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Snow Kong dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Snow Kong and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Snow Kong.

Snow Kong Dramas List

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  • The Land of Warriors


    Historical, Romance, Wuxia
    Zhou Yiran, Zhang Yuxi
    After the finals of the Elite Tournament at the Advanced Soul Master Academy in the entire continent, Tang San and his friends bid each other farewell with reluctance. They made a promise to reunite five years later and then embarked on their respective paths in life. Afterward, Tang San accompanied his father, Tang Hao, to a secluded valley for special training to enhance their abilities. With Tang Hao's help, Tang San became more mature and composed, able to face more challenges with maturity. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing gained recognition from their families and became the Crown Prince and Princess Consort. Xiao Ao and Ning Rongrong began rigorous training to strengthen their abilities. Ma Hongjun also went on a study tour to broaden his horizons. However, at this very moment, Bi Bi Dong from the Wuhun Hall was secretly plotting, sweeping through several major sects, attempting to dominate the Douluo Continent. So Tang San rallied his friends to establish the Tang Sect, upholding the pursuit of justice and shouldering their responsibilities. Together, they bravely ventured to Sea God Island, fought against the Wuhun Hall, fearlessly facing dark forces and tyranny, working together to uphold peace throughout the continent, uphold justice, and grow into indomitable warriors.
  • The Prisoner of Beauty


    Historical, Romance
    Song Zu Er, Liu Yuning, Xuan Lu
    Xiao Qiao, a clever girl who cares about her country, is married to Wei Shao, a brave and resourceful man with a kind heart. At first, they are living a mutually testing and "fighting" life because of their ancestral feud. After many crises, Xiao Qiao and Wei Shao are gradually drawn to each other's talents and strategies and their open-mindedness, their hearts are already getting closer. Together, they resolve family conflicts and return peace and tranquillity to the people.
  • Better Halves


    Historical, Romance, Comedy
    Snow Kong, Ren Hao
    Shi Fake, a spoiled girl from a family of official matchmakers, meets Lu Chi, an all-powerful "bandit second generation" who comes down from the mountains to look for his "little sister". Shi Fake is determined to regain the glory of "the world's first matchmaker", and Lu Chi has to turn into a "wife protector". They go through all sorts of hardships and work together to solve a number of marriage problems. In the end, Shi Fake renews her family's glory and Lu Chi helps the Emperor to protect the peace of the world. They get married happily.
  • Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love


    Urban, Romance, Fantasy
    Snow Kong, Wu Yuheng
    Lu Entong, the genius cellist who dominated the music stage, suffered from chronic insomnia, which caused mental confusion. During a performance competition, she made a mistake and was forced to interrupt her career as a musician. Song Yanxu, a high-profile CEO who constantly suffers from insomnia, searched globally for a cure but found no solution. He believed that he would be forever accompanied by insomnia until he unexpectedly encountered his "sleeping code" - Lu Entong. Song Yanxu finally experienced the taste of a good night's sleep and couldn't get enough of it. What exactly is the "sleeping code" and what is the place in the secret dreams? Perhaps the initial encounter with the "sleeping code" was just a coincidence, but they discovered that they were not strangers. Perhaps, from the moment they entered the realm of dreams, everything was already destined.
  • Sassy Beauty


    Historical, Romance
    Snow Kong, Yan Zidong
    Si Yan is a famous beauty blogger who accidentally entered the VR system of the Chinese traditional style beauty game. The arrogant young lady is reduced to the bottom as a dressing maid. With her excellent beauty skills, complemented by her modern skills as an internet blogger, such as hotspot marketing and promotion, Si Yan wins the hearts of many ladies. Each style of makeup is not only a beautiful face, but also behind the makeup are the women’s stories of sorrow and happiness. In the process, Si Yan would have liked to focus on the task without the intention of opening the love line. But she accidentally encountered many beautiful young male characters, which occurred a series of high-energy sweet pet romantic growth stories.
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