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Reblooming Blue – Victoria Song, Vic Chou

Reblooming Blue is a urban romance drama, directed by Li Ang, starring Victoria Song and Vic Chou in leading roles, with special appearance by Liu Mintao, and featuring Liu Chang, Zhu Yanmanzi, Huang Pinyuan, Shi Yueling, Xie Xingyang, Hu Baosen, Liu Chao, and Yan Yunjing.

The series follows Chen Xiaoman, a migrant to Beijing, as she returns to her hometown of Jingdezhen. There, she meets Ke Yan and they embark on a journey together, striving to uphold and pass on the intangible cultural heritage through entrepreneurship.


Reblooming Blue

English Title: Reblooming Blue
Chinese Title: 另一种蓝
Genre: Romance, Urban
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Ang
Released Date: 2024-05-08
Broadcast Website: MGTV



The girl Chen Xiaoman, who has been striving in the big city, works hard and lives frugally, saving up to invest in her family's porcelain business. However, she is forced to return to her hometown after a series of job losses. At this time, Chen Xiaoman's boss, Ke Yan, also faces unprecedented setbacks. In order to turn the tide, Ke Yan comes to Chen Xiaoman's hometown seeking help from a legendary figure in the investment world who resides there.

Chen Xiaoman and Ke Yan meet again, and their destinies become intertwined with porcelain. With Ke Yan's guidance and encouragement, Chen Xiaoman decides to embark on the path of entrepreneurship. Throughout the challenging entrepreneurial journey, Ke Yan provides Chen Xiaoman with warm love and strong support. Chen Xiaoman gathers courage to confront the conflicts within her family business, overcoming various obstacles and innovating the porcelain manufacturing industry.

When Ke Yan falls into despair, Chen Xiaoman invites him to join her in entrepreneurship, and their relationship blossoms into a beautiful love. In the end, Chen Xiaoman reconciles with her family, bringing warmth and harmony back to the household, and she becomes a completely new and enriched version of herself.


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