less at the birthday banquet.

Ning Yuxuan was worried that Nie Sangyu would not attend the banquet. When he learned that she wanted to open a noodle shop, he said that there would be many wealthy people at the banquet, which made Nie Sangyu excited. Without Ning Yuxuan’s instructions, she actively prepared for it.

On the day of the banquet, Ning Yuxuan had been waiting in front of the gate for a long time, but Nie Sangyu had not come out yet. He couldn’t help but suspect that Nie Sangyu might not have even prepared her clothes. However, Nie Sangyu had dressed up today, and Ning Yuxuan was stunned by her beauty.

During the banquet, Wang Jinyao, dressed in plain clothes, kept talking about the gossip of the previous county magistrates with Ning Yuxuan, with a threatening tone. But Ning Yuxuan didn’t buy it and instead gave him a box of soil as a gift. Ning Yuxuan explained that every time he left a place, he didn’t take gold or silver, but only took a handful of soil from the local area. He had saved up a box of soil over the years and gave it all to Wang Jinyao, hoping that he could help him take a handful of soil when he left his post.

Wang Jinyao was furious but had to accept it. Wang Yueli saw that Nie Sangyu was beautiful and was praised endlessly just by wearing a cheap agate necklace around her neck. She couldn’t help feeling sour and made fun of Nie Sangyu for wearing cheap goods. But when Wang Jinyao learned that Nie Sangyu was a second-rank noble, he quickly asked Wang Yueli to toast her. Nie Sangyu saw the red spots on Wang Yueli’s face and gave her a box of matching ointment. Unexpectedly, Wang Yueli thought that Nie Sangyu was laughing at her and left the table angrily.

After changing into formal attire, Wang Jinyao had just sat down when Wang Yueli came to complain about her grievances, feeling that Nie Sangyu was bullying her by stepping on her sore spot and throwing away her Fei Wan cream. Wang Jinyao explained the interests involved and asked her to befriend Nie Sangyu, so that she would have to use the Fei Wan cream. When Wang Yueli heard that it was related to Wang Jinyao’s life, she immediately obeyed.

That day, Nie Sangyu returned home happily and told Ning Yuxuan that her shop had received Yuan Lang’s help and would be able to open in three days. When Ning Yuxuan learned that Yuan Lang had provided the money, he was unhappy with Nie Sangyu’s close relationship with him and told her a story about a county magistrate taking bribes, asking her to use her own money to open the shop.

The prominent families in Haifang all knew that Mrs. Nie Sangyu was the county magistrate’s wife, so they sent invitations one after another. Ning Yuxuan planned to have Nie Sangyu go to each household under the guise of promoting products to gather information. After receiving some benefits, Nie Sangyu reluctantly agreed. The first place she went to was Huang Ruoyun’s house because Ning Yuxuan knew that Huang Ruoyun and Wang Yueli were always at odds, fighting over everything from clothes to jewelry. Nie Sangyu went to see if there were any flaws.

Nie Sangyu had good skin, which all the young ladies noticed. When they found out that Wang Yueli’s face improved because she used Nie Sangyu’s Fei Wan cream, they went crazy and ordered it. However, as Huang Ruoyun and Wang Yueli continued to argue, Nie Sangyu didn’t sell a single bottle of Fei Wan cream. This made her upset, so she drank a lot of alcohol. Ning Yuxuan carried the drunk Nie Sangyu back and comforted her.

Ji Ming went to the capital to find his daughter, but he couldn’t find her. When he passed by the Ning residence, he immediately kept his distance, afraid of getting involved with the Ning family. Nie Xiangyuan’s men also couldn’t find Ji Ming.

Nie Sangyu’s store opened today, and she happily made Ning Yuxuan her first customer, giving him a box of fragrant paste and asking for money. Ning Yuxuan generously gave Nie Sangyu a red pearl, and she happily threw herself into his arms, and the two of them hugged and spun around.

To celebrate the opening of her store, Nie Sangyu specially invited the investor Ning Yuxuan to dinner. They were having a good time when Yuan Lang arrived and claimed that all the dishes were his favorite. Ning Yuxuan felt a sense of familiarity when he looked at Yuan Lang, especially his eyes. Yuan Lang claimed to be of humble birth and didn’t dare to climb high, but he kept ordering the dishes that Nie Sangyu liked and kept serving her. Ning Yuxuan felt sour and left on his own.

Ning Yuxuan returned to his residence and asked Gui Bai if it was really so quiet. After learning that it was, he decided to make a change. Nie Sangyu noticed that Ning Yuxuan left unhappily, so she packed a lot of food and went to comfort him.

Ning Yuxuan remembered that Nie Sangyu liked flowers, so he arranged the yard early in the morning before sending someone to wake her up. At first, Nie Sangyu was unhappy about being woken up so early, but when she saw so many beautiful flowers, she couldn’t help but feel happy and asked if Ning Yuxuan had prepared them for her.

Ning Yuxuan was embarrassed to admit it, so he pretended that the new steward had arranged them. However, Nie Sangyu noticed that all the flowers were ones she liked, so she didn’t quite believe him and looked at him with meaningful eyes.

Quickly, Ning Yuxuan pointed at the meat on the table and asked Nie Sangyu to taste which one was closest to the Chen Family’s taste. Nie Sangyu immediately understood that Ning Yuxuan had taken her words to heart when he remembered that she loved the meat cooked by the Chen Family’s chef. She happily tasted the meat and found the right flavor, instructing Ning Yuxuan to use it for future reference.

After enjoying the food, Nie Sangyu remembered she had business to attend to at the Hao Xue Tang, so she quickly left but not before taking the meat with her, leaving Ning Yuxuan amused and happy.

Later, Qin Yixian sent a letter, and Ning Yuxuan asked Gui Bai to read it to him. However, the letter was full of lovey-dovey content and no useful information. Ning Yuxuan found it strange and asked Gui Bai about it, only to find out that Gui Bai had recently realized he had changed a lot and had confided in Qin Yixian about it. Before leaving, Gui Bai reminded Ning Yuxuan that the letter meant he was jealous. Although Ning Yuxuan was annoyed at Gui Bai’s meddling, he still remembered his words.

Meanwhile, Nie Sangyu was daydreaming at the Hao Xue Tang when Mu Xu came to report that Ning Yuxuan had arrived. Ning Yuxuan claimed to be on official business and stopped by for a cup of tea, but Nie Sangyu only gave him a small cup. Thinking she was stingy, Ning Yuxuan was surprised when Nie Sangyu started rattling off various prices, paying twenty taels just in ship taxes alone.

Ning Yuxuan remembered that three years ago, he had personally approved a ship tax of two taels per ship. Suspecting something was fishy, he went with Nie Sangyu to investigate at the docks. To avoid alarming anyone, Nie Sangyu went alone to confront the ship owners about collecting twenty taels from her. However, they all said that the tax had always been twenty taels per ship and that they had not collected any extra money.

Secretary Liu was on the pier when he heard a commotion and went to see what was happening. He recognized Nie Sangyu and said that he only collected two taels of silver tax per boat. At that moment, Ning Yuxuan, dressed in official robes, appeared and ordered Gui Bai to seal the account book and investigate. This scared Secretary Liu and made him break out in a cold sweat.

Shen Liancheng’s gambling house was closed down, causing him great anger and loss. He blamed Li Ming for not only disrupting his business but also failing to capture Nie Sangyu. Just then, Yuan Lang came to apologize and used two boxes of silver to appease Shen Liancheng’s hatred towards him for saving Nie Sangyu.

Gui Bai discovered that although the account book recorded two taels of silver tax per boat, the actual amount was twenty taels. Ning Yuxuan asked Secretary Liu what was going on, but he couldn’t explain and claimed that the extra silver was given to the Jiaolong Gang to fight the bandits.

Ning Yuxuan demanded that Secretary Liu take him to the Jiaolong Gang to verify the accounts. When they arrived, Shen Liancheng claimed that the silver was given directly to him on the pier and not recorded in the official accounts. Nie Sangyu immediately checked the accounts as a second-rank imperial edict holder and found that the Jiaolong Gang had only spent 800 taels on fighting bandits, with over 4,000 taels still unused.

Shen Liancheng was frantic, and he pulled out his sword, accusing Ning Yuxuan of breaking the rules. Ning Yuxuan challenged him, asking if he wanted to kill him. Shen Liancheng didn’t have the courage to do so and watched as Ning Yuxuan left with the silver.

Yuan Lang joined the Jiaolong Gang and found Huang Han, a former member of the Tea Association, to help eliminate traitors and restore justice to the Tea Association.

Gui Bai discovered that Shen Liancheng’s men were up to something and reported it to Ning Yuxuan. He ordered Gui Bai to keep an eye on those men, who were at the Shui Yan Ju. Nie Sangyu disguised herself as a man and went to the Shui Yan Ju, exposing the fake and inferior face cream of an unscrupulous merchant and gaining the favor of Shui Niangzi. She invited her to the Ting Shui Ge but found out that the two people there were intending to rob the returning sailors. They thought that Nie Sangyu had overheard their conversation and tried to kill her. Gui Bai, who had already noticed the two, intercepted them and caught the hidden weapon aimed at Shui Niangzi at a critical moment.

Gui Bai intercepted the dart aimed at Shui Niangzi, but unexpectedly, Hu Da took advantage of his distraction and shot another dart directly into Gui Bai’s chest. Gui Bai was about to pull out the dart, but was stopped by Shui Niangzi, who explained that this kind of dart was specifically for pirates, with barbs on it. If he forcefully pulled it out, it would worsen the injury.

Shui Niangzi personally pulled out the dart for Gui Bai, and while cleaning the wound, she found Gui Bai about to faint. Upon closer examination, she discovered that the wound had turned black, indicating that the dart had been poisoned. She then sent word to Ning Yuxuan, saying that Gui Bai would be spending the night at her place.

In the middle of the night, Gui Bai woke up and found himself lying on Shui Niangzi’s bed. She had been helping him clean his body, and after recovering, he promised to take responsibility. Shui Niangzi didn’t believe him and advised him to rest a while longer, but when Gui Bai heard her mention that the dart was for pirates, he knew something was amiss. He immediately went back to report to Ning Yuxuan, still holding his injury.

Ning Yuxuan had already been to Hao Xue Tang that day and learned that Nie Sangyu had gone to Shui Yan Ju in men’s clothing. Now, upon hearing Gui Bai’s report, he immediately guessed that Shen Liancheng was going to attack the leaderless Guihai Ship, and ordered increased patrols and focused protection for the ship.

Yuan Lang also received word of Shen Liancheng’s plan to attack the Guihai Ship. He had always admired the owner of the ship and swore to protect it, to restore the reputation of the Tea Gang.

That night, Hu Da and Li Ming conspired with a group of pirates to attack the Guihai Ship. Sang Shen noticed the impending attack and sounded the alarm while fighting with a pot lid, relying on her large and strong frame to avoid much damage. Yuan Lang infiltrated the pirates and caused chaos, but Li Ming noticed something was amiss and had everyone remove their masks. Thus, Yuan Lang and two other traitors were exposed and attacked, but luckily Ning Yuxuan arrived in time with Gui Bai, and Yuan Lang was able to escape with Sang Shen and others.

After capturing the pirates, Ning Yuxuan recognized Li Ming and made him and Hu Da give testimony. Then he sent men to retrieve Shen Liancheng, who was sleeping in Wen Wan’s town. Thus, the Guihai Ship incident came to an end.

Ning Yuxuan was still worried that there might be some unfinished business on the ship, so he searched it with Gui Bai. They accidentally saw a formula for a traceless ointment on the table, with a font similar to Nie Sangyu’s. This made Ning Yuxuan suspicious, so he carefully examined the notes on the table one by one and discovered that the traceless ointment was actually Nie Sangyu’s Fei Wan Cream, signed by Ji Man.

Ning Yuxuan didn’t know if Nie Sangyu’s true identity was Ji Man, but he learned from Gui Bai that if Nie Sangyu was Ji Man, then she was either not married to Ji Ming or was his daughter. The thought of Nie Sangyu being someone else’s wife was especially hard for him to accept. He returned home feeling uneasy and ran into Nie Sangyu while she was eating.

Nie Sangyu invited Ning Yuxuan to eat, but he couldn’t focus on eating due to his troubled thoughts. He wanted to speak up, but he was afraid that if Nie Sangyu was really Ji Man, she would leave him. Gui Bai saw that Ning Yuxuan was in a mess and claimed that there was business in the yamen that needed his attention, so he took Ning Yuxuan away to deal with it first.

After finishing the business in the yamen, Ning Yuxuan still didn’t have the courage to face Nie Sangyu. He suggested going to interrogate Shen Liancheng, but Gui Bai reminded him that they had already questioned him the day before. Ning Yuxuan knew that he couldn’t keep avoiding the issue, so he mustered up the courage to talk to Nie Sangyu. After Gui Bai left, Ning Yuxuan began to tell Nie Sangyu about Ji Man’s true identity. He thought he heard something fall in the room and assumed that Nie Sangyu couldn’t accept his revelation. He continued to speak, expressing his doubts about Nie Sangyu’s identity and his growing feelings for her. When he opened the door to see her reaction, he found that it was only Mu Xu inside. He warned Mu Xu not to tell anyone what he had said.

Nie Sangyu returned and was happy to see Ning Yuxuan. She sensed that he had something to tell her, but he had already lost his courage and left quickly, which made her think he was just shy.

Qian Lianxue received a letter from Nie Sangyu and took advantage of Tao Siwei’s transfer to Haifang to go together. Nie Qingyun and Qin Yixian also went with them. Nie Sangyu was very happy to see them all, but when they returned home, they found that someone else had come too. It was Concubine Wen, and everyone’s smiles froze instantly.

