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Warm and Sweet Synopsis

Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi are two best friends. Nan Fei is a cosmetic surgeon who returned from studying abroad, coming from a medical family background. She has a sharp personality and a near-perfect relationship with her boyfriend, Chen Fang, who is an elegant and mature art curator.

On the other hand, Qi Jiayi is an interior designer for a large decoration company who is overwhelmed by work pressure and engaged with a stable but dull man named Xu Xi.

As they approach their thirties, they both realize that there may be a different choice beyond the common standard answer when it comes to the question of marriage.

Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi each face their own romantic crises, causing them to return to the dating phase. They fight together in the battle between love and marriage, gaining new insights into themselves, love, and marriage.

They both also pursue successful careers and overcome misunderstandings to repair their relationship, supporting each other like family. Together with their partners, Chen Fang and Jiao Yue, they ultimately come to understand what is truly important in life: responsibility, love, truth, and freedom, while facing the dilemma of life.

Warm and Sweet Recap

Episode 1 Recap

Plastic surgeon Nan Fei, who is approaching thirty, was annoyed when her colleague Ling Jiaoyang asked about her love life and tried to sell her a plastic surgery package. However, Nan Fei's attention was caught when Ling Jiaoyang showed her a news article on his phone. The article was about Nan Fei's boyfriend from the south, Chen Fang, a renowned curator with international acclaim, but it said that he and his wife Liu Shuting had a deep relationship. Nan Fei had told her colleagues that Chen Fang was divorced, but the news clearly stated otherwise, and everyone was privately discussing whether she was the third party who destroyed someone else's relationship.

Chen Shuting returned to the country with her son, and the first thing she did was to look for Chen Fang. Chen Fang was very happy to see his son. At this time, Nan Fei called to question him about the news, but Chen Fang said it was all written by the reporters. He then declined the invitation to have dinner together that night, saying that he wanted to accompany Chen Shuting and their son to have dinner with his parents. Nan Fei hung up the phone feeling desolate upon hearing this.

Qi Jiayi called Nan Fei while wearing a knockoff wedding dress that cost over 300 yuan. Nan Fei disapproved and told her to return it, but Qi Jiayi believed that a wedding dress is only worn once, so it's not worth it to buy a cheap one. Qi Jiayi's boss interrupted their conversation and, in order to make up for her mistake, Qi Jiayi was sent by her boss to deal with a difficult client, Jiao Yue. As an interior designer, Qi Jiayi rode a small electric scooter to the construction site, which was an old building from the 1940s that faced many challenges. When the contractor tried to back out, Qi Jiayi staged a play by bringing in other people to act.

Chen Fang's parents are not aware of his divorce with Chen Shutin and they want their grandson Chen Po to stay in China. This is also Chen Shutin's idea for returning this time. At the dinner table, everyone was happy, but Chen Fang's expression was not good. In the past, Chen Shutin was willing to follow another man to get a green card and even suffered domestic violence, but now she wants to come back. Chen Fang naturally disagrees with reconciliation. They have already ended things. Chen Fang left the house in a hurry and went back to Nan Fei's house. Nan Fei was still angry about the report, feeling that she was being treated like a mistress in front of everyone, despite being the legitimate girlfriend. Chen Fang hoped that she could give him some time and he would handle everything.

The young girls in the department refuse to assist Nan Fei in surgery, saying they don't want to be an accomplice to a mistress. Nan Fei, feeling angry, goes to the department head, who sends someone else to take her place. Nan Fei is frustrated and can only explain to the patient, who only trusts Nan Fei and not the person who replaced her. Chen Fang asks the author to delete the part about his family, but the author refuses to change the article, knowing that Chen Shuting is divorced and suggests that Chen Fang reunite with her for the sake of their child, who is struggling overseas. However, Chen Fang doesn't want to continue in this wrong marriage, and he and Nan Fei are planning to get married.

Qi Jiayi came to Nan Fei's city for a business trip, and Nan Fei confided in her troubles. She really wants to marry Chen Fang, especially since her parents have been urging her to get married. Chen Fang bought a very gorgeous wedding dress for Qi Jiayi, which made her very touched. Yesterday, the hospital wanted to punish Nan Fei for a surgery and claimed that it was her fault. They almost labeled her as the "mistress". Nan Fei was suspended from performing any surgeries and had to do outpatient work.

Qi Jiayi and her boyfriend Xu Xi set off to the train station to pick up their future mother-in-law. Xu Xi had given her a preventive shot earlier and told her not to reveal his secret in front of his mother because he cares about his mother's reputation. Xu Xi boasted in front of his relatives that he had bought Qi Jiayi's house, but she didn't take it seriously. After all, they were family after getting married. When they arrived at Qi Jiayi's big house, Xu's mother was very happy and kept praising her son. But when she saw Qi Jiayi's wardrobe, she frowned. Xu's mother took out tools to teach Qi Jiayi how to make dumplings, and kept hinting that she should behave herself, take care of the family, and rely on Xu Xi for her livelihood. Qi Jiayi wanted to explain something, but felt powerless.

Episode 2 Recap

Xu's mother was massaging Xu Xi's legs and crying, saying that she couldn't bear to part with him. He was her most cherished child, and she had never remarried because she was afraid he would be hurt. Xu's mother hoped that Xu Xi would find someone who would take care of him and cherish him like she did. Although Qi Jiayi was very good, she didn't seem like someone who would cherish others. Xu Xi said that as long as they were happy together, it would be fine. However, Xu's mother's tears became more and more intense. After Qi Jiayi came back from taking out the trash, Xu's mother immediately stopped crying and instructed her to fetch water to wash her feet. Xu Xi wanted to help but was stopped by her. Qi Jiayi brought the water, but Xu's mother asked Xu Xi to soak his feet and once again instructed Qi Jiayi to take care of every aspect of their son's life.

The surgery was successful, but Nan Fei's achievement was attributed to someone else, and she even received criticism. Fed up with it, she questioned the director at the meeting, insisting that she had done nothing wrong in this matter. However, the director said that she should reflect on her own problems and her poor relationships with colleagues. Ling Jiaoyang saw that she had caused trouble and quickly pulled her aside to analyze the situation. The director was just trying to show off his power and make an example of Nan Fei. Ling Jiaoyang advised Nan Fei to apologize to the director, but Nan Fei refused to back down. Ling Jiaoyang was frustrated with her stubbornness.

Her mother called and demanded that she come home for dinner in a very firm tone. Nan's mother had received an article forwarded by a friend questioning Nan Fei's situation. Wasn't she already divorced? Nan Fei repeatedly assured her mother, but her parents were not convinced and worried about their child being hurt. Nan Fei had good conditions, so why would she look for someone who had been married before? Her parents demanded that she break up with Chen Fang.

Feeling down, Nan Fei went to the bar where she had already had quite a few drinks by the time Chen Fang arrived. Nan Fei looked at her lover in front of her, but she just couldn't seem to hold on to him no matter what she did. Nan Fei was an ordinary girl who just wanted to be with Chen Fang and show off their love shamelessly. After four years of hiding their relationship, Nan Fei was tired. Chen Fang was very self-blaming, and it seemed like Nan Fei had made up her mind to break up. She didn't want to pressure Chen Fang, nor did she want to be an immature person, but who knew the pressure she was facing now. Her parents had never approved of their relationship, and as a gynecologist, her mother kept repeating that if she didn't have children now, she would never be able to. Nan Fei had no choice but to break up, as it seemed like the best option. Chen Fang held her hand tightly, not wanting to let go. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nan Fei and promised to come back home tomorrow to clear things up.

Shanghai. On the day when Qi Jiayi's mother and Xu's mother met, Qi Jiayi hurried over and saw her mother still elegantly drinking coffee in the lobby. Although they were just an ordinary single-parent family in the lane, Qi's mother considered herself to be a cut above the Xu family, and believed that Qi Jiayi should be more proud, so she left the gift she bought at the front desk. When she arrived at the private room, Xu's mother and Qi's mother warmly greeted each other. Xu's mother gave Qi Jiayi a gift of handmade buns, and Qi's mother's face stiffened when she saw it. She then presented her own gift, a hand-painted fan. Xu's mother was also taken aback. Qi Jiayi and Xu Xi tried to adjust the atmosphere, but their mothers kept competing, not only about family background, but also about education. As they talked, they came to the topic of the wedding. Qi's mother took out her notebook and Xu's mother took out her calculator. Qi's mother refused to compromise on anything, but at that moment, Qi Jiayi received a work call and had to leave hastily, and the dinner ended.

Chen Fang returned home, and before he could speak, his father sighed about the joy of family reunions and suggested that he should reconcile with his ex-wife, Chen Shuting. It turned out that Chen Shuting had already informed them about the divorce, and his parents believed that reconciling was best for the child. Even if they didn't consider themselves, they had to consider the child. Chen Fang said that they no longer had a foundation of love, and everyone was talking about the child. Chen Shuting cried and said she was willing to pay the price for what happened. Chen Fang had to confess that he already had a girlfriend and was planning to get married. However, his parents became emotional and threatened to find a stepmother for their grandson, unless Chen Fang was dead! Chen Pei witnessed all of this and suddenly cursed before running back to his room in tears, causing Chen's father to have a heart attack.

Episode 3 Recap

The conversation between Chen Fang and others was overheard by Chen Po. She was saddened and hid in her room, while Chen's father suffered a heart attack and collapsed, causing chaos in the Chen family.

Chen Fang went to Nan Fei's house at night, hesitated, and finally turned away, but Nan Fei upstairs saw everything.

Xu Xi received a call from Qi Jiayi, who didn't come home at night because of work and was worried that Bao Huimei would be angry.

After finishing work, Qi Jiayi returned to Chen Baozhu's house and listened to her complain about Bao Huimei. Qi Jiayi repeatedly persuaded Chen Baozhu to be more generous.

Liu Shuting took the initiative to ask Nan Fei to break up with Chen Fang and revealed that she returned to China to remarry Chen Fang. She used both soft and hard approaches, first pressuring Nan Fei with Chen Po, and then begging Nan Fei with a humble attitude.

At night, Chen Fang came to Nan Fei's house but could not open the door. After Nan Fei opened the door, Chen Fang expressed his feelings for her and explained the family situation, requesting more time. However, Nan Fei had already waited for Chen Fang for four years and was no longer willing to wait, choosing to end their relationship.

While working, Nan Fei met a client who was unsuitable for facial surgery and refused to operate on him, but was later reported.

The dean, who was reported, found Nan Fei and asked her to publicly apologize.

Meanwhile, Qi Jiayi at work found that her client had been snatched away by others, which made her very unhappy. Facing her colleagues' consolation, she became more depressed.

Nan Fei received a call from Qi Jiayi at home and learned that Qi Jiayi had received a job designing the wedding house for her first love, Tian Zhongqing. Qi Jiayi also learned about Nan Fei's decision to end things with Chen Fang and expressed her encouragement and support.

When Qi Jiayi came home with shopping bags, Bao Huimei complained that she was spending money carelessly, which made Qi Jiayi somewhat unhappy. Xu Xi didn't want her mother to get angry and persuaded Qi Jiayi to listen to her mother, leaving her confused. Bao Huimei lived in the house but didn't do any housework, which made Qi Jiayi very upset.

Tian Zhongqing took Qi Jiayi to see the house. Although he had his own ideas, he ultimately decided to listen to his fiancée. At this time, Qi Jiayi received a call from Xu Xi to come home, so Tian Zhongqing suggested that they have dinner together with Xu Xi. Qi Jiayi had no choice but to agree.

At the dinner table, Xu Xi asked Tian Zhongqing various questions and learned that Tian Zhongqing's family conditions were good. In order to fulfill her task of getting a loan from the bank, she asked Qi Jiayi to introduce Tian Zhongqing to her. Xu Xi personally went to pick up Qi Jiayi, with the intention of adding her name to the property deed.

Episode 4 Recap

At home, Bao Huimei doesn't do any household chores and leaves the dishes and chopsticks for Qi Jiayi, who reluctantly washes them while watching Bao Huimei wash Xu Xi's feet.

The next day, Qi Jiayi met with Tian Zhongqing's fiancée at the construction site.

While chatting with colleagues, Qi Jiayi mentioned that she had been in a relationship with Tian Zhongqing, but they broke up because of long-distance work and a misunderstanding where Tian Zhongqing thought she had found someone else.

In order to prepare for her wedding, Qi Jiayi went to a wedding planning company and saw Bao Huimei and Chen Baozhu arguing over who would be the wedding witness. Qi Jiayi immediately pulled Chen Baozhu aside to persuade her. Bao Huimei wanted to save money on the wedding, while Chen Baozhu wanted to give Qi Jiayi a perfect wedding, causing them to argue again. Xu Xi, seeing the conflict escalating, left after answering a phone call, leaving Qi Jiayi to follow Bao Huimei's arrangements and then comfort Chen Baozhu.

Xu Xi, who had been avoiding the situation outside, was relieved to hear that Qi Jiayi had resolved everything and then sweet-talked her to comfort her.

During the process of obtaining the property deed, Qi Jiayi saw Xu Xi and Bao Huimei coming together. Xu Xi prepared a written agreement to allow Qi Jiayi to add her name to the property deed. However, Bao Huimei was unhappy with this and believed that the house was purchased by Xu Xi alone, and therefore didn't want Qi Jiayi's name on the deed.

Nan Fei was asked to write a self-criticism, and although Ling Jiaoyang helped her write the letter, she ultimately did not read it. Nan Fei publicly resigned and left despite Ling Jiaoyang's dissuasion.

Meanwhile, Tian Zhongqing, who was discussing renovations with Qi Jiayi, learned that Qi Jiayi had added Xu Xi's name to the property deed of her own purchased house. He expressed his dissatisfaction with Xu Xi and questioned why Qi Jiayi had chosen to leave him in the past. Tian Zhongqing reminded Qi Jiayi of Xu Xi's moral character, but Qi Jiayi refused to back down and even gave him a wedding invitation.

After Nan Fei left, Ling Jiaoyang couldn't get in touch with her and contacted Qi Jiayi, only to find out from her that Nan Fei had already broken up with Chen Fang.

Episode 5 Recap

Qi Jiayi received a call from Ling Jiaoyang and told him that Nan Fei had been in a relationship with Chen Fang for four years, which ended in a breakup after being dragged on for four years.

Ling Jiaoyang was upset for Nan Fei and went to Chen Fang's company to confront him physically. As a result, Chen Fang learned about Nan Fei's mistreatment and voluntarily showed his divorce certificate, hoping to clear Nan Fei's name.

When Nan Fei came to see her, Qi Jiayi took her to their alma mater to drink and vent her sorrows. Qi Jiayi also contacted Xu Xi to let her know she wouldn't be coming home that night.

The next day, Nan Fei woke up to a call from Ling Jiaoyang and called back to let him know she was safe.

Tian Zhongqing and his fiancée attended Qi Jiayi and Xu Xi's wedding, but his fiancée was not impressed with the decorations. In the bathroom, Tian Zhongqing gave the earrings he had been preparing for Qi Jiayi for ten years to her.

As the wedding was about to begin, everyone was waiting for Qi Jiayi to appear. Nan Fei noticed that Qi Jiayi was not happy and urged her to reconsider, but Qi Jiayi eventually walked down the aisle and got married to Xu Xi.

After the wedding of Qi Jiayi and Xu Xi, Qi Jiayi hid herself and received a call from Xu Xi. She expressed her desire to divorce, which angered Xu Xi. Looking at everything at home, Qi Jiayi decided to divorce and left with Nan Fei.

At night, Bao Huimei complained to Xu Xi about Qi Jiayi not coming home while counting the wedding gift money.

Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei were together, and Qi Jiayi revealed to Nan Fei that she was hiding from her parents and Chen Fang. She also talked about how she spent time with Bao Huimei preparing for the wedding and how Xu Xi never helped her and always sided with Bao Huimei. She realized and decided to give up on the marriage.

On the other side, Xu Xi was lost in thought after seeing the written guarantee he had written in Qi Jiayi's bag.

While working at the construction site, Qi Jiayi saw a house for sale next door and was very satisfied with the layout. She decided to buy it as her wedding house and paid the deposit on the spot.

At the same time, Ling Jiaoyang proved that Nan Fei was not a third party by showing Chen Fang's divorce certificate in front of colleagues.

Episode 6 Recap

Ling Jiaoyang publicly showed Chen Fang's divorce certificate to clarify the situation for Nan Fei, and then exposed the affair between a nurse and office doctor targeting Nan Fei, seeking revenge for her.

Nan Fei's mother, Dong Bihua, learned from the dean that Nan Fei had resigned, and angrily contacted Nan Fei to blame her. She intended to confront Chen Fang but learned from Nan Fei that she had already broken up with him.

Liu Shuting brought Chen Po to Chen Fang's workplace and the three of them had dinner together. Chen Po saw Liu Shuting leaving to answer a phone call, took the opportunity to ask about Chen Fang and Liu Shuting's marital status. Chen Fang admitted that they had already divorced, and also stated that his love for Liu Shuting would not change no matter what.

In order to find Qi Jiayi, Xu Xi went to Chen Baozhu's house. Chen Baozhu saw that Qi Jiayi had returned home but did not know that she wanted a divorce, so she let Qi Jiayi leave with Xu Xi.

After Qi Jiayi and Xu Xi left, she expressed her determination to divorce to him. No matter how Xu Xi tried to persuade her, Qi Jiayi still did not change her mind and agreed to handle the divorce proceedings with Xu Xi.

On the other hand, after returning home, Liu Shuting brought up the topic of wanting to remarry Chen Fang again. She mentioned Chen Po and begged Chen Fang for a chance. When Chen Fang refused, Liu Shuting began to blame him, talking about all the efforts Chen Fang had made in the past. Because of this, Chen Fang realized that Liu Shuting had never changed over the years.

Chen Fang went alone to Nan Fei's house, reminiscing about everything he had with Nan Fei in the past.

In terms of work, Chen Fang refused to compromise on quality for the sake of professionalism, which went against his partners' thoughts.

Qi Jiayi was with Nan Fei and asked about the situation between Nan Fei and Chen Fang. Nan Fei was confident that she could handle it.

In order to keep Qi Jiayi, Xu Xi deliberately showed up outside Qi Jiayi's company and confessed his love for her, but instead angered Qi Jiayi.

When Qi Jiayi and Xu Xi were talking together, Xu Xi criticized Qi Jiayi and listed all of her flaws, and finally suggested that they split the house in half. It was then that Qi Jiayi realized Xu Xi's true nature. She refused to give him any part of the house and mentioned the promise letter Xu Xi had signed. However, Xu Xi denied ever signing it and even burned the letter.

A distraught Qi Jiayi turned to Nan Fei and cried, and Nan Fei comforted her.

Episode 7 Recap

Qi Jiayi saw through Xu Xi's greedy face and, fearing that her house would be seized by Xu Xi, cried to Nan Fei for help. After comforting her, Nan Fei promised to help her handle the matter.

Under Nan Fei's guidance, Qi Jiayi went to a law firm for consultation and learned that her carelessness had led to this situation. If she were to sue Xu Xi, it would be a protracted battle.

Qi Jiayi's client, Jiao Yue, couldn't reach her by phone due to a construction site shutdown and went directly to the site to find her. Seeing Qi Jiayi discussing the purchase of a house with the landlord at the site, Jiao Yue thought Qi Jiayi was unprofessional and, despite her explanation, decided to complain about her.

Qi Jiayi was reprimanded by her supervisor, who demanded that she hand over the design work for Jiao Yue's house directly to other colleagues.

In listening to Qi Jiayi's explanation, Jiao Yue realized that Qi Jiayi was fighting for his project not only to avoid letting her competitor, Yan Yi, push the responsibility onto her but also to seize the opportunity to study abroad. Therefore, he decided to entrust the design of his house to Qi Jiayi in the end.

Chen Baozhu brought her friends to Qi Jiayi's house but was stopped by Bao Huimei. Bao Huimei didn't believe Chen Baozhu's claim that the house was bought by Qi Jiayi and not by Xu Xi. While belittling Qi Jiayi, Bao Huimei also mentioned Qi Jiayi's divorce from Xu Xi.

After returning home, Chen Baozhu received criticism from Qi Jiayi and remembered her own advice to Qi Jiayi. Feeling frustrated, she only demanded that Qi Jiayi get the house back. Qi Jiayi's house was purchased with her father's pension, so Chen Baozhu was very angry that Qi Jiayi added Xu Xi's name to the property certificate. Seeing Chen Baozhu angry, Nan Fei tried to console her.

Xu Xi was determined to get the house and made various excuses to avoid meeting with the lawyer.

Now, Qi Jiayi's funds were tight and she could not purchase the house she had put a deposit on. She hoped that Nan Fei would buy the house instead.

Qi Jiayi took Nan Fei to see the house and Nan Fei was very satisfied after seeing it. She decided to sell her house in Beijing to use as a down payment and promised to help Qi Jiayi repay the mortgage.

In order to sell the house in Beijing, Nan Fei contacted Ling Jiaoyang for help. Ling Jiaoyang agreed to help and when he brought an agent to see the house, they met Chen Fang. After learning that Nan Fei was selling the house, Chen Fang decided to buy it.

When Nan Fei returned to Beijing to sell the apartment, she was surprised to see Chen Fang. She didn't want to have anything to do with him and initially didn't want to sell the house to him. But eventually, she agreed to sell it to him for the right price.

That night, Chen Fang came to Nan Fei's apartment building and thought about the four years he had spent with her. He felt sad knowing that their relationship had come to an end. As Nan Fei was preparing to leave, she opened the door and saw Chen Fang standing outside.

Episode 8 Recap

Chen Fang waited outside Nan Fei's house all night until Nan Fei, who was about to leave, arrived. He helped her with her luggage and saw her off.

When Qi Jiayi learned that Tian Zhongqing wanted to introduce her to a client, she met with him, but only saw Tian Zhongqing alone. Qi Jiayi thought that Tian Zhongqing wanted to reconcile with her and refused in advance, not wanting to become the third party between Tian Zhongqing and his girlfriend Qian Qian. When she learned that Tian Zhongqing did not have such intentions, Qi Jiayi was very embarrassed. Later, she learned from Tian Zhongqing that Xu Xi had an affair and was caught in the act. Qi Jiayi was grateful to Tian Zhongqing, but still felt uneasy.

Qi Jiayi obtained photos of Xu Xi with another woman, but to prove Xu Xi's infidelity, she needed evidence of a hotel stay. In order to get the evidence, Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi waited outside Xu Xi's company for him to appear. When they saw Xu Xi, they wanted to secretly follow him, but Xu Xi discovered them and mocked them instead.

Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei learned from Tian Zhongqing the identity of the girl who was with Xu Xi. They knew that the girl's family was well-off and that she met Xu Xi because of the Spring Mountain Group's case, and that Xu Xi deliberately concealed the fact that he was already married.

Therefore, Nan Fei took the initiative to warn Xu Xi's mistress and persuade Xu Xi not to miss the opportunity to marry into a wealthy family because of his entanglement with them.

Chen's parents were very worried when they noticed that Chen Po was feeling down and didn't want to communicate with anyone. Chen Fang sought advice from a colleague who works at a children's hospital and learned that he needed to provide a sense of security to Chen Po along with his mother. Chen Fang could only choose to face the situation together with Liu Shuting.

With the help of Nan Fei and Tian Zhongqing, Qi Jiayi successfully divorced Xu Xi. A week later, Xu Xi and Bao Huimei moved out of the house, and Bao Huimei thought that the house was taken by Qi Jiayi and got angry and was hospitalized.

After returning home, Qi Jiayi saw the key and letter left by Xu Xi. Although she was sad after reading the letter, she knew that she had made the right choice.

The house that Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi bought together became their common home. Nan Fei received a call from her mother Dong Bihua, who wanted to come to Shanghai, but she refused.

When Jiao Yue and Qi Jiayi were picking furniture, Jiao Yue asked Qi Jiayi to pretend to be his partner and meet his parents as a condition for giving her some advice. Qi Jiayi thought of Nan Fei, who also needed a fake partner, and introduced them to each other, and they reached a cooperation.

Nan Fei followed Jiao Yue to visit his parents and gained their approval.

Episode 9 Recap

Jiao Yue's parents, Jiao Xingguo and Cai Wenjuan, were very pleased with Nan Fei's sincere personality when they saw her returning home with Jiao Yue. During dinner, Jiao Xingguo became very angry after learning that Jiao Yue had quit his overseas job. Despite the ongoing argument between the two, Cai Wenjuan intervened and tried to mediate.

After leaving Jiao's house, Jiao Yue thanked Nan Fei and apologized for making her feel embarrassed earlier. Nan Fei understood and expressed empathy towards him.

Jiao Yue underwent a makeover with the help of Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei, and then appeared in front of Nan Fei's parents via video call as her partner. Facing a series of questions from Dong Bihua, Jiao Yue answered them one by one and gained her approval.

Chen Po went to the hospital for a check-up with the help of Chen Fang and Liu Shuting. The doctor suspected that Chen Po had selective mutism and provided suggestions to Chen Fang and Liu Shuting.

Seeing Chen Po like this, Liu Shuting was very worried and proposed to remarry Chen Fang by recalling their happy past, but was still rejected by Chen Fang.

Jiao Yue refused a job offer due to his dislike of traditional work.

Next month, Tian Zhongqing is getting married and because of her inability to let go of the past, she did not invite Qi Jiayi. When Tian Zhongqing met with Qi Jiayi, she asked the question that had been weighing on her mind for years - why Qi Jiayi didn't want to leave with her back then. Qi Jiayi explained the misunderstanding and clarified that she never cheated, but rather her immature views on relationships at the time. Now that she understands what happened in the past, she realizes that she missed her chance with Tian Zhongqing. Qi Jiayi encourages Tian Zhongqing to look forward and they hug each other again, sending blessings to each other.

Jiao Yue and actress Shen Xue were once in a relationship, but they broke up when Jiao Yue went abroad. Jiao Yue never forgot about her and at a class reunion, he obtained Shen Xue's phone number. When he called, a man answered the phone, but Shen Xue eventually took the phone. Despite this, Jiao Yue still felt unhappy. Shen Xue is about to return to Shanghai and asks Jiao Yue to wait for her call.

On this day, Liu Shuting took Chen Po to the market but became unhappy because he was not talking. In the blink of an eye, Chen Po disappeared. After searching for a long time, Liu Shuting found Chen Po and couldn't help but blame him, but also felt heartbroken, and they hugged and cried together.

Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei spent the day together and after dinner, they returned to their home courtyard, both very happy. Jiao Yue next door overheard them talking and was splashed with water by Qi Jiayi.

Episode 10 Recap

Jiao Yue, who was eavesdropping on a conversation between Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei in the hospital, was drenched with cold water.

The next day, Nan Fei, who had regained her senses, decided to go for an interview. Qi Jiayi encouraged her.

After learning that Jiao Yue had moved in next door, Nan Fei visited his house.

During the interview at the hospital, Nan Fei heard from the interviewer's words that they had no intention of hiring her. When faced with the interviewer's doubts, she did not explain too much. Despite Nan Fei's rich experience, there were too few hospitals in her field of expertise, and she ultimately could not find a job.

Nan Fei contacted Ling Jiaoyang and learned that he was in Shanghai, so she hurried to meet him.

Nan Fei met Ling Jiaoyang at a private plastic surgery hospital and learned that he was the director. After some explanation from Ling Jiaoyang, he invited Nan Fei to work at the hospital, but she declined on the grounds that her specialty was plastic restoration, which did not match the field of cosmetic surgery.

While helping Jiao Yue arrange furniture, Jiao Yue pointed out that Qi Jiayi now attributed her work to service, which meant that design had no meaning, and urged her to think carefully about her design philosophy. Qi Jiayi was surprised to see the career plan that Jiao Yue had helped her make.

Qi Jiayi sent Jiao Yue to meet his ex-girlfriend, and on the way they passed a coffee shop. When Jiao Yue got out to buy coffee, he happened to run into his ex-girlfriend Shen Xue, and only then did Qi Jiayi realize that Jiao Yue's ex-girlfriend was a celebrity.

During a conversation between Jiao Yue and Shen Xue, Jiao Yue found out that Shen Xue wanted him to manage her investments and was also willing to introduce him to her network. The two had a very harmonious exchange.

When Nan Fei listened to Qi Jiayi talking about Jiao Yue and Shen Xue's situation and was asked about it, Nan Fei believed that Jiao Yue was her ideal type in the past, but she currently doesn't have feelings for anyone.

The next morning, Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei were attracted by Jiao Yue's coffee and went to his yard to have two cups. They then had a conversation with Jiao Yue over the wall. When Jiao Yue suggested opening the door to the yard, they immediately rebuked him.

Qi Jiayi noticed that Nan Fei spent money recklessly and had no concept of financial management. Nan Fei believed that money is earned, not saved, but she still agreed with Qi Jiayi's observation. However, she still didn't want Qi Jiayi to interfere with her finances.

After picking up Chen Pei from school, Chen Fang took him to play a game they used to play with Nan Fei - randomly getting on a car and then switching to another car, exploring wherever they ended up. Seeing that Chen Pei was having fun, Chen Fang finally felt relieved. He took Chen Pei out to eat when he realized that he was hungry and repeatedly emphasized at the table that his parents' divorce wouldn't affect his love for him.

After this incident, Chen Pei began to speak. Chen Fang rejected Liu Shuting's suggestion to take Chen Pei out to play, believing that he wasn't sick and decided to go to Shanghai after the exhibition introduction.

When Nan Fei went home with Jiao Yue again, they were discussing marriage when Jiao Yue's mother, Cai Wenjuan, brought it up. They were confused, and Nan Fei's mother, Dong Bihua, called. Unable to tolerate her, Nan Fei turned off her phone. Dong Bihua was worried about Nan Fei and contacted Qi Jiayi for Jiao Yue's contact information.

Episode 11 Recap

Qi Jiayi received a call from Dong Bihua asking for Jiao Yue's contact information. She could only use the excuse that Jiao Yue is her best friend's object of affection to avoid suspicion and state that she does not have Jiao Yue's phone number.

Meanwhile, Jiao Yue and Nan Fei were being pressured to get married by Jiao Yue's parents. After they had dealt with the situation, Nan Fei immediately contacted Dong Bihua and explained why she had not answered the phone, using the excuse of watching a performance. Although she wanted to find a job on her own, she still didn't want to disobey Dong Bihua.

Liu Shuting was with Chen Fang's sister, Chen Chen, who believed that Liu Shuting still had feelings for Chen Fang and that Chen Fang had ended his relationship with Nan Fei due to their mutual connection with Chen Po. Chen Chen advised Liu Shuting to take a step back.

Chen Fang's parents were very worried when they saw Chen Po's melancholy and contacted Chen Fang to ask him to come home. When Chen Fang said he wasn't planning to come home due to work, Chen's father demanded that he put work aside and come home as a father's responsibility.

Nan Fei, who didn't want to listen to her mother's request to go to Ruijin Hospital, found Ling Jiaoyang and agreed to join his hospital on the condition that she could establish an independent plastic surgery department. After the job was discussed, Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang went to the movies together and realized that Ling Jiaoyang had bought out the entire theater.

