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A Journey of Courage and Triumph

2023-07-14 13:16:38

“Hidden Love", although lacking major conflicts and having a sparse overall plot, is not without charm. It documents the detailed daily life of Sang Zhi and Duan Jiaxu's developing relationship. Although the outcome can be guessed from the beginning, many viewers are still deeply moved after watching the ending. It feels as if they have personally experienced the romantic and sweet love between Sang Zhi and Duan Jiaxu.

Compared to previous Chinese dramas, "Hidden Love" clearly offers a different experience for the audience. The series doesn't involve too many characters, yet the actors' performances skillfully depict the romance, as well as the delicacy of family and friendship.

Zhao Lusi's brilliant performance allows people to feel the inherent charm of the character Sang Zhi. For many young people, Sang Zhi is an ideal partner for dating and even marriage because she fulfills many people's expectations for a companion.

Sang Zhi possesses distinct characteristics: privileged background, good upbringing, loving parents, a happy family, faithful in relationships, outstanding appearance, strong personality, and a clever mind. She has always been the top student in her class since childhood, making her the type of girl who would undoubtedly attract many admirers in real life.

However, she has also experienced many setbacks in her life. During her school days, she was betrayed by classmates, and when she entered the workplace, she faced unfair treatment due to a misunderstanding with Jiang Ying. For a newcomer in the professional world, this was undoubtedly a significant blow. She also lacks confidence in her unrequited love.

In reality, Sang Zhi is an extreme character. She can be described as a guardian standing in utopia, but at the same time, she must also experience the harsh reality. That's why during their growth, many people hope to meet a partner who is kind, resilient, faithful, beautiful, and wealthy. They hope such a partner can save them from their own darkness and accompany them through the challenges of life.

This is also why the audience's attitude towards this love story changes from "the world owes me a Duan Jiaxu" to "the world owes me a Sang Zhi" after watching the TV series. Zhao Lusi's sincere portrayal brings out the best qualities of this character. Who wouldn't want to have a true knight-like girlfriend to protect them?

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