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Enlighten Your Life – Zheng Yecheng, Liu Ruilin

Enlighten Your Life is a contemporary industrial drama directed by Zhang Hanbing, starring Zheng Yecheng, Liu Ruilin, Landy Li Landi, Guo Xiaodong, Hai Yitian, and Wang Daqi, with special appearances by Yang Tongshu, Xing Minshan, Zhu Tie, and Gang Yi.

The drama tells the story of Chinese nuclear industrialists who, with extraordinary ambition, courage, and strength, struggle to realize the dream of a strong nation with “China’s own world-class nuclear power plants”.


Enlighten Your Life

English Title: Enlighten Your Life
Chinese Title: 许你万家灯火
Genre: Drama
Tag: Wrongfully Accused, Teamwork, Corruption
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhang Hanbing
Writer: Huang Jiandong, Li Sidian
Producer: Xia Xiaohui
Product Company: CCTV
Released Date: 2023-03-01
Boradcast Website: MZTV Exclusive



In 1986, a Yugoslavian nuclear expert named Leman visited the Donghai Nuclear Power Plant to inspect it and questioned China’s ability to build nuclear power plants. Welder Ye Jiaming and procurement officer Lin Tiancheng joined the comprehensive rectification and construction of the Donghai Nuclear Power Plant.

That same year, Ye Jiaming and Lin Tiancheng each had a son, Ye Qichen and Lin Qi. During the construction of the Donghai Nuclear Power Plant, Lin Tiancheng was falsely accused of embezzlement by his subordinate, Ding Li.

After the incident was clarified, Lin Tiancheng angrily resigned and went to the United States, leaving his son Lin Qi to be raised by the Ye family. When Ye Qichen and Lin Qi grew up, they both entered a research institute and during this period, China’s nuclear power technology continued to make new breakthroughs.

In 2011, China’s completely independent nuclear power technology CP1000 passed the review, but due to the impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the nuclear power project was completely halted.

At that time, Lin Tiancheng had become a major competitor as a manufacturer of important nuclear power equipment abroad, and he returned to China to become CP1000’s biggest competitor. Faced with difficulties, Lin Qi, Ye Qichen, and other third-generation nuclear industry personnel explored new paths through hard work and perseverance.


Episode Plot

A group of Yugoslavian nuclear experts, led by Leman, were invited to visit the Qin Chang nuclear power plant for inspection. They pointed out numerous problems at the construction site and questioned China’s ability to independently build nuclear power plants, demanding an immediate halt to the construction. Lin Tiancheng was anxious and had no choice but to seek help from Ye Jiaming. The two of them, along with welding engineer Meng Zhiyuan, intercepted the expert group on their way back using Meng’s small truck. Ye Jiaming boldly proposed a long-considered rectification plan, which impressed Leman and he promised to report the situation truthfully to relevant government departments and suggested giving time for rectification. Dean Qin of the Nuclear Research Institute called Ye Jiaming, Lin Tiancheng, and Meng Zhiyuan to his office to inquire about the situation, while the head of the administrative management department, Ding Li, sternly criticized the three for their rash behavior. At this time, Leman called and asked Ye Jiaming to calculate a plan with him, and the hope for the Qin Chang nuclear power plant was reignited.

Ye Jiaming, Lin Tiancheng, and Meng Zhiyuan became friends and were known as the “Qinchang Three Musketeers”. Their families also became close. Expert Leman invited Qinchang Nuclear Power to send people to study at a nuclear power plant in Yugoslavia, and Lin Tiancheng was among them. This worried him because he had lost his wife and didn’t know who would take care of his son, Lin Qi, while he was away. In desperation, Lin Tiancheng turned to Ye Jiaming and asked Lu Yunzheng to help take care of Lin Qi. On the other hand, Meng Zhiyuan’s wife, Zhang Lan, decided to take the rare opportunity to study medicine in the United States. Since Meng Zhiyuan was busy with work, Ye Jiaming took on the task of taking care of their daughter, Meng Xiaowei. Thus, Ye Jiaming and Lu Yunzheng became parents to three children. After six months of renovation, the Qinchang Nuclear Power Plant finally entered the modern construction phase. The Leman expert group came to inspect again and praised the construction site, saying that the Qinchang Nuclear Power Plant would become a nuclear power plant that meets international standards.

