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Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji – Ren Jialun, Zhu Xudan

Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji is a historical fantasy drama directed by Zheng Weiwen, starring Ren Jialun, Xing Fei, Zhu Xudan, Yan Yikuan, Zhu Zhengting, and Mi Re.


Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji

English Title: Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji
Chinese Title: 烈焰之武庚纪
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Immortal, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: -
Director: Zheng Weiwen, Liu Chongchong
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Prince Wu Geng has the dual descent of the gods and humans, with extraordinary talent and untamed.

However, the kingdom of Xin is destroyed by the gods, his parents die, and the high prince becomes a slave.

Wu Geng goes through hardships and befriends a group of like-minded friends and a young girl, Bai Cai. He leads the human race to join forces with the Shen Yin tribe, the demon tribe, and the sea spirit tribe to fight against the powerful gods.

Wu Geng constantly grew, from national hatred to fighting for the people, he grew strong and became the god of war.


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    1. Can’t wait for this series. Hope this will be aired right after they’re done filming it! Pls don’t wait for 2024!