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Back for You – Angelababy, Wang Anyu

Back for You is a web drama directed by Ma Jiaying, led by Angelababy and Wang Anyu, co-starring Kuang Muye.


Back for You

English Title: Back for You
Chinese Title: 漫影寻踪
Genre: Action, Romance, Suspense
Episodes: 12
Duration: -
Director: Ma Jiaying
Product Company: Shanghai Jia Yu Hu Xiao Culture&Media
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



In the early years of the Republic of China, cop A Lai is being hunted by a vicious gang. When he is in danger, he is saved by a mysterious girl, Lu Na, who appears suddenly.

Lu Na is badly injured and in a coma. A Lai investigates Lu Na's identity but finds no trace of her.

Using the twelve comic books Lu Na carries with her, A Lai tells her stories in an attempt to revive her.

Unexpectedly, each story is related to a case A Lai has worked on, and can even lead A Lai to the key to solving the case.

A Lai is more and more eager to wake up Lu Na. A Lai is promoted because of his success in solving the case, but he is also secretly in trouble with his enemies.

A Lai discovers Lu Na's secret through clues.

When one of the comics is finished, Lu Na wakes up.

They develop a mutual affection for each other, and A Lai's enemies are also ready to do something. In the end, with Lu Na's help, A Lai finds his peaceful and innocent self and his original intention of being a police officer.


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