Meng Zhiyuan has been suffering from long-term physical discomfort and was diagnosed with advanced pulmonary heart disease after going to the hospital for a check-up. Lu Yunzheng took out all the savings at home and tried her best to help Meng Zhiyuan treat his illness, but Ye Jiaming told her that the doctor diagnosed that Meng Zhiyuan only had one month left at most. To keep it from Xiaowei, Meng Zhiyuan said he was going on a business trip to a faraway place, and Xiaowei believed him. Ye Jiaming accompanied Meng Zhiyuan at the hospital bed, feeling deeply saddened. Meng Zhiyuan said that not being able to see the completion of a nuclear power plant built entirely by China was the biggest regret of his life, which made Ye Jiaming feel choked up. Professor Wen, who has long supported the introduction and had a significant influence in the nuclear power industry, heard that Yue Changshan was conducting independent core research and brought his student Xu Jichuan to Zero Point. Xu Jichuan looked at the confirmed 177 core plan and said he supported 193 more. At this time, Ye Jiaming returned from visiting Meng Zhiyuan and saw that the direction they were focusing on had been changed, leading to a heated debate with Xu Jichuan. To ease the argument, Yue Changshan proposed using data to speak and let all the key personnel in the business vote.

Zhang Lan rushed back from the United States to see Meng Zhiyuan’s weakened state, feeling a mix of emotions. Meanwhile, Ye Jiaming, faced with pressure from Xu Jichuan and Meng’s dying wish, became obsessed with presenting the 177-core plan. As the new round of voting for the core plan began, the support for the 193 plan was already well over half. However, just as the dust was settling, Ye Jiaming rushed in and discovered that by optimizing the procurement plan and replacing imported equipment, the economic viability of the 177 plan could be greatly enhanced. The researchers present enthusiastically discussed this, and ultimately the 177-core plan won by an overwhelming majority. As sympathetic opponents, Ye Jiaming and Xu Jichuan had a deep conversation and shook hands, determined to do their best for China’s nuclear power industry.

The long-awaited singing competition finally opened in the auditorium, and Meng Xiaowei was there. Meng Zhiyuan arrived late in a wheelchair. At the moment when everyone was moved, Ding Li led a group of security personnel to break in and announced an immediate investigation into Lin Tiancheng and Ye Jiaming. Lin Tiancheng finally exploded with his long-held emotions and expressed his desire to leave Qin Chang and go abroad. He had witnessed the humiliation of the country’s lack of scientific research strength and the absence of a truly independent nuclear power brand through negotiations abroad. He wanted to switch to sales and sell foreign technology and products to China at the most economical price. In the low atmosphere, Meng Zhiyuan closed his eyes forever. Lin Qi followed his father Lin Tiancheng to the United States, and Meng Xiaowei left the nuclear power institute with her mother Zhang Lan. The three families who were once as close as family were scattered all over the world.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, Lin Qi, who has grown up, has become an operator at the Qinchang Nuclear Power Plant in 2009. While dealing with a crisis, he catches the eye of the old man from the thermal department, Zhong Dagong. However, he already has his heart set on becoming an operator after passing the operator’s exam. At the Qinchang Nuclear Power Plant simulation training center, Lin Qi meets Meng Xiaowei, who has the same dream of becoming an operator after thirteen years apart. He feels guilty for the unintentional harm he caused Xiaowei in their childhood and tries to mend their relationship, but accidentally breaks the “Little Golden Man” left by Meng Zhiyuan for Xiaowei. Ye Qichen has also graduated from the United States and specifically applied for the position of assistant chief engineer at the Nuclear Research Institute, eager to work alongside his father, Ye Jiaming. The three of them return to Qinchang separately.

After reuniting, Lin Qi was constantly met with cold looks from Meng Xiaowei. To make up for his mistake, Lin Qi tried everything to make Meng Xiaowei happy, but it had little effect. Ye Qichen’s return to China was also not going well. He was surprised to see that the chief designer he had been waiting for was replaced by Xu Jichuan, his own father. Dean Yue took him to the exhibition hall and explained Ye Jiaming’s decision to him. Ye Qichen was greatly shocked and began to understand his father’s decision. Ye Qichen became Xu Jichuan’s assistant at the nuclear research institute. Ye Jiaming specifically instructed Xu Jichuan to train Ye Qichen well from the basics, as his life had been too smooth in the past 20 years and he was prone to overconfidence. Xu Jichuan agreed and assigned a group task to Ye Qichen. Ye Qichen quickly completed the data calculation alone, but Xu Jichuan pointed out that he lacked team spirit, which made him feel a little discouraged.

