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Sweet and Cold – Wang Ziwen, Jin Han

Sweet and Cold is an urban romantic drama directed by Zhang Feng, starring Wang Ziwen and Jin Han.

The drama tells the story of Meng Haotian, a workaholic who wants to support her own company, but by chance meets Leng Siming, the chief technology officer of Lingzhi Group.

A chance encounter leads to a destined destiny.


Sweet and Cold

English Title: Sweet and Cold
Chinese Title: 甜小姐与冷先生
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama, Business
Tag: Warm Man/Cold Woman, Cold Female Lead, Confident Female Lead, Warm Male Lead, Nice Male Lead, Hardworking Female Lead
Episodes: 31
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhang Feng
Writer: Mi Tianhui
Producer: Zhang Wenli, Li Mingyu
Product Company: Alibaba
Released Date: 2023-05-08
Broadcast Website:, Youku, Viki



Meng Haotian, who holds several positions, is seen by outsiders as a standard strong and beautiful woman with excellent abilities. However, people rarely know about her painful past, as they only see her entrepreneurial journey from scratch.

However, at a wedding farce, she unexpectedly meets the young and talented CTO of Lingzhi Group, Leng Siming.

After experiencing a series of misunderstandings and accidents, the two equally outstanding individuals gradually become closer. However, the problems that come with it become more and more apparent, such as the age and status difference between them. Will they be able to break free from the constraints of age and identity and overcome the obstacles of their relationship? Can Meng Haotian, who is trapped by her past, regain her ability to love?


Meng Haotian and Leng Siming were practicing the wedding ceremony under the guidance of the emcee, with Meng Haotian as the bridesmaid and Leng Siming as the best man. When adjusting the lights, Leng Siming felt a bit awkward due to Meng Haotian's proximity. After the wedding, everyone was playing around in the room when Leng Siming noticed Meng Haotian pouring a drink by herself, so he approached her and started chatting.

It turned out that before the wedding started, the original best man left due to a conflict. After observing for a week, Meng Haotian discovered Leng Siming and asked him to step in as the replacement best man. Leng Siming mentioned that Meng Haotian was the most daring crisis PR expert. Meng Haotian felt that as a professional bridesmaid, she must ensure that the wedding proceeds smoothly.

Soon after, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian started a drinking game, but Leng Siming ended up getting drunk after just one glass of alcohol.

At night, Meng Haotian was startled by Leng Siming sitting up from the bed while she was sitting in front of the dressing table. Yu Yang, who heard her scream, came to check and explained that Leng Siming had accidentally entered the wrong room due to his drunken state, and asked Meng Haotian to send him back. Meng Haotian agreed, considering that Yu Yang had paid for overtime.

Meng Haotian escorted Leng Siming back to his room at the Hyatt Hotel. Just as she was about to leave, she saw Leng Siming falling to the ground. She tried to drag him to the bed, but he pulled her down and she even dropped her phone. Meng Haotian groped for her phone in Leng Siming's embrace before leaving the room.

The next day, Leng Siming woke up and found himself lying on the floor. He tried to unlock his phone but couldn't. Meanwhile, Meng Haotian was awakened by her alarm clock at 10 o'clock and hurriedly went to work. On the bus, she received a call from Leng Siming, who said they had accidentally switched phones and told her that someone had called her.

They agreed to meet at 7 pm at the Huayitang flower shop. Leng Siming drove to Lingzhi Group and ran into the head of the personnel department. He asked about the allocation of interns and the head said they had too many and could only assign them randomly. Later, Leng Siming walked into the conference room and the head of the personnel department was about to kick him out, but Leng Siming introduced himself as the new chief technology officer and planned to make an online summary and provide technical support today to reduce the pressure on the personnel department. Meanwhile, Meng Haotian was discussing with General Manager Li in a café. Seeing her confident demeanor, Li asked her to send the contract to the finance department for review. Meng Haotian quickly agreed and had her subordinates escort Li out.

At night, at the Huayitang flower shop, Jiang Leilei was arranging flowers while Meng Haotian was busy looking at the account book. When Leng Siming arrived at the flower shop, he saw Meng Haotian signing a receipt and receiving a flower. They exchanged phones and Meng Haotian walked back to the flower shop without looking back.

After receiving a message, Meng Haotian learned that Mr. Li was coming and wanted to take him to a café outside, but Mr. Li had already entered the studio. Seeing the shabby studio, Mr. Li turned to leave. Meng Haotian stopped him, saying that she wanted him to take a closer look at the high-quality content produced in the studio. Mr. Li sighed and left quickly.

At Lingzhi Group, Zhou, the head of Wuxing Media, discussed product endorsement renewals with Yuan Wenbin. When Leng Siming approached, Yuan introduced Zhou to him and asked him to help send Zhou away. When they talked about renewals, Leng Siming thought that Zhao Shiyen's endorsement fee was too high, but Zhou believed it was a friendly price.

Outside the entrance of Lingzhi Group, Yuan Wenbin saw Meng Haotian and couldn't help but bring up their past relationship. During their conversation, it was revealed that Yuan Wenbin and Meng Haotian were once boyfriend and girlfriend, but Yuan Wenbin chose to give up Meng Haotian for his career. Meng Haotian ignored Yuan's attempts to reconcile and hurried into the company, where she met Zhou, who was about to leave.

Meng Haotian stopped Zhou and asked him to watch a video produced by her company, but she realized that the video had not been sent yet when she opened WeChat. Zhou said he was in a hurry, took her business card, and left in his car. Seeing Zhou leave, Leng Siming approached Meng Haotian and asked if she needed help. Meng Haotian asked him to catch up with Zhou's car.

On the car, Meng Haotian was thrilled to learn that Leng Siming knew Zhou Yu, the CEO. Later, when Zhou Yu celebrated his wife's birthday, his wife kept mentioning how he gave her a bag every year. She turned around and saw the video playing on the TV, moved to tears, and hugged Zhou Yu. Soon after, Meng Haotian received a call from Zhou Yu, who expressed his gratitude and willingness to communicate with her.

