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Mao Junjie (毛俊杰) Profile

Mao Junjie

Mao Junjie(毛俊杰) was born on November 21, 1982, in Laizhou, Yantai City, Shandong Province, and is a Chinese actress.

In 2008, she was known to the audience for her role as Pei Na in the drama Chou Nu Wu Di.

Her main works include Legend of Mi Yue, To Our Dreamland of Ice, etc.

Basic Info

Mao Junjie

Stage Name: Mao Junjie
Chinese Name: Mao Jun Jie / 毛俊杰
Place of Birth: Laizhou, Yantai City, Shandong
Nationality: China
Birthday: November 21, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 170cm (5’6″)
Weight: 52kg (114.4 lbs)
Blood Type:
Weibo: 毛俊杰


  1. Education: Mao Junjie studied at The Central Academy of Drama and majored in Performing Arts.
  2. In 2006, after graduation, she joined Beijing People’s Art Theatre


  • To Our Dreamland of Ice(Yan Hongb)(2022)
  • Faith Makes Great(Mother Qiu)(2021)
  • Roving Inspection Team(Bo Bu Ji)(2020)
  • Knock on the Happiness Door(Liu Man Yu)(2020)
  • If Paris Downcast(Tong Pei Hui)(2018)
  • Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Yu Hua Tian)(2018)
  • The Starter Wife(Lin Duo Yu)(2016)
  • There Will Be Fireworks(Chen Qian Qian)(2015)
  • Legend of Mi Yue(Meng Ying)(2015)
  • ShenZhen(Hu Li Li)(2014)
  • Paper Marriage(Xu Shen)(2014)
  • Confucius(Xiao Jiang)(2011)
  • Wind Song(Princess Yuan of Lu)(2010)
  • Chou Nu Wu Di 4(Pei Na)(2010)
  • Chou Nu Wu Di 3(Pei Na)(2009)
  • Chou Nu Wu Di 2(Pei Na)(2009)
  • Chou Nu Wu Di(Pei Na)(2008)
  • Step Brothers(Yu Feng)(2006)


  • Happiness Is Coming(Jin Zhen)(2018)
  • The Golden Monk(Sese / Snakey)(2017)
  • The Chinese Widow(Lieutenant Chen Su)(2017)
  • Mission Milano(Woman in Black)(2016)
  • Bachelors’ Love(Zhi Xiao Ya)(2013)
  • Preliminary Trial(Zhao Xiaohua)(2010)
  • Wushu(Xiao Yi)(2008)
  • Crossed Lines(Chun Yan)(2007)
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