Lin Qi proposed to form a study group and asked Ye Qichen to be the teacher. Meng Xiaowei reluctantly agreed. After a heart-to-heart chat, the tension between the three gradually dissipated, and Lin Qi became more determined to take care of Xiaowei and Qichen. Zhong Dagong found Lin Qi and believed that he was not suitable to be a manipulator. He invited him to work in the nuclear research institute, but Lin Qi refused and said that he only wanted to be a manipulator. Zhong Dagong tried his best, but to no avail. He even brought in Ye Jiaming, but it still didn’t work. However, Lin Qi’s performance in the simulator training repeatedly confirmed Zhong Dagong’s judgment. Lin Qi often received criticism from instructor Li Hailin for not following the rules, while Xiaowei was always an excellent student, which Lin Qi admired. In the family building, the study group of Lin Qi, Ye Qichen, and Meng Xiaowei was officially formed, and the three seemed to return to the happy time of living together when they were young.

Ye Qichen went to the Materials Institute to confront his father about his work issues. Ye Jiaming tried to persuade Ye Qichen to be humble and endure hardships in order to grow, but Ye Qichen refused to listen and had a big argument with his father before leaving. Lin Qi and Meng Xiaowei went to visit Ye Jiaming at the Materials Institute and saw that he had a high blood pressure attack due to being angry with Ye Qichen’s behavior. On the way back, Meng Xiaowei was attracted by a “not for sale” guitar in a shop window, and Lin Qi secretly remembered it. Ye Qichen went to a bar to drown his sorrows, and when he was drunk, Lin Qi came to take him back to the dormitory. The next day, Ye Qichen applied to join the pile research group, but Xu Jichuan did not approve and instead suggested that Ye Qichen join the double-layer safety shell research group, which made Ye Qichen even more confused.

Lu Yunzheng patiently persuaded Ye Jiaming that sometimes, only as a father, he could help Ye Qichen overcome the obstacles on his path to growth. In order to untie the knot between father and son, Lu Yunzheng specially invited Lin Qi and Meng Xiaowei to come to their home to make dumplings together. The family finally gathered together happily. Lu Yunzheng created an opportunity for Ye Jiaming and Ye Qichen to be alone. Ye Qichen revealed to his father that he wanted to resign, which shocked Ye Jiaming. After resolving the work issue, Ye Jiaming came to Qichen’s office building with a guilty conscience, and the father and son had a heart-to-heart talk. Ye Jiaming talked about his work experience over the years, blaming himself for not fulfilling his responsibility as a good father due to work reasons, and encouraged Qichen not to give up his ideals. The knot between father and son was completely untied

On the day of the operator exam, Meng Xiaowei was preparing for the test when she suddenly received a call from Wei Yiyi. Wei Yiyi pretended to be sick to gain sympathy and took the opportunity to steal Meng Xiaowei’s backpack containing her exam credentials, deliberately obstructing her from participating in the operator exam. Meng Xiaowei found Wei Yiyi and patiently persuaded her rebellious sister to let go of her resentment and live her own life. Wei Yiyi was moved by Meng Xiaowei’s sincerity. As the exam was about to begin, Meng Xiaowei had not yet appeared, causing Lin Qi to anxiously pace at the exam room door. In the last minute before the exam began, Meng Xiaowei finally arrived at the exam room, but by a twist of fate, she was placed in the same group as Lin Qi. During the exam, Lin Qi’s thinking was too scattered and he ultimately failed due to his disobedience to Meng Xiaowei, who was the group leader. On the other hand, Meng Xiaowei successfully passed the assessment.