Following Chen Chen's advice, Liu Shuting decided to take a step back and proactively approached Chen Fang, saying that she had decided to give up on getting back together with him and would accompany him as a family member and wish him well. Chen Fang's attitude towards Liu Shuting changed after that.

Chen Fang met with a friend and confided in him about all the recent troubles he had been experiencing. The friend realized that Chen Fang was still hesitant about his dignity and believed that Chen Fang knew his place in Nan Fei's heart.

In order to find Nan Fei, Chen Fang went to Qi Jiayi's company the next day and finally managed to contact her, but she hung up the phone using the excuse that Nan Fei didn't want to see him.

Unwilling to give up, Chen Fang followed Qi Jiayi after work, but she went to Chen Baozhu's house. When he lost track of Qi Jiayi, Chen Fang could only knock on Chen Baozhu's door. He had hoped to use flattery to find out where Nan Fei lived, but Chen Baozhu had seen Chen Fang's photo and had no choice but to explain his intentions and beg her for help.

Nan Fei learned from a phone call that Jiao Yue's parents were coming to his house. Jiao Yue was worried that they would discover their fake relationship since there was no trace of Nan Fei in his home. Following Nan Fei's suggestion, Jiao Yue climbed over the wall and went to Nan Fei's house to get some of her belongings. While he was about to climb back, he bumped into his parents. Jiao Yue had to make up an excuse on the spot.

After work, Nan Fei went to buy groceries, but accidentally bought spinach that Jiao Yue was allergic to. Since Jiao Yue's parents noticed that Nan Fei was unfamiliar with their home, they figured out the truth.

Episode 12 Recap

Nan Fei felt very unfamiliar with everything in Jiao Yue's home. When she was at a loss, Qi Jiayi appeared and helped her prepare a table of food.

During the meal, Jiao Yue's father, Jiao Xingguo, got drunk and decided to stay over, and Jiao Yue had no choice.

At his parents' request, Jiao Yue had to send Qi Jiayi away. During their walk, Qi Jiayi probed and found out that Jiao Yue already had feelings for someone else and had no interest in Nan Fei.

After receiving a message from Nan Fei and learning that his parents had gone to bed, Jiao Yue returned home and was forced to share a room with Nan Fei. As they talked, Chen Fang came up in conversation. When Jiao Yue asked about it, Nan Fei attributed their breakup to a gap between them.

The next day, they woke up to find that Jiao Yue's parents had already left after catching their breath.

After packing up her things, Jiao Yue accompanied Nan Fei home and ran into Chen Fang along the way. Nan Fei pretended to be intimate with Jiao Yue, indicating that he was her partner. Seeing this, Chen Fang was not happy.

Due to a dispute with an old classmate over their work exhibition, Chen Fang decided to return to Beijing.

Qi Jiayi's company held a matchmaking event, and she met a man who played games. Facing the man's invitation, she agreed to have supper with him. They had a great conversation, and after finishing supper, he sent her home.

Chen Fang's sudden appearance affected Nan Fei's mood. When she was drinking with Jiao Yue, she accidentally overheard Qi Jiayi's conversation with her potential suitor and found that Qi Jiayi was also moved when he hugged her.

When Qi Jiayi entered the house, she faced gossip about Nan Fei and Jiao Yue. Qi Jiayi repeatedly emphasized that she did not want a relationship with a younger man. From Nan Fei, she learned about Chen Fang's sincere feelings for her and advised her not to miss out on true love.

Jiao Yue attended a social event with Shen Xue's guidance, but he was very uncomfortable with the situation. Chen Fang believed that Liu Min's work was not good enough to be included in his exhibition. The boss hoped to add Liu Min's work, but Chen Fang strongly disagreed.

Episode 13 Recap

Chen Fang refused to let Liu Min's work be exhibited and threatened to resign. Other artists who were participating in the exhibition went to Chen Fang to discuss the matter, but he reiterated his decision.

Under the leadership of Ling Jiaoyang, Nan Fei met with the hospital's investor, Mr. Ni, and presented the idea of not setting up sales-oriented consultants in the hospital. Ling Jiaoyang and Mr. Ni agreed with the proposal.

Jiao Yue wanted to learn woodworking and was introduced by Qi Jiayi to a craftsman. He decided to pay for lessons and learn.

On the way home, Qi Jiayi and Jiao Yue talked about Shen Xue. Qi Jiayi learned about Shen Xue's importance to Jiao Yue. That night, Qi Jiayi couldn't sleep and took out Jiao Yue's photo to look at.

The next day, Qi Jiayi prepared to go out, but Jiao Yue disapproved of her outfit. Despite being angry on the surface, Qi Jiayi still went back to change her clothes.

Qi Jiayi met with her previous blind date, Fang Qiu, who took her to visit his game company and then had dinner with her in the office. During the meal, Fang Qiu revealed that he had planned their meeting for a long time. Qi Jiayi learned that Fang Qiu wanted to continue working, so she left alone.

Nan Fei listened to Qi Jiayi's description of her romantic date with Fang Qiu and was envious but happy for her.

When Chen Fang met with Ling Jiaoyang at the hospital, he unintentionally mentioned Jiao Yue. Ling Jiaoyang had never heard of him and suspected that Nan Fei had been deceived.

Chen Fang received a call from Liu Shuting, who was helping Liu Boss persuade him to let Liu Min's work be exhibited, but he still refused.

As a result of Liu Min's report, Chen Fang's exhibition was delayed because his work could not be exhibited. Angered by this, Chen Fang decided to resign and still refused to let Liu Min's work be exhibited.

Jiao Yue was learning woodworking and was assigned to an apprentice. He was unsure of what to do. Later, Jiao Yue received a call from Shen Xue and went to meet her, only to find it was another party. Shen Xue was unhappy with Jiao Yue for not using his talent and they both thought of their past breakup with regret.

After listening to Liu's suggestion, Chen Fang agreed to let Liu Min's work be exhibited, but still decided to resign. At a dinner with Liu, Chen Fang explained his decision to Liu Min.

Episode 14 Recap

Chen Fang took the initiative to show goodwill to Liu Min by placing something on the table, but Liu Min ignored him. After calmly reflecting on the situation, Chen Fang went back and explained to Liu Min, who then stopped ignoring him.

Chen Fang contacted Ling Jiaoyang and learned from him that Jiao Yue had reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Shen Xue, which made Chen Fang very angry. They both went to Nan Fei and explained the situation to her, advising her to give up on Jiao Yue, but Nan Fei refused to listen.

Ling Jiaoyang and Chen Fang approached Jiao Yue to ask about his love life, but Jiao Yue was speechless and asked them to ask Nan Fei for the details.

After reconciling with Shen Xue, Jiao Yue talked with her about their future plans. When he learned that Shen Xue wanted to open a studio and become the manager, he felt that he couldn't do it himself, but was willing to help her with financing and decoration planning.

With Jiao Yue's introduction, Qi Jiayi contacted Shen Xue. Nan Fei thought that it was a good project to design the decoration for Shen Xue's studio, but Qi Jiayi hesitated.

Chen Fang and Ling Jiaoyang invited Nan Fei and Jiao Yue to their exhibition, and after some persuasion, they agreed to attend.

When discussing the decoration with Qi Jiayi, Shen Xue was not satisfied that Qi Jiayi had more experience in home decoration and worried about her ability to do commercial decoration. Later, Shen Xue met Yan Yi, who spoke ill of Qi Jiayi's ability, and Shen Xue believed it to be true. She immediately contacted Jiao Yue to confront him.

Jiao Yue decided to secretly arrange for Shen Xue and Qi Jiayi to meet, but Shen Xue also invited Yan Yi. At the coffee shop, no matter how much Jiao Yue spoke in favor of Qi Jiayi, Shen Xue kept talking to Yan Yi and ignoring Qi Jiayi. Afterwards, Qi Jiayi criticized Jiao Yue and blamed him, but Jiao Yue still believed that Qi Jiayi had better skills than Yan Yi.

At Chen Fang's exhibition, Nan Fei pretended to be intimate with Jiao Yue, but Shen Xue also appeared at the event and saw the scene. When the three of them met, Nan Fei felt very guilty, and Jiao Yue didn't know how to explain himself. Just when Chen Fang was chasing after Nan Fei, at the exhibition, Liu Min's work was criticized by someone and the label was removed, which angered Liu Min. Chen Fang stepped in to handle the situation, apologized to everyone, and decided to end his career as a curator and return to his original job. Nan Fei felt very sorry to see this.

Episode 15 Recap

Everyone present was surprised when Chen Fang announced that he wanted to resign from his position as curator. After returning home, she told Qi Jiayi about this, but Qi Jiayi was still worried about whether Nang Fei could really move on. After all, Nang Fei was a very demanding person and it took courage for her to move on during this time. The next morning, Nang Fei went to work and told Ling Jiaoyang about the situation. In fact, Nang Fei was still struggling with a lot of emotional turmoil, but Ling Jiaoyang was there to encourage her. Ling Jiaoyang proposed a plan to make the hospital profitable, and Nang Fei agreed with some of his ideas.

Nang Fei opened a reconstructive surgery department and there were many people who came to consult her. However, her colleagues here thought that Nang Fei only got this job through connections and that she had made the hospital look very low-end. But Nang Fei didn't care about her colleagues' opinions and focused on providing good consultation to her patients. She gave her advice and suggestions to every patient who came to her, hoping to help them all. After going through these experiences, Nang Fei told Ling Jiaoyang that she wanted to do better in reconstructive surgery. She even proposed the idea of ​​creating a 3D software to provide better services to patients. Ling Jiaoyang agreed with Nang Fei's idea. Ling Jiaoyang asked Nang Fei if she had moved on, and although Nang Fei seemed indifferent on the surface, she still hadn't fully accepted the situation in her heart. But this was just a matter of time.

Qi Jiayi clearly explained her design plan to Shen Xue, including many details. On the other hand, Yan Yi talked about conceptual issues, and even the images were not related to Shen Xue's company. Yan Yi's style was very bold and exaggerated, but Shen Xue was very satisfied. Yan Yi only considered aesthetics, without considering practicality. After Yan Yi left, she criticized Qi Jiayi severely, but Qi Jiayi didn't care because their ideas were different, and Yan Yi always looked down on her.

Later, Jiao Yue asked Shen Xue why she didn't choose Qi Jiayi's style. In fact, Shen Xue also liked Qi Jiayi's style, but simply didn't like Qi Jiayi as a person. When Jiao Yue found out, he was very angry and even said that he didn't care about Shen Xue's thoughts in the future. Shen Xue quickly apologized, as her company would still need Jiao Yue's help in the future.

That night, Jiao Yue talked to Qi Jiayi to comfort her, as she was very disappointed this time. However, Qi Jiayi didn't care and even said that she would go to France for further studies in the future.

Chen Fang's apprentice didn't expect that he would really leave, but Chen Fang had made up his mind, so no one could change it. However, when Chen Fang was packing, he didn't expect that Shu Ting would come with Chen Po, she actually wanted to persuade Chen Fang not to resign. Shu Ting actually understood why Chen Fang wanted to resign, she knew how important the curator was to Chen Fang. Chen Fang said that he wouldn't return to Beijing in a short time, and Shu Ting knew that he was doing this because of Nan Fei. Chen Fang said that he would agree if his son wanted to stay. Shu Ting originally wanted to persuade Chen Fang, but he had already made up his mind.

When Nan Fei was having dinner alone at night, she remembered the scene where she broke up with Chen Fang. They actually had a wonderful life together. Later, Nan Fei also went to the bar where she and Chen Fang used to go. Nan Fei wanted to have a drink, but Chen Fang unexpectedly came with Shu Ting and Chen Po. Nan Fei had to make an excuse and leave first. It seemed that she and Chen Fang were not meant to be together. After going back, Nan Fei saw Qi Jiayi waiting for her, and her mood improved a lot.

Chen Fang has found a studio, which Chen Po likes very much, but Shu Ting feels it's too frugal and wants to renovate it for Chen Fang. However, Chen Fang directly refused. Although the conditions here are not too good, Chen Fang is satisfied to have his own place. Qi Jiayi went to work and was surprised to find that Shen Xue wanted to ask Yan Yi and Qi Jiayi to help her design, and even wanted Qi Jiayi to be in charge. Qi Jiayi wanted to refuse, but thinking that this was her best opportunity to prove herself to the company, she had to agree.

Jiao Yue saw the basket made by his senior brother using bamboo weaving, which was very exquisite, and he couldn't help but praise it. Jiao Yue felt that this intangible cultural heritage could be passed on, and his senior brother agreed.

Episode 16 Recap

In the following period, Chen Fang focused on his acting. Jiao Yue took the initiative to find Chen Fang and told him the truth about his and Nan Fei's relationship. Actually, they pretended to be a couple to deal with their parents. Jiao Yue understood that it was not easy for Chen Fang, and he was also in a similar situation. It takes great courage to step out of one's comfort zone. After practicing for some time, Jiao Yue received approval from his master, which made him very happy. The master also entrusted an important job to Jiao Yue, which made him very excited.

Shen Xue came over and criticized Jiao Yue again. Although Jiao Yue was a top student, he was now hanging out with these people. However, Jiao Yue felt that this was his hobby. Shen Xue talked about the hardships of her family back then, and even doubted whether Jiao Yue could be her companion. Nan Fei told Ni Zong her thoughts, but Ni Zong did not approve of their idea. After all, there was already a huge risk, and it was unclear whether it would be profitable in the future. Besides, Nan Fei's department had been idle for a month, so continuing like this was very dangerous. Ling Jiaoyang has been helping Nan Fei defend herself. Ni Zong said that he could also compromise, but only after the end of the year when they make a profit. Unexpectedly, Ling Jiaoyang said that he would invest as an individual. Nan Fei still advised Ling Jiaoyang to be cautious.

After returning, Nan Fei told her thoughts to Qi Jiayi, hoping that Qi Jiayi could invest with her. When Qi Jiayi learned that Nan Fei needed 700,000 yuan, her eyes widened, as it was not a small sum of money. They only had a total of 800,000 yuan on them, and if they took out all of it, they might really have to tighten their belts. In the end, Qi Jiayi still agreed to Nan Fei's proposal, and Nan Fei handed the money to Ling Jiaoyang. Ling Jiaoyang wanted to refuse, but Nan Fei insisted on giving him the money, so he had to agree in the end.

Today, Nan Fei met a patient named Chen Yueyun, who was actually Nan Fei's classmate. Chen Yueyun said that she had been addicted to plastic surgery in recent years just to keep her lover, but now the more she did it, the worse she looked. In the end, her husband divorced her, and now she hoped that Nan Fei could help her. This incident made Nan Fei deeply suspicious, realizing that rationality was necessary when it came to plastic surgery. Nan Fei asked Chen Yueyun to come back to her in a while, and she would redesign for her. At this time, Nan Fei's mother also called her. When her parents learned that their daughter was now working in a private hospital, they became very worried. Nan Fei felt that if she could use her expertise anywhere, her mother let her have a video call with Jiao Yue and them when she had time to chat properly. Nan Fei could only agree.

At night, Nan Fei's mother still couldn't sleep. She was worried about her daughter's current situation. After all, her marriage and work were not well handled. Her mother was afraid that as Nan Fei got older, she would be less suitable for having children. Jiao Yue also came to Chen Fang's studio to work on his own project. Although Chen Fang wanted to refuse, Jiao Yue ended up moving his things in directly. During this time, Nan Fei started to travel around for her software project, hoping to finish it as soon as possible.

