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Hard Memory: Prisoner Under Fire – Han Geng, Janice Man

Hard Memory: Prisoner Under Fire is a Sci-fi drama, directed by Yi Li Qi, starring Han Geng, Janice Man, Kenny Kwan, Zhang Yuxi, and Zhang Yujian.


Hard Memory: Prisoner Under Fire

English Title: Hard Memory: Prisoner Under Fire
Chinese Title: 守望苍穹 / 失忆之城空气的囚徒
Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 35
Duration: -
Director: Yi Li Qi
Writer: Duan Xu, Huang Weikang, Xiong Jianan
Producer: Han Geng, Wang Yajing
Product Company: NINE Entertainment
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



In a future world where resources are depleted, Earth is no longer habitable for humans.

In order to migrate to other planets, scientists have discovered that human memories are the greatest source of energy, and that if enough memory energy is collected, they will be able to "frog-jump" to planets that are suitable for human life.

In order to carry out the plan to migrate to other planets, Xiuluo City has built a city for memory harvesting, and the people living in the city are being sucked of memory energy.

Li Lei, a grassroots man with a sense of justice but who has never been able to get his way, unwittingly discovers the secret of the city.

He begins to use his modest power to explore the city and eventually deciphers the secrets of the city, allowing the people to live a better life.


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