At night, Leng Siming accompanied Meng Haotian home. While chatting, they almost hit Fang Hui on the zebra crossing. Although Leng Siming braked in time, she still fainted on the ground. The two took Fang Hui to the hospital, and the hospital said she had taken an overdose of sleeping pills and was in a state of confusion. Learning that Fang Hui wanted to see them, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian went into the examination room. Fang Hui told them that she had lost her family and didn't want to live anymore. Seeing Fang Hui crying, Leng Siming told her to think about her child and not to underestimate herself. After speaking, Leng Siming left with Meng Haotian, and Fang Hui sat on the hospital bed lost in thought.

Later, Leng Siming took Meng Haotian to the Hua Yitang Flower Shop. Leng Siming expressed that he wanted to send a bouquet of flowers to a female friend. Seeing Meng Haotian shamelessly accept the money for the bouquet, Leng Siming couldn't help but laugh. At this moment, Meng Haotian received a phone call and promised to give a proposal to Mr. Li within two days.

The next day at work, Meng Haotian received an invitation to the Five Elements Media press conference sent by Jiang Leilei and called her to thank her. On the day of the press conference, subordinates informed Leng Siming about the relationship between Zhou Yu and Yuan Wenbin and warned him to handle their interpersonal relationships carefully. Meng Haotian took the initiative to greet Zhou Yu, but he was very cold, and Meng Haotian felt a little sad.

Meng Haotian went to the bathroom to touch up her makeup and overheard an assistant on the phone saying that Mr. Xiao from Ruida had been in a car accident. Meng Haotian walked out of the bathroom and saw Zhou Yu anxiously making a phone call. She asked him if he needed any help, but Zhou Yu ignored her and was about to leave. Suddenly, Zhou Yu stopped Meng Haotian and asked her if she dared to give a speech on stage. Meng Haotian said that she was not in a good position to do so, but when she saw that Zhou Yu was willing to reconsider cooperation, she agreed to prepare.

At the media conference, Meng Haotian took the stage and gave a speech about the development of short videos, intentionally mentioning Zhou Yu's cooperation with Pai Video. Zhou Yu listened to the applause around him and was very satisfied with Meng Haotian's performance.

After the conference, Leng Siming went to Yuan Wenbin's office. Yuan Wenbin said that the focus should be on high-end product lines and he hoped to see real technological innovations. Leng Siming looked at the market research conducted by the marketing department and believed that Lingzhi's customers were becoming younger, so they should not just focus on the high-end product line. After learning about the R&D budget for this season, Leng Siming thought that they should cut endorsement fees to fund research and development. Yuan Wenbin said that the market was not within Leng Siming's management scope, but Leng Siming felt that the company's marketing strategy and plan needed to be changed. The two of them had a different opinion on this.

Meng Haotian returned to her studio and was surprised to see Fang Hui there. Fang Hui told Meng Haotian about her past with her husband and thanked Meng and someone else for waking her up at that time. When Meng Haotian learned that the CEO, Mr. Xiao, who did not make it to the press conference, was Fang Hui's husband, she was very surprised. Fang Hui handed Meng Haotian the internal information and project proposal of Ruida Media's Five Elements Media project. She pointed out that the artist promoted in the project proposal is her husband's lover, and she wants to retaliate against them. Meng Haotian thanked Mrs. Fang for her trust but felt that she shouldn't involve herself in this matter. Fang Hui reminded Meng that seizing this opportunity could increase her chances of working with Zhou Yu.

On the other hand, Yuan Wenbin thought that Leng Siming only needed to be responsible for technical research and development. He told his father that Leng Siming did not have the right to manage marketing and other work. Yuan's father felt that it was not a bad thing for young people to have energy and that the key was to produce a good project proposal. Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Yu Yang handed Leng Siming Zhou Yu's itinerary.

Meng Haotian's mother, Hua Yitang, came to the flower shop, and after a short chat, Leng Siming came to find Meng Haotian. They went aside, and Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that the person she wanted to see was on the fifth floor of Xingyao Restaurant, and asked her to come over after she finished her work.

In the office, a subordinate handed Yuan Wenbin Leng Siming's resume. Yuan Wenbin didn't understand why Leng Siming didn't go back to the family business but instead went to work at Lingzhi. Later, Yuan Wenbin asked his subordinates about their thoughts on Leng Siming's proposal. The subordinate said that investment in research and development was indeed necessary, and Zhao Shiyuan's endorsement could be discussed with Zhou Yu for replacement. Meng Haotian went to Lingzhi to find Zhou Yu to contract for the promotion and marketing of Lingzhi's mobile phone spokesperson.

At the Starry Restaurant, Zhou Yu saw Leng Siming taking the initiative to greet someone. After Zhou Yu left, Leng Siming asked Meng Haotian if she wanted to cooperate with Lingzhi. Meng Haotian refused outright and went to the restroom. In the restroom, a woman kept mocking Meng Haotian and even grabbed her, not letting her go. When Meng Haotian shook off the woman's hand, the woman poured water on Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian slapped her, and the woman left in anger. Later, Leng Siming took Meng Haotian to his room to change her clothes. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming that the woman was her father's business partner and had been holding onto her because her father was imprisoned. Leng Siming felt that Meng Haotian didn't have to keep pretending to be strong and couldn't help teasing her. The two of them sweetly kissed.

Just then, Leng Nuan, who had suddenly returned to the country, rang the doorbell. Leng Siming went to open the door and was almost knocked over by the enthusiastic Leng Nuan. Seeing the cozy scene between the two, Meng Haotian almost misunderstood, but Leng Nuan produced her identification to prove that she was Leng Siming's sister. Suddenly, Meng Haotian received a work call and had to go to the cloakroom to change into Leng Nuan's clothes. Leng Nuan told Leng Siming that she wanted to go back to China to study at university and planned to concentrate on studying while staying with Leng Siming. Seeing this, Leng Siming agreed to let Leng Nuan stay.

