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Once Given, Never Forgotten – Yang Le, Zhang Xueying

Once Given, Never Forgotten is an urban emotional drama directed by Li Dawei and Ding Yangguo and led by Yang Yi and Zhang Xueying. The drama tells the story of the blind orphan Lian Xin and Xiang Yuqiu as long as 10 years relationship story.



Once Given, Never Forgotten

English Title: Once Given, Never Forgotten
Chinese Title: 你的名字我的姓氏
Genre: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 44
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Dawei, Ding Yangguo
Writer: Yao Yao
General producer: Yao Yao
Broadcasting Website: iQIYI
Released Date: July 26, 2021


Yang Le Yang Le as Xiang Yuqiu
Zhang Xueying Zhang Xueying as Lianxin
Zhang Chao Zhang Chao as Chen Qi
Viola Mi Viola Mi as Tang Shi
Run Chen Run Chen as Luo Rui
Jasmine Liu Jasmine Liu as Ye Mutao
Zhang Ge Zhang Ge as Xiao Lianxin


Xiang Yuqiu’s girlfriend Luo Ting, who died unexpectedly, donated her corneas to Lian Xin, a frail and sickly 10-year-old orphan girl.

Ten years later, Xiang Yuqiu has created the Xiang Group, which is very famous. Lian Xin, who has become a landscape designer, returned from studying abroad and met Luo Rui, Luo Ting’s younger brother.

Luo Rui fell in love with Lian Xin at first sight and pursued her madly, while Lian Xin loved Xiang Yuqiu.

Tang Shi had a crush on her business partner Xiang Yuqiu and wanted Lian Xin to convince Xiang Yuqiu, who has no willing to married but accidentally discovers Lian Xin’s feelings for Xiang Yuqiu.

Xiang Yuqiu was unable to face Lian Xin who was looking at him with Luo Ting’s eyes, and they cannot confess their feelings.

Lian Xin suffered from Alzheimer’s disease under heavy pressure. To prevent Xiang Yuqiu from knowing that, Lian Xin begged Luo Rui to take her away.

Luo Rui accidentally learned that his sister Luo Ting’s death was caused by Tang Shi and brought Lian Xin back, to tell the truth. After Tang Shi turned herself in, Xiang Yuqiu looked at Lian Xin in pain. Lian Xin has forgotten herself.

Fearing to lose their lover again, he tried his best to treat her. With unremitting persistence and guardianship, he eventually awakened her memories.

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