Wen Wan told Nie Sangyu that after Ning Yuxuan sent her back to the mansion today, he went to handle official business. She had already cleaned up the room and even brought a cook from Hou Mansion to make sure that Ning Yuxuan could eat comfortably.

Nie Qingyun thought that Wen Wan was intruding, but Wen Wan had already grasped her thoughts and specially reserved a room for her at the inn, next to Tao Siwei’s room. Nie Qingyun’s position immediately became uncertain, and her thoughts drifted to Tao Siwei.

Wen Wan also had Wan’er’s room cleaned up, ensuring that Wan’er would be happy with her accommodations. Even Nie Sangyu’s room had been tidied up by Wen Wan, who even said that the bed sheets were too old and asked her to bear with it for one night before changing them the next day.

Wen Wan was like a house mistress, arranging everything properly. This made Nie Sangyu feel useless, almost embarrassed. To make matters worse, Wen Wan even told Nie Sangyu and the others to rest early, while she assigned tasks to the servants, making sure that Ning Yuxuan would have a hot meal as soon as he returned.

When Ning Yuxuan returned from the court, he heard Wen Wan’s voice as soon as he entered the gate. He thought he had misheard, but when he looked up, he saw Wen Wan’s face and was not too pleased. Wen Wan claimed that Qian Lianxue and the others had forgotten to inform her about their trip to Haifang, so she came by herself, believing that Ning Yuxuan would not be angry. She then continuously tried to please Ning Yuxuan, but he ignored her completely. Wen Wan then brought up Nie Sangyu using old bed sheets, and asked Ning Yuxuan to go shopping with her the next day.

The next day, Nie Sangyu and Mu Xu were walking down the street while eating, and happened to see a shop selling fabrics. They wanted to go in and take a look, only to find Ning Yuxuan and Wen Wan inside. Nie Sangyu felt sour and went back to the mansion directly.

Wen Wan took advantage of the opportunity to buy fabric, always trying to make her presence known to Ning Yuxuan. However, Ning Yuxuan had no interest in interacting with her, so he left without notice. This made Wen Wan very disappointed.

Ning Yuxuan specifically bought fabric for Nie Sangyu and had Gui Bai deliver it, but Nie Sangyu was jealous and didn’t accept it. Ning Yuxuan knew that Nie Sangyu was so jealous that she didn’t even eat dinner or attend Tao Siwei’s banquet, so he carefully prepared a serving of noodles for her. However, Ning Yuxuan had never made noodles before, and even lighting the fire felt like a daunting task.

For the first pot of noodles that Ning Yuxuan cooked, he directly sprinkled the flour into the pot and turned it into noodle soup. The second pot didn’t cook properly, and this was already the third pot, but it was still too salty.

When Nie Sangyu found out that the noodles were specially made by Ning Yuxuan for her and that it was his first time making them, she didn’t mind the saltiness and ate them happily. Ning Yuxuan wanted to make her another bowl, but she refused.

Ning Yuxuan’s cooking for Nie Sangyu deeply stimulated Wen Wan, who was convinced that Ning Yuxuan belonged to her alone, and was willing to do anything to eliminate Nie Sangyu.

One day, a girl named Lian Xiang came to Shui Yan Ju and played the pipa very well. Shui Niangzi kept her there and found that she had many injuries on her body, so she went to Nie Sangyu and got a lot of Scar Removal Cream for her. Nie Sangyu felt sorry for Lian Xiang and generously gave her a lot of medicine, and even told Shui Niangzi to come back for more if it wasn’t enough.

To promote a new product, Nie Sangyu collaborated with Shui Niangzi to hold a marketing event. Ning Yuxuan naturally attended, and Yuan Lang also came with a gift. When the two met at the door, there were subtle jabs in their conversation, and Nie Sangyu quickly reminded them that they were blocking the way and they entered together.

Ning Yuxuan told Yuan Lang that he had already ordered Tao Siwei to strengthen patrols at night, and if the Jiaolong Gang had any movements, there would be consequences. Yuan Lang stated that he was just a businessperson and had nothing to do with the Jiaolong Gang, and reminded Ning Yuxuan to pay more attention to the people inside the event.

After Shui Niangzi finished her dance, Yuan Lang noticed someone suspicious backstage and immediately went to chase after them. The person revealed that a masked woman had given them silver to cause trouble by splashing pig blood during the marketing fair.

Lian Xiang and Shui Niangzi went to see Nie Sangyu, but Lian Xiang was so scared that she trembled and begged Nie Sangyu to spare her. She recounted how she had been persecuted by Nie Sangyu at the Ning household and ended up in a brothel, with no good flesh left on her body.

Ning Yuxuan realized that something was amiss and stated that Nie Sangyu had nothing to do with the matter. However, Lian Xiang boldly pulled down her clothes to reveal her terrifying scars, causing onlookers to sympathize with her and hate Nie Sangyu even more for her cruel intentions.

Lian Xiang demanded that Nie Sangyu kneel down for forgiveness, but Ning Yuxuan knew that the person before them was not the real Nie Sangyu and was willing to kneel in her place. This made Wen Wan, who had orchestrated the scheme, feel sorrowful and guilty, fearing that Ning Yuxuan would not be able to face the people of the capital. Thus, Lian Xiang’s plan was cancelled at the last minute.

Nie Sangyu thought that leaving the capital would make people forget about the title of “poisonous woman”. Now she knows that those she has hurt will never forget the pain. Ning Yuxuan knew that it was not Nie Sangyu’s fault and wanted to tell her the truth about her identity, but seeing how disturbed she was, he decided to hold back.

Nie Qingyun didn’t attend the sales meeting due to her sprained ankle from climbing over the military camp last time. When she heard about Nie Sangyu being bullied, she wanted to check on her, but Ning Yuxuan told her that Nie Sangyu wanted to be alone.

Qian Lianxue has been in charge of the Duke’s finances and remembers clearly that the Duke gave Lian Xiang one hundred taels of silver to leave three years ago. Now that she’s back and causing trouble, someone must be behind it. Ning Yuxuan is already investigating.

Lian Xiang is at Shui Yan Ju and is worried that as the daughter of a general and the wife of the Duke, Nie Sangyu won’t let her go. She cries in front of Shui Niangzi, who comforts her and promises to protect her.

Nie Sangyu hasn’t eaten or drunk anything, locking herself in her room for a long time. Ning Yuxuan is upset that he didn’t tell her the truth earlier to spare her from such pain.

Mu Xu rushes in, telling Ning Yuxuan that Nie Sangyu has run out after hearing that Hao Xue Tang has been destroyed. Ning Yuxuan scolds her for not stopping Nie Sangyu and rushes out.

Nie Sangyu is at Hao Xue Tang, heartbroken at the sight of the shattered place. She picks up an intact box, cutting her hand on the broken glass. Ning Yuxuan arrives and sees how upset and self-blaming Nie Sangyu is. He finally tells her the truth that she is Ji Man, Gui Hai Yidao’s daughter.

Ji Man remembers that she woke up in the Duke’s residence and doesn’t recall many things. Her personality has changed, and she’s learned many things she never knew before. With Ning Yuxuan’s repeated questioning, she finally understands that she is not Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man wanted to tell everyone that she was not Nie Sangyu, and that she did not do those evil things in the past. However, Hao Xue Tang had already been destroyed, which made her unable to accept it, especially since she believed that the reason was that Ning Yuxuan did not tell her the truth earlier. She became so angry that she drove Ning Yuxuan away. Hao Xue Tang was Ji Man’s pride and joy. Seeing Ning Yuxuan leave made her even more upset. She couldn’t help but sit on the ground, crying uncontrollably.

Several black-clad people attacked the prison at night and rescued Shen Liancheng. Shen Liancheng had been responsible for the raid on the tax silver and the Jiaolong Gang, which greatly angered his superiors. In order to regain the upper hand, Shen Liancheng begged for another chance.

Because of Ji Man’s situation, Ning Yuxuan’s emotions were in turmoil. Even when Gui Bai came to report that Shen Liancheng had been taken away, there was no trace of emotions on his face.

Although Ling Jianxing had improved his chess skills, he still didn’t pay attention to the corners of the board during his match with Lord Tan. Lord Tan reminded him that using one move on a piece could activate the entire board. Ling Jianxing had already arranged for someone to kill Lian Xiang and frame Ji Man, which made Lord Tan quite satisfied with him.

Lian Xiang was dead, and since Ji Man was the suspect who was discovered on the scene with the jade pendant, Wang Jinyao forced Ning Yuxuan to imprison her. Ji Man was sad for Lian Xiang’s death and begged Ning Yuxuan to find out the truth and clear Lian Xiang’s name.

Shui Niangzi was the first to discover Lian Xiang’s death. She thought that Ji Man was the mastermind behind it all, so when Ning Yuxuan came to investigate, she was reserved. Therefore, Ning Yuxuan had Gui Bai keep an eye on her to see if there was any useful information.

When Yuan Lang found out that Ji Man was involved in a murder case, he was extremely worried. He immediately asked Zhao Long and Zhao Hu to investigate the people who were near Shui Yan Ju that day. However, they found no clues. Yuan Lang thought that since those people had to sneak in to commit murder, Zhao Long and Zhao Hu should investigate the Jiaolong Gang’s connections.

That day, two men sneaked into the prison. They knocked out the guards, put on their clothes, and interrogated Ji Man. They forced her to sign a confession, but she believed that she was innocent and refused to sign. So, they were about to use a hot iron on her. Ji Man was tied to a pillar, and as the red-hot iron approached her, she closed her eyes in fear. Fortunately, Ning Yuxuan arrived in time and had those two men taken away for interrogation. Seeing Ji Man’s injured wrist, he felt heartbroken and insisted on staying with her, vowing to find the person who harmed her.

While Shui Niangzi was playing the qin, she accidentally broke a string, making the guest angry. Gui Bai took the initiative to drink in apology for her, but accidentally drank too much and was helped back to his room by Shui Niangzi. Even then, he was still talking about protecting Ning Yuxuan, saying that he was a good official. Shui Niangzi knew that Gui Bai had been following her for the past few days, probably with the intention of protecting her. She confirmed this because of the smell of blood on Gui Bai’s body, which made her face serious.

Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man sat back-to-back separated by wooden bars. Ning Yuxuan said that the emperor already knew that Ji Man was involved in a murder case and was about to send someone to bring her to the capital for investigation. The person behind the scenes was worried that things might change, so they wanted Ji Man to sign a confession and then kill her, pretending that she had committed suicide, in order to close the case.

As a second-rank noblewoman, Ji Man had already been involved in the case when the jade pendant was lost. She knew that Ning Yuxuan had arranged for her to be put in prison in order to keep her under close protection, so she thanked him for it.

Shui Niangzi finally remembered that something was wrong that day – the smell. She was very familiar with the scent on Nie Qingyun’s body, but she didn’t smell it in the room when Lian Xiang was murdered. Instead, she smelled a scent that only someone who frequently traveled by sea would have.

Yuan Lang’s subordinates Zhao Long and Zhao Hu found out that someone under Shen Liancheng named A Qiang suddenly became rich and went to investigate. They confirmed that A Qiang had stolen Ji Man’s jade pendant and framed her for the murder.

Yuan Lang asked Zhao Long and Zhao Hu to continue monitoring Shen Liancheng, while he gathered the elders of the former tea gang to wait for the opportunity to defeat Shen Liancheng and restore the tea gang’s power.

In a tavern, two men were eating together and talking in whispers, claiming that Shui Niangzi had seen the killer’s face that day, but because she was too traumatized, she was in a daze for a few days. Now, she was waiting to identify the killer. The strong man nearby overheard them and quickly paid for his meal, went back to report to Shen Liancheng, and decided to carry out the plan to assassinate Shui Niangzi.

Ning Yuxuan has a good relationship with Shui Niangzi and asks her to help set up a trap to catch the real culprit. Gui Bai offers to protect Shui Niangzi and promises to fight with his life.

One day, when Shui Niangzi was arranging flowers, Shen Liancheng and his men sneak into Shui Yan Ju and attack Shui Niangzi with a knife. Gui Bai shoots out hidden weapons in time, knocks down the attacker, and protects Shui Niangzi. However, Gui Bai is outnumbered and Shui Niangzi is in danger. Gui Bai rushes over to save her at the risk of his own life, and Shui Niangzi is very grateful. Gui Bai is injured while protecting Shui Niangzi, and she quickly applies medicine on his leg, urging him to take care of himself.

Ning Yuxuan feels that it is no longer safe in prison, so he takes Ji Man home and instructs her to hide. He wears official clothes and sets up an ambush in the county yamen, waiting for Shen Liancheng to take the bait.

When Shen Liancheng and his men rush into the county yamen, Ning Yuxuan accuses him of his crimes and advises him to confess, but Shen Liancheng is desperate and leads his men to attack Ning Yuxuan. Although Ning Yuxuan was prepared, Shen Liancheng’s men used tricks and shot a poisoned needle into his arm, causing him to become dizzy and unable to see clearly, and fell to the ground.

Ji Man hears the sound of fighting in the county yamen and rushes over to check on Ning Yuxuan. She sees Ning Yuxuan being tortured by Shen Liancheng and rushes to protect him, but Ning Yuxuan protects her instead.

Yuan Lang fights against Shen Liancheng while he is badly injured, and Ning Yuxuan barely survives. Zhao Long and Zhao Hu think that Yuan Lang is too soft-hearted, but Yuan Lang denies it and proposes to revitalize the Tea Gang.

Ji Man takes care of Ning Yuxuan for several days, and when he wakes up, she asks to return home. In Ning Yuxuan’s unwillingness, Ji Man takes Mu Xu back to Guihai Ship. Sang Shen has been pretending to be Ji Man on the boat and is very excited to see the real Ji Man coming back, pulling her to see her room.

Ji Man’s room is extremely luxurious, filled with flowers, expensive clothes and jewelry, and even the drinking cup is carved from a whole piece of jade. There are also many rare books collected. However, Ji Man still cannot recall her past memories.

