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What If – Zhong Chuxi, Liu Xueyi

What If is directed by Han Qing, written by Zou Jiani, starring Zhong Chuxi and Liu Xueyi in leading roles, with Lin Yushen in a special leading role, and featuring Yao Chi, Liu Mengmeng, and Liu Dan.

The series tells the story of Xia Guo, a girl from Leshan leading a stable and comfortable life in her hometown, who receives an opportunity to work in Shanghai. Faced with different life choices, her story unfolds, opening two different life chapters.


What If

English Title: What If
Chinese Title: 生活在别处的我
Genre: Romance, Life, Drama
Episodes: -
Duration: -
Released Date: 2024-05-06
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



The girl Xia Guo, living a stable and comfortable life with her boyfriend Yu Jian in Leshan, unexpectedly receives an opportunity to work in Shanghai. On one hand, there's the urban life filled with opportunities and challenges, and on the other hand, there's the ordinary life where everything seems foreseeable. How will she make her choice?


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