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My Huckleberry Friends – Landy Li, Zhang Xincheng

My Huckleberry Friends is a youth romantic school drama based on Ba Yue Chang An's novel of the same name, directed by Sha Mo, starring Landy Li, Zhang Xincheng, Li Qian, Zhou Cheng'ao, Xu Mengyuan(Xu Qingya), Cao Enqi, Tang Mengjia, Zhao Jianlei(Zhao Haohong), and Chen Pengwanli.

The drama tells the youth story of Yu Zhouzhou, Lin Yang, and their friends, who experience all the joys and sorrows and grow up together in Zhenhua Middle School.


My Huckleberry Friends

English Title: My Huckleberry Friends
Chinese Title: 你好,旧时光
Genre: Youth, School, Romance
Tag: Love Triangle, First Love, Nice Male Lead, Multiple Couples, Tragic Past, Student
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Sha Mo
Writer: Ba Yue Chang An
Producer: Dai Ying, Zhu Zhenhua
Released Date: 2017-11-08
Broadcast Website: Viki, iQIYI



In Yu Zhouzhou’s long and lonely childhood, she never felt lonely because of her “superpower” of imagination.

On her first day of elementary school, Yu Zhouzhou met a boy named Lin Yang after a fall. With Lin Yang’s help, she got over her initial discomfort with school and they became good friends.

However, because of some rumors, Lin Yang was asked by his parents to stay away from Yu Zhouzhou. In response to Lin Yang’s distancing, Yu Zhou Zhou learned to pretend not to care.

In junior high school, Yu Zhouzhou escaped from Lin Yang and her former classmates and finally got into the provincial Zhenhua Key High School as she wished.

She reunited with Lin Yang in Zhenhua. Because of a coincidental phone call from Lin Yang, Yu Zhouzhou’s fate was changed again.

Lin Yang’s guilt, eagerness to make amends, and indefinable fondness all made Yu Zhou Zhou feel at a loss.

With the care of older brother Chen An, the fierce competition within the key high school for guaranteed places, and the death of her best friend Mi Qiao, Yu Zhouzhou has been facing the changes around him with a sunny, kind and positive heart, growing up fast.


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