Ning Yuxuan misses Ji Man very much, so he finds an excuse to repair the boat and asks Ji Man to come home to live.

Although Ji Man was forced to disembark by Ning Yuxuan, she was not happy about it. So instead of staying at the county government office, she took Sang Shen and Mu Xu to spend the night at Hao Xue Tang. Mu Xu was delighted to see that the place had been freshly renovated and guessed that it must have been done by Ning Yuxuan. However, Sang Shen didn’t know who the Duke was and asked about him, but Mu Xu and Ji Man refused to answer.

There were no beds or blankets at Hao Xue Tang. Mu Xu urged Ji Man to go back to the county government office to sleep, but Sang Shen thought it was a small matter. After all, they had slept on a rope while on the boat. However, this time Ning Yuxuan forced them to disembark without allowing them to bring anything, leaving her without anything to use.

Seeing that Ji Man was so stubborn and refused to go back to the county government office, Ning Yuxuan bought a bunch of things to Hao Xue Tang, hoping that Ji Man would get sleepy after eating and want to go home. However, Ji Man didn’t want to accept his food at all. Fortunately, Mu Xu and Sang Shen kept persuading her, and Ji Man finally nodded and accepted.

That night, Ji Man, Mu Xu, and Sang Shen slept on the ground of Hao Xue Tang. Sang Shen slept restlessly and rolled over, taking the blanket with her. When Ning Yuxuan secretly came to see Ji Man, he saw this scene. He used the fragrance of food to make Sang Shen release the blanket, then covered Ji Man with it again and quietly left.

When Ji Man woke up and saw Ning Yuxuan sneaking away, she couldn’t help but smile. After covering Mu Xu and Sang Shen with the blanket again, she went back to sleep.

Walking on the street, Ji Man found that it was very lively, and Mu Xu reminded her that the upcoming day was the “Up-Mid Festival”, a day for men and women to express their love. Mu Xu hoped that Ji Man could spend it with Ning Yuxuan, but Ji Man refused and instead went to Shui Yan Ju to invite Shui Niangzi to be in charge of Hao Xue Tang, with Ji Man responsible for research and development and Shui Niangzi in charge of management. Shui Niangzi was surprised to learn that Ji Man was the daughter of Jiaolong Gang’s Ji Ming, but also thought that women like Ji Man should not be labeled as a poison woman in the capital. She agreed to Ji Man’s invitation and promised to work hard for the life she wanted.

News that Yuan Lang had quickly infiltrated Jiaolong Gang and captured a group of followers reached Ning Yuxuan’s ear. This made him suspect that Yuan Lang was A Lang, as there was no other way to explain how Yuan Lang had arrived at Haifang at almost the same time as himself and quickly infiltrated Jiaolong Gang.

Ji Man refused to return to the county yamen, so Ning Yuxuan asked Gui Bai to quickly repair the Guihai Ship and return it to Ji Man. Yuan Lang became the new leader of the Jiaolong Gang, which made Lord Tan’s subordinates who lost half of their power in Haifang very anxious. He commanded Wang Jinyao to risk his life to guard the remaining half.

Wang Jinyao personally met with Yuan Lang, hoping to make friends with him. As they both shared the same goal of breaking free from Ning Yuxuan’s oppression, Yuan Lang agreed to work with Wang Jinyao.

Ji Man invited Shui Niangzi and Qian Lianxue to run the Hao Xue Tang with her, with Qian Lianxue as the accountant and Shui Niangzi as the shopkeeper. However, the Hao Xue Tang had just been smashed and was not optimistic due to the previous incident with Lian Xiang. Nevertheless, the three of them were confident that they could manage it well.

On the day of the Lantern Festival, Wen Wan dressed up and was determined to have Ning Yuxuan light a lantern for her, but he used official business as an excuse and left her. Tan Xiang guessed that Ning Yuxuan would go find Ji Man, which made Wen Wan heartbroken. She was even more determined to go to the Lantern Festival.

Gui Bai was enamored with Shui Niangzi’s performance, and when she threw the rose out of her mouth, he immediately grabbed it and took a whiff. Unfortunately, Shui Niangzi saw him. During her subsequent performance, she seemed distracted and kept sneaking glances at Gui Bai.

When Yuan Lang saw Mu Xu and Sang Shen arguing, he found out that Nie Sangyu was actually Ji Man, who had lost her memory and had never been in love with Ning Yuxuan. His mind became active and he invited Ji Man to see the lanterns, but Ji Man refused on the grounds that she had to prepare for the opening of the Hao Xue Tang. However, she kept glancing at the door, indicating that she was waiting for someone.

Undeterred, Yuan Lang proposed to showcase Hao Xue Tang’s products at the Lantern Festival, which excited Ji Man. She immediately followed Yuan Lang out.

Qian Lianxue received a letter from the capital asking her to pay her brother’s gambling debt of 500 taels of silver, which was a huge sum for her. She went to the Shui Yan Ju to drown her sorrows in alcohol, where she ran into Qin Yixian. Not only did he pay for her drinks, but he also took pity on her sorrow.

Nie Qingyun was pleased with Tao Siwei, but Tao Siwei treated her like a younger sister, which made Nie Qingyun unwilling to accept it. She secretly followed Tao Siwei and saw that the lantern he lit bore the character “Nie”. Thinking that he had feelings for her but wouldn’t admit it, she couldn’t help but smile happily.

Yuan Lang had reserved a stall in advance for Ji Man to successfully sell all the Fei Wan Cream she brought. They discussed the opening of business tomorrow while strolling around. Ji Man saw someone selling bracelets that had colors resembling hers and Ning Yuxuan’s beads. She couldn’t help but look closely at them. Yuan Lang wanted to buy it for her, but Ji Man didn’t want to accept his gift, so she quickly put it down and left.

While walking, Ji Man stopped to admire some beautiful flowers on the roadside. Yuan Lang knew Ji Man’s true identity and encouraged himself to confess his feelings to her. So, he picked the most beautiful bunch of flowers to give to Ji Man. Ji Man had Ning Yuxuan in her heart, so she refused. Yuan Lang had to pretend that he was joking and let it go. Ning Yuxuan saw Ji Man refuse Yuan Lang and was pleased.

Since Yuan Lang’s confession failed, he returned the flowers and received scorn from the flower seller. He put the flowers down and refused to accept a refund. He tried to take Ji Man somewhere else but she thought it was inappropriate and quickly broke free. Ning Yuxuan appeared at this moment and suggested they release lanterns together. Ji Man was very happy, but Yuan Lang was not.

There were many beautiful lanterns made by merchants in the market. Ning Yuxuan and Yuan Lang both wanted to get one for Ji Man. They teased each other, with Ning Yuxuan making fun of Yuan Lang for not having anyone to give it to, and Yuan Lang teasing Ning Yuxuan for having two husbands in the house. Ji Man felt a little uncomfortable when she heard Yuan Lang’s words, but she still hoped Ning Yuxuan could get the lantern. But neither of them succeeded. Suddenly, someone came to report that Hao Xue Tang had caught on fire.

Ji Man heard the news and ran to Hao Xue Tang. Ning Yuxuan and Yuan Lang followed closely behind her. Gui Bai had accompanied Shui Niangzi in lighting lanterns. Since they didn’t have any family, they were amusing each other. However, when they heard about the fire at Hao Xue Tang, Shui Niangzi immediately ran there without delay. The fire was fierce, and Ji Man risked everything to put out the flames. However, she was quickly overcome by the smoke and was about to pass out. Ning Yuxuan pulled her away, saving her from harm. Shui Niangzi also tried to put out the fire but was struggling to breathe due to the smoke. Gui Bai convinced her to stop and then desperately worked to put out the fire. Finally, the fire was extinguished, but Ning Yuxuan was afraid and tired, and he collapsed into unconsciousness. Ji Man, who was covered in dirt and ash, took care of him, and when he woke up, she was very happy. She asked him why he was afraid of fire. Since meeting Ji Man, Ning Yuxuan had changed a lot. Also, Gui Bai had learned that Nie Sangyu had died, so he wanted to walk with Ji Man and see what the future held. He led her to the river and lit a lantern for her, promising to make an even bigger one next year.

Wen Wan wanted to ruin Hao Xue Tang’s business, so she instructed Tan Xiang to set fire to the building. Ji Man’s raw materials were half destroyed, so she urgently needed to replenish them. Strolling on the street with Ning Yuxuan, they stumbled upon a tea shop that was doing a roaring trade. This made Ji Man realize that customers were not only wealthy people but also ordinary people. Moreover, Sang Shen had previously said that she had developed the “Non-Scar” ointment for sailors. Therefore, Ji Man decided to develop a version of the ointment specifically for commoners. She went to the pharmacy to buy ingredients, but the prices had skyrocketed. Ji Man didn’t want to be taken advantage of, so she didn’t buy anything and sent Sang Shen and Mu Xu to investigate the prices. However, they found that the prices were the same everywhere. Ji Man was worried; the medicine was as expensive as pearls, and Ning Yuxuan was waiting to use it. Suddenly, she remembered a place where medicine prices were sure to be cheaper, so she took Mu Xu and Sang Shen there. The owner of the pharmacy sold medicine cheaply to help poor people. When he saw that Ji Man had come, he immediately closed his store, causing many poor families who had specially come to ask for medicine to lose hope. One woman knelt at the door, begging for medicine for her sick child. Ji Man gave her all the silver she had, allowing her to buy the medicine.

Ning Yuxuan learned from Gui Bai that Ji Man’s recent focus wasn’t on developing new products, but rather on having the two ship captains of the Guihai Ship sail out to sea. He suspected that they were planning to transport raw materials and a batch of medicinal herbs. Though Ning Yuxuan knew that most of the docks were controlled by Wang Jinyao, he also knew that Yuan Lang had taken some of the control. As a result, he decided to visit Yuan Lang and prepare for Ji Man’s ship to dock.

Yuan Lang was now the head of the Jiaolong Gang. Ning Yuxuan, dressed in official clothing, took the initiative to visit Yuan Lang. Yuan Lang was wearing a short shirt with bandages wrapped around his arms. Ning Yuxuan remembered that Shen Liancheng’s tea gang mark was on Yuan Lang’s arm, which made him suspicious. He asked Yuan Lang to prove his innocence.

Yuan Lang agreed to let Ning Yuxuan take a look, but he requested that if he did not have the mark, Ning Yuxuan not only apologize but also never disturb any brother of the Jiaolong Gang. After Ning Yuxuan agreed, Yuan Lang took off the bandages, revealing only a few wounds and no tea gang mark.

Ning Yuxuan apologized to Yuan Lang as promised. However, he still felt suspicious about Yuan Lang’s injuries and asked Gui Bai to continue monitoring him. When Yuan Lang guessed that Ning Yuxuan would be suspicious of him, he removed the tea gang mark on his arm to better protect his brothers. Yuan Lang took over the tea gang to lead his brothers onto the righteous path. He wanted Ning Yuxuan to see how the tea gang operates.

Ji Man returned with two ships of medicinal herbs, which greatly impacted the market in Haifang. The medicinal herbs sold in the lower-class pharmacies were much cheaper than those sold by Wang Jinyao’s business association. The members of the association complained and went to Wang Jinyao for a solution.

Wang Jinyao and the members of the association pressured Ning Yuxuan to make a decision, claiming that Ji Man was disrupting the market. Ning Yuxuan asked Wang Jinyao why the price of medicinal herbs suddenly increased by forty percent. Wang Jinyao claimed that it was due to the rampant pirates attacking ships, causing the price to rise. Furthermore, the prices in Haifang were set by the guild, and Ji Man’s actions were destroying the market.

Ning Yuxuan sneered, saying that since Ji Man could bring in high-quality and cheap goods, Wang Jinyao, as the leader of Haifang’s largest philanthropic organization, should also be able to do so. He advised Wang Jinyao not to overstep his boundaries. Wang Jinyao was so angry that he left and went to Yuan Lang, asking him to rob Ji Man’s cargo as a way to prove his loyalty.

Yuan Lang agreed to rob the cargo in order to infiltrate Wang Jinyao’s organization. However, he made it clear that they could only rob the cargo and not hurt anyone.

On this day, Ji Man was calculating the cost of medicinal materials in Hao Xue Tang, which turned out to be much cheaper than the market price, making the people who needed medicine happy. At the same time, she calculated that the cost of face cream could also be reduced, making it affordable for ordinary people. Suddenly, Sang Shen reported that the ship had been robbed. Ji Man immediately wanted to find Ning Yuxuan, but he happened to be out. So she turned to Yuan Lang instead.

Yuan Lang was currently arranging the stolen goods and was frightened when he heard that Ji Man had come to visit. He dropped the list in his hand and asked Zhao Long to handle it. Ji Man was in a hurry to retrieve the goods because there was a batch of medicinal materials inside that the pharmacy urgently needed. Zhao Hu had an idea and said that the Jiaolong Gang had seen someone sneaking up the mountain earlier that day, and suspected that Ji Man’s goods were hidden there. So Yuan Lang took Ji Man up the mountain to search for the goods.

As they walked into the mountain, they couldn’t find anything. Ji Man originally wanted to go back to the pier to find the goods, but Yuan Lang was afraid of being discovered and used the excuse of thirst to let Ji Man into a village. They discovered that the inhabitants of the village were mostly homeless people, living in extreme poverty. Ji Man gave candy to the children, but they exchanged them for rice instead of eating them, which made her want to help these people.

When Ning Yuxuan learned that Ji Man’s goods had been robbed, he immediately went with Gui Bai to investigate the pier. They found a warehouse storing six barrels of bird droppings with no origin or destination, which made them suspicious. Despite the foul smell, they directly opened the barrels to inspect the goods, and were almost overwhelmed by the stench.

