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Undercover – Zhang Jiayi, Lin Yushen

Undercover is an urban crime drama directed by Liu Guang, starring Zhang Jiayi, Lin YushenLiu Yijun, Fu Jing, and Li Qin.

The drama is based on real-life cases of Chinese narcotics police officers and is based on 38 true thrilling stories of undercover narcotics officers.



English Title: Undercover
Chinese Title: 卧底归来
Genre: Urban, Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Action
Tag: Undercover Agent Male Lead, Investigation, Drugs, Slight Romance, Police Officer Male Lead, Police Department Setting
Episodes: 43
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Guang
Writer: Huang Jian, Guo Zijing
Producer: Ma Yubao, Li Xiaowan
Product Company: DMG, Rong Xin Da
Released Date: 2017-04-17
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



As the 100-city war on drugs rages on, make-up scout Bao Yu completes his mission and looks forward to returning to the force.

But a new mission, bigger and more dangerous, requires him to complete.

Using Jin Fei, a drug lord who has lost his memory and is hospitalized, Bao Yu begins a new undercover career, infiltrating Fei Cheng Enterprises and gaining the trust of Lin Ying, the young wife of chairman Tian Jing and general manager, without any special agents.

As Bao Yu's identity is too sensitive, and even more so because of Tian Jing's important position in Hong Chuan's economic construction, he cannot arouse his suspicion and affect Hong Chuan's economic development.

While Tian Jing would never allow his wife Lin Ying to be involved with members of the drug cartel.

Bao Yu's mission is almost impossible to accomplish.

It is in this impossible situation that, through the efforts of Bao Yu, Lian Zhong, and former make-up detectives such as Qin Yue and Gao Da.

They discover that Tian Jing is a drug lord who is much more deeply hidden. Not only does he deal drugs, but he also has a bigger plan to set up a large drug base in the waters adjacent to China.

After a battle that cost Bao Yu and his comrades their lives, victory is achieved.


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