Master, Wait a Moment – Lin Yushen, Liu Yitong

Master, Wait a Moment is a contemporary crime drama directed by Wang Taotao, and starring Lin Yushen, Liu Yitong, Luo Yutong, Long Zhengxuan, Dan Lin, and Yan Ziqi.



Detective A&B

English Title: Master, Wait a Moment
Chinese Title: 双面神探
Genre: Contemporary, Crime
Episodes: 32
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Wang Taotao
Writer: Hu Yang
Producer: Zhou Tao
Product Company: Mango TV, Jiahua Guangying
Broadcasting Website: MGTV
Released Date: September 7, 2021


Lin Yushen Lin Yushen as Xu Wushuang
Liu Yitong Liu Yitong as Wang Dayu
Luo Yutong Luo Yutong as Tang Zhixin
Long Zhengxuan Long Zhengxuan as Chi Yifei


The drama tells the story of a new police officer who is undercover in a pyramid scheme, and a vice captain of the criminal investigation team who knows nothing about it.

They were pushed into opposing camps under a misunderstanding, which also led to a wonderfully interesting capture.

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