Before Gui Bai covered the bucket, he had a sudden idea and directly inserted his dagger, only to find bird droppings on the surface but medicinal herbs underneath.

Ning Yuxuan ordered for the suspects to be arrested and, upon learning that Ji Man and Yuan Lang went into the mountains to find goods, immediately rode a fast horse to find her. He reminded Ji Man to be cautious, as Yuan Lang was not an easy person.

Ji Man realized that Ning Yuxuan was jealous but also thought of the suffering refugees. She then asked Ning Yuxuan to accompany her in delivering a large cart of goods to them. Since the men were out earning money, the women could not repair furniture. Ji Man volunteered Ning Yuxuan to help, and after working all day, they won everyone’s favor and danced around a bonfire with the villagers. Ning Yuxuan finally overcame his fear of fire.

Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man felt that the villagers in the Liu village were simple and honest, and they were happy living there. After drinking too much wine, they went to the seaside to see the moon and played a game of truth or dare. Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man both admitted that they had someone they liked. When Ning Yuxuan confessed that he liked Ji Man first, she responded positively. They kissed and expressed their feelings for each other by the seaside.

The next day, Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man were bidding farewell to the villagers when they unexpectedly noticed a solemn-looking middle-aged woman in the crowd. Ning Yuxuan was convinced that she had something to say to him and followed her home.

The old woman in the village is known as the crazy woman, but Ning Yuxuan believes that she is not crazy, only that no one believes what she says. The old woman tells Ning Yuxuan that all the men who went running ships in Yunzhou in the village should have died, because her son, who had been dependent on her since childhood, sent a letter saying he was going to run ships in Yunzhou. After four years, he only sent one letter back, along with a little bit of silver.

The old woman went to the pier and found someone wearing the wolf tooth necklace that A Gen’s father personally put on him. This confirmed that A Gen was killed, and she begged Ning Yuxuan to help deliver a message to the official. Ning Yuxuan immediately revealed his identity and promised to investigate the matter.

Ning Yuxuan heard from the old woman that after Wang Jinyao distributed porridge in the village, A Gen disappeared not long after, and the men who had previously gone out to sea from the village also went missing after Wang Jinyao’s porridge distribution. This led Ning Yuxuan to speculate that the secret behind the never-ending killings by the pirates of Haifang was that Wang Jinyao used the heads of commoners as substitutes for the pirate’s heads.

Ji Man sympathized greatly with commoners like A Gen and wanted Ning Yuxuan to bring Wang Jinyao to justice and seek justice for the people. Ning Yuxuan naturally shared the same sentiment, and thus, he needed to come up with a plan to lure the snake out of its hole.

Ji Man returned to Hao Xue Tang and was warmly welcomed by Mu Xu, Sang Shen, and Qingyun. Qingyun already knew that Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan had become committed to each other with a kiss at the seaside and asked her to teach her how to control her husband. From Qingyun’s words, Ji Man guessed that Qingyun already had someone she was fond of, and although Qingyun was shy, she admitted frankly that she must win over Tao Siwei.

General Nie sent his steward to inquire about Nie Sangyu’s whereabouts, and learned that she had already died. He was deeply saddened and couldn’t help but shed tears. The villagers had previously mentioned that someone had inquired about the news earlier than them, and General Nie guessed that it must have been Ning Yuxuan. He was very curious about Ji Man’s identity now and decided to investigate.

One day, Guihai Yidao in the capital received news from Haifang that Jiman had returned home, which made him very happy and he eagerly looked forward to reuniting with her. Soon it would be the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Haifang’s annual silver ship was about to arrive in the capital. Wang Jinyao specially informed Yuan Lang of this news, implying that he understood what he meant. Yuan Lang knew that robbing the silver ship was a serious crime and would result in the punishment of nine generations of one’s family. But Wang Jinyao was not concerned, and even reminded Yuan Lang that pirates often roamed the seas near Haifang throughout the year. How could the stolen silver be traced back to them? They could simply hand over a few civilians and brush this matter aside.

When Yuan Lang heard Wang Jinyao’s words, he was very dissatisfied with his disregard for human life, but he didn’t show it on the surface. He took the lead in charging, while Wang Jinyao sat back and enjoyed the rewards. Expressing his dissatisfaction, Wang Jinyao promised that as long as they robbed the court’s silver and removed the part that was given as tribute, the rest would be split 50-50 between the two of them. It was only then that Yuan Lang agreed to cooperate with Wang Jinyao.

When Ji Man learned that Ning Yuxuan was personally escorting the silver, she became very anxious. So she brought the Guihai ship’s amulet, Guihai Yidao, which she always carried with her whenever she went out to sea, to ease Ning Yuxuan’s worries. Ning Yuxuan was very happy that Ji Man was concerned about his safety, so he put the amulet on his chest.

On the day of departure, Wen Wan disregarded the overall situation and rushed to the pier before the ship set sail to bring some snacks. She boarded the ship under the pretense of a borrowed excuse. Meanwhile, Ji Man still worried about Ning Yuxuan and came to see him off at the pier. Seeing that Ning Yuxuan was wearing the peace talisman, Ji Man felt slightly relieved. She just turned around and walked away, but soon felt uneasy. So, she and Mu Xu secretly boarded the ship and split up to check it.

Mu Xu noticed Wen Wan on the boat and appeared to persuade her to disembark. However, Wen Wan refused, but Ning Yuxuan arrived just in time and ordered her to leave. Under Mu Xu’s watchful eyes, Wen Wan reluctantly disembarked. When she learned that Ji Man had not disembarked, she became furious, but the boat had already set sail, so she had no choice but to return home.

Ji Man found someone suddenly coming up from below deck while on the ship. She secretly sneaked in when no one was paying attention and found traces of dripping naphtha on the wooden ladder. She was uncertain and suspicious, but when she looked through the screen and saw what was inside, she was even more shocked and quickly hid.

Ning Yuxuan accepted Wang Jinyao’s invitation to play chess together. They were playing the game with great intensity, and Wang Jinyao believed that he would win the game. However, Ning Yuxuan surprised him by making an unexpected move and told him that the game was not over yet. This caused Wang Jinyao’s expression to change. At this moment, someone reported that pirates had boarded a ship to rob the silver. Ning Yuxuan immediately rushed out and went to deal with the pirates.

Yuan Lang has always regarded Ning Yuxuan as a thorn in his side. So, he naturally showed no mercy when he had the opportunity. Ning Yuxuan was hit in the chest, and his protective amulet fell out.

Yuan Lang held his sword against Ning Yuxuan’s neck. At this point, all the soldiers on the ship were subdued, and even Gui Bai was not spared. Wang Jinyao proudly stepped forward and told Ning Yuxuan that the Haifang could do without Shen Liancheng, but not without their own guild. First, Ji Man broke the rules, and then Ning Yuxuan escorted the silver in the back. Even if he could let go of Ning Yuxuan, the higher-ups wouldn’t agree. Wang Jinyao decided to end it by “Ning Yuxuan dying for escorting the sliver”.

However, Ning Yuxuan directly exposed Yuan Lang’s identity, inciting him to turn against Wang Jinyao. In order to prove that he wouldn’t use the Jiaolong Gang to take the blame for Yuan Lang, Wang Jinyao had people bring some commoners who were recently deceived by using job opportunities as a cover and put them on the boat. He declared that as long as their heads were cut off, they would be considered pirates, and that this matter had nothing to do with the Jiaolong Gang.

However, Ning Yuxuan exposed Yuan Lang’s identity directly and instigated him to turn against Wang Jinyao. In order to prove that he would not use the Jiaolong Gang to take the blame for Yuan Lang, Wang Jinyao ordered his men to bring some commoners who were recently deceived under the pretext of recruiting workers onto the ship. He stated that as long as their heads were taken off, they would be considered pirates, and there was no connection between this matter and the Jiaolong Gang.

Yuan Lang wanted to eliminate Ning Yuxuan to prevent future troubles, but he failed to attack Ning Yuxuan with his sword and instead aimed at Wang Jinyao’s neck. Wang Jinyao was shocked, while Yuan Lang stated that the Jiaolong Gang he led would never do such evil things.

Seeing that the situation was lost, Wang Jinyao’s evil thoughts arose, and he lit a match to ignite the oil, wanting to die together with everyone. Ji Man timely reminded him and attempted to extinguish the fire in his hand, but was pushed into the sea by Wang Jinyao. Gui Bai immediately took action and cut Wang Jinyao’s throat directly, while Yuan Lang seized the match just before it ignited the oil.

Ji Man helplessly fell into the sea, and regardless of his own safety, Ning Yuxuan jumped in after her. As she sank into the water, scenes of every moment she spent with Ning Yuxuan flashed before her eyes. Her memories went back in time, and finally she remembered that half a year ago, she went to the capital alone just to confess her love to Ning Yuxuan, whom she had secretly admired for four years, only to hear the news of his marriage to the second wife.

Ji Man was saddened by what she saw, so she drowned her sorrows with alcohol. She had wanted to become Ning Yuxuan’s third wife but felt it was too unethical. Thinking that she didn’t want to have come all this way for nothing, Ji Man decided to tell Ning Yuxuan about her feelings and wished him and his wife a happy marriage.

Ji Man had just arrived outside the Ning Residence when she heard a commotion of pursuit. Hearing the footsteps getting closer, she quickly hid in the shadows and saw Nie Sangyu, who looked identical to herself, being chased. Feeling curious, Ji Man followed and witnessed Nie Sangyu falling off a cliff. Seeing the critical situation, Ji Man jumped into the water to rescue her, but Nie Sangyu had already passed away.

News of Ning Yuxuan returning home with Ji Man reached Wen Wan’s ears. She was extremely jealous, so she used the excuse of making a simple meal for Ning Yuxuan and encouraged him to eat some before going to Ji Man’s room.

At this moment, the news that Ning Yuxuan brought Ji Man back to the mansion had reached Wen Wan’s ears, and she was extremely jealous. So she used the excuse of making a simple meal for Ning Yuxuan and persuaded him to eat some before running to Ji Man’s room.

Ning Yuxuan was feeling guilty because he had put Ji Man in danger. He held Ji Man’s hand to express his love for her and hoped to spend the rest of his life with her, praying for her to wake up quickly. Ji Man was already awake, but she enjoyed hearing Ning Yuxuan confess his love, so she pretended to still be asleep. However, her blushing face was noticed by sharp-eyed Sang Shu, who thought she was in trouble and quickly went to call a doctor.

Ji Man couldn’t pretend anymore and quickly opened her eyes. She didn’t want to eat the food Wen Wan had sent for Ning Yuxuan and instead requested to eat noodles made by Ning Yuxuan.

Upon hearing this, Ning Yuxuan immediately got up to make the noodles. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to send Wen Wan away, which made her even more jealous, and her face darkened.

In the kitchen, Ning Yuxuan put on an apron and busied himself to make a bowl of noodles. After much effort, he finally made it, but Sang Shen looked at it with disgust and hoped that Ji Man would recover soon and stop thinking about eating such strange food. Mu Xu was even more exaggerated, taking a glance at the noodles in the pot and almost throwing up. Ning Yuxuan didn’t let the two interfere and directly handed the bowl of noodles to Ji Man.

Yuan Lang had thought that after learning about her identity, Ji Man would gradually grow apart from Ning Yuxuan, but unexpectedly, they became even closer. This made Yuan Lang unable to sit still any longer and decided to find an opportunity to take Ji Man away.

Ji Man has regained her memory and told Sang Shen that her lover is Ning Yuxuan. Sang Shen couldn’t believe it because she didn’t think highly of Ning Yuxuan. She advised Ji Man to leave Ning’s mansion. However, Ji Man didn’t want to leave because she had put in a lot of effort to pursue Ning Yuxuan. Now that he was with her in the mansion, she didn’t want to go anywhere else. Sang Shen saw that Ji Man was still determined to be with Ning Yuxuan and was reminded of how she was before losing her memory.

Ning Yuxuan has removed the tumor from Hai Fang and Gui Bai believes that the emperor will soon reinstate him. However, Ning Yuxuan doesn’t want to leave Hai Fang yet. He plans to build the largest shipbuilding company here and make it a hub for trade. Gui Bai praised Ning Yuxuan for his vision and his efforts for the people of Hai Fang but Ning Yuxuan sensed flattery in his words and advised him to do more work than talk.

Yuan Lang was carrying a basket of flowers and was about to visit Ji Man when he ran into Ning Yuxuan. Ning Yuxuan told him that Ji Man had woken up but needed rest and advised him not to disturb her. This was the best way to visit her.

This time, Jiaolong Gang and Ning Yuxuan worked together to get rid of Wang Jinyao. Ning Yuxuan thanked Yuan Lang on behalf of the villagers of Liu Village and reminded him that if Jiaolong Gang committed any crimes, he would not show mercy because of this cooperation. Yuan Lang said that Jiaolong Gang was no longer what it used to be and now focused on punishing evil and promoting good, which would surely make Haifang a better place. Ning Yuxuan hoped that Yuan Lang would do as he said and sincerely hoped that he would not become another Shen Liancheng.

Sang Shen felt that Ji Man had suffered too much recently and needed to be well nourished. So she asked the doctor to prescribe a tonic and added fish, which Ji Man had always admired, to it in the hope of doubling its nourishing effect. But Ji Man didn’t like the taste and not only refused to drink it but also sweetly remembered what she had done in the past to pursue Ning Yuxuan after Sang Shen reminded her of it.

Thanks to Shui Niangzi and Qian Lianxue’s care, Ji Man has now recovered at Hao Xue Tang. She has decided to put cheap face powder on her agenda and secretly told them that she has regained her memory. Everyone is happy for her.