When Meng Haotian was about to leave, Leng Siming quickly drove her. Leng Siming hurriedly stopped Meng Haotian from leaving and finally added her WeChat, very happy. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming not to misunderstand the kiss earlier, and Leng Siming held onto Meng Haotian as she turned around, lifted her up and put her in front of the car. Meng Haotian said that if he had enough patience, she might change her mind. Later, Meng Haotian left Leng Siming and went back to work.

Leng Siming received a phone call saying that Zhou Yu would personally check the marketing plan for Five Elements Media at Lingzhi, and he had to return to the company as soon as possible. At the Lingzhi meeting room, Yuan Wenbin said that Leng Siming would temporarily be responsible for the spokesperson and that Leng Siming wanted a younger face to be the spokesperson. His subordinates suggested that Zhou Yu should provide different backup options. Suddenly, Leng Siming received a phone call and temporarily left the meeting room. When he returned, Leng Siming said that they had to keep up with the times and that if they didn't change, they would only wait to die. Leng Siming asked Zhou Yu to come up with several plans that fit the tastes of young people today. Seeing that Yuan Wenbin remained silent, Zhou Yu had to promise repeatedly.

Jiang Leilei proposed to Meng Haotian that she could interview herself about the topic of career moms returning to work. Meng Haotian thought this was a good idea, but since Zhou Yu rarely contacts her, he sent his subordinate Tang Na to interview Jiang Leilei instead. At the coffee shop, the subordinate reminded Leng Siming that he couldn't be so arrogant, and that he should immediately find a way to save the situation regardless of Yuan Wenbin's face. Leng Siming didn't care, thinking he had just done what he should have done.

At Wu Xing Media, Zhou Yu told Meng Haotian that the marketing plan for Lingzhi's new quarter needed to be adjusted and hoped that she could provide some bright ideas. Although they had to compete with Ruida, Meng Haotian still seized the opportunity and promised Zhou Yu. At night, Meng Haotian was still working in the studio, and couldn't help but pick up the Ruida plan given by Fang Hui. After opening the file and glancing at it, she put the file into the shredder. The next day, Meng Haotian arrived at Wu Xing Media and handed the plan to Zhou Yu.

At the Lingzhi conference room, everyone looked thoughtful as they examined the contents of the plan. Yuan Wenbin expressed that Leng Siming's proposal was somewhat at odds with Lingzhi's established business positioning. However, Leng Siming believed that if the company wanted to transform, it had to take the first step. Then, Leng Siming analyzed the demand for mobile phones among Lingzhi's audience.

Meanwhile, Meng Haotian was about to hand the plan to Zhou Yu when he asked her to look at the top-trending video. Zhou Yu, who was aware of Meng Haotian's relationship with Leng Siming, said he believed in the power of the video and they didn't need to look at the plan anymore.

Leng Siming received a call from Meng Haotian and left the conference room. She asked him about the video, but he was angry and felt he should not have exposed his private life. Leng Siming checked the trending list and found out that the video was actually the one of him carrying Meng Haotian to the car that day. Yuan Wenbin suggested that since Leng Siming was too busy, they could postpone the meeting to another day and then he left the conference room in large strides.

At the restaurant, Leng Siming said that the angle of the video was just what the dashcam could capture, and he questioned Leng Nuan why she had to make the video public. He had sent the dashcam back to the hotel because the car was scratched when they left, and Leng Nuan helped him receive the package. Leng Nuan said she wanted to help Leng Siming pursue Meng Haotian, but he accused her of invading Meng Haotian's privacy. Leng Nuan realized her mistake and promised to apologize to Meng Haotian.

At the studio, Meng Haotian wanted her subordinate to contact the blogger to delete the video, but the subordinate saw many positive comments on the video and gained many fans, so he thought the video shouldn't be deleted. Therefore, Meng Haotian asked her assistant Amy to create a topic to maximize the commercial value of the video.

At the Lingzhi restaurant, Leng Siming, Meng Haotian, and Zhou Yu planned to discuss the plan in the conference room. Suddenly, Ruida's Xiao Rui appeared and stopped the three of them. In the office, Xiao Rui showed a video, claiming that Fang Hui had stolen Ruida's plan and gave it to Meng Haotian. He believed that Meng Haotian was a person who would do whatever it takes to achieve her goals and wanted to hold them legally responsible. Leng Siming said he couldn't get involved in the matter and left first. After leaving the office, Leng Siming immediately asked for Fang Hui's contact information from Li Donghai.

Meng Haotian said that Fang Hui came to Paishipin to customize a video and took away some of the data. She questioned whether Xiao Rui colluded with Fang Hui to frame Paishipin. She asked Zhou Yu to take her plan and compare it with Ruida's. Seeing this, Xiao Rui shouted "See you in court!" and pushed Zhou Yu out of the office. Meng Haotian told Zhou Yu that she really hadn't seen Ruida's plan, but Zhou Yu wanted not the truth but for her to solve the problem immediately.

Leng Siming found Fang Hui, who said she sincerely wanted to help Meng Haotian. Leng Siming suggested that Fang Hui become a shareholder of Ruida and become Xiao Rui's partner. Fang Hui thought that Xiao Rui would not give her shares, but Leng Siming said they both started from scratch, and Fang Hui could use this as leverage to take most of Xiao Rui's shares and make him stop attacking Meng Haotian.

Yuan Wenbin returned to the company and was surprised to hear his subordinates discussing the dispute between Xiao Rui and Meng Haotian. He went to Huayitang to find Meng Haotian, but Jiang Leilei refused to talk to him at all.

The next day, after Meng Haotian washed up, she talked to her mother on the phone. Her mother blamed her for not shouldering the millions of debts left by her father. Meng Haotian believed that ordinary people were being deceived, so she chose to take the initiative to repay the debt. Later, Meng Haotian received a call from Wu Jie, who said that her partner was hospitalized and hoped to get the money early. Seeing how anxious Wu Jie was, Meng Haotian promised to find a solution. Looking at the little amount left in her account, Meng Haotian couldn't help but sigh and called Jiang Leilei. However, she hesitated to speak. Jiang Leilei knew Meng Haotian's situation and took the initiative to transfer money to her. Not long after, Meng Haotian received a call from her mother and rushed to the hospital. Knowing that Uncle Li and Uncle Zhang had quarreled because of her mother's trip, Meng Haotian had to transfer money to her mother again.