Qi Jiayi went to look for Fang Qiu. Fang Qiu was singing at KTV with his colleagues, and then invited Qi Jiayi to join in their activities. The two of them played until late at night before returning home. Fang Qiu walked Qi Jiayi home and deliberately leaned his head on her shoulder. Fang Qiu asked Qi Jiayi for a chance, and after hesitating for a moment, she finally agreed. After all, Fang Qiu's energy was irresistible.

Qi Jiayi's mother brought her niece to see her house, and she was very proud of her daughter's current situation. When Qi Jiayi returned home, her mother quickly introduced her niece Xiaoman to her. Qi Jiayi was a little surprised, as Xiaoman praised her.

Episode 17 Recap

Qi Jiayi's cousin Xiaoman came to her house, and Qi Jiayi thought she was just visiting, but Xiaoman said she came to seek refuge with Qi Jiayi. Xiaoman cried and said that she was abused by her husband. Although he was good to her in the beginning, he became violent after they got married, and he even forced her to have children. If she stayed, she would be ruined for life. Nan Fei agreed to let Xiaoman stay, and since Xiaoman is still jobless, Nan Fei suggested that she could try to be the assistant to the hospital director.

Qi Jiayi learned from Ling Jiaoyang that he has been secretly in love with Nan Fei all along. Ling Jiaoyang has always hidden his love for Nan Fei in his heart. When Nan Fei was dating Chen Fang before, Ling Jiaoyang just wanted to silently care for her. He thought he could be a saint, but he couldn't. When Ling Jiaoyang found out that Nan Fei and Chen Fang broke up, he thought he had another chance. He didn't want to just be Nan Fei's best friend for the rest of his life; he wanted to be with her forever. Ling Jiaoyang also asked Qi Jiayi whether Nan Fei could let go of Chen Fang now. Qi Jiayi didn't give a clear answer because there were too many obstacles between Nan Fei and Chen Fang. It would be very difficult for them to go back to the way things were before. Nevertheless, Qi Jiayi encouraged Ling Jiaoyang to give it a try. Even if he fails, he won't regret it.

Jiao Yue, senior brother Jiao, gave him a bamboo weaving, which made Qi Jiayi very happy. He was very interested in the traditional craft of bamboo weaving, but he has not yet received government support. Jiao Yue proposed some ideas and asked his senior brother to film the production process in his hometown so that they can promote it on the internet later. The teacher came over and assigned homework. Jiao Yue was very confident and began to work hard on woodworking. Jiao Yue and Chen Fang were busy with their respective handicrafts in the workshop. Jiao Yue wanted to be a furniture designer, and Chen Fang thought he could give it a try. Jiao Yue wanted to make a design with great aesthetics, and Chen Fang gave his own suggestions. Afterwards, Jiao Yue asked Chen Fang and Nan Fei if they still had a chance to be together, but Chen Fang did not know either. After all, there were too many issues that needed to be resolved between them.

Nan Fei found Ling Jiaoyang and gave him Xiaoman's resume. The personnel department had approved it, and now it was up to Ling Jiaoyang to make a decision. Ling Jiaoyang thought he could accept anyone recommended by Nan Fei. Nan Fei then discussed software cooperation. In fact, the other party liked Nan Fei a little bit and wanted to invite her to dinner at night. When he learned that Nan Fei was going to have dinner with Ling Jiaoyang, he had to give up. Ling Jiaoyang told Nan Fei in the car that he could see that the other person was interested in her at a glance. Nan Fei didn't care, but Ling Jiaoyang was a bit jealous.

In the evening, Ling Jiaoyang and Nan Fei had dinner together while admiring the scenery of the Bund. Ling Jiaoyang took the initiative to offer a bouquet of flowers to Nan Fei and unexpectedly confessed that he wanted to pursue her for real. Nan Fei thought Ling Jiaoyang was joking at first, but seeing his serious expression, she explained that she only wanted to be close to him as family, not as a girlfriend. Ling Jiaoyang insisted on giving it a try, but Nan Fei politely declined, apologizing for hurting his feelings.

After Ling Jiaoyang calmed down, he shared the scene of meeting Nan Fei for the first time in high school. He had been silently supporting her all these years and was waiting for the perfect moment to confess his love. However, love doesn't always need elaborate preparations. Nan Fei didn't want to hurt Ling Jiaoyang and refused him again. When she returned home, Xiaoman and Qi Jiayi were packing up their things, and Qi Jiayi noticed that Nan Fei seemed a little down, so she quickly went upstairs to ask her what was wrong.

The next day, Nan Fei brought Xiao Man to the hospital and then to see Ling Jiaoyang. Nan Fei didn't say much to Ling Jiaoyang, and it was Xiao Man who did most of the talking. Ling Jiaoyang also expressed his requirements, which Xiao Man promised to follow. During the meeting, except for the plastic surgery repair department, all the other data was good for Nan Fei, and Ling Jiaoyang spoke up for her, but General Manager Ni still hoped that Nan Fei could come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Nan Fei and Xiao Man went home together, but unexpectedly, Jiao Yue's parents saw them and saw Nan Fei go into the next room. Jiao Yue's mother felt that Nan Fei was a bit strange, and Nan Fei and Jiao Yue didn't seem like a couple but more like colleagues.

Episode 18 Recap

Jiao Yue's mother always felt that there was something wrong with the relationship between Nan Fei and Jiao Yue, and she didn't see any sparks of love between them. Besides, Jiao Yue's mother felt that Nan Fei was not the mistress of the house here at all. Jiao Yue's husband was still defending Nan Fei, and Nan Fei's parents had not contacted them. Jiao Yue's mother still wanted to find an opportunity to talk to her son. Just then, Jiao Yue returned home and saw his parents back. His mother asked why Nan Fei wasn't at home, and Jiao Yue had to say that Nan Fei was busy again today. Jiao Yue could only defend Nan Fei.

Jiao Yue's mother then went upstairs to clean the room, and Jiao Yue took the opportunity to message Nan Fei about his parents' visit. Jiao Yue's mother was cleaning the room and saw the photo of Jiao Yue and Nan Fei together, as well as Nan Fei's personal belongings in the house. She felt relieved. Later, Qi Jiayi also learned about the incident and came over with Nan Fei, pretending that they were bringing something for Jiao Yue. Unexpectedly, Nan Fei's mother called, and Jiao Yue's mother wanted to talk to Nan Fei's parents. Fortunately, Jiao Yue was smart and called Nan Fei directly. Nan Fei pretended that there was something wrong with the hospital and left, which also evaded the parents' investigation.

After Gu Xiaoman returned home, she learned about the relationship between Nan Fei and Jiao Yue from Qi Jiayi. Gu Xiaoman thought that Jiao Yue and Nan Fei were quite suitable for each other, but Qi Jiayi felt uncomfortable after hearing about it. Nan Fei and Jiao Yue were now lying every day, and what they thought would avoid a big trouble turned out to be more and more troublesome.

Later, Jiao Yue mentioned that Chen Fang now has a studio in Shanghai, and the two of them sometimes work together. Nan Fei thought that Chen Fang should be living the life he wanted now. Jiao Yue took Qi Jiayi to Chen Fang's studio at a restaurant, and Chen Fang happened to be working with concrete. Jiao Yue mentioned that he wanted to work with Chen Fang to make furniture, and it's still a niche market here. Qi Jiayi agreed, as many customers want to have unique designs. Jiao Yue showed his design to Shen Xue, who praised him and promised to support him.

While Qi Jiayi and Yan Yi were discussing the design plan, Yan Yi went to Shen Xue without her knowledge and imposed her own ideas on her. They could not become partners, and Yan Yi made it clear that it was impossible for her to cooperate with Qi Jiayi. Qi Jiayi was very angry, and it seemed that they were going to have another argument about the design draft. Qi Jiayi had to start redesigning, and in the evening, she even brought supper to Fang Qiu. Fang Qiu was very happy and even said that he would wait for Qi Jiayi to watch a movie together in the evening. While Fang Qiu was working, Qi Jiayi quietly did her own work and waited for Fang Qiu to finish.

After finishing her work, Fang Qiu realized it was already 3 am. Qi Jiayi had fallen asleep on the couch, so Fang Qiu gently covered her with a blanket. When Qi Jiayi woke up at 6 am, Fang Qiu had slept in a chair to make sure Qi Jiayi could rest well and covered Fang Qiu with the blanket. Fang Qiu held Qi Jiayi's hand and said she wanted to take her to a place, which turned out to be rock climbing. Although Qi Jiayi couldn't keep up with the young Fang Qiu's energy, she still complained to Nan Fei and Gu Xiaoman when they returned. She realized she may be too old to keep up with the younger generation. However, Qi Jiayi agreed to be with Fang Qiu because Fang Qiu brought a new sense of freshness, making her feel young again.

Chen Fang went to the airport to pick up his son, Chen Po, and noticed that he was still cold to Shu Ting. Chen Fang also noticed that his son had become more and more silent. Chen Fang hoped to change his son's state of mind. In fact, Chen Po already knew that his father stayed in Shanghai for his girlfriend, but Chen Fang didn't treat him like a child, he just told him that he had already broken up with his girlfriend. Shu Ting deliberately let Chen Po come over to experience the difficulty of taking care of a child, and she also made some demands, which Chen Fang readily agreed to.

Ling Jiaoyang made a loving breakfast for Nan Fei and was still not giving up on her. Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang were preparing to use high technology to help the woman who failed her plastic surgery. This was their first attempt. Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang then began to devote themselves to the surgery, hoping it would be a good start.

Episode 19 Recap

Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang started performing surgery together. However, just after the surgery, Ling Jiaoyang sent flowers to Nan Fei. Feeling embarrassed, Nan Fei quickly closed the door. Actually, Ling Jiaoyang had also prepared a necklace in the flowers, but he never got to give it to her. Later, Ling Jiaoyang gave the flowers to Gu Xiaoman, who was very happy and took them home. When Nan Fei returned home from work, she was surprised to see the flowers that Ling Jiaoyang had given her on the table. Gu Xiaoman came down from upstairs and asked Nan Fei to lend her some money since she didn't bring much with her when she left home. Nan Fei agreed without hesitation.

Afterwards, Nan Fei started recording her feelings online, as she just wanted to be good friends with Ling Jiaoyang. Gu Xiaoman used the money to buy an expensive dress at the mall. Meanwhile, Gu Manli went to a custom shop to look at dresses, as she was very vain. While Nan Fei was at work, Chen Fang came to her and talked about his son Chen Po's silence disorder. He hoped that Nan Fei could introduce him to some doctors she knew. Nan Fei didn't expect that the divorce between Chen Fang and Shu Ting would have such a big impact on their child. Although Nan Fei and Chen Fang had broken up, the child was still innocent, so Nan Fei agreed to help.

Later, Nan Fei asked Ling Jiaoyang if he knew any psychologists. Ling Jiaoyang became very cold after learning that it was for Chen Fang. He actually cared a lot about Nan Fei's relationship with Chen Fang. But Nan Fei insisted, so Ling Jiaoyang reluctantly gave her his junior sister's contact information.

Qi Jiayi was making salad at home for Fang Qiu, while Fang Qiu was playing games. The two of them felt very happy staying at home like this, and Fang Qiu enjoyed this kind of life very much. Fang Qiu also expressed that he appreciated independent women like Qi Jiayi. He also wanted to show his love for Qi Jiayi, but Qi Jiayi always felt that their relationship was developing too quickly. Fang Qiu, on the other hand, said that he didn't care about Qi Jiayi's age and hoped that they could get married and have children as soon as possible. However, this was not within Qi Jiayi's consideration range, especially since she had just come out of a failed marriage and didn't want to think about these things so soon.

Tonight, Qi Jiayi's high school classmates gathered for a dinner, and Nan Fei was always the target of pursuit by male classmates. When someone learned that Nan Fei was single, they wanted to strike up a conversation with her, but Ling Jiaoyang helped resolve the situation. Ling Jiaoyang even claimed to be Nan Fei's boyfriend, and Nan Fei didn't refute him. Nan Fei learned from a classmate that Tong Xin, an old classmate, wasn't doing very well and could only open a bookstore. This was how high school was; after graduating, everyone went their separate ways. After the dinner, Nan Fei went to the bookstore opened by Tong Xin and greeted him. The two of them hadn't seen each other in years, and Tong Xin didn't expect Nan Fei to become a doctor. After Nan Fei left, she thought that Tong Xin was also a top student back then. Tong Xin even told Nan Fei to wait for him at the school gate after finishing the exam, but Nan Fei didn't concentrate on the test because she kept thinking about what Tong Xin said. Nan Fei waited for him all night, but her test score was very poor, only 52 points.

When Nan Fei came back, Qi Jiayi was still drinking on the sofa. Nan Fei said that she had seen Tong Xin, but she never asked why Tong Xin had said he would wait for her, but never showed up. Nan Fei also felt that fate was very strange, after all, Tong Xin was her crush in the past. Qi Jiayi also said that she found a big difference in values with Fang Qiu, so now she was taking it one step at a time.

Due to issues with their child, Shu Ting and Chen Fang had another disagreement. Shu Ting was still very emotional, and Chen Fang was comforting her. Chen Fang could also feel that Shu Ting's recent emotions were not good, and he hoped that Shu Ting could sort out her emotions well. He also said that he would take care of the matter with Chen Pei.

Episode 20 Recap

Shu Ting called Chen Fang on the phone, but in fact, Shu Ting has been feeling a bit off lately, while Chen Fang has been trying to comfort her. When Chen Fang has time, he would take Chen Po out to play, and they would also have a competition where they are not allowed to speak, which is actually a way for Chen Po to slowly open up. After spending time together, Chen Po has gradually opened up and although they didn't talk, they still had a great time.

Shen Xue brought her client to Jiao Yue's studio hoping to help Jiao Yue secure a collaboration. Jiao Yue wanted to expand his work by making furniture, while the other party was interested in using capital as the main focus. Jiao Yue did not propose to go public, which caused a disagreement between them. Shen Xue was caught in the middle and ended up being unable to help Jiao Yue. She complained to Jiao Yue and they had some differences. Jiao Yue couldn't understand why they weren't dating, but only talking about business. Shen Xue also wanted them to develop a relationship, but Jiao Yue didn't want to be tied down. Their thoughts had diverged and they were destined to have different goals. However, Jiao Yue promised to stand behind her if Shen Xue ever needed him.

Gu Xiaoman was supposed to go to work with Nan Fei in the morning, but she was busy making breakfast for Ling Jiaoyang, so she asked Gu Xiaoman to go ahead without her. Gu Xiaoman was originally planning to personally deliver breakfast to Ling Jiaoyang, but she happened to meet Nan Fei, who kindly offered to deliver it for her. Gu Xiaoman wanted to refuse, but didn't know what to say. Ling Jiaoyang saw Nan Fei and wanted to try to win her over again, but was surprised to find out that Nan Fei had made up her mind. She said that they were only friends, but their conversation was overheard by Gu Xiaoman who was standing outside the door and felt uneasy.

Qi Jiayi was preparing to submit the proposal to Shen Xue. Her colleagues had planned to play a prank on her, but Qi Jiayi was already prepared and didn't let herself be taken advantage of. This made her colleagues even angrier. Fang Qiu gave Qi Jiayi a piece of clothing as a gift. Later, Fang Qiu asked Qi Jiayi for a loan to help with his company's finances, but Qi Jiayi said that she had already lent her money to Nan Fei and only had a few tens of thousands left. Fang Qiu suggested that she could take out a mortgage loan.

When she got home, Qi Jiayi told her good friends about the situation. Gu Xiaoman thought that she shouldn't lend the money, and Nan Fei agreed with her. After all, what happened with Xu Xi was still fresh in their minds. Jiao Yue also helped out with ideas and suggested that Qi Jiayi should tell Fang Qiu clearly that she really couldn't raise the money. Qi Jiayi thought for a long time and finally called her mother to ask about her retirement fund. Her colleagues overheard the conversation and advised her not to fall into the same trap twice.

