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Campus Belle – Zhou Yunru, Song Haijie

Campus Belle is a school drama directed by Hu Hanqing, starring Zhou Yunru, Song Haijie, Yang Kailin, and Xu Kaicheng.

The drama tells the story of a "Tough girl" who transforms into a "school belle" under the guidance of " a shaped-tongue guy", and meets a group of hot buddies during the period.



Campus Belle

English Title: Campus Belle
Chinese Title: 校花攻略
Genre: School, Youth, Romance
Tag: Secret Crush, Love Triangle
Episodes: 16
Duration: 25 min.
Director: Hu Hanqing
Writer: Wen Ya, Zhang Mingzhu
Product Company: Huace
Released Date: 2015-04-26
Broadcast Website: 优酷



Mi Xian, a straight-forward girl, has a crush on Zhao Mo, the school hunk, but Zhao Mo has a crush on Xue Li, the school belle.

When Mi Xian treats Xue Li with honesty and sincerity, she is surprised to find that Xue Li treats her like a maid.

When she is angry, she meets Ou Xingnan, a "two-faced" man with a sunny appearance but a cold heart, and discovers his secret.

He is the moderator of the school's secret blog "Wu Ren Yue Bing" and has been revealing the school's secrets secretly and has the ability to insight into people's feelings.

Half-begging, and half-threatening, Mi Xian asks Ou Xingnan to be his mentor to beat Xue Li, turning him into the school beauty and chasing after his dream boy...


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