When Meng Haotian arrived at the studio, she received a lawyer's letter from Ruida. On the other hand, Leng Siming handed the headphones to Fang Hui and asked her to do as he said. Meng Haotian received a call from Xiao Rui, who asked to meet her at 4 pm to talk. It turned out that Fang Hui asked him to call Meng Haotian. At the same time, Fang Hui told Xiao Rui that he should ease his relationship with Zhou Yu and maintain their small family by pretending to be together. To leave a good impression on Lingzhi, he should let go of Meng Haotian. However, Xiao Rui firmly refused to compromise with Meng Haotian.

Jiang Leilei's husband took out several documents and said they were routine contracts. Jiang Leilei hurriedly signed them under her husband's urging. Leng Ming entrusted Li Donghai's family to take care of Leng Nuan while he temporarily went out. Leng Nuan went to Li Donghai's house and happened to meet Li Chenyang playing games at the door.

On the other side, Zhou Yu, his wife, and Meng Haotian came to the clubhouse one after another. Fang Hui, as the host, came out to greet them. Fang Hui apologized to Meng Haotian and said that she originally wanted to bankrupt Xiao Rui, but later thought about the future, so she held today's party. Fang Hui told Meng Haotian that although Xiao Rui was unwilling to withdraw the lawsuit, he was now in a difficult situation. Soon after, Yuan Wenbin's fiancée Shen Chunyi also came to the clubhouse, constantly hinting at her sweet relationship with Yuan Wenbin and always flattering Meng Haotian.

At Li Donghai's house, Li Donghai said that Leng Nuan stayed in Sucheng to prepare for the college entrance examination and asked Li Chenyang to tutor her every weekend.

Yuan Wenbin and Leng Ming also came to the clubhouse. Shen Chunyi took the initiative to come to the door and held Yuan Wenbin's arm. Yuan Wenbin was surprised to see Meng Haotian here. Xiao Rui said that he had already transferred some of his shares to Fang Hui, and in the future, he and Fang Hui would work together in their business. Just then, Zhou Yu actually took the initiative to invite Meng Haotian to cooperate in front of everyone, and they all raised their glasses to drink.

Later, Fang Hui, Mrs. Zhou, Meng Haotian, and Shen Chunyi gathered together to play mahjong. Shen Chunyi mocked Meng Haotian for wearing mismatched shoes, but Meng Haotian cleverly refuted her. In the billiard room, Yuan Wenbin and Leng Siming played pool and chatted. Yuan Wenbin said that as Meng Haotian's ex-boyfriend, he knew her very well. Although she appeared gentle on the surface, she was actually very determined. Leng Siming believed that everything was in the past and that Meng Haotian was good, at least for himself.

Fang Hui pulled Meng Haotian away from the mahjong table and sat down to talk with Xiao Rui. Xiao Rui asked Meng Haotian to exchange the contract to withdraw the lawsuit, but Meng Haotian insisted that she did not plagiarize and warned Xiao Rui that he was still on the brink of losing her trust.

At night, Meng Haotian left the club and happily told the Pie Video staff that Ruida had withdrawn the lawsuit. Leng Siming snatched Meng Haotian's phone and wanted her to stay at the club tonight. Meng Haotian couldn't take back her phone, and accidentally sprained her foot while trying to leave. Seeing Meng Haotian stubbornly walking, Leng Siming went forward and carried her back to his room. Since she couldn't get a taxi, Meng Haotian decided to stay at the club and asked Leng Siming to help her get the room card.

Meng Haotian walked to the terrace and unexpectedly met Yuan Wenbin from the neighboring room. Yuan Wenbin questioned her about her relationship with Leng Siming, expressing regret for choosing the wrong person back then. Meng Haotian told him that she had long forgotten about it. After Meng Haotian went into her room, Shen Chunyi went to the terrace and hugged Yuan Wenbin, but he was in a bad mood and pushed her away before leaving the terrace.

In the room, Yuan Wenbin questioned why Shen Chunyi was at the club today, expressing his dislike for her sudden appearance. Shen Chunyi apologized. Yuan Wenbin emphasized that he hates it when people try to be clever and hopes that Shen Chunyi will not socialize with his wife and other women frequently. Shen Chunyi apologized again. Yuan Wenbin told Shen Chunyi that although he and Meng Haotian have broken up, they are still good friends and work partners. He hopes that Shen Chunyi will not overthink things. Shen Chunyi expressed that she feels insecure and cannot control herself. Yuan Wenbin asked her to be more sensible before leaving the room.

At the noodle shop owned by Old Yuan, he expressed that it is difficult for Leng Siming to learn about interpersonal relationships at Lingzhi, as the old employees at Lingzhi and Yuan Wenbin's way of thinking are somewhat conservative, which will inevitably cause clashes. Leng Siming didn't mind. Seeing this, Old Yuan asked Leng Siming to have a meal at the noodle shop when he is free.

Shen Chunyi found a man who believed that Yuan Wenbin had a significant personality disorder, which is why he exhibited strong control tendencies in his work and life. If not controlled in time, there may be more complications later. Shen Chunyi refuted, thinking that Yuan Wenbin was only behaving this way because of recent stress. The man suggested that Shen Chunyi bring Yuan Wenbin to meet him in person so that he could give specific advice. Shen Chunyi thanked the man for his help but decided to find a solution on her own.

At the café, Zhou Yu felt uneasy about the audition for a new spokesperson. Yuan Wenbin said that the chairman had personally approved Leng Siming's application, and he could do nothing about it. Zhou Yu was worried that an amateur might be selected in the audition, but Yuan Wenbin assured him that the artist management would be handled by Wu Xing Media. However, if an amateur were selected, Wu Xing Media's offer would need to be adjusted accordingly. Zhou Yu was relieved to hear this. Yuan Wenbin asked Zhou Yu if he was sure about cooperating with Pai Video. Zhou Yu believed that collaboration could increase their online traffic, and Pai Video's offer was indeed lower than Ruida's.