Ye Qichen was uneasy and called out Lin Qi to ask about the leak of the double-layer safety shell, questioning whether Lin Qi accidentally revealed it to AG Group. Lin Qi, being questioned by his best friend, became extremely angry and after a heated argument, he and Ye Qichen went their separate ways. Lin Qi was determined to prove that he could also do something earth-shattering. He found Zhong Dagong and actively applied to join the steam generator research team. Finally, Zhong Dagong successfully recruited Lin Qi. Before leaving, Lin Qi bought the guitar that Meng Xiaowei had been longing for and gave it to her. Without saying goodbye, Lin Qi silently left the nuclear research institute and followed Zhong Dagong to the workplace.

Lin Qi received a video sent by Meng Xiaowei, but due to the remote location of the oil field, there was no signal and the video could not be opened. Lin Qi was eager to watch the video content, so he sneaked out at night, but accidentally ran into the patrolling Mr. Zhong and had to return disappointed. Lin Qi tried to sneak out of the camp at night several times, but was stopped by Mr. Zhong, and everyone secretly thought that Lin Qi was deserting because he couldn’t bear hardship. During a gap when everyone was asleep, Lin Qi used Chinese cabbage as bait and secretly slipped away from under the nose of the big goose “Bai Daqi”. Mr. Zhong was extremely anxious when he found that Lin Qi was missing, and he quickly woke up the entire task force to search and sought help from the police. The old police easily found Lin Qi and scolded him, but upon hearing Lin Qi’s true purpose, he took him to a place with a signal.

The time for the oil field to provide steam to the steam generator was shortened, and Mr. Zhong called everyone to have a party meeting. Lin Qi volunteered to participate, but was excluded by everyone. Lin Qi’s car arrived quickly, but his escape completely hurt Mr. Zhong’s heart, and he was sternly “sent back”. On the return trip of the truck, Lin Qi called Ye’s father for help. Ye Jiaming pointed out that the reason why Mr. Zhong was disappointed was that their generation always considered the country when facing their career, but Lin Qi only thought of himself. Lin Qi shamelessly returned to the oil field, apologized in front of Mr. Zhong, and showed his determination to do the nuclear power industry to the end. Mr. Zhong finally allowed him to return to the team.

In order to solve the problem of vibration in the circulating water pump bearing, Meng Xiaowei called her stepfather Wei Qiangguo for advice. Wei Qiangguo was genuinely happy to receive a call from his eldest daughter for the first time. After repeated verification, Meng Xiaowei finally confirmed that there was indeed an abnormality in the circulating water pump. She handed over her research report, which she had been working on for several days, to Wu Jianghan, who immediately consulted the mechanical department of the maintenance department. The maintenance personnel of the mechanical department reported that there was no problem with the main water pump, but Meng Xiaowei still insisted on her point of view. Wu Jianghan agreed with Meng Xiaowei’s conclusion and issued a one-month vibration measurement instruction. Xu Jichuan sent Ye Qichen to the engineering company to invite expert Yuan Man and asked the construction party to intervene in the design in advance to speed up the development progress of the double-layer safety shell through collaborative cooperation. Unexpectedly, Yuan Man said that he was too busy to do it alone and promised to assign his best apprentice to support them. With Yuan Man’s guidance, Ye Qichen finally met Si Qin, the apprentice who Yuan Man was most satisfied with.

To ease the relationship between father and son, Zhang Guanghu specially called Lin Qi to accompany Lin Tiancheng. When Lin Qi and Lin Tiancheng chose to return to China and work together with the people from the thermal power plant in the oil field, although they had to endure hardships such as eating cold meals, sleeping in containers, and working in hot and humid conditions, in Lin Qi’s eyes, what Uncle Zhong and his group of people did was more meaningful and valuable than what Lin Tiancheng called success. Lin Tiancheng was sad but also somewhat relieved to hear his son’s thoughts. Ye Qichen lost the go-kart race as expected and had to turn to Ye Jiaming for help. Ye Jiaming told Qichen that people who are not good at socializing need to avoid so-called socializing and use their sincerity to impress others. After careful inspection, the staff found severe corrosion on one of the pump blades in the main pump. Fortunately, Meng Xiaowei discovered the unusual vibration and promptly identified the cause of the malfunction. If the main pump had really failed, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Meng Xiaowei felt double the pressure from Wu Jianghan’s severity, and she didn’t understand why her master was so rejecting of her. She had to work twice as hard to seek approval. Li Hailin accidentally revealed that Meng Xiaowei was not the first female operator trained by Wu Jianghan. When Meng Xiaowei asked, Wu Jianghan revealed that the reason he was so harsh on her was because a female operator he had trained before had left the industry due to pressure. He actually wanted Xiaowei to grow faster through tempering, and Xiaowei agreed with him.

