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Twilight – Ren Jialun, Angelababy

Twilight is an urban romantic drama directed by Li Ang, starring Ren Jialun and Angelababy.

The drama is adapted from the novel "Zhi Yin Mu Se Nan Xun / 只因暮色难寻" by Yu Jing Zheng Xiang.



English Title: Twilight
Chinese Title: 暮色心约
Genre: Urban, Romance
Tag: Screenwriter Male Lead, Psychologist Female Lead, Psychology, Trauma, Adapted From A Novel, Investigation
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Ang
Writer: Li Ang
Released Date: 2023-06-29
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo, Viki



Liu Xia, who was engaged in mental health guidance, encountered a girl who wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Liu Xia used her knowledge of psychology to guide her and finally succeeded in saving her.

This scene happened to be witnessed by writer Qi Lianshan who was trying to adapt his psychological reasoning novel into a screenplay. He invited Liu Xia to be his consultant.

In order to realize the ideal of helping more people, Liu Xia set up her own studio. With her outstanding professionalism and empathy, she helped clients who were under psychological stress due to career, family, or emotional problems, restoring them to a healthy and positive life.

Qi Lianshan received professional guidance from Liu Xie in the process of adapting his novel into a drama.

As their contact deepened, he was deeply attracted to Liu Xia.

In her spare time, Liu Xia worked with Shen Qin, a genius geek, to develop an AI psychological testing system and applied it to children and community public welfare, with excellent results.

Qi Lianshan also gradually joined Liu Xia’s charity work, and together they helped those who faced life challenges to get out of their psychological difficulties.

They got closer and closer in their cooperation, and eventually gained a beautiful love while their respective careers were successful.


Qi Lianshan was chasing after someone frantically, so he quickly stopped a car and continued the chase. They passed through Daqiao and arrived at a construction site. The culprit rushed forward, causing the vehicle to overturn and receive serious injuries. At this moment, Lianshan got out of the car, but all of this was just Lianshan's imaginative fabrication.

Liu Xia also arrived at the café, ordered a cup of coffee, coincidentally avoiding Qi Lianshan. After finishing her arrangements, Liu Xia went to the psychological counseling session and met Director Yan. Director Yan gave the speaking opportunity to Liu Xia, and Liu Xia asked Director Yan about the purpose of the top floor. It was then revealed that it was a rooftop. Thinking back to the elevator where a man pressed the top floor button, Liu Xia felt that something was amiss. She quickly told Director Yan that she had something urgent and left the counseling session.

At this time, a man was standing on the rooftop, ready to jump. Just as he was about to do so, Liu Xia approached him and quickly made a phone call. Someone at the Science and Technology Exhibition Center wanted to jump off the building. This man had lost all hope in life, feeling that he had nothing left and wanted to bid farewell to this world through death. Liu Xia, however, told him that she didn't come up for him specifically, but rather because she saw how desperate he was even to sacrifice himself. It was then revealed that the man regretted his decisions regarding money. The police and firefighters quickly arrived, but the man had already involved his wife and child in his stock market activities. That's why he decided to end it all.

Liu Xia hurriedly tried to persuade him, saying that if he were to die now, his wife and child would be devastated. She handed him her phone, suggesting that he call his family and say a few words to them. The man felt that he was worthless in this world and couldn't face his family. Liu Xia hurriedly tried to convince him, saying that no father ever considers himself useless. Taking advantage of the man's distraction, a firefighter swiftly brought him down in his arms. Liu Xia breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the ground, reflecting on what had just happened. Director Yan assigned today's psychological counseling session to Liu Xia. Liu Xia went on stage and introduced her experience in the field of psychological counseling to everyone. She passionately talked about various aspects of psychological counseling, receiving applause from the audience.

Qi Lianshan sat in the car, watching the recent news report about a man preparing to jump off a building but being saved by a psychologist. Suddenly, his phone rang. Yuan Yuan called to inform Qi Lianshan that his brother (Li Junyi) was in the activity room. The scriptwriter looked at the script written by Qi Lianshan and had doubts. He hadn't noticed the existence of the female lead. The two main characters hadn't developed a romantic storyline. At this point, Qi Lianshan couldn't understand why there had to be a romantic storyline. The scriptwriter revealed that it was the demand of the big bosses, and no matter how they changed it, they had to follow their requirements. Qi Lianshan firmly stated that he couldn't make the changes. If they were modified, it might compromise the effectiveness of the drama. The scriptwriter and Qi Lianshan argued, but eventually, Qi Lianshan found inspiration and bid farewell, intending to return home and write the script. Yuan Yuan quickly comforted Qi Lianshan's brother, hoping he wouldn't be angry.

