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Miao Pu (苗圃) Profile

Miao Pu

Miao Pu(苗圃), born on February 22, 1977, in Xi’an, Shanxi Province, is a Chinese actress.

In 2003, Miao Pu was recommended by Feng Xiaogang to star in the feature-length TV series Wu Yue Huai Hua Xiang, for which she was nominated for the 2005 “Feitian Award” as the best actress.

Her major works include Fan Fu Da Yuan, Zou Xi Kou, Mu Gui Ying Takes Command, Royal Nirvana, Court Lady, etc.


Basic Info

Miao Pu

Stage Name: Miao Pu
Chinese Name: 苗圃
Nickname: Miao Jie, Lao Da, Miao Er, Miao Xiaopu
Place of Birth: Xi’an, Shanxi
Nationality: China
Birthday: February 22, 1977
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 168cm (5’6″)
Weight: 48kg (105.6 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Fandom Name: Miao Qin / 苗亲
Weibo: 苗圃


  1. Her agent is Miao Pu Studio.
  2. Education: she studied at the Beijing Film Academy and majored in acting.
  3. She is the only female artist in the entertainment industry in mainland China who has a pilot’s license for an airplane.
  4. She is an actress in the Dramatic Troupe of the China Coal Mine Literary and a national-level actress.
  5. Miao Pu was born into an artistic family and her parents were Shaanxi opera actors.
  6. She loves sports like swimming, rock climbing, tennis, diving, speedboats, and racing.
  7. Her husband is Chen Yihong who has served as a director of several listed companies.


  • Legacy(Huang Ying Ru)(2022)
  • To Fly With You(Zhuang Yue)(2021)
  • Court Lady(Empress Zhang Sun)(2021)
  • Breaking Point 1950(Liu Yue)(2020)
  • Royal Nirvana(Empress Zhao)(2019)
  • Smile in Spring(Yun Xiu / He Taohua)(2018)
  • Incense(Jia Qiong Hua)(2015)
  • Mu Gui Ying Takes Command(Mu Gui Ying)(2012)
  • Chinese Peacekeeping Police(Zhou Jing)(2009)
  • Judge of Song Dynasty 2(Yu Niang)(2007)
  • The Rise of the Tang Empire(Empress Zhang Sun)(2006)
  • A Woman’s Choice(Hai Xia)(2006)
  • Fan Fu Da Yuan(Tian Ling Zi)(2006)
  • The Sky Has Eyes(Wang Yan)(2005)
  • Judge of Song Dynasty(Yu Niang)(2005)
  • The Wu Yan Woman(Jin Ru Lan)(2003)
  • Let Love Follow the Wind(Luo Xiao Man)(2001)


  • Six Years, 6 Days(Village Woman Miao)(2017)
  • The Beast Stalker(Li)(2008)
  • Clay Fear(Ye Yue)(2006)

TV Show

  • Crossover Singer: Season 2(2017)
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