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The Glory of Tang Dynasty – Jing Tian, Ren Jialun

The Glory of Tang Dynasty is a historical romantic drama directed by Liu Guonan and Yin Tao, starring Jing Tian, Ren Jialun, Wan Qian, Shu Chang, Yu Xiaowei, Qin Junjie, and Mao Zijun.

The drama is based on the novel "Da Tang Hou Fei Zhuan Zhi Zhen Zhu Chuan Qi" by Cang Ming Shui, which tells the story of Shen Zhenzhu, a talented girl from Wu Xing, who never leaves Lord Guangping, Li Chu, experiencing blood feuds, fights in the palace and the An Shi Rebellion, and always sticks to the righteousness of her family and country.


The Glory of Tang Dynasty

English Title: The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Chinese Title: 大唐荣耀
Genre: Historical, Romance, Adventure
Tag: Tang Dynasty, Harem, Unrequited Love, Revenge, Conspiracy, Power Struggle
Episodes: 60
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Guonan, Yin Tao
Writer: Liu Fang, Li Huimin
Producer: Zhong Conghai
Released Date: 2017-01-29
Broadcast Website: 歡瑞官方影視專區



Shen Zhenzhu was born in a famous family and was chosen as the consort of Lord Guangping Li Chu. She gave birth to his eldest son, Li Shi, and was later posthumously named Empress Rui Zhen.

She was just a lady from the south of China, but she was kind-hearted, had the country in mind, and was friendly to people. When the An Shi Rebellion occurred, she stayed in Chang’an with the people and was respected by the people of Chang’an.

Although she was pursued by general Mo Yanchuo, she still kept her love for Li Chu.

After the Tang Dynasty recovered Chang’an, those who were dispersed were not allowed to enter the palace, but Li Chu was determined to bring Shen Zhenzhu back. Shen Zhenzhu took Li Chu’s future as a prince as her priority, refusing him.

She won Li Chu’s heart for the rest of his life with her talent and virtue, and she was not a luxurious person, managing the harem with the word “peace” and knowing the hardships of the people.

Shen Zhenzhu, a talented lady of the generation, made a certain historical contribution to the development of the middle of the Tang Dynasty.


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