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My Dear Guardian – Johnny Huang, Li Qin

“My Dear Guardian” is a romantic military drama directed by Tian Yi, starring Johnny Huang Jingyu and Li Qin, co-starring Fu Chengpeng, Xu Honghao, Nie Zihao, Yang Su.

The drama is adapted from Zhe Zhi Ma Yi’s novel “Jun Zhuang Xia De Rao Zhi Rou”, which tells the story of special forces officer Liang Muzhe and military doctor Xia Chu, who pursue their ideals together and fulfill their duties and missions as soldiers, while also reaping their loves.


My Dear Guardian

English Title: My Dear Guardian
Chinese Title: 爱上特种兵
Genre: Military, Romance
Episodes: 45
Duration: 45min.
Director: Tian Yi
Writer: You Xiaoying
Producer: Yu Fei, Zhu Hao
Product Company: iQIYI
Broadcasting Website: iQIYI
Release Date: June 1, 2021


Johnny Huang Johnny Huang as Liang Muze
Li Qin Li Qin as Xia Chu
Fu Chengpeng Fu Chengpeng as Fu Chengpeng
Xu Honghao Xu Honghao as Xu Honghao
Nie Zihao Nie Zihao as Nie Zihao
Yang Su Yang Su as Yang Su


Xia Chu, who just finished eight years of medical studies at the military medical university, became a resident in the first year, followed the joint medical stationing team of the Southeast War Zone General Hospital to the exotic town of Isaiah, and met with Liang Muzhe, the special brigade of the Southeast War Zone, who just finished the Hunter Military School course, and formed a enmity.

After returning to China, by coincidence, Xia Chu and Liang Muzhe began a warm and squabble living together life. After experiencing the daily mess, and also after experiencing the military exercises and against the floods, they have developed feelings for each other.

But at the same time, Zhuo Ran, the first love of Xia Chu suddenly appeared as a returnee entrepreneur. Liang Muzhe keenly catches the dangerous scent of Zhuo Ran, and his lover’s emotions and safety are threatened, so he stoically stay behind Xia Chu and strikes decisively at the critical moment.

Liang Muzhe perfectly fulfilled his mission as a soldier and also protected the safety of his lover. Xia Chu also unraveled the knot of the past and saw his emotional appeal.

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  1. Although the friendship tacit between Ms Li Qin and Mr Huang Jingyu is not passable still they captured the hearts &💯% approval of viewers/netizens.Hoping for their upcoming project(together).It may not real but in reel for they have strong personality & chemistry✨♥️💕💕💕👍✨