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Mr Guo’s Love – Lin Yongjian, Yao Qianyu, Tan Songyun

Mr Guo's Love is an urban emotional drama directed by Liu Xin, starring Lin Yongjian, Yao Qianyu, Zhou Dongqi, and Tan Songyun.

The drama tells the emotional story of a father who returns from abroad and his rebellious daughter, who goes from hostility to reconciliation.


Mr Guo's Love

English Title: Mr Guo's Love
Chinese Title: 暖男的爱情与战争
Genre: Urban, Family, Life, Romance
Tag: Terminal illness, Father-Daughter Relationship, Death of a Character
Episodes: 34
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Xin
Writer: He Ming, Wan Dun, Xie Jing
Producer: Ding Libo
Product Company: HLBN
Released Date: 2014-03-22
Boradcast Website: -



Guo Dongsheng, who has been working overseas for ten years, returns home. His youthful and rebellious daughter is full of incomprehension about her parent's divorce and going abroad.

When his ex-wife is tricked into returning from the United States to borrow money, and Qingzi, who has a crush on Guo Dongsheng, comes after him along the way, his daughter has an even greater resentment and misunderstanding of her parents.

Guo Dongsheng feels guilty and wants to make up for his failure to be a father.

In his heart, his daughter has long considered her aunty Shen Lian, who has taken care of her for more than ten years, as her closest family member. Shen Lian warms both father and daughter with her selfless love and forgiveness, helping them to get through the difficult times.

When the daughter learns that her father is not a boss but a wage earner overseas, she is completely disappointed with her lying father and signs a non-interference contract.

When Shen Lian is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she realizes that Shen Lian has been hiding her illness so as not to drag her father and daughter down. Guo Dongsheng has slowly fallen in love with this woman.

When Shen Lian dies, the daughter realizes the beauty of life, and Guo Dongsheng, who has reached middle age, completes his metamorphosis as a father.

Father and daughter tear up the contract, remove the misunderstanding, embracing each other tightly.


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