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Qian Qiu Ling – Zhang Yuxi, Thomas Tong

Qian Qiu Ling is a historical romantic drama directed by Mai Guanzhi and Li Weiji, led by Zhang Yuxi and Thomas Tong Mengshi, co-starring Han Dong, Fu Fangjun, Huang Yi, and Chen Zihan.

The drama is about the love-hate relationship between the daughter of the demons and the leader of the righteous alliance.


Qian Qiu Ling

English Title: Qian Qiu Ling
Chinese Title: 千秋令
Genre: Historical, Romance
Episodes: 60
Duration: 45min.
Director: Mai Guanzhi, Li Weiji
Producer: Zhong Junyan
Broadcasting Website: MGTV
Released Date:


Zhang Yuxi Zhang Yuxi as Feng Lixue/Wu Chen/Ni Huang
Thomas Tong Thomas Tong as Mo Xiao/Bai Yan
Hang Dong Hang Dong as Chong Hua
Fu Fangjun Fu Fangjun as Xie Lingyun
Huang Yi Huang Yi as Murong Jing
Chen Zihan Chen Zihan as Xuan Zhen
Jiang Yirou Jiang Yirou as Xuanyuan Wushang
Zhou Zixin Zhou Zixin as Zi Su
Zhao Xuan Zhao Xuan as Lu Jianchuan
Wu Yang Wu Yang as Ji Xingluo


The righteous and the demons have been fighting for a thousand years. The leader of the righteous Alliance Fengyue Jianzun, the demons Lord Feng Xingtian duel to the death.

But their descendants, Shen Shaoyou and Feng Lixue have become close friends by chance.

To protect his master, Shen Shaoyou accidentally pushed Feng Lixue off a cliff. Feng Lixue was saved and took her away by Chong Hua, who is from the demons.

The fate of both of them has been rewritten. Lixue will become the master of the demons. While Shen Shaoyou will become the leader of the righteous sect. they are destined to fight and kill each other.

Ten years later, they reunited. Lixue used Shaoyou’s guilt to lurk around him, with several assassinations. But she was eventually moved by Shaoyou’s tolerance, kindness, love, and secretly had an affection for him.

When Lixue decided to let go of her father’s hatred and turn to good, Chong Hua interfered and designed to make them misunderstand and hate each other.

Eventually, Lixue became the master of the demons and had a duel with Shen Shaoyou, the master of the righteous alliance.

After the ordeal, they felt each other’s sincerity and finally joined hands again.

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