Lin Qi handed over the data from the thermal power plant to Zhong Dagong at the last minute. With excitement and nervousness, everyone welcomed the expert review. The steam generator entered the manufacturing phase, and Zhong Dagong sent Lin Qi to the factory to help solve the non-conformities. The project progressed smoothly, and Lin Qi finally took a break and reunited with Meng Xiaowei, whom he had missed for a long time. However, just as he was about to confess his feelings, he saw the news of a major accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The two hurriedly returned to their respective positions… The second phase of the Yurong nuclear power plant received a temporary work stoppage order, and everyone was worried. Sure enough, shortly after, the central government issued an important notice: to suspend the approval of all domestic nuclear power projects; to suspend all new nuclear power plants and re-evaluate them. This dealt a major blow to the research staff who were just full of enthusiasm. Why is it so difficult to build a million-kilowatt-level nuclear power plant that belongs to China’s independent construction?

In Beijing, Dean Qin rushed to attend a nuclear power planning meeting, but did not mention the resumption of work. Dean Qin comforted everyone, saying that nuclear safety and nuclear energy development are interdependent, and that we must believe that the country will give a clear direction. After the meeting, Xu Jichuan learned that his mother had gone missing, and was very worried. Fortunately, Ye Qichen helped him find her, and everything turned out fine. While Xu Jichuan was still feeling uneasy, Dean Qin was entrusted by the organization to find him and announce his appointment. The country is going to launch a comprehensive safety inspection of civil nuclear facilities nationwide, and the Nuclear Safety Bureau, Energy Bureau, and Seismological Bureau will form a special inspection team for nuclear power safety rectification. Xu Jichuan is needed to be the team leader and will be transferred back to Beijing. For the future of China’s nuclear power, Xu Jichuan reluctantly accepted the transfer order and handed over the baton of CP1000 chief engineer.

Ru Jing and Lin Tiancheng have already returned to China. She took Lin Qi to visit the office building of AG Company’s China branch alone and invited him to join the company, but Lin Qi immediately refused. Lin Qi attended the welcoming banquet organized by Ru Jing and met his father, Lin Tiancheng, as well as Ding Li, an important business partner mentioned by Ru Jing, and Wen Shixian, the son of Professor Wen. Lin Qi was full of doubts. Is this the “business method” that Lin Tiancheng has always believed in? Watching his father act like a clown to please Ding Li and Wen Shixian at the banquet, Lin Qi’s heart was in turmoil.

Meng Xiaowei confided in Lin Qi about her dilemma with her mother, revealing a side of herself that Lin Qi had never seen before. He felt a sudden tenderness towards her. While Xiaowei was away, Lin Qi quickly called Lu Yunzheng to arrange a “chance encounter” with Zhang Lan and Meng Xiaowei. However, Zhang Lan not only advised Xiaowei to give up her job as a pilot, but also wanted to intervene in her love life, causing Xiaowei’s long-held anger to erupt. To resolve the situation for the mother and daughter, Lin Qi blurted out a confession to Xiaowei, but she scolded him for joking around. Ye Qichen sincerely apologized to Zhao Yongwei, who generously forgave him, and the two laughed off their past grievances.

Lin Qi finally gathered the courage to ask Meng Xiaowei out to watch a movie, and she happily agreed. To relieve stress, Ye Qichen and Wang Yuanbo arranged to play basketball together, but encountered someone at the court who spoke disrespectfully. Wang Yuanbo got into a conflict to defend the reputation of the nuclear research institute and ended up being taken to the police station with injuries. Meng Xiaowei arrived at the cinema with great anticipation, but just as the two were about to meet, Lin Qi learned that Ye Qichen had been taken to the police station and was injured. He quickly stopped a taxi and rushed over, missing the date with Meng Xiaowei. Ye Jiaming reported to Yue Changshan, hoping to upgrade CP1000 directly from second-generation technology to third-generation technology. Yue Changshan looked hesitant, as implementing third-generation technology would be too difficult. However, Ye Jiaming remained determined and believed that they must take the initiative to strengthen external communication in order for CP1000 to have a chance to restart.