In the office, Li Donghai found Leng Siming and told him that the audition for the spokesperson was about to begin, and Zhou Yu had contacted Yuan Wenbin several times. Leng Siming pretended not to know since Yuan Wenbin did not inform him. Li Donghai believed that Yuan Wenbin was the chairman's biological son, so Leng Siming should not confront him and should focus on protecting himself. Leng Siming told him that as long as he stood on the position of maximizing Lingzhi Group's interests, no one could find fault with him.

Upon learning that Li Chenyang was going to participate in the audition, Leng Nuan couldn't help but mock him, and they started playfully fighting. Leng Siming walked into the café and told Leng Nuan that they had moved and had a new home. Li Chenyang took out a pile of review materials and planned to help Leng Nuan prepare for the entrance exam. Leng Siming was very pleased. Li Chenyang told Leng Siming that he planned to participate in the audition for Lingzhi's spokesperson, and Leng Siming encouraged him to do his best. Leng Nuan didn't want to study with Li Chenyang and said that if he could become Lingzhi's spokesperson, she would obey him. They high-fived and made a promise.

Meng Haotian opened the door to find that it was Leng Siming standing there. Initially, she refused to accept the high heels that Leng Siming had given her, but eventually she gave him the money for them. When she asked why he had come to deliver the shoes, Leng Siming explained that he had moved into the neighborhood as her new neighbor. Meng Haotian was startled by this news. Just then, Meng Haotian's mother appeared and observed their intimate interaction, leaving her with some thoughts.

Meng Haotian's mother then asked Leng Siming about his family and work situation, but Meng Haotian pulled him away and asked him to leave. After Leng Siming left, Meng Haotian's mother asked her for money, but she explained that she was still paying off her debt every month. Frustrated with her mother's persistence, Meng Haotian left her home, but she forgot to bring her phone. Seeing Leng Siming still waiting outside, she decided to spend the night at his house. After Meng Haotian left, her mother helped clean up her table, filled the refrigerator with food, and left a note before departing.

That night, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian sat on the bed drinking beer together. When he found out that Meng Haotian still owed 1.8 million in debt, Leng Siming couldn't help but feel sorry for her. He admired her for her resilience in paying off her debt and even considered helping her father. The two of them shared their thoughts and frustrations with each other.

The next morning, they woke up in bed together. Leng Siming couldn't hold back his feelings anymore and confessed his love to Meng Haotian. She wanted to escape several times but was pulled back by Leng Siming. They almost kissed, but were interrupted by Leng Nuan knocking on the door.

After getting ready, Leng Siming accompanied Meng Haotian to work. He asked if she had considered becoming an artist like those at Wuxing Media, but she felt that she didn't have the same connections as Zhou Yu. Leng Siming told her that Lingzhi was holding auditions for spokespersons, and she could compete with Zhou Yu.

At Li Donghai's house, Yuan Wenbin learned that Li Chenyang was planning to participate in the audition and strongly opposed it. Leng Nuan couldn't help but argue with him, but Li Chenyang insisted on his own opinion. Seeing this, Yuan Wenbin didn't say much and left. Under Yuan Wenbin's arrangement, Zhou Yu contacted Li Chenyang and invited him to shoot a promotional video in the studio. After learning that Leng Siming had moved in next door to Meng Haotian, Jiang Leilei urged her to seize the opportunity and start a relationship with him.

In the office, Yuan Wenbin was very angry watching the video posted by the official account showing Leng Siming holding Meng Haotian. His subordinate asked him to report this to the chairman, but Yuan Wenbin said the chairman was traveling in Europe and didn't want to disturb him.

Leng Siming accused Leng Nuan of making a mistake, but Leng Nuan argued that the official account had already agreed to post the video and many people had voted for Leng Siming, which was not a bad thing. It turned out that Leng Nuan didn't want Li Chenyang to become the spokesperson, so she did that. At night, Yuan Wenbin sat on his bed looking at his father's phone number, recalling the scene when he was bullied by other shareholders when he first started working.

Leng Siming was very angry to find out that he couldn't withdraw from the audition after the video was posted. Li Donghai couldn't help teasing him, saying that the top ten vote-getters would go straight to the finals. In the office, Yuan Wenbin instructed his subordinates to return the quote for the Five Elements Media audition artists to Zhou Yu, asking him to reduce the price by another 30% to show their sincerity, and also ordered his subordinates to ensure that Li Chenyang entered the finals.

In Hua Yitang, Meng Haotian found out that Chen Jiaojiao was actually waiting for her. Chen Jiaojiao knew that Meng Haotian was a professional bridesmaid and wanted her to handle the flower arrangement and scene design for her wedding. Meng Haotian said she would consider it.

Jiang Leilei returned to the flower shop and met Chen Jiaojiao leaving. Chen Jiaojiao believed that Meng Haotian had stolen her boyfriend Chen Dong, but now she was going to marry Cao Dong and wanted to show off. Meng Haotian didn't care who the groom was, but she had confronted Chen Jiaojiao in public before. Jiang Leilei thought Meng Haotian shouldn't take this order, but Meng Haotian was willing to do it as long as she could handle it. Jiang Leilei objected, thinking that Chen Jiaojiao had bad intentions, but Meng Haotian ignored her. At that moment, Leng Siming walked into the flower shop.

On the university campus, Li Chenyang handed a book to Leng Nuan and saw that she was still playing games. Li Chenyang took her phone away and told her to focus on her studies. Leng Nuan told Li Chenyang that he had entered the finals, but when Li Chenyang received a call from Yuan Wenbin asking him to reshoot a video, he wanted to withdraw from the competition. Later, he thought he couldn't make it to the finals anyway and decided to let his classmates shoot a video for him. In the car, Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that the contract for outsourcing spokesperson promotion hadn't been approved, and he believed that Yuan Wenbin was targeting him, but Meng Haotian thought Yuan Wenbin just wanted to control everything and decided to find a breakthrough on her own.