At that moment, Fang Qiu messaged Qi Jiayi to ask about the progress of the situation. Qi Jiayi could only say that she was still thinking of a solution. Nan Fei came to tell Qi Jiayi that she had borrowed fifty thousand from Jiao Yue. Knowing how much Fang Qiu meant to Qi Jiayi, Nan Fei didn't want her to be in a difficult position. Qi Jiayi received a call from her mother asking her to come home immediately. In fact, it was Gu Xiaoman who had told Qi Jiayi's mother about Fang Qiu's request for a loan. Qi Jiayi's mother didn't want her daughter to give money to someone she had just started dating, especially since Qi Jiayi had only just divorced Xu Xi and almost didn't get her house back. Her mother advised her not to be too hasty, but Qi Jiayi was still trying to explain. Qi Jiayi blamed Gu Xiaoman for the situation and returned to her room in anger. In fact, Gu Xiaoman was a very cunning person.

Episode 21 Recap

Gu Xiaoman was talking to Qi's mother about how impressive Nan Fei is, but she was scolded by Qi's mother again because, after all, only she can speak about her own child. While Qi Jiayi was still feeling upset, her mother knocked on the door and entered. Qi Jiayi's mother also praised Nan Fei for being very talented. Although they were good friends, they needed to have their own families. Qi Jiayi didn't want to listen to her mother's nagging, so she prepared to leave. In fact, Qi Jiayi was going to find Chen Fang, but she didn't expect that he had already gathered enough money. Soon, a girl walked in, and Chen Fang expressed his gratitude to this girl. Qi Jiayi could only apologize.

Just as Qi Jiayi was about to go home, she saw Jiao Yue. Jiao Yue happened to have bought a new car and offered to drive her home. Jiao Yue also learned that someone had helped Chen Fang, which made Qi Jiayi feel a bit disappointed because, after all, Chen Fang was her boyfriend, but she hadn't done anything.

In the evening, Nan Fei's parents received a video message from their daughter. Jiao Yue was also chatting with Nan Fei's parents. Nan Fei's mother immediately asked if they had met each other's parents. In fact, Nan Fei called through video today to fabricate another lie that Jiao Yue would be going abroad to work for two years. Nan Fei's mother thought that if they were separated, problems would inevitably arise, so she quickly discouraged Jiao Yue. Nan Fei's mother kept nagging, and Jiao Yue had to say that his boss had given him a few days to consider, so he hadn't made a formal decision yet. After hanging up the phone, Nan Fei's mother still thought about the situation between her daughter and Jiao Yue, but Nan Fei's father had been telling her not to interfere in the affairs of young people and to let them develop on their own.

Gu Xiaoman deliberately mentioned her relationship with Nan Fei at the hospital, and even said that Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang have a very good relationship. Unfortunately, Nan Fei overheard these words. Nan Fei called Gu Xiaoman aside and sternly told her not to mention these things in the future. They are all taboos in the workplace. Gu Xiaoman could only apologize and promised to be more cautious with her words in the future. Ling Jiaoyang continued to help Nan Fei handle the relationship with her colleagues, hoping that everyone would support Nan Fei's reconstructive surgery. Soon, the colleagues readily agreed.

Nan Fei had another idea to develop better software, and Ling Jiaoyang was still angry when he found out. After all, he had just helped her handle the previous matter, and now Nan Fei had a new idea. In the end, Nan Fei could only agree to take it step by step with Ling Jiaoyang, focusing on completing the current tasks first. Nan Fei and Chen Fang took Chen Po to see a psychologist, hoping to help with his selective mutism. After testing, it was confirmed that Chen Po did indeed have selective mutism, and the cause of his condition might be due to environmental changes and his parents' divorce. Actually, Chen Po wanted to speak, but he couldn't find the words. Treating this condition would take time, and for now, they needed to help him relax. Chen Fang was still worried about his son's situation. The doctor, upon learning that he was a sculptor, suggested that using this form of expression could help young Chen Po recover quickly.

Chen Fang was still concerned about when his son would fully recover and be able to attend school like a normal elementary student. Nan Fei comforted Chen Fang, saying that once Chen Po's condition improved, his studies would naturally follow. Gu Xiaoman deliberately spoke negatively about Nan Fei in front of Qi Jiayi, and she was also trying to sow discord between Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi. However, Qi Jiayi didn't care at all.

Qi Jiayi showed her design proposal to Shen Xue, but Shen Xue was still not quite satisfied. However, the ideas suggested by Yan Yi, on the other hand, impressed Shen Xue. Due to Yan Yi's sudden change in the design plan, the project deadline might be delayed. Qi Jiayi and Yan Yi had a big argument about this. Afterwards, Qi Jiayi accompanied Yan Yi to select materials for the decoration, as Yan Yi wanted to show that he could handle things that Qi Jiayi couldn't.

Later, while having a meal, Qi Jiayi complained to Jiao Yue about why Shen Xue made her and Yan Yi compete with each other, making it seem like a joke between the two of them. Jiao Yue showed Qi Jiayi the table he designed, and Qi Jiayi's thoughts coincided with Jiao Yue's. Qi Jiayi put on a beautiful dress and bought supper to bring to Fang Qiu.

Episode 22 Recap

Qi Jiayi originally thought that her boyfriend would be very happy when she brought supper to him. However, when Fang Qiu pulled her aside, he apologized proactively, saying that he had been too busy with work lately and neglected Qi Jiayi. Qi Jiayi felt somewhat guilty because she hadn't been able to help him last time. Qi Jiayi also mentioned that Fang Qiu's female friend sold her car to help him fill the financial gap. In fact, anyone with discerning eyes could see that the girl must have been interested in him to give such a large sum of money to Fang Qiu.

Jiao Yue found his old friend and hoped to invest in bamboo weaving, a cultural project. Coincidentally, his friend was also involved in such a cultural project. Upon learning that Jiao Yue was now working as a carpenter, his friend was surprised. Jiao Yue was indeed interested in carpentry and hoped to carry on this cultural heritage. His friend gave some practical advice to help him, considering that investment was not a small matter.

After finishing work, Nan Fei saw Tong Xin waiting for her at the door. Tong Xin had found some books that Nan Fei needed. Ling Jiaoyang had also just finished work, so Nan Fei invited both of them to have dinner together.

Under Ling Jiaoyang's questioning, Nan Fei learned that Tong Xin had divorced a long time ago. Ling Jiaoyang deliberately wanted to discourage any thoughts of Nan Fei and Tong Xin continuing to keep in touch. Tong Xin was determined to avoid the topic, but Ling Jiaoyang intentionally mentioned things that the three of them knew about each other. Ling Jiaoyang brought up the incident when Nan Fei had performed poorly on an exam, and the reason was that she had waited for Tong Xin. However, Tong Xin didn't come even after Nan Fei had waited for a long time. Ling Jiaoyang wanted to help Nan Fei get to the bottom of it. Tong Xin quickly found an excuse and left.

After Gu Xiaoman ran out of her own cosmetics, she secretly went to Nan Fei's room while Nan Fei was not at home and used her cosmetics. She even transferred the expensive cosmetics into her own bottles and took them away. To avoid Nan Fei's discovery, she intentionally filled the bottles with tap water. While Nan Fei was away, Gu Xiaoman also wore someone else's clothes, took pictures, and posted them on her social media, even blocking Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei. Coincidentally, Gu Xiaoman saw online photos of Shen Xue and Jiao Yue together, which had been taken secretly. Jiao Yue's parents also saw this gossip, and they clearly expressed their disagreement with Jiao Yue being with Shen Xue. The only daughter-in-law they recognized was Nan Fei, which added to Jiao Yue's headache.

Shen Xue's situation had caused a lot of embarrassment for the financial company. Shen Xue hoped that Jiao Yue would issue a statement clarifying that they had broken up a long time ago. However, Jiao Yue only wanted to issue a statement saying they were just ordinary friends because his parents still believed he was with Nan Fei. This was very unfavorable for Shen Xue because it would further confirm her affair with the wealthy businessman. Originally, Jiao Yue wanted the businessman to clear everything up, but Shen Xue didn't want that as the businessman could provide her with more resources, and success was crucial for her. Shen Xue hoped that Jiao Yue would help her, but this situation put Jiao Yue in a difficult position. Shen Xue pleaded with Jiao Yue to issue a statement stating that they had already broken up and that Jiao Yue had noticed their relationship growing more distant. Shen Xue desperately wanted to win, but Jiao Yue said that since they had broken up, they couldn't be good again.

Chen Fang also learned about Jiao Yue and Shen Xue's situation. He thought that Jiao Yue and Shen Xue were not on the same path to begin with. Jiao Yue had actually become more open-minded, realizing that everyone had the right to choose their own life. In the face of such a situation, Jiao Yue needed to explain things to his parents. However, he couldn't find an opportunity to do so, so he quickly messaged Nan Fei to ask for her help. When Jiao Yue's mother saw Nan Fei return, she quickly explained to her. Jiao Yue's mother had actually been on Nan Fei's side all along and hoped that there would be no more estrangement between the two.

In the evening, Nan Fei told Jiao Yue that they should be honest with their parents about their breakup. Continuing to deceive them would not be a solution. However, Jiao Yue wanted to delay it for a while longer, considering that his situation with Shen Xue had just happened. If his parents were to accept both pieces of news at the same time, they would definitely be very angry. So Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi reluctantly agreed. Nan Fei went to Chen Fang and asked if he could understand the meaning contained in his sculptures. Chen Fang even asked Nan Fei to name the artwork. Nan Fei had come today to ask Chen Fang to provide her with an aesthetic standard, but Chen Fang said that beauty had no standards.

Episode 23 Recap

Nan Fei told Chen Fang her thoughts, but Chen Fang felt that Nan Fei was still too greedy. Some artistic aesthetics cannot be restricted by data. Chen Fang also shared his thoughts with Nan Fei, stating that as long as the structure is the focus, it would be fine. Nan Fei wanted Chen Fang to talk to their software designer, and Chen Fang readily agreed. Later, Tong Xin called Nan Fei, inviting her to a book club, but Nan Fei declined because she had a meeting with Chen Fang in the afternoon. During the meeting, Chen Fang expressed his concerns about the software potentially backfiring. If patients see that the surgery did not meet their expectations, there could be significant risks. Nan Fei agreed with Chen Fang's thoughts.

During the meeting break, Nan Fei went to get coffee. Chen Fang noticed that Nan Fei added sugar to her coffee, even though she didn't like it before. Over time, being with Nan Fei made Chen Fang willing to try coffee with sugar too. After Nan Fei left, Chen Fang quietly added sugar to his coffee. In reality, both Chen Fang and Nan Fei hadn't let go of each other. Ling Jiaoyang happened to come by and expressed his support for Nan Fei's plan, urging them to minimize the time.

After the meeting, Nan Fei attended Tong Xin's book sharing event. Listening to readers' interpretations of the books, Nan Fei felt relaxed, which hadn't happened in a long time. Qi Jiayi went to find Jiao Yue, who was in a state of depression after the breakup. Qi Jiayi helped him clean up his house and hoped that Jiao Yue could recover. Qi Jiayi felt that Jiao Yue's current state was completely different from before when he was lively and spirited. Qi Jiayi knew that Jiao Yue was in a bad mood, so she prepared dinner for him, hoping he could eat and relax.

As soon as Qi Jiayi returned home, she received a call from Fang Qiu, inviting her to dinner. Qi Jiayi initially planned to work overtime but ended up accepting Fang Qiu's invitation. To her surprise, Fang Qiu brought her to meet his parents, catching Qi Jiayi off guard. Fang Qiu's parents immediately began questioning Qi Jiayi about various matters. When they found out that Qi Jiayi was older than Fang Qiu, they formed opinions about her. His mother was also concerned about Fang Qiu's workload from running a company. However, Fang Qiu believed he could do better. After Nan Fei finished organizing the bookstore for Tong Xin, they ordered takeout and enjoyed their meal while chatting. Tong Xin wanted to know how Nan Fei had been all these years, but Nan Fei said there was nothing particularly noteworthy. Tong Xin asked why Nan Fei wasn't married, and Nan Fei simply mentioned that she had broken up. Tong Xin shared that he had divorced to correct a mistake. Nan Fei recalled how confident Tong Xin used to be and how different he was now.

While Qi Jiayi was in the restroom, she overheard Fang Qiu's parents disapproving of her. They even learned about her previous divorce and being a single parent. Unable to tolerate it, Qi Jiayi made an excuse and left. Qi Jiayi was furious and vented to Nan Fei when she came out. Qi Jiayi couldn't understand why her boyfriends' parents never liked her. She even wondered if Fang Qiu's parents would have liked her if she had pretended to be Jiao Yue's girlfriend. Nan Fei comforted Qi Jiayi.

Before leaving, Nan Fei prepared to clean her face and noticed that her toner had been tampered with. The colors of the two bottles were completely different. Nan Fei didn't pay much attention to it and decided to use a new bottle of toner instead. Before going to work, Qi Jiayi listened to Gu Xiaoman complaining about Shen Xue and ended up reprimanding her. Qi Jiayi planned to visit Jiao Yue before going to work, but she couldn't open the door to his house. She called Jiao Yue, but he didn't answer. Qi Jiayi became worried about Jiao Yue. Soon after, Qi Jiayi received a message from Jiao Yue, informing her that he had gone to his senior brother's rural Mo Gan Shan. Jiao Yue wanted to promote bamboo weaving craftsmanship there and had learned a lot.

Qi Jiayi brought Shen Xue to visit their studio, and Shen Xue was very satisfied. Nan Fei's mother was worried about her daughter, so she planned to go to Shanghai to see her. She didn't intend to inform Nan Fei, and her purpose for this visit was to have Nan Fei and Jiao Yue get their marriage certificate.

Episode 24 Recap

Ling Jiaoyang, drunk, arrived at Nan Fei's doorstep, and Qi Jiayi happened to see him. Ling Jiaoyang, in a drunken state, confessed his feelings to Nan Fei. Ling Jiaoyang was completely drunk and was vomiting everywhere. Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi helped him back home. Nan Fei planned to go upstairs to sleep, but Ling Jiaoyang held her hand and asked her to stay with him, so Nan Fei couldn't leave.

The next morning, Ling Jiaoyang woke up and found himself in Nan Fei's house. Nan Fei acted as if everything was normal, but Ling Jiaoyang felt a bit awkward. At that moment, Nan Fei was surprised to find her mother had come over. Nan Fei's mother happened to see Ling Jiaoyang, and she started questioning him. She looked him up and down, and even asked about Jiao Yue's whereabouts. Nan Fei quickly made up an excuse, saying that Jiao Yue was on a business trip. Nan Fei's mother then praised Jiao Yue and even said that Ling Jiaoyang was not as good as him, which made Ling Jiaoyang feel uncomfortable. While Nan Fei was upstairs changing clothes, she quickly messaged Qi Jiayi, and her mother reminded her to keep her distance from Ling Jiaoyang.

Afterward, Nan Fei had to call Jiao Yue for help, as they were still pretending to be a couple. When Jiao Yue learned about the situation, he hurried back. Nan Fei suggested that they stage a breakup act to appease her mother and avoid further complications. She also asked Jiao Yue not to come home for the next two days to avoid being discovered. Now their focus was on how to act out the breakup. When Nan Fei returned from work, her mother had already prepared dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Her mother also mentioned that she had thrown away all the expired snacks.