Lin Qi and Ye Qichen attended a Fukushima earthquake improvement seminar held by the city and coincidentally met Meng Xiaowei. Lin Qi apologized profusely and explained that he missed their movie date because he was looking for Ye Qichen. Meng Xiaowei responded coldly. Wu Jianghan personally asked about Meng Xiaowei’s job aspirations, and she firmly stated that her biggest dream was to become a pilot. After failed attempts to persuade Yue Changshan and Wu Jianghan, Zhang Lan turned to Lin Tiancheng to express her desire to have Meng Xiaowei work at AG company. Meng Xiaowei planned to spend the weekend with her mother, but Zhang Lan’s concern suffocated her. Meng Xiaowei couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out that Zhang Lan should not interfere with her work and life, leaving Zhang Lan feeling very wronged.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the gathering, Ye Qichen told everyone that their competitor was maliciously poaching their employees, and everyone suddenly realized. Lin Qi learned from Zhao Yongwei that the mastermind behind the scenes was China AG. Ye Jiaming volunteered to be the chief engineer, which moved Yue Changshan deeply. Ye Jiaming suggested establishing a new management and R&D system and hoped that the institute would have more freedom in funding. Regarding this bold reform, Yue Changshan said that the institute would definitely support it, but when it comes to the project leaders, Ye Jiaming would have to personally work on it. Due to the multiple pressures of emotions, family, and work, Meng Xiaowei gradually became exhausted. With the patient guidance of Lu Yunzheng, Meng Xiaowei regained her confidence. The people at the Nuclear Research Institute refused to jump ship, so Wen Shixian and Ding Li thought of another way. Meanwhile, Lin Qi was unaware that a crisis was quietly approaching him.

The country has released new guidelines, and nuclear power is set to restart. Everyone at the Nuclear Research Institute is extremely excited. However, upgrading second-generation nuclear technology to third-generation nuclear technology within a year is a major challenge. Ye Jiaming pointed out that in order to complete the task in such a tight timeframe, an advanced research and development management system must be established. Ye Jiaming officially took on the role of chief engineer and announced that the second-generation plus technology will be iteratively updated to third-generation technology within a year. Everyone in the self-developed project team was extremely excited after hearing this news. Zhong Dagong returned to the Thermal Power Institute after studying at the Party School and led everyone to continue the unfinished steam generator-related experiments. As the movie was about to start, Meng Xiaowei received an urgent notification that there was an emergency at the power plant and she had to go back quickly. Their date was canceled again, but Lin Qi chased after Meng Xiaowei and finally confessed his feelings for her. The two embraced tightly. Lu Yunzheng, as a nuclear power popular science lecturer, accepted an interview with the TV station. Ding Li watched the interview video and came up with a plan.

Lin Qi and Meng Xiaowei started a long-distance relationship due to their work schedule. Zhong Dagong informed Lin Qi that he was being transferred to the Nuclear Research Institute. Lin Qi and Ye Qichen, who were once “enemies,” finally joined the same team and became close partners. Lu Yunzheng’s interview on nuclear safety was maliciously edited and widely spread, attracting the attention of the Nuclear Research Institute. Yue Changshan ordered that it be taken seriously to eliminate the public’s misunderstanding of nuclear power. This made Lu Yunzheng realize that in today’s internet society, facing a new media environment, there needs to be a new publicity strategy. AG Company held an internal meeting and decided to cooperate with Ye Jiaming’s team. However, this internal meeting actually excluded Ru Jing, and Lin Tiancheng even forcibly took over the relevant matters of Nanshan Nuclear Power from Ru Jing. Ru Jing was furious.

Faced with Robert’s threats and temptations, Lin Tiancheng refused to compromise and chose to resign. After leaving AG, Lin Tiancheng not only lost everything but also had a lot of debt. In order not to affect his son Lin Qi’s life, he chose to leave alone in silence. ACP1000 meets the latest design safety requirements for advanced nuclear power technology by the IAEA and has passed the final review. After years of hard work, the Nuclear Research Institute has finally developed China’s own third-generation nuclear power technology scheme with complete independent intellectual property rights. In April 2013, the National Energy Administration chaired the Coordination Meeting for Independent Innovation of Third-Generation Nuclear Power Technology, and finally determined that the China Nuclear Industry Research Institute and the China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute would take advantage of their respective technologies and integrate them into a better technology scheme named “Hualong One”.

