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Cambrian Period – Zhou Yutong, Neo Hou

Cambrian Period is a romantic suspense web series directed by Jiang Fenghong, starring Zhou Yutong, Neo Hou, Mike He, Fu Longfei, Qin Han, and Zhao Zhenyu.

The drama tells the story of a heroine who wants to live a better life. She landed on an island called Nanzhanbu Island, where dark forces are intertwined. She is inadvertently involved in the island’s complex struggles and embarks on a romantic, thrilling and tragic adventure.


Cambrian Period

English Title: Cambrian Period
Chinese Title: 寒武纪
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Suspense
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ma Yiheng, Zhu Jianqing
Writer: Hou Pengfei
Producer: Yuan Yumei, Liu Yi, Wu Yahui
Produce Company: YOUKU
Broadcasting Website: Idol & Romance
Released Date: May 8, 2017


Neo Hou Neo Hou as Jian Zi
Mike He Mike He as Li Yongji
Zhou Yutong Zhou Yutong as Tang Yin
Fu Longfei Fu Longfei as Mai Quancheng
Qin Han Qin Han as Zhan Shili
Zhao Zhenyu Zhao Zhenyu as Suo Tou


The kind-hearted and optimistic Tang Yin, who embarks on a dream journey to Nanzhanbu Island, accidentally meets with Jian Zi, a beautiful teenage assassin with a mystery of his birth, and Lee Yongji, a police officer with a surprising secret. She is involved in a bloodbath with the gangsters and is caught in a power game full of love, money, desire, and even death.

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