Soon, Qi Jiayi also returned home, and she praised Nan Fei's mother, making her even happier. Nan Fei quickly made an excuse to go upstairs and change clothes. At night, Nan Fei's mother prepared foot spa packages for them, and Nan Fei reluctantly agreed. Her mother also said that from now on, they should change their bad habits, which made the three of them uncomfortable. At night, when Qi Jiayi was about to sleep, Gu Xiaoman was still playing games, so she had to sleep with Nan Fei. Nan Fei's mother called her husband and mentioned that the house was under Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi's names, and when she and Jiao Yue got married, it would be difficult to divide the house. Nan Fei's mother thought it was strange that there was no trace of Jiao Yue in the house.

Chen Fang's sister came to see him, and Chen Fang mentioned that he and Nan Fei were no longer a possibility. However, Shu Ting was at home crying all the time, and his sister thought it would be better for Chen Fang to take care of their parents since he couldn't go back to Nan Fei. Chen Fang wanted to be willful for once. His sister informed Chen Fang that Shu Ting was actually in Shanghai and was even ill with breast cancer. Shu Ting knew about her illness during the time she sent their child to them. Shu Ting was currently emotional, which caught Chen Fang off guard. His sister hoped that Chen Fang could treat Shu Ting better and give her hope. Chen Fang went to visit Shu Ting at her place in Shanghai, and Shu Ting wasn't very surprised to see him. She said she was living well there and understood why Chen Fang didn't want to go back. Shu Ting was tearful as she spoke, and she expressed her concern for their son, Chen Po. When she learned that Chen Fang and their son had a good relationship, she felt relieved. Chen Fang promised to find the best doctors to treat Shu Ting, but she refused.

At night, when Nan Fei was using face cream, she noticed that some of it was missing. Jiao Yue was still thinking about how to deceive Nan Fei's mother, and it seemed that everyone had their own worries. The next morning, Nan Fei's mother prepared breakfast for everyone. Qi Jiayi and Gu Xiaoman were pleasantly surprised, but Nan Fei was scolded for wearing a dress. Her mother insisted that she wear pants upstairs, and Nan Fei had no choice but to comply. Nan Fei felt like her childhood nightmares were coming back. When they arrived at the hospital, she vented her frustration to Ling Jiaoyang. She also asked him not to tell her mother the truth about her and Jiao Yue. Ling Jiaoyang reluctantly agreed but naturally sided with Nan Fei in his heart.

Nan Fei completed her first patient's surgery after developing her software, and now it was up to her and Ling Jiaoyang to work together. In the evening, Qi Jiayi met Chen Fang, and they finally had a clear conversation. Afterwards, Chen Fang proposed breaking up, understanding that parental approval was important. Qi Jiayi understood Chen Fang's decision, and they gained a better understanding of each other in this relationship.

Episode 25 Recap

Qi Jiayi learned that she and Fang Qiu's relationship would ultimately not work out after having dinner with Fang Qiu's parents. Their relationship ended abruptly, and Qi Jiayi felt a bit sad. After all, she had sincerely invested her emotions in the relationship, but in the end, it didn't have a favorable outcome. Qi Jiayi reminisced about their past together. Being with Fang Qiu had made her feel young again, but their love couldn't withstand the opposition from their parents, and their relationship came to an abrupt end. Nan Fei knew that Qi Jiayi was feeling down and came out to accompany her, hoping that Qi Jiayi could quickly move on from the disappointment of the failed relationship.

Ling Jiaoyang showed everyone the 3D model of the first patient he and Nan Fei had worked on. However, some doctors still didn't fully approve of their approach. While it might be a small change for the doctors, it greatly benefited the patient. Surprisingly, the shareholders highly supported the use of the software. Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang received recognition from them, and Nan Fei was amazed to find out that they not only recouped their investment but also earned an additional 10%. To celebrate, Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang went out for a nice meal.

Chen Fang bought vegetables and fruits for Shu Ting and promised to accompany her to the hospital for a check-up the next day. Shu Ting informed Chen Fang that the doctor told her that her condition wasn't good. Shu Ting was worried, but Chen Fang comforted her. Shu Ting mentioned that she came to Shanghai to spend more time with their son, feeling sorry for Chen Po as his condition worsened and he would soon be left without a mother. Shu Ting was deeply upset, and Chen Fang embraced and comforted her. Although they weren't a couple, they were still family.

Nan Fei bought toys for Chen Po, hoping that he would start speaking soon. Her real purpose for coming was to ask Jiao Yue to return and act in a play. Nan Fei reminded Jiao Yue of her mother's most disliked habits, hoping that her mother would quickly break them up. Gu Xiaoman, on the other hand, continuously praised Nan Fei's cooking in front of her mother and admired Nan Fei's good mother. Soon, Nan Fei returned with Jiao Yue. Seeing Jiao Yue's unkempt appearance, Nan Fei's mother felt somewhat uncomfortable. Jiao Yue brought a gift for Nan Fei's mother, but she still wanted Jiao Yue to get rid of the beard. Nan Fei's mother was not accustomed to Jiao Yue's messy appearance. During dinner, Jiao Yue deliberately talked about tasting wine, implying that he often drank and smoked. Nan Fei's mother started to have some opinions about Jiao Yue. With Nan Fei's reminder, Jiao Yue even boasted about his achievements at work and even suggested that Nan Fei quit her job and travel with him, which further displeased Nan Fei's mother.

Later on, Nan Fei's mother asked Jiao Yue for a private talk and began to calculate the time and cost of Nan Fei and Jiao Yue's relationship. She even inquired about Jiao Yue's parents' opinion of Nan Fei. Nan Fei's mother unexpectedly mentioned meeting Jiao Yue's parents, which caused Nan Fei even more headache. After Jiao Yue left, Nan Fei started asking her mother for an evaluation of Jiao Yue. She had thought her mother would have a very negative view of Jiao Yue, but her mother surprisingly said she understood him, which caught Nan Fei off guard.

The leader approached Qi Jiayi, who had originally brought in Yan Yi as a temporary employee, but now Yan Yi had become the focus. Qi Jiayi was very angry, but the leader was helpless. Subsequently, Qi Jiayi posted an unflattering photo of Yan Yi's eating habits on the company bulletin board, and they had another big argument in the company. Yan Yi even said that Qi Jiayi would forever be just her assistant. Qi Jiayi told Jiao Yue about this incident, and Jiao Yue also felt helpless. He had originally wanted to help Qi Jiayi, but ended up being taken advantage of by someone else. However, Qi Jiayi accepted it calmly.

Episode 26 Recap

Nan Fei's first patient recovered very well, and Nan Fei was very satisfied. She comforted herself, saying that from now on, she should love herself more. Only by fixing her own face could she live a better life. In the evening, Chen Fang went out to drink again. After all, Shu Ting's illness had put a lot of pressure on him, and the divorce had also greatly affected Shu Ting.

Nan Fei was informed by her education that she had arranged for a couple to pretend to be her parents and meet her mother. Although Nan Fei thought it was unreliable, she had to give it a try at this point. Nan Fei also learned from her former teacher that there was a charity event for reconstructive surgery, which piqued her interest, and she planned to share this with her colleagues. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Chen Fang in the elevator, who was accompanying Shu Ting for a medical check-up. The three of them felt extremely awkward in the elevator, and Nan Fei quickly left, leaving Chen Fang and Shu Ting behind. Nan Fei felt a bit lost on her way back, but she forced herself to put on a smile so that her mother wouldn't notice her state. After all, today was the day she was going to meet Jiao Yue's "parents."

Nan Fei took her mother to meet Jiao Yue's "family." Her mother even prepared a tea set as a gift for them. Nan Fei's mother started praising Jiao Yue, and then Jiao Yue's "parents" said that Jiao Yue was very popular and had many people wanting to introduce him to potential partners as soon as he returned to the country. Nan Fei's mother also didn't back down and kept talking about Nan Fei's good qualities, but they didn't say a word. Nan Fei's mother took the initiative to bring up whether there needed to be a change in the relationship between the two, but unexpectedly, Jiao Yue's "father" said it mainly depended on the thoughts of the two children. Jiao Yue's "mother" also thought Jiao Yue was still young at thirty-five. In fact, Jiao Yue had been hinting at them all along, and he even mentioned that they didn't care much about Nan Fei. He emphasized the importance of respecting the children's opinions. Nan Fei's mother asked for Jiao Yue's thoughts, and Jiao Yue said he felt rushed. Nan Fei's mother was deeply disappointed with Jiao Yue. Then, Jiao Yue's "father" criticized Nan Fei, which made Nan Fei's mother very angry and she directly left. Nan Fei hurriedly followed her outside. This incident deeply affected Nan Fei's mother.

Nan Fei's mother expressed that she didn't want her daughter to suffer in their family. She also said that as long as her heart was fulfilled, age and other factors didn't matter. Nan Fei regretted deceiving her mother, but since the lie had come this far, she had no choice but to continue with it. Nan Fei called Ling Jiaoyang to have a drink together. She realized that her mother was the person she owed the most to, the one who had always comforted and encouraged her. It was also the first time someone praised her in front of others. Although her mother seemed to despise her on the surface, she truly approved of her in her heart. Nan Fei sometimes wondered if what she was doing was really right, and Ling Jiaoyang comforted her, hoping she could get over it soon. Although she understood all these principles, she still blamed herself.

Early in the morning, as soon as Nan Fei got up, her mother rebelled. Her mother even made her favorite dish from her childhood, and Nan Fei couldn't help but shed tears while eating. To prevent her mother from getting upset, Nan Fei took her mother to get her nails done, watch movies, and go shopping. It was a good opportunity to have a nice trip to Shanghai. During the movie, Nan Fei's mother accidentally fell asleep, and Nan Fei leaned on her mother's shoulder just like she did when she was a child.

Ling Jiaoyang and Nan Fei's patient base grew, and their new techniques gained recognition from many patients. They all celebrated together. Nan Fei thought that once they established a good reputation, they could lower the prices, and Ling Jiaoyang agreed. In order to improve Shu Ting's mood, Chen Fang bought a record player and a violin, which were things Shu Ting used to love. Shu Ting was once a famous violinist, but she returned to her family because of the children.

Episode 27 Recap

Chen Fang still hopes that Shu Ting can recover as soon as possible, and he also said that he would come to accompany Shu Ting every day. Shu Ting is worried that Chen Fang's presence will affect his work. Shu Ting doesn't understand why their marriage cannot continue, and Chen Fang doesn't know how to answer. When Nan Fei had free time, she went to Tong Xin's bookstore. Nan Fei had been thinking for a long time about the thing she cared most about, which was why Tong Xin didn't show up that day. Tong Xin also said that he had been waiting too long for Nan Fei to ask that question. In fact, Tong Xin did go that day. In the afternoon, it was a crucial moment for Tong Xin, but a few minutes before the exam, Tong Xin was called away by the police. He found out that Jiang Weibing had committed suicide and repeatedly mentioned Tong Xin in the suicide note. So Tong Xin went to cooperate with the investigation.

Tong Xin also missed the agreed meeting time with Nan Fei because he went to the hospital to see Jiang Weibing. Tong Xin also thought that if he hadn't broken the appointment that day, perhaps his whole life would have turned out differently. But after marrying Jiang Weibing, he discovered that she had a severe bipolar disorder. Tong Xin had always believed that Jiang Weibing would get better. Due to Jiang Weibing's parents' divorce, she didn't trust anyone. Every time Tong Xin wanted to give up, Jiang Weibing would threaten suicide. This decade-long relationship drained all of Tong Xin's energy, and he always owed Nan Fei an apology. Nan Fei, on the other hand, admitted that Tong Xin was indeed her first love. Now that the truth was known, this relationship could be considered complete. Tong Xin handed Nan Fei an unopened letter, but Nan Fei felt it was best not to read it, as it was all part of their past youth. In the end, Tong Xin burned the letter, bidding farewell to their past youth.

Ling Jiaoyang, on the other hand, was describing the hospital environment to Nan Fei's mother at home. Nan Fei was somewhat surprised that Ling Jiaoyang had bought some gifts for her mother, intending to use them as a way to gain Nan Fei's approval. Nan Fei's mother started to feel that Jiao Yue was unreliable, and Gu Xiaoman was instigating from the side. Fortunately, Nan Fei and Ling Jiaoyang extinguished the fire. Nan Fei made an excuse to go upstairs to change clothes, and Ling Jiaoyang followed. Ling Jiaoyang knew that Nan Fei went to meet Tong Xin. When he learned from Nan Fei why Tong Xin didn't show up at the time, Ling Jiaoyang was worried that Nan Fei still had feelings for Tong Xin. Nan Fei told Ling Jiaoyang to go back quickly since it was her birthday tomorrow, and Ling Jiaoyang had no choice but to leave first.

As soon as Ling Jiaoyang left, Nan Fei's mother began speaking highly of him. She actually hoped that Nan Fei could get married soon. Afterwards, Nan Fei gave Gu Xiaoman a set of cosmetics, hinting at her to use her own makeup products. Gu Xiaoman was now caught in a dilemma, not knowing whether to accept them or not. Qi Jiayi and her colleagues at the company came up with an unconventional floor plan. They wanted to design it in a way that would showcase their abilities.

Chen Po was very happy to see Shu Ting. Shu Ting put on lipstick to hide her poor complexion from her son, so Chen Po was delighted to have his parents' company. Later, the three of them went to an amusement park and had a great time, leaving their worries behind. Shu Ting hadn't been this happy in a long time, and she was grateful to Chen Fang for giving her someone to rely on again. Afterwards, Shu Ting told Chen Po about a minor health issue she was experiencing, and Chen Fang comforted their son. After Chen Fang returned home, he learned from Jiao Yue that Nan Fei had just left, and then he remembered that it was Nan Fei's birthday today.

In the evening, Ling Jiaoyang accompanied Nan Fei to celebrate her birthday. After all, Nan Fei had promised Ling Jiaoyang to spend her birthday alone with him. Nan Fei felt that she was happiest and most joyful when she was with Ling Jiaoyang. When Nan Fei returned home, she was surprised to find a sculpture that Chen Fang had given her in her room. It turned out that the sculpture was specially made by Chen Fang for Nan Fei. Qi Jiayi also gave Nan Fei a necklace as a birthday gift, which made Nan Fei very happy. Qi Jiayi didn't expect that Nan Fei would be celebrating her birthday with Ling Jiaoyang. Nan Fei said that she felt most relaxed when she was with Ling Jiaoyang.

Episode 28 Recap

Nan Fei's mother went out in the morning to throw away the garbage, but accidentally ran into Jiao Yue's mother, who had bought a bunch of things and brought them over. Nan Fei's mother even helped carry the items to the room. Nan Fei's mother praised how well the house was decorated, and the two of them got along very well. Nan Fei's mother also complained about the parents of the boy she had seen her daughter with, but they found that they got along very well. Unexpectedly, while chatting, they exchanged contact information and realized that Jiao Yue's mother was actually Nan Fei's mother. Now the truth about Nan Fei and Jiao Yue was completely exposed.

Subsequently, Jiao Yue and Nan Fei were called back, and they had to confess to their respective parents. Nan Fei's mother was very angry and scolded her daughter harshly. Nan Fei explained that they did it to prevent their parents from worrying, but Jiao Yue's father was also angry, considering it a serious act of irresponsibility on the part of the two children. Jiao Yue's mother, on the other hand, thought that since both sets of parents were supportive, they might as well make the pretense a reality, even though Nan Fei and Jiao Yue had no real feelings for each other and naturally didn't want to be together.