Ning Yuxuan has been busy in the kitchen lately to nourish Ji Man. One day, he overcame his psychological barrier and made a bowl of goji berry fish soup for Ji Man. Curious about what kind of obstacle he had overcome, Ji Man asked Ning Yuxuan. To her surprise, Ning Yuxuan told her that someone sent him a basket of fish every day. However, Hou Fu was worried that the fish might be problematic and directly turned them into stinky fish to make others suspect that the person who sent the fish was deliberately disgusting Hou Fu. It turned out that Ji Man was the one who sent the fish. After hearing what Ning Yuxuan said, she immediately became angry and refused to drink the fish soup and even drove Ning Yuxuan away.

The Haigui ship is almost ready for maintenance. Ji Man remembered the box she had locked specifically to pursue Ning Yuxuan and was worried that Ning Yuxuan would see it. So she and Sang Shen sneaked back to the Haigui ship at night to deal with the box.

Sang Shen suggested that Ji Man throw the box into the sea so that no one could see what was inside. But Ji Man couldn’t bear to do it, so she brought the box back to the mansion because she believed in the principle of “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”.

When Wen Wan saw Ji Man and Sang Shen dressed in night clothes and sneaking around, she came up with a plan.

Ji Man and Sang Shen had just entered the room and were about to see what was inside the box when Ning Yuxuan arrived with Gui Bai. In a hurry, Ji Man hid the box in her skirt, but Ning Yuxuan had already found it.

After Gui Bai took Mu Xu and Sang Shen away, only Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man were left in the room. Ning Yuxuan asked Ji Man what she was doing. Ji Man replied that she was drinking tea and admiring the moon. Ning Yuxuan pointed out that Ji Man’s clothes were wrong and there was no moon here, so he invited Ji Man to go outside to admire the moon.

Ji Man refused to go out with Ning Yuxuan to protect the box. Ning Yuxuan suggested that Ji Man replace everything in the box with his own things so that it would not be difficult later. Ji Man was really at a loss because the things in the box were related to Ning Yuxuan, but she didn’t want him to see them, so she could only “bury her head in the sand”.

General Nie learned that Ji Ming was in the capital and went to visit him. He told Ji Ming that Nie Sangyu was his daughter but had already passed away. This news was a shock to Ji Ming.

Ning Yuxuan had been in Ji Man’s room for a long time. The tea was already finished, but he still refused to leave until he saw what was inside the box. Tan Xiang and Sang Shen got into a fight. Wen Wan took the opportunity to ask Ning Yuxuan to judge the situation and let Tan Xiang take what was inside Ji Man’s box. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t Ning Yuxuan’s poetry collection inside but his sachet. Ning Yuxuan was happy but also blamed Wen Wan for not being strict enough with her subordinates and letting Tan Xiang speak recklessly.

When General Nie adopted Nie Sangyu, he was just a small soldier guarding the city. Ji Ming did not expect him to become the General Nie of today. Ji Ming also became the owner of the Guihai ship after many years of wandering and became famous in the area with his Jiaolong Gang.

Nie Sangyu and Ji Man are twin sisters. After they became the leaders of the Tea Gang, Ji Ming (formerly known as Lei Hu) was the third in command of the Tea Gang. After the Tea Gang was destroyed, he managed to escape and separated the daughter of the leader who was still in swaddling clothes. Unexpectedly, he could not break free from his entanglement with Ningfu. First, Nie Sangyu married into Ningfu, and then Ji Man lost her memory and replaced Nie Sangyu as a second-rank noblewoman.

Ning Zhongtian is Ning Yuxuan’s biological father. He was the number one enemy of the Tea Gang. Ji Ming absolutely cannot accept Ji Man falling in love with the enemy’s son. He plans to return to Haifang and fan the flames from behind the scenes, letting them naturally separate, and then send Ji Man to a safe place.

Ji Man confessed to Ning Yuxuan that she had regained her memory and told him how she had searched for her husband from afar and how she had fallen into the water. However, Ningfu rescued the wrong person, and she lost her memory and became Ning Yuxuan’s wife.

Ning Yuxuan was not satisfied after listening to it four times in a row. He wanted to hear it again, especially the story of Ji Man searching for her husband from afar. Ji Man was tired of talking and looked forward to hearing Ning Yuxuan say something. Unexpectedly, this unromantic guy took out his own poetry collection and wanted to hear Ji Man say it again. Ji Man was so angry that she drove him out.

After hearing Ji Man close the door, Ning Yuxuan could no longer suppress his excitement. He danced with joy, but he quickly pretended to be serious and invited Ji Man to admire the moon together. However, Ji Man was angry at this time and said she was busy. So Ning Yuxuan ran away excitedly, making Ji Man hate him for being unromantic.

The next day, Ji Man walked in the mansion and always felt that everyone’s eyes were very unusual when they looked at her. She learned that her love for Ning Yuxuan had spread throughout the mansion and couldn’t help feeling ashamed. So she found a place to hide and couldn’t even find alfalfa and mulberry. After not seeing Ji Man for a day, Ning Yuxuan found Ji Man under the peach tree after learning the reason why she disappeared. He took the initiative to kiss Ji Man and wanted people in the mansion to know that he loved Ji Man more and to restore Ji Man’s dignity.

When Ji Man returned to the room in high spirits, Mu Xu and Sang Shen were arguing about the height of the pillow. Ji Man asked them to lay them all down and liked them all. She also reminded Sang Shen to call herself Madam like Mu Xu in the future to avoid misunderstandings.

Sang Shen was very unconvinced. She felt that Ji Man had not held a wedding ceremony with Ning Yuxuan and was still a miss. This sentence entered Ji Man’s heart and made her very sad, and she was depressed. Mu Xu saw that something was wrong and quickly pulled Sang Shen away, leaving Ji Man alone.

The next day, Sang Shen and Mu Xu told Ji Man that Ning Yuxuan was waiting for her to eat in the hall. Ji Man directly expressed that she wanted to go out to eat. When she met Ning Yuxuan, she didn’t even say hello and ran away with her skirt lifted. This made Ning Yuxuan really unable to figure out Ji Man’s thoughts. After all, the two were still good last night. Today, Ji Man changed her face early in the morning.

Qian Lianxue sent a letter to her brother Qian Bingyan asking him to find a decent job in Haifang. However, Qian Bingyan was lured to a gambling house by Tan Xiang and gambled for three days and nights, owing one thousand two hundred taels of silver. The gambling house owner demanded that Qian Bingyan repay his debt, but he had no money and was tortured by the gambling house owner.

Qian Lianxue received Qian Bingyan’s plea for help at the county government office and went alone to the gambling house. She learned that Qian Bingyan owed one thousand two hundred taels of silver and couldn’t bear to see him suffer. She asked the gambling house owner for a month to raise the money, but he refused and instead beat Qian Bingyan. Qian Lianxue had no choice but to shorten the time to ten days. However, the gambling house owner was still dissatisfied and almost strangled Qian Bingyan to death. Qian Lianxue had no choice but to promise to raise the money within three days.

Ji Man avoided Ning Yuxuan for several days. One day, Gui Bai brought news that Wang Jinyao’s case had been resolved and Ning Yuxuan was going to visit Liu Village. Ji Man immediately expressed her desire to go with him. Ning Yuxuan appeared immediately and traveled with Ji Man.

There was a cry in Liu Village. The women and children in the village were burning paper money for their men. They were very grateful to Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man for bringing Wang Jinyao to justice. However, their men would never come back, and they didn’t know how to live the rest of their lives. Ning Yuxuan promised to have enough food delivered by the county government to ensure that everyone could live a stable life.

Ji Man expressed to Ning Yuxuan that she did not want to be with him under Nie Sangyu’s name. Ning Yuxuan promised to give her a satisfactory answer.

Qian Lianxue needs a lot of money to pay off Qian Bingyan’s gambling debts, so she reaches into Ji Man’s money box. Wen Wan conspires with someone to set up this trap just to subdue Qian Lianxue. Naturally, she keeps a close eye on her and discovers her actions. So she appears and confronts her. Qian Lianxue pretends to help Ji Man get some silver notes back, but Wen Wan, who knew the truth early on, would not let her pass. She claims that she will help Ji Man get them and Qian Lianxue can only beg Wen Wan not to tell Ji Man that she was just confused for a moment.

Wen Wan is willing to help Qian Lianxue with the silver notes, but she wants Qian Lianxue to promise to help her with a small favor. When the time comes, she will naturally go to Qian Lianxue.

One day, Ning Yuxuan brought back a crystal necklace from overseas and gave it to Ji Man. Not only did he put it on for her himself, but he also said that this necklace has the meaning of “one life, one world, one pair of people”. Wen Wan happened to hear what Ning Yuxuan said to Ji Man. She also heard Ning Yuxuan say that he would marry her without a matchmaker or betrothal gifts and without a marriage certificate. She was even more jealous and smashed a teacup when she got home. She asked Tan Xiang to tell Qian Lianxue to meet her in the garden tonight.

Qian Lianxue arrived as promised and heard that Wen Wan was going to poison Ji Man. She immediately refused. However, Wen Wan had Qian Bingyan’s life in her hands and admitted that she wrote the letter to lure Qian Bingyan and then had someone take him to Du Fang to trap him. She wanted Qian Lianxue to do her bidding. Qian Lianxue had no choice but to agree. When Wen Wan handed the poison to Qian Lianxue, she immediately called out for Ji Man.

Ji Man came out with Sang Shen and Mu Xu and questioned Wen Wan why she wanted to harm her. Unexpectedly, Ning Yuxuan came with Gui Bai. Wen Wan immediately put on a pitiful look and claimed that she did not poison Ji Man. The package contained Ganoderma lucidum powder, which she had previously given to Ning Yuxuan. Gui Bai confirmed that Wen Wan had indeed given it to him, but Ning Yuxuan had never cared about it and had long forgotten where he put it.

Ji Man knew that Wen Wan must have made preparations and thanked her for the Ganoderma lucidum powder to cover up the matter. However, she still couldn’t figure out why Wen Wan suddenly changed her mind. Ning Yuxuan guessed that it was because Qian Bingyan had been redeemed and the news had leaked.

Tan Xiang praised Wen Wan for being a good chess player and avoiding this disaster. Wen Wan was also very happy. If she hadn’t gone to the gambling house before, she would have definitely fallen into a big trap. Ji Man remembered that day when she saw Qian Lengxue in a daze and kept asking her what had happened. She learned that Qian Lengxue was tempted to take Hao Xue Tang’s money and immediately guessed that she was in trouble. So she sincerely asked Qian Lengxue to trust her and learned that Qian Bingyan was in trouble. She immediately asked her to take all the money from Hao Xue Tang to redeem him. To avoid alerting the enemy, she went to Qin Yixian to rescue him. The two of them made a plan to see what Wen Wan was up to, but they were discovered by Wen Wan and didn’t catch any evidence.

Qian Bingyan had just been redeemed and went to the gambling house to gamble again. Qian Lengxue was anxious and went to the gambling house to find him. Qin Yixian also went there and instructed Qian Lengxue not to come out no matter what she saw. Qian Lengxue agreed and hid outside the door to watch.

Qin Yixian cleared the gambling table and gambled with Qian Bingyan with a lot of silver. Qian Bingyan was very lucky and won many times in a row, but lost everything in the last round. This made him particularly unacceptable and begged Qin Yixian to lend him some money to gamble again.

Qin Yixian took out a package of dice that had been tampered with and threw them on the table. They all showed one point. This made Qian Bingyan understand that Qin Yixian had cheated and he was angry and wanted to argue with him. Qin Yixian opened the door and let him observe the gambling house carefully. Qian Bingyan found that the banker was cheating and if they wanted you to lose, you had to lose.

Qian Bingyan didn’t want to be a gambling addict anymore and finally repented. He entrusted Qin Yixian to tell Qian Lengxue that he was sorry and would follow Qin Yixian’s arrangements to go to Huangzhou to work and start a new life.

Qian Lengxue was grateful to Qin Yixian for helping her many times recently. Although they had quarreled when they first met, Qin Yixian also had a serious side. Qin Yixian was now thinking about Qian Lengxue all the time, so he confessed his love to her. They expressed their feelings for each other and liked each other.

Ji Man developed a new type of Fei Wan cream. She thought the color was a bit off because of the new herbs added, but didn’t take it to heart. However, Wen Wan hadn’t taken any action since last time, which made her worry. When she thought of the color of the Fei Wan cream, she was worried that there was a problem and specially invited a doctor to check it out. It turned out that the herbs had been poisoned, so she recalled all the Fei Wan creams at five times the price.

Ning Yuxuan found out that the poison in the Fei Wan cream was caused by Wen Wan’s instructions. He took a box of Fei Wan cream to her door and asked her to apply it. Wen Wan refused to apply it, claiming that she was used to her own rouge and powder. So Ning Yuxuan offered to apply it for her, which scared Wen Wan into blurting out that she would kill someone.

Ning Yuxuan scolded Wen Wan for poisoning people for her own selfish reasons. He smashed the bottle of Fei Wan cream and made Wen Wan confess. But Wen Wan still argued that after entering the Marquis’s mansion, she was devoted to Ning Yuxuan and felt uncomfortable watching him treat Ji Man so well. She believed that Ning Yuxuan was framing her for Ji Man.

Ning Yuxuan had someone bring in sandalwood. Sandalwood had already been forced to confess that it was Wen Wan’s doing. Now Wen Wan couldn’t prove her innocence and threatened to commit suicide. But Ning Yuxuan already knew what she had done wrong, including what she called losing her innocence, which was a play she had acted in order to marry him. In the end, Wen Wan dared not commit suicide and could only be taken away and sent immediately to the Da Li Si.

This farce finally came to an end. Ning Yuxuan didn’t feel happy, but rather very tired. Ji Man came to accompany him when she saw him upset. Ji Man didn’t expect Wen Wan to hate her so much that she would hurt innocent lives just to ruin her reputation.

Ning Yuxuan said that the Ning family and the Wen family were old friends, but since his father’s death, the two families had little contact. Unexpectedly, one day, Wen Wan’s father suddenly came to him and asked him to help find Wen Wan who had run away from home.