At the studio, Meng Haotian received a call from Wu Jie and hurried to the hospital. Wu Jie said her husband urgently needed money for a brain hemorrhage and wanted Meng Haotian to advance all the money she owed her. Seeing Wu Jie's anxious expression, Meng Haotian called her subordinate and had her transfer the company's money to herself. Then, Meng Haotian replied to Chen Jiaojiao's message, promising to attend the wedding.

At the coffee shop, Leng Nuan secretly watched Li Chenyang's new video, in which he was willing to cancel their bet. She handed her phone to Li Chenyang, and only then did he realize that his votes had skyrocketed.

At the wedding, Meng Haotian spent several hours arranging the venue to ensure the freshness of the embroidered ball. But little did she know that Chen Jiaojiao kept complaining to Cao Dong about the bouquets not being elegant enough. After Cao Dong left, Chen Jiaojiao took Meng Haotian into the room.

Meng Haotian finally started doing her makeup, but Chen Jiaojiao deliberately made things difficult for her, asking her to take photos of herself and the other bridesmaids. Chen Jiaojiao even threw a pillow at Meng Haotian during the photo shoot, and Meng Haotian couldn't take it anymore, so she called Chen Jiaojiao out of the room. Meng Haotian said she hoped to help Chen Jiaojiao with the wedding arrangements, but Chen Jiaojiao pretended to be innocent and continued to make things difficult for her. Just then, Leng Siming appeared with Cao Dong, and Chen Jiaojiao admitted that she didn't really want Meng Haotian to be a bridesmaid. When she saw that Cao Dong was willing to pay for the flowers and decorations, Meng Haotian left in a hurry.

It turned out that Leng Siming accidentally overheard Meng Haotian and Jiang Leilei's conversation at the flower shop and had suspected something was wrong from the beginning. That's why he appeared in time. Seeing Leng Siming, Meng Haotian couldn't help but hug and thank him.

In the final results of the audition, Li Chenyang was the top vote-getter and became Lingzhi's spokesperson. Leng Siming asked Li Chenyang about his thoughts on the endorsement fee, and Li Chenyang said he may already have an economic company. Leng Siming planned to meet with the company's boss who would shoot Li Chenyang's second promotional video and was very happy to see that it was Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming about her plans for Li Chenyang's future, but Leng Siming felt that Meng Haotian shouldn't sign Li Chenyang and proposed a bet - if Meng Haotian lost, she would become his girlfriend.

Jiang Leilei's husband, Lao Luo, walked into the villa with his luggage. The woman in the villa said that their daughter Su Su needed to adapt to an international school a year early, which was why they had to move hastily. Lao Luo gave a gift to the woman and told her that he had to go on a business trip in the suburbs, and asked the woman and Su Su to stay home as much as possible. He then dragged his suitcase and left.

Jiang Leilei had just returned home with her son Xiao Tuan when Lao Luo arrived with his luggage. The woman behind the tree watched the sweet scene of the two of them and secretly felt sad. They prepared to eat, and Xiao Tuan gave Lao Luo a drawing as a gift. Jiang Leilei wanted Xiao Tuan to learn how to draw with Teacher Bai, who had just moved into the neighborhood. Hearing their conversation, Lao Luo seemed to be lost in thought. Jiang Leilei asked if Lao Luo could let Xiao Tuan learn how to draw, but Lao Luo quickly changed the subject.

In the studio, Meng Haotian had just received flowers sent by Leng Siming when Li Chenyang walked into the studio. Later, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian signed a contract in the office. It turned out that Meng Haotian had taken over the promotion business of Lingzhi through Li Chenyang's agency contract.

In the office, Xiao Rui told Zhou Yu that the result of the audition had already been settled on Li Chenyang, the nephew of Yuan Wenbin, and all the Five Element performers were accompanying him. Zhou Yu didn't care. Xiao Rui thought Zhou Yu was naive and told him that Li Chenyang had already signed a contract with a rival video platform. Zhou Yu was very angry and determined to get revenge.

Before the live broadcast of Lingzhi CH1022, Li Chenyang was nervous. Meng Haotian reminded him of the key points of the live broadcast. The event officially began, and Zhou Yu ordered his subordinates to take action. Li Chenyang introduced the reason for the live broadcast on the mountain, which was that Lingzhi's new phone was designed for young people's outdoor travel and mountain exploration, and began to introduce the phone's features. Just then, the live broadcast suddenly had a network problem, and the phone lost its signal, forcing the live broadcast to be interrupted. Meng Haotian quickly made a decision and instructed her subordinates to launch a lucky draw in the live broadcast room to stabilize the audience's interest.

In Lingzhi's office, the board of directors immediately asked Yuan Wenbin and others to come up with an emergency plan and not to let the press conference be cancelled. Leng Siming felt that they could use the lucky draw and public opinion in the live broadcast room to attract a wave of traffic.

At the press conference, reporters questioned Li Chenyang about the communication failure that caused the phone to go offline, and also mentioned Li Chenyang's relationship with Lingzhi's senior management, questioning the fairness of the audition. Li Chenyang was at a loss, and the reporters on the scene were talking about it. The staff quickly removed the troublesome reporters, but then realized that the reporters had a problem, and secretly followed them.

On the scene, reporters questioned Li Chenyang for not understanding enough about the phone product's functions as a spokesperson. At this critical moment, Meng Haotian connected with Li Chenyang and publicly took responsibility in the live broadcast, stabilizing all customers and continuing the process of pushing the phone.

At the same time, some photos were taken by the staff who silently followed the reporters causing trouble. The staff took the reporter's signal jammer and handed it to Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian looked at the recruitment advertisement taken by the staff and found out that the woman sitting in the car's passenger seat was actually Zhou Yu's assistant, and it turned out that Zhou Yu was behind the scenes.