With the help of Meng Xiaowei and Zhang Lan, Lin Qi finally found his father, Lin Tiancheng, who needed to work three jobs a day to support himself. Due to his huge debt, Lin Tiancheng tried to persuade Lin Qi to stay away from him, but Lin Qi voluntarily offered to share the burden with his father. Meng Xiaowei won first place in the pilot skills competition and was recommended by Wu Jianghan to become one of the first pilots of the Hualong One. Excited to share the news with Lin Qi, Meng Xiaowei was heartbroken when Lin Qi broke up with her, citing the need to repay his father’s debt. They parted ways with tears in their eyes. Before Xiaowei left for Yurong, Lu Yunzheng and Zhang Lan came to see her off. When Lin Qi was mentioned, Xiaowei admitted that she had let go of him, and that love was not everything in life. Perhaps fighting separately and growing together was the best outcome for both of them.

Ye Qichen followed the construction team to the pre-stressed site 18 meters below ground for work. After many days of hard work, Ye Qichen finally found the direction for design and technical improvements, and his relationship with Si Qin was also getting warmer. After finishing her last shift, Meng Xiaowei officially bid farewell to the Qin Chang Nuclear Power Plant and embarked on a new chapter in her life. The newly replaced integrated hoist guide frame had a coding problem and there was no time to return to the factory for repairs. Si Qin turned to Ye Qichen for help and the program expert who was called in was none other than He Lizi. He Lizi quickly adjusted the hoist with ease, impressing Tian Zige with her skills.

Director Qiao and Lin Qi rushed to the Shangdong Heavy Industries Manufacturing Plant, but the director of the plant refused to see them. Lin Qi sought advice from Lin Tiancheng, who suggested changing their approach. Since they couldn’t find the director, they should first look for the workshop director. With the help of the security guard, Lin Qi and Director Qiao found the workshop director at a small restaurant serving lamb soup. Lin Qi used his eloquence to persuade Director Zhou, and they successfully resolved the order problem for the evaporator U-tube.

After the U-tube procurement, Director Qiao deeply felt that Lin Qi was a good procurement talent. With Director Qiao’s insistence, Lin Qi went to Beibin Electric as a resident procurement officer to follow up on the progress of the electrical cabinet manufacturing. The day of the installation of the dome of the Hualong One nuclear reactor arrived as scheduled. With everyone’s eager anticipation, the installation was successfully completed, and everyone on site was overjoyed.

Just as the dome was successfully installed, Ye Qichen proposed to Si Qin. With Hualong One as their witness, Si Qin finally agreed to Ye Qichen’s proposal.

Ye Qichen and Meng Xiaowei discovered that the “leakage incident” was intentionally blamed on Lin Tiancheng by AG. Lin Qi personally asked Ru Jing for confirmation, and only then did Ru Jing learn the truth about Lin Tiancheng’s resignation. Under the influence of Professor Wen, Wen Shixian finally woke up and reported Ding Li through legal means. Ding Li was arrested, and Ru Jing also took responsibility for her own mistake and chose to resign from AG. Meng Xiaowei is about to experience the most important moment in her life – becoming one of the first operators of the Hualong One. However, at the most critical moment of the training, Meng Xiaowei accidentally injured her right hand. In order not to fall behind in training, Meng Xiaowei concealed her injury and persevered through the pain to continue working.

During the recovery period after Meng Xiaowei’s surgery, she benefited from Lin Qi’s silent care, and the conflict between them gradually disappeared. The construction of the Hualong One project is going well, and in these uplifting days, Ye Qichen and Si Qin have also completed a major event in their lives and officially registered their marriage. Looking at the couple in front of him, Lin Qi felt lost. Zhong Dagong presided over the experiment of the entire plant losing external power, in order to test whether the nuclear power plant can still operate safely and stably with backup power when all external power sources are lost. In the end, Hualong One successfully passed the test. In September 2020, the first group of self-made fuel components for the first global Hualong One reactor successfully entered the reactor, and the domestically produced 177 fuel rods finally entered the countdown to officially serve China’s independent nuclear power plants.

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