When Ning Yuxuan found Wen Wan, she was already disheveled. She claimed that she had been raped by bandits and killed them with a dagger she carried with her. But she could no longer marry anyone in the future. Otherwise, if people knew that she was no longer innocent, they would kill her. She begged Ning Yuxuan to save her. Ning Yuxuan took pity on her and took her into his mansion as a way of repaying their friendship and helping her out of her predicament. But Wen Wan was not as simple as she appeared on the surface. Since Wen Wan had arranged for someone to find Ji Man, Ning Yuxuan had been suspicious of her. Later, when Haixue Hall was burned down, Ning Yuxuan had a hunch that it was related to Wen Wan and sent someone to investigate her. It turned out that the so-called bandits were just an innocent beggar who died because of Wen Wan’s selfish desires, which made Ning Yuxuan very upset.

Ji Man knew that the people in Liu Village were living in difficult conditions, so she led them in planting herbs and taught them planting techniques carefully.

Once the news of Shui Niangzi’s departure from Shuiyanju was announced, many wealthy young men wanted to come and see her farewell performance. But Shui Niangzi had already booked a trip out of town and would only perform for Guibai that day. Guibai was worried that he could not give her happiness and expressed his pain by saying that he only admired her and had no other intentions. This made Shui Niangzi very sad.

On this day, Ji Man went to Liujiacun to teach people how to plant herbs. She was so tired that when she returned home, Mulberry had only prepared her boiled vegetables and noodles, which made her very unhappy. She learned that it was Old Marquis’s death anniversary and everyone in the mansion would be eating vegetarian food for three days. She was worried about Ning Yuxuan’s situation and went to check on him. She found out that Ning Yuxuan was having nightmares again and woke him up immediately.

Ning Yuxuan was particularly fragile tonight and took the initiative to ask Ji Man to lie down with him for a while. He talked about how his father was killed by Cai Wen of the Tea Gang in front of him when he was five years old. He wanted to drag his father home but encountered a big fire and had been having nightmares ever since. Ji Man comforted Ning Yuxuan and promised to be with him from now on. Ning Yuxuan fell asleep quietly and Ji Man followed suit. The two of them slept together on the same bed all night.

The next day, Ning Yuxuan went to Haifang Clothing Store to choose a wedding dress for Ji Man. There were too many styles in the store, each with its own unique features, which made Ning Yuxuan unsure how to choose. So he asked Guibai to invite Shui Niangzi to help. Guibai had just arrived at Shui Niangzi’s place and didn’t want to go, but Ning Yuxuan said that his happiness in the second half of his life depended on Guibai. So Guibai had no choice but to go. But when he faced Shui Niangzi, he didn’t have a chance to say anything and left her a note instead, asking her to meet him at the clothing store tomorrow afternoon.

Shui Niangzi thought that Gui Bai had become enlightened and was very happy. However, she only found out after she arrived that it was Ning Yuxuan who had invited her. The two were mistaken for a couple by the clothing store owner, which was very embarrassing.

When Shui Niangzi saw Ning Yuxuan, she couldn’t hide her disappointment in her eyes. This made Ning Yuxuan realize that she was interested in Gui Bai. So he comforted Gui Bai and told him that as a dead man, he should not only have knives and swords but also his own life. However, Gui Bai stubbornly believed that he could only do one thing well, which was to protect Ning Yuxuan. Ning Yuxuan couldn’t help but despise Gui Bai for not being enlightened.

Ji Man heard that the Imperial Merchant Conference was going to be held in Haifang and thought that Ning Yuxuan had been acting strange these days. So she went to his room to find him and discovered his wedding dress.

Ji Man found the wedding dress in the closet and was very angry. When she saw another man’s wedding dress, she compared it with her own figure and found that it was her size. She couldn’t help but smile and curse Ning Yuxuan for hiding it from her. At this time, the voice of “Duke” came from outside. Ji Man knew that Ning Yuxuan had come back, so she hurriedly folded the wedding dress and put it in the closet, pretending to be okay and waiting for Ning Yuxuan.

When Ning Yuxuan entered the room and saw Ji Man, his eyes subconsciously observed the closet and stopped Ji Man from approaching there. Then he told Ji Man that Haifang was holding an imperial merchant conference, and rouge and powder could also participate. If he won first place, he could become the president. But he also reminded Ji Man that this matter must be absolutely fair and would not be biased towards her because she was his wife.

Ji Man had known about the imperial merchant conference for a long time. Seeing that Ning Yuxuan had not mentioned the wedding dress matter for a long time, she couldn’t help but feel anxious and kept asking Ning Yuxuan.

Gui Bai has recently been tortured by Ning Yuxuan. He privately told Ning Yuxuan that he hopes he will propose to Ji Man soon, otherwise, he won’t be able to take it anymore and doesn’t want to be kicked by Ning Yuxuan and still be blamed for talking too much.

Ji Man knew that Ning Yuxuan was going to propose to her and became very concerned about her appearance. She felt that she had dark circles and quickly put on makeup to cover it up. At this time, Gui Bai sent pastries, indicating that Ning Yuxuan said Ji Man would definitely like them. This made Ji Man, who was supposed to be losing weight, unable to resist taking the pastries and tasting the taste of love.

Ning Yuxuan arranged to meet Ji Man in the evening to propose to her. In order to practice his lines, he even brought Gui Bai along as a sparring partner, which made Gui Bai particularly unhappy. After Ji Man dressed up and was about to leave, she met Guihai Yidao at the door of Haoxue Hall. The father and daughter had not seen each other for a long time. Guihai Yidao took Ji Man to another place to chat and kept asking about Ji Man’s relationship with Ning Yuxuan. He was relieved to hear that they were still innocent, but Ji Man quickly told him that she planned to be with Ning Yuxuan. This made Guihai Yidao very anxious and he insisted on taking Ji Man back to the ship regardless of her plans to meet Ning Yuxuan.

Ning Yuxuan waited all night but didn’t see Ji Man. He guessed that something had happened and learned that Ji Man had been taken back to the ship by Guihai Yidao. He immediately went to the ship but was stopped by someone. Ji Man quickly sent Mu Xu and Sang Shen to distract the guards so that they could meet. Although it had only been one night, it seemed particularly long and they hugged each other tightly.

Guihai Yidao appeared and interrupted Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man’s date. He thought it was very inappropriate for them to act like this, so he called them in for questioning. Ning Yuxuan promised Guihai Yidao that he would bring a betrothal gift to propose to Ji Man and make her his only legal wife. However, because of his identity as a second-rank imperial guard, he still had to carry Nie Sangyu’s name for a while. But he would definitely find a way to restore Ji Man’s true identity.

Guihai Yidao wanted to destroy Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man’s relationship. He suggested that Ning Yuxuan experience the life of a dock worker and wanted Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man to separate so that Ji Man could return to Guihai’s ship.

Ning Yuxuan disagreed with the separation, but he remembered Guihai Yidao’s words. The next day, he put on rough clothes and went to work on the dock. He really found many problems and experienced the hardships of the workers. His hands were worn out from work and he was so tired that he could barely walk at the end of the day.

Ji Man happened to be accompanying Guihai Yidao to see the new changes in Haifang. When she saw Ning Yuxuan, she was both heartbroken and moved. So she had Sang Shen pretend to be her and sleep in her room while she went to find Ning Yuxuan with ointment and carefully applied it to him. She asked Ning Yuxuan what happened when he asked her to go to the river that day. Ning Yuxuan wanted to say something but couldn’t bring himself to do it. So he said that it was all in the past and they could talk about it later. Before Ji Man could ask any more questions, he quickly ran away.

Ning Yuxuan missed Ji Man very much, so he let Gui Bai and Mu Xu communicate and arranged a time to meet. However, they had just met when Guihai Yidao, who had bribed Sang Shen, arrived and once again destroyed their date. Ji Man had always spoken well of Ning Yuxuan, but Guihai Yidao refused to let them be together. Ning Yuxuan could only leave in disappointment.

When Yuan Lang learned that Guihai Yidao had returned, he sent a greeting card and went to visit him in an attempt to leave a good impression.

Ning Yuxuan dressed up and wore a veil to enter the backyard of Haoxue Hall to meet Ji Man. He brought Ji Man’s favorite almond pastry and they ate it together.

Ji Man asked Ning Yuxuan what happened when he asked her to go to the river that day. Ning Yuxuan wanted to say something but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Ji Man couldn’t stand his hesitation and said directly that he wanted to propose to her. If he didn’t say it now, she wouldn’t marry him.

Ning Yuxuan saw that Ji Man already knew and immediately proposed to her, asking her to marry him. Ji Man was shy and hesitant and hadn’t had a chance to respond when Mu Xu rushed in and told her that Guihai Yidao had arrived. Ji Man was very helpless and could only tell Ning Yuxuan to leave through the back door while she went to the front hall to deal with Guihai Yidao.

Shui Niangzi and Qianjin Xue didn’t know where Guihai Yidao came from and were surprised when they saw Ji Man come out and call him “dad.” Ji Man quickly explained that she and Guihai Yidao had hit it off and talked happily when they first met, so she recognized him as her adoptive father. She invited him today to help her plan for the upcoming imperial merchant conference. When Shui Niangzi heard this, she automatically assumed that Ji Man had gone to invite Guihai Yidao as an ally since she hadn’t seen her for a few days. She sighed that Haoxue Hall was sure to win first place.

When Guihai Yidao saw Yuan Lang, he told him that if Ji Man became the first place winner and became the head of the guild, her situation would become even more dangerous. So he decided to take preventive measures and take Ji Man out to sea for at least half a year.

Mu Xu happened to pass by Guihai Yidao’s door and heard what was said. She immediately reported it to Ji Man. So Ji Man decided to put on an act of pretending to be sick and make Guihai Yidao feel sorry for her so that he wouldn’t take her out to sea. But she didn’t expect that the traitor Sang Shen would tell Guihai Yidao about her plan. So when Ji Man pretended to be sick, Guihai Yidao saw through her act and even knew that she had eaten a poisonous plant called badou.

When Ji Man’s plan failed, she came up with another one. She planned to buy a small boat and sneak away from Guihai Yidao’s ship when he wasn’t paying attention so that she could reunite with Ning Yuxuan on land. When Guihai Yidao heard Sang Shen’s report, he immediately ordered his men to take away all the valuable things in Ji Man’s room. Ji Man was left so poor that she couldn’t even afford a paddle.

Ji Man suspected that there was a traitor among them because Guihai Yidao always appeared at the right time. So she tricked Sang Shen into revealing himself by saying something that made him feel guilty. Sang Shen apologized to Ji Man and even offered to tell Ning Yuxuan about Ji Man’s plan to leave.

When news came that Ling Jianxing was coming to Haifang, Ning Yuxuan knew that he must have made full preparations for this trip. He reminded Qin Yixian and Tao Siwei to be prepared so as not to cause any trouble.

One day, Guihai Yidao went out to meet friends and Ji Man took the opportunity to send Sang Shen to inform Ning Yuxuan so that they could meet. Ji Man had just finished packing happily when Guihai Yidao barged into her room and had his men take her away with him to attend the banquet.

At the banquet, Yuan Lang was hailed as a young talent because he was the newly appointed leader of the Jiaolong Gang and Guihai Yidao had helped him with his business. Some of their old friends suggested that Ji Man and Yuan Lang should be paired up, but Guihai Yidao not only did not object, but also asked for Yuan Lang’s birth date. This made Ji Man so angry that she immediately found an excuse to go to the bathroom and left in a huff.

Downstairs, Guihai Yidao arranged for guards to guard the door and refused to let Ji Man leave. She was so angry that she wanted to curse at someone. Just then, Ning Yuxuan, who had been waiting in the restaurant, recited a poem that caught Ji Man’s attention. When Ji Man recognized Ning Yuxuan, she immediately sent the guards away and they sat together, feeling very sweet.

After Guihai Yidao ended the party and walked into the corridor, he saw Ji Man with Ning Yuxuan and immediately became angry. He was worried that Ji Man would get deeper and deeper into trouble, so instead of going up to them directly, he found a fortune teller to tell Ning Yuxuan’s fortune. The fortune teller said that Ning Yuxuan was born under an unlucky star and would be unlucky in love and family. His parents would die and his life would be full of hardships.

Ji Man was angry at the fortune teller’s hurtful words and threw tea in his face, telling him to get lost. Ning Yuxuan wanted to be with Ji Man, but Guihai Yidao would not allow it. So he came up with a plan to make Guihai Yidao change his mind.

Ji Man returned to the ship and Guihai Yidao immediately ordered Clover and Sang Shen to pack her luggage. They would leave Haifang early tomorrow morning and never come back.

Ji Man kept asking Guihai Yidao why he wouldn’t let her be with Ning Yuxuan, but he refused to say anything and only insisted on separating them. Ji Man had no choice but to have Sang Shen drug Guihai Yidao and run away to marry Ning Yuxuan. She had just changed into her wedding dress when Yuan Lang arrived, relieved that he had arrived in time.

Ji Man’s lifelong dream was to marry Ning Yuxuan, and just as her dream was about to come true, Yuan Lang arrived.

Ning Yuxuan was very happy that he was about to marry Ji Man. He told the late Ning Zhongtian that he was going to marry the woman he loved and end his lonely life. Suddenly, Gui Bai burst in and told Ning Yuxuan that Ji Man had disappeared. Gui Bai judged from the traces in the room that Ji Man had left on her own, which made Ning Yuxuan puzzled and worried about her safety. So he immediately went to find Ji Man on Haigui’s ship.

When Sang Shen saw that Ning Yuxuan was about to break into Haigui’s ship, she quickly stopped him and quietly told him that Ji Man had drugged Guihai Yidao so they could run away and get married. They were not on the ship at this time.