Nan Fei's mother was extremely angry, feeling that her daughter had told a huge lie this time. Nan Fei didn't know how to explain the situation to her mother. She could only apologize, but her mother wanted them to return home together, which Nan Fei refused to do because she hadn't finished her work yet. Nan Fei's mother felt that her daughter had disrespected her by having someone pretend to be her boyfriend. Nan Fei also had her own grievances. She told her mother that she and Qi Jiayi bought the house together, and they had also sold the Beijing house. This made her mother very angry. Nan Fei also expressed what she wanted to tell her mother the most: she wanted to live her own life and not have her mother control it. However, this statement deeply hurt Nan Fei's mother, who then went back to her room to pack and prepare to leave. Nan Fei's mother just wanted her daughter to live a normal life and hoped to hold her grandchild, but Nan Fei couldn't satisfy her in these matters.

On the other side, Jiao Yue was also comforting his parents, who couldn't understand why their son had deceived them. Jiao Yue also had his own helplessness. If he had told the truth, things wouldn't have gone well, so he had no choice but to deceive them. Jiao Yue expressed that he wanted to marry the person he loved at the right time. In fact, young people all want to take control of their own lives. Jiao Yue's childhood was arranged by his parents, so when he grew up, he wanted to be in charge.

Nan Fei's mother found Qi Jiayi's mother to talk. She understood her daughter's thoughts, but felt that some things should still be communicated in advance. Qi Jiayi's mother also mentioned the relationship her daughter had in the past, which she strongly opposed. However, it had no effect, and they eventually broke up. Qi Jiayi's mother was trying to console her, suggesting that perhaps they could let go of everything once they themselves let go. In the end, every parent still loves their child. Nan Fei was a little worried that Qi Jiayi's mother might not be convinced. Qi Jiayi's mother came out and told them that she had already persuaded Nan Fei's mother, but her condition was for Qi Jiayi to buy her a handbag, to which Qi Jiayi readily agreed.

In the morning, Nan Fei woke up to find that her mother had prepared breakfast and left only a letter on the bed. It said that as long as Nan Fei was happy, everything would be fine. Nan Fei's mother had packed her luggage and left. Chen Fang also learned from Jiao Yue that their pretending to be a couple had been exposed, and Nan Fei's mother had left early in the morning. Chen Fang knew that this must have been a big blow to Nan Fei, and he wanted to come and comfort her, but coincidentally, he saw Nan Fei returning with Ling Jiaoyang.

Episode 29 Recap

Chen Fang came to find Nan Fei but happened to see Ling Jiaoyang sending Nan Fei home. Nan Fei didn't say much to Chen Fang and went straight home. Qi Jiayi told Jiao Yue that she wanted to use 30,000 yuan to help a girl design a house, but Jiao Yue thought Qi Jiayi was being unrealistic. However, Qi Jiayi wanted to challenge herself, and Jiao Yue came up with the idea of simultaneously building ten apartments, which solved the funding problem for the workers.

When Nan Fei went to work, she noticed many people coming to see her. She found it strange and thought it was Ling Jiaoyang playing tricks on her, but it turned out to be her first patient who said in an interview that Nan Fei had restored her confidence. Nan Fei realized it was a marketing strategy, but she didn't like such methods. Ling Jiaoyang was still persuading Nan Fei, as it would greatly benefit the hospital.

During this period, Chen Fang stayed by Shu Ting's side. Shu Ting had lost her hair due to chemotherapy, and she told Chen Fang that if her condition worsened, she didn't want to waste her remaining time in the hospital. Shu Ting said that if she didn't have enough time, she wanted the three of them to drive and see the most beautiful scenery. She regretted her decision to divorce and felt that she had wasted too much time. Chen Fang comforted Shu Ting, and she mentioned feeling confused every day. Chen Fang told her not to overthink and showed her some successfully treated cases. Chen Fang assured Shu Ting that he would always be by her side, and she couldn't help but cry.

Jiao Yue called Nan Fei and found out that Chen Po was also there. From Chen Po, Nan Fei learned that Shu Ting was already ill, and Chen Fang was taking care of her at the hospital. Chen Po asked if Nan Fei was Chen Fang's girlfriend, and Nan Fei naturally denied it, as she and Chen Fang were not in a romantic relationship. Nan Fei still wanted Chen Po's condition to improve quickly, so she tried to comfort him. In the evening, Chen Fang came to pick up Chen Po, and while Chen Fang and Nan Fei were talking outside, Gu Xiaoman eavesdropped and was called over by Qi Jiayi. Nan Fei learned from Chen Fang that Shu Ting had stage III breast cancer and showed him the case. Nan Fei mentioned seeing a targeted drug recently that could help Shu Ting, and she assured Chen Fang that she could help take care of Chen Po. Chen Fang thanked Nan Fei, but he didn't know what else to say. Nan Fei felt sympathetic towards Chen Fang; his career had just started to take off, and now he had to face such a situation. Qi Jiayi also comforted Nan Fei, as this situation was unexpected for everyone.

Nan Fei went to Jiao Yue's parents' house and took the initiative to apologize to them. Jiao Yue's mother expressed that she liked Nan Fei very much. These days, their parents hadn't figured out why they couldn't give each other a chance. Nan Fei felt guilty and mentioned that love still required fate. Jiao Yue's mother wanted to make a final attempt to keep them together, but there was no romantic interest between Nan Fei and Jiao Yue. Jiao Yue started making plans for Qi Jiayi, hoping to minimize her costs. Qi Jiayi was delighted. Qi Jiayi intentionally mentioned Shen Xue because her presence had contributed to Jiao Yue's furniture market doing well. Qi Jiayi also mentioned that Shen Xue seemed to have broken up with a wealthy businessman, and Jiao Yue seemed to sense some jealousy.

Shen Xue found Jiao Yue and wanted to salvage their relationship, but the previous incident had hurt Jiao Yue. He knew that he and Shen Xue were not meant to be together and told her not to change because of him.

Episode 30 Recap

Jiao Yue has completely let go of Shen Xue. In fact, Shen Xue can sense that Jiao Yue has someone else in his heart. Jiao Yue told Shen Xue that even if there was no one else, he didn't want to continue the entanglement. In reality, when Jiao Yue truly understood what Shen Xue needed, he knew that they were not meant to be together. Shen Xue asked Jiao Yue if the person was Qi Jiayi, but Jiao Yue didn't give any answer. Jiao Yue also stated that his previous words had nothing to do with Qi Jiayi. Shen Xue could sense what kind of girl Jiao Yue liked, but since Jiao Yue had already moved on, Shen Xue also decided to let go.

Qi Jiayi was still busy with work at the construction site, and she was busy every day. More and more people were coming to see Nan Fei for treatment. Chen Fang was not only busy with designing but also took care of Shu Ting whenever he had free time. He would also look up relevant information online. Nan Fei would accompany Chen Po whenever she was free, hoping to make him happy. During a meeting at the hospital, Nan Fei shared her thoughts and suggested that the main task of the reconstructive department was restoration. She also proposed the idea of joint consultations with other departments.

Nan Fei knew that Ling Jiaoyang was going on a business trip to Beijing and gave him a scarf as a gift. Nan Fei went to a bar to drink and relieve her worries. It was a place Chen Fang frequented, and he happened to come by. Nan Fei showed Chen Fang some cases of reconstructive surgery she had done recently. Chen Fang had been busy with Shu Ting's matters lately and hoped that Chen Fang could help explain things to him. Qi Jiayi was still working overtime in the evening when Jiao Yue came over. Qi Jiayi expressed her thoughts, and Jiao Yue asked if she had been avoiding him recently. Jiao Yue quickly made an excuse, saying he was too busy. However, Jiao Yue could tell that something was off from Qi Jiayi's expression.

At that moment, Shen Xue called Jiao Yue and said she regretted her actions. She hoped Jiao Yue could give her another chance. Shen Xue wanted to salvage their relationship, but Qi Jiayi, who overheard Jiao Yue's conversation with Shen Xue on the phone, was very angry. Qi Jiayi left directly. Jiao Yue quickly hung up the phone with Shen Xue and rushed out to find Qi Jiayi. Qi Jiayi held a certain place in Jiao Yue's heart, and he didn't want to lose her because of Shen Xue. Jiao Yue searched everywhere for Qi Jiayi but couldn't find her.

Qi Jiayi called Jiao Yue and told him she was upstairs. Jiao Yue hurriedly followed her upstairs, not giving Qi Jiayi a chance to explain anything. Jiao Yue kissed Qi Jiayi directly. When they woke up the next morning, they realized it was already the next day. Jiao Yue was very happy that they were finally together. Jiao Yue then messaged Nan Fei, asking her to come over for breakfast. In fact, he wanted to tell Nan Fei that he had fallen in love with Qi Jiayi. Nan Fei mentioned that she felt Qi Jiayi had someone she liked, and she didn't come back last night. Nan Fei analyzed the situation and suddenly realized that Qi Jiayi had unexpectedly appeared. Nan Fei finally understood that they were already together, and she sincerely wished them well.

Qi Jiayi talked to her boss about a project and complained that her superiors didn't value her at all. Qi Jiayi also made an excuse, pretending that she was going to leave. Unexpectedly, the CEO desperately tried to keep her, as he was actually Qi Jiayi's birth mother. Chen Fang asked the doctor and was told that conservative treatment was still the best option for now since Shu Ting didn't meet the necessary conditions yet. When Nan Fei had time, she would take Chen Po for treatment, and his condition had improved. Chen Po was also thinking that his mother would come today. Nan Fei suggested buying flowers for Shu Ting instead, and Chen Po agreed.

Episode 31 Recap

Nan Fei took Chen Po to see Shu Ting, and during this time, Chen Po had become much happier. After handing Chen Po over to Chen Fang, Nan Fei left. When Chen Fang returned to Shu Ting's house, he started cooking while Shu Ting quietly looked at her medical records. Shu Ting realized that Chen Fang hadn't told her the truth about her current condition, that it hadn't improved at all. Shu Ting knew that she might not have much time left and didn't dare to cry out loud, fearing that Chen Po would hear her. So she quickly put the medical records back in their place.

During the meal, Shu Ting asked Chen Fang if he was tired. Although Chen Fang said he wasn't tired on the surface, Shu Ting knew that he was actually feeling very uncomfortable. Shu Ting also expressed her hope that they could continue to eat together in the future. Chen Po also asked if his mother's condition would improve after the surgery last night, but Shu Ting lied to him in order not to worry him. After Nan Fei returned home, she would also help investigate Shu Ting's condition.

Qi Jiayi had recently been surrounded by love, and she mentioned that she felt completely lacking in confidence after meeting Jiao Yue. On the other hand, Nan Fei expressed her thoughts, and Gu Xiaoman, who was nearby, asked Qi Jiayi. Gu Xiaoman felt that they, Qi Jiayi, Nan Fei, and herself, were not the same kind of people, and that the gap between them would only grow wider. Ling Jiaoyang video-called Nan Fei. Ling Jiaoyang happened to be in Beijing, so Nan Fei asked him to help persuade her mother when he had time, as their relationship with Jiao Yue had greatly disappointed their parents.

Qi Jiayi had now become a manager, and many people came to her for house design. Naturally, her competitors were not pleased, and one of them went to complain to the director. But the director didn't pay any attention, as he only cared about clients now. Ling Jiaoyang went to visit Nan Fei's home, and Nan Fei's father really liked him. Ling Jiaoyang learned that Nan Fei's mother had been feeling down lately because of their relationship, so he was a bit worried. Nan Fei's father invited Ling Jiaoyang to have dinner at their home in the evening, and Ling Jiaoyang agreed. Chen Fang found Nan Fei and informed her that Shu Ting's surgery was scheduled for next week, but her condition wasn't optimistic. All Nan Fei could do now was to comfort Chen Fang and help Shu Ting find her classmates who specialized in tumor-related matters, hoping to assist Shu Ting.

Nan Fei also told Chen Fang about the emotional support their classmates gave Chen Po, and since Chen Po had mentioned wanting to fly before, Chen Fang decided to give it a try. Nan Fei saw Chen Fang off, but coincidentally, Gu Xiaoman saw them together and deliberately took photos of them. She posted the pictures on her social media to show Ling Jiaoyang, as a way to remind him that Nan Fei and Chen Fang were still in contact and not to waste time on Nan Fei. When Jiao Yue and Qi Jiayi were playfully wrestling at home, unexpectedly, Jiao Yue's parents came over. Jiao Yue's mother was surprised to see them together, but Qi Jiayi had to make up an excuse, saying that Jiao Yue had asked her to come and help with cooking. Jiao Yue's mother even wanted Qi Jiayi to call Nan Fei over, so Qi Jiayi had no choice but to do as she was told. Later, Jiao Yue's mother gave Nan Fei a precious family heirloom bracelet, but Nan Fei quickly declined it, as she realized that Qi Jiayi and Jiao Yue were the ones currently in a relationship, and she had no connection to it.

As Jiao Yue's mother continued talking, she began to shed tears and expressed her regret that Nan Fei and Jiao Yue couldn't be together in the end. Nan Fei tried to console Jiao Yue's parents. Qi Jiayi, listening to Jiao Yue's mother praising Nan Fei, felt a bit jealous and decided to go home. Nan Fei hurriedly went to explain to Qi Jiayi, but Qi Jiayi didn't want to listen at all. Later, Jiao Yue confessed to his parents that Qi Jiayi was actually his girlfriend, and their relationship had just been established.

Nan Fei, along with her former teacher, participated in a medical assistance program. Initially, Nan Fei had wanted to mend her relationship with Qi Jiayi, so she had planned to invite her out for a meal. However, Qi Jiayi rejected the invitation. Gu Xiaoman deliberately told Qi Jiayi's mother about Qi Jiayi's relationship with Jiao Yue and even expressed her feeling that Jiao Yue was unreliable. She wanted to emphasize that Qi Jiayi and Jiao Yue were incompatible.

Episode 32 Recap

Gu Xiaoman has always been praising Jiao Yue, knowing well that Jiao Yue's parents prefer Nan Fei. Therefore, she wanted to break them up. Qi Jiayi also came back soon, and Gu Xiaoman quickly told her mother about her relationship with Jiao Yue, which made her mother believe that her daughter's luck had turned around. Gu Xiaoman deliberately spoke ill of Nan Fei, infuriating Qi Jiayi, who scolded Gu Xiaoman harshly. Qi Jiayi's mother even advised her not to be with Nan Fei, which made Qi Jiayi angrily storm out of the house.

Qi Jiayi returned to her room, and Nan Fei also came back. Nan Fei took the initiative to bring back some local specialties, hoping to mend their relationship. Qi Jiayi mentioned that she had bought some for Jiao Yue's parents and planned to say that they were from her. This angered Qi Jiayi even more, feeling that Nan Fei always put herself first and that she could never surpass her. Qi Jiayi felt that Nan Fei had never cared about her feelings. When Nan Fei said she was going abroad, she even showed Qi Jiayi the plane ticket, but in reality, Nan Fei couldn't bear to leave Qi Jiayi. Qi Jiayi had to work at a bar in the past because she was short on money.

Qi Jiayi mentioned how good she had been to Nan Fei all these years. When Nan Fei first returned to the country, Qi Jiayi was short on money, but when she learned that Nan Fei wanted to eat the most expensive food, she still endured the pain and treated Nan Fei to a meal. Nan Fei also had many grievances in her heart. In the eyes of others, she was always the best, but she also felt upset and had complaints. Her life was a mess. Nan Fei said she couldn't guarantee to be perfect every moment. They ended up having an argument over some trivial matter, and Qi Jiayi, in anger, stormed out of the house. Nan Fei was also upset in her room. She never imagined that things would turn out like this between her and Qi Jiayi. And it was all started by Gu Xiaoman. Qi Jiayi went to a bar to drink due to her bad mood, while Nan Fei drank alone at home until morning.