Director Yang praised He Xia's speech just now, acknowledging her exceptional abilities and wanting her to help contact Director Yan for other matters. However, He Xia informed Director Yang that she didn't know Director Yan's schedule either. Qi Lianshan returned to his own home and started cooking. Director Yang wanted Liu Xin and Liu Xia to consider the hypnosis matter they discussed earlier, but Liu Xia refused, stating that it went beyond the scope of psychology and would be a violation. Then she announced her intention to resign but was repeatedly declined by Director Yang, who used the excuse of having something to reject her.

Qi Lianshan finished cooking, and at that moment, the landlords came in and informed him that his son was about to return, asking him to move out of the house. However, Qi Lianshan's work was not finished yet, and he didn't know what to do. Jin Ran (played by Sun Jiayu) arrived at the company in a car, intending to leave with Liu Xia. Seeing Liu Xia's expression, she knew that this resignation attempt had failed as well. Liu Xia wanted to start her own business to help those in greater need. Nowadays, Bowman's reputation is growing, and their fees are getting higher, making it difficult to assist those in need. Jin Ran fully supported Liu Xia's decision and decided to move out of Jin Ran's house and prepare to rent a new place. On the other hand, Yuan Yuan took Qi Lianshan to her own home and prepared to tidy up before picking up his brother.

Liu Xia was still reminiscing about the person she saved in the morning, thinking about the words she said. She realized that she, too, had been abandoned by her father and shed tears. Qi Lianshan was still imitating the plot he had written and couldn't contain his joy from his own talent. With that joy, he brought Liu Xia to the café, planning to rent the place and being extremely satisfied with the environment. Yuan Yuan brought breakfast for Qi Lianshan in the morning and started looking for a house for him. They came across a house priced around 4,000, so they wanted to find out if it was genuine. Qi Lianshan was shocked by such a house listing and went to the café to see the house, feeling surprised and delighted.

Qi Lianshan finished reading the house listings and realized that co-renting was the best option. However, he didn't want to share a place with others. Qi Lianshan's brother saw him preparing to leave and tried to stop him, thinking the current house listing was good enough. After his brother persuaded him multiple times, Qi Lianshan reluctantly agreed to co-rent and was led to the room where he felt inspired to write. He went to the bedroom and noticed the balcony outside, reminding him of how his father used to bring him small toys whenever he came home. The family discussed living in an open-air room in the future. Yuan Yuan quickly brought hot water for Qi Lianshan's brother and explained the details of the house listing, stating that it was just co-renting and she didn't mind the inconvenience.

Qi Lianshan decided to act out a scene in front of them, but Liu Xia, thinking it was beyond the scope of psychology, refused to participate. However, she was unable to leave as she had planned and decided to compromise and continue co-renting. Jin Ran, feeling angry and speechless, sat on the sofa looking at the contract. In the evening, Qi Lianshan continued writing his script, imagining various scenes to enrich his writing. Liu Xia, disturbed by the noise, shouted at him to be quiet. Qi Lianshan's brother introduced them, emphasizing that Qi Lianshan was a dedicated scriptwriter, while Liu Xia was a psychologist, assuring them that they wouldn't disturb each other. Yuan Yuan presented the signed house contract, and Liu Xia, seeing it, decided to make the compromise.

Meanwhile, Liu Xia and Director Yang returned to the company, and colleagues informed Liu Xia about a difficult female client. Liu Xia prepared to handle the situation and entered the counseling room. Liu Xia directly pointed out that the client, Jiang Zong, had been suffering from insomnia lately, but Jiang Zong informed her that he didn't have time for today's session. The phone call interrupted Qi Lianshan's sleep, making him furious. Liu Xia realized that Mr. Jia was her brother and confronted him about not being honest with her. In the evening, Liu Xia returned to her room and played music. Qi Lianshan entered the room and told her about his asthma, suggesting that maybe they weren't suitable roommates.

Liu Xia began sharing her expertise with other clients, guiding them on becoming better counselors and problem solvers. Director Yang called Liu Xia into his office and informed her that their work was almost finished, and he was preparing to leave Bowman and start his own counseling practice.



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