When Ning Yuxuan heard Sang Shen’s words, he became even more anxious. Gui Bai reminded Ning Yuxuan that Ji Man was a helpful person and maybe one of her friends was in trouble and needed help. Ning Yuxuan thought Gui Bai made sense, so he and Gui Bai went to find Tao Siwei and Qin Yixian to ask about the situation.

At this time, Qin Yixian was cuddling with Qian Lengxue. Qin Yixian took the opportunity to propose to Qian Lengxue while watching the lovebirds. Just as he was about to kiss Qian Lengxue, the door was rudely pushed open by Ning Yuxuan.

Qian Lengxue and Qin Yixian hadn’t seen Ji Man recently, so Ning Yuxuan had to return home disappointed. Gui Bai also confirmed that Ji Man had not been to Tao Siwei or Qingyun’s place. Ning Yuxuan had been waiting in front of Haoxue Hall for a long time and didn’t understand where Ji Man could have gone in such a small Haifang. He quickly thought of another place he hadn’t searched yet and pulled Gui Bai along to go there.

Yuan Lang called Zhao Long and Zhao Hu early in the morning, which made Zhao Hu very unhappy because he was in the middle of a dream. When he learned that someone was coming to visit them soon, he calmed down.

Ning Yuxuan and Gui Bai rushed to Jiaolong Gang. When Zhao Long and Zhao Hu saw that Ning Yuxuan was going to break in, they drew their swords. Ning Yuxuan directly stated that no one could stop him today. Just as the two sides were about to fight, Mu Xu appeared.

Mu Xu told Ning Yuxuan that Ji Man had something to tell him through her. She said that their relationship had ended and they were now strangers. Ning Yuxuan was heartbroken when he learned that Ji Man didn’t even want to see him and had already returned to Haigui’s ship. He could only leave with Gui Bai, feeling sad.

Ning Yuxuan lay in front of his wedding hall for three days in a row, dreaming that he and Ji Man were married and very much in love. When he woke up, he realized that they had separated and he couldn’t accept it. This made Gui Bai very worried but there was nothing he could do.

Ji Man was also very sad. When she learned that her father and Ning Yuxuan’s father had an irreconcilable feud, she knew that she could not be with Ning Yuxuan and became very quiet. Gui Haiyidao looked at Ji Man’s sad face and felt very sorry for her, but the deep-seated hatred between their families meant that they could not be together.

Ji Man planned to leave Haifang immediately, but before that, she had to prepare for the Imperial Merchant Conference and then entrust everything to Shui Niangzi. All the raw materials for Non-Waning Frost’s red flower had been soaked in water at sea. Ji Man was anxious to find alternative medicinal materials and went alone to the mountains to collect them while Shui Niangzi went to the market to see if she could buy red flowers.

Gui Bai had been following Shui Niangzi and when she found out, he simply said that he was following Ji Man on Ning Yuxuan’s orders. Shui Niangzi then told Gui Bai about Ji Man’s troubles.

It was about to rain and Ji Man went up the mountain alone with a basket on her back. She finally found the medicinal materials but found that the color was wrong and in her haste, she left her medical book behind. Ning Yuxuan went up the mountain in the rain to look for Ji Man and when he saw the medical book, he confirmed that Ji Man had been there and continued to shout loudly as he walked forward. Ji Man was already soaked through and had slipped on the road. She sat on the ground unable to move and didn’t know what to do when Ning Yuxuan arrived.

Tao Siwei and Nie Qingyun learned that Ji Man went up the mountain to collect medicine, and it was raining heavily. They went out to find her. The two passed by a tea house and asked the people inside if they had seen Ji Man. Unexpectedly, those men were attracted to Nie Qingyun’s beauty and came to harass her. They even used violence and hit Tao Siwei.

Nie Qingyun has martial arts skills, these gangsters are not her opponents at all. After she teamed up with Tao Siwei, they quickly knocked down the men. Because of the fight, the tea house collapsed. Tao Siwei flew to pick up Nie Qingyun and took her away from danger, which made Nie Qingyun’s heart move secretly. She saw that Tao Siwei was bleeding all the time and forcibly took him back.

Ji Man saw Ning Yuxuan coming to look for her and couldn’t help but burst into tears. She didn’t dare to stay with him and immediately turned to leave. Ning Yuxuan questioned Ji Man why she wanted to leave him, even though she had feelings for him. Ji Man said that being together was a mistake, and only by separating and starting a new life would it be the best ending. However, Ning Yuxuan did not accept this reasoning.

Ji Man couldn’t hold it any longer and told Ning Yuxuan that she was Cai Wen Zheng’s biological daughter. Ning Yuxuan refused to believe it, but Ji Man said that she and Nie Sangyu were biological sisters who were sent to different families for adoption. That’s why the Hou manor mistakenly took her back, and everything else could be explained.

Qian Lianxue went to pick up Ji Man personally because she hadn’t returned to the manor recently. She was surprised to hear from Ji Man that she was Gui Hai Yi Dao’s daughter but couldn’t announce it publicly due to her status as a second-rank noblewoman. However, she promised to restore Ji Man’s life. Qian Lianxue felt sorry for Ji Man’s relationship with Ning Yuxuan but still remained good friends with her.

Ji Man couldn’t help but cry alone after Qian Lianxue left. She was sad that she and Ning Yuxuan couldn’t be together. Ning Yuxuan also couldn’t help but cry when he thought of Ji Man’s lively smile and appearance while sitting at the stone table in the courtyard.

Ling Jianxing has already set off for Haifang. Upon learning that Ning Yuxuan and his wife were having problems, he wanted to witness their downfall. So, as soon as he arrived in Haifang, he made an appointment with Ning Yuxuan at a restaurant. He asked about the reason why Nie Sangyu did not come and even shamelessly used the emperor’s name to insist on visiting Nie Sangyu, who was a second-rank noblewoman.

Ning Yuxuan couldn’t refuse, so he had to bring Ling Jianxing to the county government office. He knew very well that Ji Man was not in the mansion, but under the pressure of Ling Jianxing, he had no choice but to prepare to take him in.

Ling Jianxing was about to expose the conflict between Ning Yuxuan and Nie Sangyu, but unexpectedly, Nie Sangyu arrived and affectionately held Ning Yuxuan’s hand. The two of them looked very loving, which made Ling Jianxing very puzzled.

Nie Sangyu and Ning Yuxuan entered the county government and went to a place where Ling Jianxing couldn’t see them, quickly separating. Nie Sangyu said that she only came to play this role for Hao Xue Tang, and she would leave after the play. Ning Yuxuan could not get over the hurdle in his heart and separated coldly from Ji Man, but he still loved her deeply. At night, Ji Man was about to leave. She looked at the familiar scenery in the courtyard and remembered the scenes when she and Ning Yuxuan liked each other. Tears flowed involuntarily, she was afraid of hurting herself again, quickly gathered her emotions, and ran out of the county government office, returning to Guihai Ship.

Ling Jianxing learned that Ji Man had returned to Guihai Ship and did not return home for a night. He felt that Ning Yuxuan and Mrs. Nie were a couple who appeared to be loving on the surface but were actually estranged from each other. He decided to take advantage of this and frame them for deceiving the emperor.

Qian Yiming has been following Shui Niangzi these days. One day he gathered his courage and confessed to Shui Niangzi that three years ago he had listened too much to his mother’s words and hurt Shui Niangzi’s heart. He asked Shui Niangzi for a chance. Shui Niangzi saw through Qian Yiming’s act at a glance and asked him to leave quickly. She also told him not to call her “Qingqing” again because it would make her sick. Qian Yiming wanted to win back Shui Niangzi, but upon hearing this, he did not take it seriously and instead suspected that Shui Niangzi had fallen in love with someone else.

Wen Wan transformed into Ru Yue Junzhu and surprised everyone when she took off her veil. Qian Lengxue was angry that Wen Wan, who had done so many bad things, dared to come back. She went up to argue with her but Wen Wan took advantage of the situation and let Qian Lengxue and Ji Man suffer under the guise of being a Junzhu. Wen Wan was very pleased when she saw them angry and helpless. She came back to Haifang this time to see Ning Yuxuan and Nie Sangyu suffer and experience the pain they inflicted on her.

Ji Man saw that Wen Wan had returned with bad intentions and decided to discuss with Gui Hai Yi Dao about leaving Haifang later and facing difficulties together with everyone.

Wen Wan promised Ling Jianxing that she would make Ning Yuxuan and Nie Sangyu suffer as well. This made Ling Jianxing unhappy because he had given Wen Wan a new identity in hopes that she would take revenge on Ning Yuxuan tenfold or a hundredfold.

It turns out that before Ling Jianxing came to Haifang, he had made two preparations. On one hand, he supported the Chamber of Commerce and wanted his people to win the top spot. On the other hand, he prepared to disrupt the order of Haifang and accused Ning Yuxuan of poor governance in order to win the position of managing affairs.

Lord Tan was not very satisfied with Ling Jianxing’s plan and mentioned that he once had a sister who married to borderland and gave birth to a daughter whom he had never seen before. She disappeared in the sandstorm a few days ago, which made him feel very regretful. Ling Jianxing understood that Lord Tan wanted someone to impersonate Ru Yue Junzhu, so he recommended Wen Wan.

Wen Wan was almost dying of illness in prison and became mentally ill after being rescued by Ling Jianxing. In order to live with dignity, Wen Wan begged Ling Jianxing to keep her and would do anything for him.

After Wen Wan recovered from her illness, she went to see Lord Tan. Lord Tan thought she had a good temperament but ignored her afterwards. Wen Wan took the initiative to recommend herself, claiming that she was very proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting since childhood and could live up to the name of Junzhu. However, Lord Tan did not respond. Wen Wan saw this and quickly said that she came from a merchant family and had a lot of experience in business, but still did not move Lord Tan. Wen Wan became anxious and knelt down slightly madly, claiming that she had an irreconcilable hatred with Ning Yuxuan and would never let him go. This finally moved Lord Tan and allowed her to take away the letter of appointment. However, he requested that he had never seen her before she became the head of Haifang Chamber of Commerce and that she was not his niece.

Ji Man knew that Wen Wan was always vicious, so she arranged many people to guard the warehouse to avoid being secretly harmed by her. At the same time, she also launched an activity that as long as you consume in Haoxue Tang, you will receive a fresh flower as a gift. Therefore, Haoxue Hall was very lively like a market.

Ji Man looked at everyone being busy and was happy herself. However, Gui Bai found out that someone had been following Ji Man recently. Gui Bai reported this to Ning Yuxuan at the county yamen. Ning Yuxuan also found out that someone had been following him. He guessed that it was Ling Jianxing or Wen Wan’s doing, and their purpose was to catch him and Ji Man not getting along so that they could accuse them of deceiving the emperor.

Ning Yuxuan decided to show them what they wanted to see and went to Guihai Ship himself to explain the situation to Guihai Yidao. He asked Ji Man to accompany him back to the county yamen for a few days until the end of the Emperor’s business conference so that they would not be disturbed again.

Guihai Yidao agreed to let Ji Man stay in the county office for her safety, but he had a condition. He requested that once the Emperor’s Business Summit was over, they would report Nie Sangyu’s death and set Ji Man free. Ning Yuxuan reluctantly agreed to the request and politely but coldly referred to Ji Man as Miss Ji. Meanwhile, Ling Jianxing found out that Wen Wan had been busy with the merchants recently.

She hadn’t gone to see Ning Yuxuan once. He felt that he had not misjudged her and was very satisfied with her.

One day, Ning Yuxuan was walking with Ji Man when he suddenly saw Ling Jianxing not far away. Ji Man quickly took the initiative to hold Ning Yuxuan’s arm and bought a string of sugar-coated haws on the side of the road. Ning Yuxuan ate the first bite without hesitation, making Ji Man embarrassed to eat. The two of them joked around while showing their affection, making Ling Jianxing jealous. So he decided not to accompany Ning Yuxuan and instead quickly let him accompany Ji Man to buy hairpins.

Ning Yuxuan really wanted to take Ji Man to buy hairpins, but she refused and walked alone toward Hao Xue Tang. Ning Yuxuan watched her from behind with reluctance but didn’t have the courage to catch up.

Ji Man returned to the county office and looked at the familiar surroundings with mixed feelings. Ning Yuxuan held a red and a blue bead, also very sad. The two met under the flowers and trees and talked about two stars in the sky that were far apart and would never meet, just like them now. They loved each other but couldn’t be together because of their fathers’ grudges.

Ning Yuxuan tried to get closer to Ji Man, but Ji Man believed that they should run in their own orbits, which was the best choice. They walked in different directions, feeling extremely painful but unable to turn back.

Ning Yuxuan sent someone to investigate Wen Wan’s background and found out that the original Wen Wan died of illness on the way to Beijing. The current Wen Wan is a county princess with an official document of appointment. She bought Huan Yan and plans to reopen it. Because of her identity as a county princess, many people in Haifang support her.

Ling Jianxing met Yuan Lang and first threatened him with the old members of the Tea Help, then promised him a high deposit to help him smuggle ships into Haifang.

Today’s Royal Merchant Conference began. Ning Yuxuan proposed that the people vote for the first place. Hao Xue Tang has been operating in Haifang for a long time and has a good reputation. The people flocked to Hao Xue Tang and tried the Feiwan Cream. No one was at Wen Wan’s table, which made her face darken.

The maid beside Wen Wan shouted out the promotion of free trial and half-price purchase within a year. The people who had just surrounded Hao Xue Tang’s table ran to Wen Wan’s side in an instant. After trying it out, they found that Wen Wan’s Bright Moon Cream was also very good.

After the selection officer tried the Feiwa Cream and Bright Moon Cream, he thought that both products were equally good. Ling Jianxing took this opportunity to propose that Ji Man and Wen Wan each write down their formulas and let professionals judge them.