Zhou Yu of Wuxing Media stated that he had fulfilled his promise. Xiao Rui presented a new pricing plan and was willing to reduce the cost in the publicity aspect of Wuxing artists. At this time, Zhou Yu received the photos sent by Meng Haotian and believed that Meng Haotian had evidence and negotiating power. He also had some unclear relationship with Lingzhi and decided to let Meng Haotian go for now. However, Xiao Rui was not willing to give up and was determined to continue to retaliate against Meng Haotian.

In the studio, Meng Haotian learned that Lingzhi's endorsement fee had been paid and quickly instructed her subordinates to transfer money to Li Chenyang and issue all employees' wages and bonuses. Afterwards, Meng Haotian excitedly crossed out part of her debt on the notebook.

Later, Meng Haotian and Leng Siming had dinner together at a hot pot restaurant. Meng Haotian believed that Zhou Yu and Xiao Rui would not let her go, while Leng Siming praised Meng Haotian for being decisive today. Meng Haotian admitted that she did owe some debt due to Li Chenyang's incident and thanked Leng Siming for his help.

When Yuan Wenbin returned home, he saw Shen Chunyi arranging flowers in the living room. Shen Chunyi wanted to celebrate the success of the Lingzhi new product launch, but Yuan Wenbin was not in the mood and left. Shen Chunyi followed and comforted him in a gentle voice after seeing that Yuan Wenbin was upset due to not being recognized three years ago. Yuan Wenbin apologized for bringing his emotions home, and they went back to the house and had dinner together in the dining room. Yuan Wenbin asked Shen Chunyi if she would like to move back in, and they smiled at each other.

At night, Leng Siming lay on the sofa at Meng Haotian's house. Meng Haotian couldn't help but tease Leng Siming for having a low alcohol tolerance. Leng Siming told Meng Haotian to forget about what happened today and not blame herself for other people's mistakes. Meng Haotian couldn't resist telling Leng Siming her experience, and Leng Siming looked at her with compassion and told her not to change herself.

Meng Haotian accompanied Leng Siming to his doorstep. Suddenly, she asked if he would like to be her boyfriend. Leng Siming was somewhat incredulous, but Meng Haotian took the initiative to kiss him.

At Jiang Leilei's house, she sighed with relief that the two of them were finally together and urged Leng Siming to treat Meng Haotian well. Before dinner, Jiang Leilei thanked Lao Luo for entrusting her with the flower shop and celebrated the fact that Meng Haotian and Leng Siming were now a couple. She couldn't help but imagine what their wedding scene would look like.

At the coffee shop, Li Chenyang urged Leng Nuan to study hard and go back to school with her backpack. Li Chenyang walked into the campus, and Leng Nuan wanted to follow him into the school but was recognized by the security guard as not being a student and was not allowed to enter the campus. So, Leng Nuan had to leave.

At the swimming pool, Xiaotuan was playing by the water when suddenly someone forcefully pushed him into the pool. The community security guard ran to inform Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo that Xiaotuan had fallen into the water. They hurried to the swimming pool and found Xiaotuan already conscious, with Bai Xin Bai standing by his side. Jiang Leilei thanked Bai Xin for saving Xiaotuan.

After returning home, Jiang Leilei wanted to invite Bai Xin to dinner as a thank you, but Lao Luo tried to dissuade her. Finally, Jiang Leilei insisted and Lao Luo reluctantly agreed. Meng Haotian noticed that Lao Luo and Bai Xin seemed strange at the swimming pool, but Leng Siming didn't pay much attention.

Lao Luo went to Bai Xin's house. Bai Xin told Lao Luo that she saved Xiaotuan to let him know that she already knew about his situation. Lao Luo told her that he was single and only had a previous marriage. Bai Xin remembered that when they were together, Lao Luo was still married and Jiang Leilei was pregnant. Lao Luo said he was already divorced, but Jiang Leilei used the child as a means of leverage. Bai Xin stated that she would never break up someone else's family. Lao Luo repeatedly emphasized that he was single and that Su Su and Xiaotuan were his children.

Soon after, Lao Luo brought Bai Xin home for dinner. Jiang Leilei introduced Bai Xin to Leng Siming and Meng Haotian, and expressed her desire for Xiaotuan to learn painting from Bai Xin. Despite Lao Luo's objections, Bai Xin agreed to teach Xiaotuan. During the conversation, Meng Haotian realized that something was wrong and wanted to ask a question, but Leng Siming stopped her. After leaving Jiang Leilei's house, Meng Haotian believed that if she didn't ask, Jiang Leilei would continue to be kept in the dark. Leng Siming thought that it was a matter between two families, and maybe they were just overthinking things, and there was no need to do anything for the time being.

Over the weekend, Meng Haotian received a call from her subordinate, Ai Mi, while Leng Siming received a call from Yu Yang, who asked him to come back to the company for a meeting in half an hour. They both checked the news and found that someone had posted a video accusing Li Chenyang of isolating him. Ai Mi told Meng Haotian that the person who posted the video was named Chun Lu and was a short video blogger. Meng Haotian believed that he just wanted to gain attention and deliberately fabricated the situation.

At this time, Leng Siming called. After learning that Zhou Yu was going to Lingzhi, Meng Haotian hurried over. Unable to find Li Chenyang's parents and with Li Chenyang not even carrying his phone, Leng Nuan decided to go to his previous school with his parents to look for him.

In the Lingzhi office, Zhou Yu asked Lingzhi Group and Li Chenyang to make a cut and promote a new spokesperson, and then help Li Chenyang whitewash his image after the heat dies down. Meng Haotian also rushed to the office, and Yuan Wenbin listened to the arguments of the few people, thinking that Zhou Yu's approach was the most effective. Meng Haotian believed that the most urgent task was to find Li Chenyang, restore the truth of the matter, and leave with Leng Siming.

Leng Siming and Meng Haotian went to restaurants, game centers, and internet cafes but couldn't find Li Chenyang. Through Leng Nuan, they found out that Chunlu was indeed Li Chenyang's middle school classmate, and that Li Chenyang took his tablet when he left home. Leng Siming quickly located Li Chenyang's location on the computer.

