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Master, Wait a Moment – Lin Yushen, Liu Yitong

Master, Wait a Moment is a contemporary crime drama directed by Wang Taotao, starring Lin Yushen, Liu Yitong, Luo Yutong, Long Zhengxuan, Dan Lin, and Yan Ziqi.


Master, Wait a Moment

English Title: Master, Wait a Moment
Chinese Title: 双面神探
Genre: Crime, Comedy, Thriller
Tag: Investigation, Detective Male Lead, Bromance, Misunderstanding, Cohabitation, Police Department Setting
Episodes: 26
Duration: 38 min.
Director: Zhao Tianyu, Wang Taotao
Writer: Hu Quhe, Liu Lingyan, Yang Xiaochuan, Sun Jiaojiao, Liu Xindan
Producer: Tang Fan, Zhou Tao, Dai Ling, Wei Fanrong
Product Company: Mango TV
Released Date: 2021-09-07
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MGTV Drama Channel



The drama tells the story of a new police officer who is undercover in a pyramid scheme and a vice captain of the criminal investigation team who knows nothing about it.

They were pushed into opposing camps under a misunderstanding, which also led to a wonderfully interesting capture.


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