Ning Yuxuan felt that the formula was a personal secret and did not agree with Ling Jianxing’s proposal. But Wen Wan challenged Ji Man, so Ji Man agreed. The two formulas were the same, except that Wen Wan added an expensive medicinal material, which made the cream more fragrant.

When the people heard that there was an expensive medicinal material in the Bright Moon Cream, they threw their flowers to Wen Wan. Ji Man only had a few flowers in front of her, which made her feel heavy-hearted. Sang Shen heard that the formula for Bright Moon Cream was the same as that for Feiwan Cream and immediately accused Wen Wan of stealing the formula. But they had no evidence and Wen Wan’s current status was high, so they could only swallow this dumb loss.

Ning Yuxuan gave his flowers to Ji Man and hinted that evil ways cannot last long. Wen Wan was so angry that her face changed and she became even more jealous of Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man.

Qian Yiming came to pester Shui Niangzi again. When Gui Bai saw this, he went up to teach him a lesson, but he did not expect to be insulted by Qian Yiming as a servant. Shui Niangzi slapped Qian Yiming several times. Qian Yiming saw that he could not beat Gui Bai and was not fierce enough to beat Shui Niangzi, so he immediately fled in panic. Not far away, the maid beside Wen Wan watched all this and couldn’t help but show a sinister smile.

Qian Yiming is Shui Niangzi’s ex-fiance who came to find her for her formula. Shui Niangzi had long been disgusted with him and did not give him a good face. Ji Man lost in the preliminary round and was determined to win in the third round, so she devoted herself to studying a new formula. Shui Niangzi gave Ji Man the secret recipe that her father gave her before he died, hoping it would help her. Ji Man was reluctant to accept it at first, but Shui Niangzi explained that this formula had something in common with Ji Man’s Non-Trace Ointment and hoped it would inspire Ji Man to lead Haoxue Hall to win this competition, so Ji Man accepted it.

Wen Wan’s maid heard Qian Yiming and Shui Niangzi arguing and reported it to Wen Wan. So Wen Wan met Qian Yiming late at night and learned that Shui Niangzi had the secret recipe for Golden Sore Medicine and wanted to find a way to take it all.

That night, Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan had dinner together. They ate quickly and anxiously. Ning Yuxuan picked up a chicken leg for her, but Ji Man found out that no one was watching them, so she returned the chicken leg to Ning Yuxuan and told him not to act.

Ning Yuxuan ate the chicken leg heartily and suddenly comforted Ji Man not to be sad. He would definitely seek justice for Ji Man. When he learned that Ji Man was going to the mountain to collect medicine, he immediately offered to accompany her. He was afraid that Ji Man would be suspicious and said that he was worried that someone was following them.

Qin Yixian was responsible for decorating Wen Wan’s shop roof. No matter how he fixed it, Wen Wan said it was crooked. Finally, she suggested that the most honest person in Haifang, Ning Yuxuan, help her fix the roof. Qin Yixian couldn’t stand it and quickly sent someone to call Ning Yuxuan and begged him for help. But Ning Yuxuan had something to do today and was about to leave. However, Wen Wan came and talked him into staying by saying that he was in charge of the Imperial Merchant Conference and had to help manage this matter. Ning Yuxuan had no choice but to stay, but he really didn’t like Wen Wan and said that the roof couldn’t be fixed because the upper beam was not straight and the lower beam was crooked. He sarcastically criticized Wen Wan’s improper behavior, which made Wen Wan angry. But she liked Ning Yuxuan and still forced him to stay and watch over the roof repair.

Ji Man waited for Ning Yuxuan for a long time but he didn’t come. So she took Mu Xu and Sang Shen to collect medicine. The three of them passed by Huan Yan’s shop and unexpectedly saw Ning Yuxuan helping Wen Wan repair the roof inside. They also heard passers-by say that the two of them were a perfect match, which made Ji Man feel wronged and sad, while Mu Xu and Sang Shen were very angry.

The roof had been repaired for a day. In order to spend more time with Ning Yuxuan, Wen Wan specially booked a banquet in the restaurant to invite him. But Ning Yuxuan didn’t go at all. So Wen Wan caused trouble and said that the roof was not fixed well and asked someone to go up and inspect it. Unexpectedly, everyone rushed up and really pressed a big hole in the roof. Not only did it dirty some medicinal materials, but it also took longer to repair the roof. It can be regarded as a lesson for Wen Wan.

Ning Yuxuan couldn’t bear to let Ji Man go, so he pulled her back into his tight embrace. Ji Man responded by leaning on his neck and listened to Ning Yuxuan explain that he didn’t intend to help Princess Ruyue repair the roof that day, so she shouldn’t be jealous. Ji Man learned that the person who had been monitoring them had already left, so she immediately and decisively parted ways with Ning Yuxuan. This left Ning Yuxuan feeling empty, and he couldn’t help but feel regretful as he watched Ji Man walk away.

Ling Jianxing listened to the report from the subordinates responsible for monitoring Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man, and was informed that their husband and wife relationship was very close, and there was no need to continue monitoring them. Therefore, he had to give up. He also learned that although Yuan Lang had attempted to rob merchant ships, he had not succeeded even once, which was obviously just a way to deal with things. Ling Jianxing was very dissatisfied and asked to meet Yuan Lang to teach him a lesson.

Yuan Lang brought all the money to Ling Jianxing this time, only because things didn’t work out and he wouldn’t take a penny. Ling Jianxing obviously didn’t want to let Yuan Lang go, saying that he was not only the successor of the tea gang, but more terrifyingly, when Cai Wen was going to cooperate with Ning Zhongtian that year, it was Yuan Dingshan who made trouble and met Ning Zhongtian for him and killed him. So the matter of the tea gang was actually Yuan Dingshan’s fault. If Ning Yuxuan knew the truth, there would be no good end. Moreover, if this matter were known to those old predecessors of the tea gang who are still alive, Yuan Dingshan would not only lose his reputation but also Yuan Lang would probably not be able to stand in Jiaolong Gang.

Yuan Lang did not believe what Ling Jianxing said and asked him to check it out himself. After all, it was true and he was not afraid of being investigated. Yuan Lang left in a daze and for the first time did not receive news from Uncle Wu, so he went to find Yuan Dingshan himself. Yuan Lang told Yuan Dingshan a story of betrayal, and Yuan Dingshan was the traitor in the story. When he learned that this brotherhood gang was a tea gang, he was particularly excited emotionally. Facing Yuan Lang’s questioning regardless of everything, he finally knelt down and apologized to the big brother and third brother of the tea gang. Yuan Lang did not expect that his father who taught him not to aim his sword at his own people would do such a thing, and for a while he could not accept it at all, feeling lifeless.

Recently, Ji Man has been worried about the shortage of manpower. Upon learning about this, Ji Ming transferred some reliable sailors from his ship to help Ji Man. He hoped that after they learned some skills, they could help Ji Man achieve good results in the second stage of production capacity.

Shui Niangzi is responsible for teaching these rough men how to make face cream. They have just started to learn when the strong men, who are eager to be the first, make a mess of the work and the materials. Seeing that they are about to quarrel, Shui Niangzi quickly ends today’s teaching.

Gui Bai was worried about Shui Niangzi and had been hiding in the dark. When he saw the men causing trouble, he stepped forward to help, but he didn’t dare to admit in front of Shui Niangzi that he was worried about her. He just said that he was passing by.

When Ru Yue hired all the experts who made face cream in Haifang, Ning Yuxuan secretly contacted his family who specialized in the flower business. Thanks to Ji Man’s leadership, they no longer had to pay high boat taxes. Therefore, the grateful boss lady who was helped by Ji Man came to assist her in making face cream. Among her companions was Zhou Shen, who had been closed down because of gambling, and was now living a peaceful life.

They all felt grateful to Ji Man, who was very reliable and proficient in making face cream quickly and effectively, which solved Ji Man’s urgent need.

Ru Yue failed in her plan and came up with another idea, which was to have all the porcelain kilns in Haifang rented out to cut off the supply of porcelain bottles to Hao Xue Tang. After much thought, Ji Man decided to ask Ji Ming for help, and he agreed to transport the goods for her.

Shui Niangzi took Mu Xu to buy a gift for Ji Ming. Qian Yiming deliberately followed them and led Gui Bai into an alley where an arrow flew towards Gui Bai and pierced his chest on the spot. Shui Niangzi heard someone shouting and went over to find Gui Bai. She hurriedly took him back, but Gui Bai’s injuries were too severe and blood gushed out, which made Shui Niangzi both shocked and frightened. She remembered that she had a prescription for golden wound medicine, so she immediately took it out and let Mu Xu go to get the medicine while secretly instructing her.”

“Gui Bai knew that his injuries were serious and thought that he might not have much time left. So he expressed his love to Shui Niangzi and was willing to protect her for life.”

“Yuan Lang has confirmed that it was Yuan Dingshan who caused the separation of the wife and children of a member of the tea gang. So he gathered everyone together to apologize for his father’s mistake and let everyone fight. However, everyone in the gang was grateful to him for reuniting them and giving them a stable life. They were willing to let go of the past and continue to support Yuan Lang as the leader of the gang, which made Yuan Lang very moved.

General Nie was sent to Haifang to handle some business. When he saw Ji Man, he finally understood why people mistook her for Sangyu. It was because the two of them looked exactly alike. If they didn’t speak, even his father wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. General Nie looked at Ji Man and couldn’t help but sigh at how unfortunate Sangyu’s life was. Ji Man saw that he was sad and told him that Qingyun was preparing for his wedding and that his fiancée was Tao Siwei.

General Nie and Tao Siwei were both martial artists and he was very satisfied with Tao Siwei. When he learned that Qingyun and Tao Siwei were interested in each other, he was very happy and immediately agreed to their marriage. Tao Siwei still missed Sangyu in her heart, but when she saw how much Yuxuan and Sangyu loved each other and how Sangyu always hoped that she would cherish the person in front of her and be with Qingyun, she finally made up her mind to take out the ancestral hairpin and give it to Qingyun.

At night, Yuxuan and General Nie were chatting privately and talking about how Sangyu died in a cliff fall. They were very sorry but this was her fate. Tao Siwei happened to pass by and overheard their conversation. She finally understood that Ji Man was not Sangyu and that was why she had changed so much and become so likable.

After Tao Siwei’s emotions calmed down, she reluctantly invited Ji Man to drink with her. She talked about the past and occasionally denied what she had said before. This made Ji Man feel that Tao Siwei probably already knew her identity and was worried that she would do something bad. So she told Yuxuan about it.

Ji Man thanked Yuxuan for acting with her today. Yuxuan felt that Ji Man had helped her before and told her not to be polite. Just as the two were about to speak again, Mu Xu and Sang Shen came out with their things packed.

Ji Man said goodbye to Yuxuan and turned around with a forced smile. The pain in her heart made her feel unbearable, and Yuxuan felt the same way. However, neither of them dared to look back. Ji Man’s suitcase fell to the ground and the contents spilled all over the floor. Yuxuan was about to come over to help but was stopped by Ji Man because everything on the ground was the painting that Ji Man had made for Yuxuan when she was a child. She still remembered the happiness and love between them when Yuxuan saw the painting that day.

Ji Man didn’t want to see Yuxuan sacrifice everything for her and chose to leave. Yuxuan saw Ji Man leave and couldn’t help but squat down. He didn’t expect that he could give up everything, including hatred, for Ji Man. But this also made him doubt whether he was betraying his father’s hatred.

Yuan Lang had been carrying the psychological burden of Yuan Dingshan’s betrayal of the Tea Gang and had been feeling confused lately. He wanted to tell Ji Man but couldn’t bring himself to do it. When he finally gathered the courage to do so, he met Ji Ming who came to find Ji Man and quickly left. Ji Ming knew that Yuan Lang was interested in Ji Man and in the past, he had created opportunities for him which he couldn’t get enough of. Now that he ran away so fast, Ji Ming couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious.

Ru Yue reported to Ling Jianxing about her taking over the Haifang Porcelain Kiln. Tao Siwei came uninvited and went straight into Ling’s mansion, asking him to expel Ru Yue and telling him that the current Nie Sangyu is fake and the real one is already dead. Ling Jianxing knew that Tao Siwei was a good friend of Ning Yuxuan and suspected that Tao Siwei had given him false information. However, Tao Siwei suggested that he could interrogate Ji Man’s close associates, which made Ling Jianxing uncertain again. Ru Yue had previously been with Nie Sangyu for a long time in a gentle manner and had long suspected that the current Nie Sangyu with a different personality was not the same person as before. She didn’t expect this incredible thing to be true, so she assured Ling Jianxing that Nie Sangyu was fake.

Ji Ming received an unexpected guest, Ling Jianxing. He knew that Ji Ming had a daughter and asked why he didn’t let his daughter participate in the Imperial Merchant Conference but instead supported Nie Sangyu, his adopted daughter. Ji Ming explained that his daughter was weak and sickly and was recuperating at home. However, Ling Jianxing didn’t believe him and instead suggested that he should have a famous doctor examine her to find a flaw. Ji Ming didn’t reveal anything but instead used Ling Jianxing’s previous insinuation that supporting Nie Sangyu would make the people criticize him to mock him. Ru Yue also participated in the Imperial Merchant Conference as a member of the royal family, which would also make the people criticize her, so she shut Ling Jianxing’s mouth.

Ji Ming knew that Ji Man’s identity had been leaked, which meant that everyone around her would be in danger. To avoid this risk, Ji Ming decided to take Ji Man away immediately. Sang Shen secretly sent a letter to Ning Yuxuan and when he arrived at the pier, the ship had already sailed. This made him regret not leaving Ji Man behind, but Ji Man didn’t leave and wanted to face everything with Ning Yuxuan.

Yuan Lang came to the pier to find Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan and revealed the matter of killing Ning Zhongtian by Yuan Dingshan. He also admitted that he was Ah Lang.




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