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Legend of Ink Painting – Ray Cheung, Xu Lu

Legend of Ink Painting is a fantasy drama directed by Lin Feng and Zhang Min, starring Zhang Rui, Xu Lu, Gao Yang, Xu Haiqiao, and Tie Zheng.



Legend of Ink Painting

English Title: Legend of Ink Painting
Chinese Title: 墨客行
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Adventure
Episodes: 20
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lin Feng, Zhang Min
Writer: Rao Jun, Mei Dong
Producer: Wang Yiqing
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



The poisonous doctor Bai Mengmeng, assists the painting master Wu Daozi, along with the demon hunter Xiu Yu, her little senior brother Lu Li, and her disciple Chun Yu, on their journey to Penglai to exterminate the demons.


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