Meanwhile, Jiang Leilei brought Xiaotuan to Bai Xin's house. Bai Xin asked Su Su to take Xiaotuan to see the other children painting. Jiang Leilei and Bai Xin sat on the sofa and chatted. When Bai Xin saw Jiang Leilei take out some skincare products as a gift, she took out a scarf that Lao Luo had previously given her and gave it to Jiang Leilei.

Later, Jiang Leilei returned home and showed off the gift Bai Xin gave her to Lao Luo. Lao Luo told her not to inquire too much about Bai Xin's husband and took out some documents from his briefcase. Jiang Leilei couldn't understand the contents of the documents, but Lao Luo urged her to quickly sign the contract, so she hastily signed it.

By the lake, Leng Nuan found Li Chenyang first and told him that he must come forward to clarify the truth in order to restore his reputation. Soon after, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian arrived. Meng Haotian asked Li Chenyang what happened back then. It turned out that a group of people who often gathered together at school bullied Chunlu. Li Chenyang had once stood up for him, but he was too scared. Later, even if Chunlu wasn't bullied, he still stood by and did nothing with that group of people. Meng Haotian saw his guilty conscience and suggested that Li Chenyang go apologize.

Meng Haotian asked Li Chenyang to apologize to Chunlu and expressed that Chunlu was very disappointed with Li Chenyang for abandoning him. Li Chenyang was worried that apologizing would be equivalent to admitting to campus bullying. Leng Siming said he would handle the situation well and let him have a clear conscience. Seeing everyone's support, Li Chenyang was willing to go home.

At night, Meng Haotian received a call from Fang Hui. Yuan Wenbin returned home, and Shen Chunyi couldn't wait to introduce him to the property she had seen. However, Yuan Wenbin unexpectedly said he wasn't in the mood for marriage. Seeing him mentally and physically exhausted due to work, Shen Chunyi had no choice but to let him rest first.

After a few days, Li Chenyang held a live press conference and, encouraged by Meng Haotian, admitted to campus bullying, stating that he wanted to be accountable to his former classmates. It turned out that Fang Hui had informed Meng Haotian over the phone that Xiao Rui had bribed Chunlu, and Chunlu was also being continuously pressured by public opinion. So Meng Haotian approached Chunlu and persuaded him, while Leng Siming presented him with a cooperation contract for the "Anti-Bullying Special Program." The staff brought Chunlu to the live broadcast scene, and Li Chenyang apologized to Chunlu. Chunlu explained the true situation back then, stating that everything was a misunderstanding. Finally, the two appealed to oppose bullying and pay attention to the school environment.

Wuxing Communications, Zhou Yu told Xiao Rui to stop and reminded him not to lose sight of the big picture over small matters. Xiao Rui agreed to temporarily let go of Meng Haotian. On the other hand, Lao Yuan and Yuan Wenbin had a dispute about the company and Shen Chunyi. Lao Yuan noticed that Yuan Wenbin was too eager to control everything, and he was afraid of losing.

In the Lingzhi meeting room, Leng Siming proposed the acquisition of Daiyue Technology Company, but Yuan Wenbin and other shareholders disagreed. Later, Leng Siming arrived at the noodle shop owned by Lao Yuan. Lao Yuan knew that Leng Siming wanted to acquire Daiyue and was worried that he was being too aggressive. Leng Siming expressed that he only wanted to do a good job and bring value to Lingzhi.

In the office, a subordinate informed Yuan Wenbin that they had seen Shen Chunyi going to a mental health clinic and felt that her mental state was not good. Yuan Wenbin drove to the clinic and happened to see Shen Chunyi leaving, with a man chasing after her and handing her clothes. Yuan Wenbin followed the man upstairs and immediately punched him upon entering the room, then asked about his relationship with Shen Chunyi. The man, named Ji Mo, introduced himself as a psychology Ph.D. and currently an intern at the Xinqiao Mental Health Clinic. Ji Mo took Yuan Wenbin into a room and explained the situation of Shen Chunyi seeking psychological treatment, revealing that she was his first patient. Shen Chunyi had a severe lack of security, which led her to overly care about Yuan Wenbin and fail to realize that she was slowly losing herself.

At a restaurant, Yuan Wenbin proposed breaking up with Shen Chunyi, expressing that his mind was solely focused on the company and believing that they were not suitable to be together. He also mentioned that the better Shen Chunyi treated him, the greater his psychological pressure became. Seeing that Yuan Wenbin wanted to continue talking, Shen Chunyi made an excuse to go shopping with her friends and left the restaurant.

At Jiang Leilei's home, her aunt took out something from Lao Luo's pocket. Jiang Leilei looked at the date on the illegal parking notification and called Lao Luo, urging him to come home. In the garden, Jiang Leilei asked Lao Luo about the car fine. Lao Luo remained calm and explained that he had asked Lao Zhang to drive the car for repairs. Jiang Leilei questioned whether he really went on a business trip. Lao Luo, looking at Jiang Leilei crying, admitted that it was indeed Lao Zhang who drove the car for personal matters, leading to the fine. Then, Lao Luo took out a subcontracting agreement for a project and asked Jiang Leilei to sign it.

Ji Mo entered the room and saw the broken mirror on the floor. Shen Chunyi told Ji Mo that Yuan Wenbin had proposed breaking up. Although she felt fearful of Yuan Wenbin's control, she couldn't leave him because she had become accustomed to it.

In the Lingzhi meeting room, Lao Yuan expressed support for acquiring Daiyue, believing that Daiyue's technology would be an added advantage for Lingzhi. However, other directors and Yuan Wenbin still disagreed. Leng Siming informed them that Daiyue's funding chain had broken, and now would be a good time to negotiate the price. Back in the office, Yuan Wenbin planned to turn the tables and stated that he would delegate the follow-up work of the base station to his subordinate, giving him an opportunity to defeat Leng Siming and become the Chief Technology Officer.



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