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Campus Basketball Situation – Lu Lu, Xing Fei

Campus Basketball Situation is a youthful web drama directed by Ze Tian, starring Lu Lu, Xing Fei, Shi Yuanting, Jin Han, and Chen Yuqi.

It is based on a novel of the same name.

The drama tells the story of the friendship and growth of several high school students who love basketball and are constantly pursuing their basketball dreams.


Campus Basketball Situation

English Title: Campus Basketball Situation
Chinese Title: 校园篮球风云
Genre: Youth, School, Sport
Tag: Basketball, High School, Student, Chasing a Dream, Bromance
Episodes: 12
Duration: 20 min.
Director: Ze Tian
Writer: Yi He
Producer: Gu Fangfang, Liu Zifan
Released Date: 2016-06-29
Broadcast Website: Letv



The story follows the journey of basketball lovers Yan Yufeng, Xiang Jie, and Gao Yuan, from joining the varsity team to winning the high school league championship. They experience various storms, conflicts, setbacks, and failures, and finally, gain friendship and growth.


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