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Lady’s Character – Wan Qian, Liu Mintao, Xing Fei

Lady's Character is an urban life drama directed by Gao Han, led by Wan Qian, Liu Mintao, and Xing Fei, with Bai Ke in a special appearance.


Lady's Character

English Title: Lady's Character
Chinese Title: 女士的品格
Genre: Urban, Life, Business, Drama
Tag: Female Centered Plot, Workplace Setting, Hardworking Female Lead
Episodes: 35
Duration: -
Director: Gao Han
Writer: Zhao Dongling, Xu RAN
Producer: Xu Li
Released Date: 2023-02-06
Broadcast Website: Idol & Romance, MGTV



Yao Wei, a workaholic, is the director of a company's commercial department. She put all her heart into the work and doesn't realize that the relationship between her and her husband has become estranged.

The department she leads, which is mostly made up of women, is also experiencing problems specific to women: pregnancy, nursing mothers, and hidden pregnancies.

It is at this point that Yao Wei, who has always wanted to have children, finds herself pregnant during the rising years of her career.

Learning of Yao Wei's pregnancy, her boss Ding Lan hires An Chang to be the director of the commercial department, giving Yao Wei a rival.

An Chang seems to be the perfect woman, avoiding most of the difficulties women face in the workplace.

After a struggle, Yao Wei chooses to have the baby. It was this decision that made all the difference.

In life, Yao Wei finds affection and trust with her husband. At work, she works hand in hand with her rival and offers help to female colleagues facing different problems.

It is the character of the women they showed in their childbirth situation that made Yao Wei understand that there are many different kinds of happiness in life: success in business, being a happy mother, etc.

The company's leaders, Mr. Peng and Mrs. Ding, also gradually understand that a company cannot just pursue profits, but must let its employees grow up healthily and gain a sense of satisfaction and happiness in their work and life.


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