Qi Jiayi was awakened by a phone call from Jiao Yue. Jiao Yue could sense that Qi Jiayi was upset and suggested taking her out for a meal, thinking that Qi Jiayi was angry about the situation with her parents. Qi Jiayi was about to leave when she heard Gu Xiaoman gossiping to her mother about the fight between Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi the previous night. Qi Jiayi was speechless and asked Gu Xiaoman not to spread rumors. Gu Xiaoman had been targeting Nan Fei because Nan Fei had rejected Ling Jiaoyang. She thought Ling Jiaoyang was a great catch, and Nan Fei didn't know what was good for her.

Qi Jiayi eventually returned, and Nan Fei watched her from the side, but they still didn't say a word to each other. Although they both cared for each other, neither of them spoke, hindered by their pride. Qi Jiayi packed her things and left, and Nan Fei couldn't bear to let her go, but she ultimately didn't ask her to stay. Nan Fei's tears couldn't help but fall. She never expected that their relationship of so many years would end like this.

Jiao Yue and Chen Fang planned to rent a new place. Chen Fang expressed concerns about not being able to support Jiao Yue financially, but Jiao Yue assured him. Nan Fei had time to talk to Chen Po about paragliding, and Chen Po was very excited. Chen Fang would come to pick up their child when he had time, but he had been busy lately, so Nan Fei had been helping take care of the child most of the time. At night, Chen Fang took their son home. When Shu Ting learned that Chen Po wanted to go paragliding, she became very emotional because she didn't want anything to happen to her son again. Chen Po had no choice but to promise his mother.

Nan Fei went to the airport to pick up Ling Jiaoyang. They had Japanese food together, and Ling Jiaoyang brought back Nan Fei's favorite food. Ling Jiaoyang mentioned that he had visited Nan Fei's parents during his trip back. Nan Fei felt relieved. When Nan Fei went to work, she encountered Shu Ting. It turned out that Shu Ting learned that Nan Fei had influenced Chen Po to go paragliding. Shu Ting was furious and scolded Nan Fei. Nan Fei explained that she wanted Chen Po to recover quickly, but Shu Ting still berated her.

Episode 33 Recap

Nan Fei still wanted to fight for Chen Po and hoped to convince Shu Ting to allow him to go paragliding. However, Shu Ting strongly objected and angrily walked away, causing a rift between them. She called Chen Fang immediately and said she wanted to meet him. Chen Fang agreed to meet her. Nan Fei continued to go to work, but she noticed that everyone was gossiping about her, though she couldn't understand what had happened.

Nan Fei was summoned to the office by Manager Ni. Manager Ni had posted some of Nan Fei's thoughts on Weibo. It turned out that Nan Fei had shared her ideas about reconstructive surgery, which angered other doctors. They joined forces to attack the hospital. They even created a medical disturbance and blamed Nan Fei for it. Manager Ni had no choice but to suspend Nan Fei from work. Nan Fei understood the difficulties the hospital was facing, so she agreed.

Shu Ting went to find Chen Fang and expressed her concerns about their son. If she couldn't get better, the person she worried about the most was Chen Po. Shu Ting had received news that her chemotherapy results weren't good. All Chen Fang could do was comfort Shu Ting. Shu Ting pleaded with Chen Fang and Chen Po to accompany her through her final days. She also made Chen Fang promise that he wouldn't let Chen Po go paragliding. Ling Jiaoyang went to Nan Fei's house and reassured her that he would help resolve the situation. He believed that Nan Fei hadn't done anything wrong. Nan Fei didn't want Ling Jiaoyang to get involved and risk himself. Gu Xiaoman, who was eavesdropping nearby, listened intently.

Nan Fei suddenly received a phone call from a reporter who wanted to interview her. Encouraged by Ling Jiaoyang, Nan Fei agreed to the interview. Ling Jiaoyang held Nan Fei's hand and promised to help clear her name. Gu Xiaoman took the opportunity to bring them some fruits. The reporter interviewed Nan Fei, and she openly shared her views. Chen Po was surprised to see Chen Fang picking him up today. Chen Po had actually expressed a strong desire to go paragliding. Chen Fang could sense his son's enthusiasm for it. After the interview, Nan Fei went grocery shopping and cooked at home. In the past, Qi Jiayi or Chen Fang would always help her, and she rarely cooked by herself. But now, the two most important people in her life were not by her side, and Nan Fei felt a sense of loss. It was Chen Fang who had taught Nan Fei how to cook tomato and egg noodles. Although the ingredients were the same, the taste was completely different from before.

Chen Fang met with his former classmates, hoping they would take a look at his creations. They gave sharp critiques of Chen Fang's work, hoping he would give up on the exhibition. They were more impressed with the artwork that Chen Fang had made for Nan Fei. However, Chen Fang mentioned that he had already given it away. Coincidentally, Nan Fei brought the artwork that Chen Fang had made for her. To Chen Fang's surprise, he saw that Nan Fei had smashed his own artwork. He had overestimated his abilities.

Soon, a group of friends came to see Chen Fang's artwork. Unexpectedly, Nan Fei took out the artwork that Chen Fang had made for her. Everyone praised Chen Fang's work, and some even suggested that he participate in an exhibition. Nan Fei didn't want to exhibit the artwork to prove that Chen Fang had talent. Chen Fang didn't expect Nan Fei to bring back the sculpture.

Qi Jiayi and Ling Jiaoyang's relationship had been going well recently. In fact, Ling Jiaoyang had started liking Qi Jiayi long ago. Though their friendship had faded, their love blossomed. Chen Fang accompanied Nan Fei back home, and at the door, Nan Fei handed over some health supplements to Chen Fang. This scene was witnessed by Gu Xiaoman. Chen Fang took Shu Ting to the hospital, where the doctors suggested trying alternative medications. Whenever Nan Fei had time, she would also pick up Chen Po. Since Shu Ting didn't agree to let Chen Po go paragliding, Nan Fei planned to let him try skateboarding instead.

Episode 34 Recap

Chen Fang took Chen Po to visit Shu Ting, and coincidentally, Chen Fang's younger sister also came over. During this time, Chen Po's mood had improved a lot. Someone found a reporter who even spread gossip about Nan Fei, saying that Nan Fei had an improper conduct. This gave the reporter new insider information. Ling Jiaoyang and Nan Fei soon learned about the malicious online reports. Nan Fei didn't expect that all her patient data had been leaked online.

Soon, the hospital board also discussed Nan Fei's situation, and Gu Xiaoman, as the secretary, served everyone water in the meeting room. Now the hospital's reputation had been ruined by Nan Fei, and if the situation was not handled properly, it would cause significant damage to the hospital. Ling Jiaoyang had been speaking up for Nan Fei, but everyone questioned why these things were all targeted at Nan Fei. Nan Fei could only apologize because she herself didn't know how her private information had been exposed online. Ling Jiaoyang also said that this matter had nothing to do with Nan Fei, and now the most important thing was to find the person who leaked the doctor's list. Although Manager Ni agreed with Ling Jiaoyang's approach, the prerequisite was to suspend Nan Fei from work, as an explanation needed to be given to the public. Finally, everyone voted on Nan Fei's situation, and Nan Fei stated that she wouldn't resign and would investigate the matter thoroughly.

Afterwards, Ling Jiaoyang and Nan Fei started investigating the surveillance footage together to find out who leaked the company's data. Nan Fei discovered that the leak was captured using a mobile phone, indicating that it might not be someone who had access to the patient cases, so it was likely not someone from the department. Nan Fei contacted her classmate who she had helped with reconstructive surgery before, and the classmate was grateful for Nan Fei's help and happened to work in a PR company. Therefore, she promised to assist Nan Fei with the public relations.

Manager Ni privately approached Nan Fei. In fact, Manager Ni admired Nan Fei a lot and understood her grievances. He also knew when to abandon the car to save the handsome driver. Manager Ni said these words hoping that Nan Fei would leave voluntarily. Actually, everyone could see Ling Jiaoyang's love for Nan Fei. Manager Ni also mentioned that the recent events had harmed Ling Jiaoyang. If Ling Jiaoyang didn't handle the situation well during this time, he might face many difficulties. However, Nan Fei stated that she wouldn't resign at the moment because if she left now, Ling Jiaoyang would have to bear all the responsibilities alone. Nan Fei also hoped that Manager Ni would trust Ling Jiaoyang once again, and Manager Ni had no choice but to agree.

Ling Jiaoyang and Nan Fei were still troubled by finding the mole. Nan Fei even considered that the person who took the information might be the same person who leaked it to the reporter. Just then, Gu Xiaoman came over with coffee, and Ling Jiaoyang asked if Gu Xiaoman knew which doctors at the hospital were unhappy with Nan Fei. Gu Xiaoman mentioned a Dr. Chen, and on the way back, Nan Fei still felt that something was off about this matter. Ling Jiaoyang assured Nan Fei that he would help investigate and find out the truth. In fact, Nan Fei didn't want Ling Jiaoyang to sacrifice so much for her, and now Ling Jiaoyang just wanted to implore Nan Fei to be his girlfriend, but Nan Fei rejected him. Nan Fei knew that Ling Jiaoyang was the best choice for her, but if she didn't love him, she didn't want to deceive him either.

Qi Jiayi took the opportunity when Nan Fei wasn't at home to pack up her things, but she discovered that Gu Xiaoman wasn't at home either. As she went upstairs, she found Nan Fei alone in the room drinking. Nan Fei said that she was completely finished. Qi Jiayi quickly took away the bottle of alcohol from Nan Fei's hand. Nan Fei started crying and expressed her inner pain. Nan Fei pleaded with Qi Jiayi not to leave, and Qi Jiayi assured her that she wouldn't leave Nan Fei.

Shu Ting was brought back home by Chen Fang, and Chen Po had already decorated the house very nicely. Shu Ting was deeply moved. She only hoped that they could spend the coming days together as a family.

Episode 35 Recap

Chen Po and Chen Fang made a gift together for Shu Ting, and Shu Ting was very happy and couldn't help but shed tears of touched. Nan Fei took the initiative to apologize to the person who leaked the information, although she didn't know who leaked the information, but she also had the responsibility to bear the consequences. In the following period of time, Ling Jiaoyang and Nan Fei were both working hard to find out the person who leaked the information.

Ling Jiaoyang was still looking at the photos of the leaked information at night, and he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be some problems with each picture, just like there was a problem with his phone. Ling Jiaoyang suddenly remembered the photos Gu Xiaoman had sent before and found that there were also some problems in the upper right corner of her phone. Immediately, Ling Jiaoyang quickly called Qi Jiayi and asked if Gu Xiaoman had any grudges against Nan Fei. Qi Jiayi remembered that Gu Xiaoman did speak ill of Nan Fei in front of her. Ling Jiaoyang asked Qi Jiayi to go downstairs and make an excuse to take photos with Gu Xiaoman's phone. Gu Xiaoman didn't think much about it and took the photos together and sent them to Qi Jiayi. Qi Jiayi saw some marks in the upper right corner of the photos. When Gu Xiaoman was washing dishes online, Qi Jiayi intentionally dropped his phone in the water, and thus found an excuse to get Gu Xiaoman's phone.

Qi Jiayi quickly took the phone to the repair shop, and unexpectedly found the photos that Gu Xiaoman had deleted, and these photos contained important customer information, which further confirmed that Gu Xiaoman was the mastermind behind Nan Fei's frame-up. Qi Jiayi made an appointment with Gu Xiaoman and deliberately asked her about her opinion of Nan Fei. Gu Xiaoman superficially said that she had no problem with Nan Fei, but she kept criticizing Nan Fei. Qi Jiayi confessed directly, but Gu Xiaoman still refused to admit it. It was not until Qi Jiayi showed her the evidence that Gu Xiaoman continued to defend herself. Qi Jiayi wanted Gu Xiaoman to resign voluntarily, but Gu Xiaoman refused. The reason Gu Xiaoman did this was because she was jealous of Nan Fei being better than her in everything, but Qi Jiayi told her that all of this had violated the law. After returning home, Qi Jiayi started to pack up and asked Gu Xiaoman to move out. Originally, Gu Xiaoman thought that as long as she called Qi Jiayi's mother, she could change the situation, but when Qi Jiayi's mother learned that Gu Xiaoman deliberately framed Nan Fei, she was very angry and wanted to drive her away.

Ling Jiaoyang and Qi Jiayi told Nan Fei the truth of the matter, which was beyond Nan Fei's expectation. She also knew that Gu Xiaoman had always been badmouthing her behind her back. She originally thought that this matter would pass, but she had actually made a big mistake out of jealousy. Ling Jiaoyang also learned from other nurses that Gu Xiaoman would wear Nan Fei's clothes and take photos to show off when she was not around.

At this time, a man came to the hospital and forcibly took Gu Xiaoman away. Gu Xiaoman screamed for help, and soon everyone gathered together. The man took out a marriage certificate and claimed to be Gu Xiaoman's husband. Ling Jiaoyang was very worried and quickly called security to take her away. In fact, Gu Xiaoman had been subjected to domestic violence by the man, and she knew she couldn't go back anymore.

Nan Fei told Gu Xiaoman that it was because of her strong jealousy that the situation turned out this way. In the end, Gu Xiaoman left, and before leaving, Nan Fei gave her the phone number of a house. She also knew that Gu Xiaoman had a difficult life, so she helped her find a capable divorce lawyer, hoping to help her solve some problems. Six months later, due to the hospital's prosecution, Gu Xiaoman was sentenced to one year in prison for leaking confidential company information, and she paid a huge price for it.

At night, Nan Fei had a heart-to-heart talk with Qi Jiayi. Nan Fei felt that she had a certain responsibility for the current situation, but she still wanted to leave the hospital. The two discussed many things together, and Qi Jiayi also felt very happy to be with Jiao Yue, realizing that she had met the right person.

Episode 36 Recap

Chen Fang and Jiao Yue's furniture store has officially opened for business, and Nan Fei has also come along with Qi Jiayi. Chen Fang was happy to see her, but they couldn't return to the past. Nan Fei and Chen Fang lived their separate lives without any intersection. Due to heavy rain, Nan Fei promised to meet Chen Fang, and he initially worried that she wouldn't come. However, Nan Fei surprised him by braving the rain to meet him.

Nan Fei told Chen Fang that he still held a place in her heart. Over the past year, she had tried hard to forget him, but all her attempts were in vain. She confessed that she couldn't find happiness with anyone else except Chen Fang, and she now understood that it hadn't been easy for him either. Nan Fei initially thought Chen Fang would be very happy, but he unexpectedly revealed that he intended to remarry Shu Ting. After all, they had a lot of history together, and Chen Fang carried a heavy burden. He didn't want to disappoint Nan Fei because he loved her too much. After Nan Fei left, Chen Fang broke down in tears. It was clear that two people who loved each other couldn't be together in the end.

Qi Jiayi received approval from the company to pursue further studies in Europe, and the management even mentioned promoting her to director when she returned. Qi Jiayi was taken aback by this, as she hadn't anticipated such a development. Now, she faced a difficult choice because her new relationship had just begun, and she would have to deal with a long-distance relationship. Qi Jiayi went to find Jiao Yue after work, and he showed her the furniture designs he had created. Qi Jiayi suddenly hugged him from behind, and Jiao Yue carried her around the entire showroom. Qi Jiayi told Jiao Yue that the company wanted her to study in Europe, and she was hesitant. Jiao Yue comforted her and knew deep down that Qi Jiayi wanted to go, but she was worried about the challenges of a long-distance relationship. He still hoped Qi Jiayi would pursue her dreams.

After returning home, Qi Jiayi told Nan Fei about the situation. Nan Fei said she would quit her job first and go back to Beijing to spend time with her parents. Nan Fei was concerned that continuing to interact with Jiao Yue in this manner would strain their friendship. Qi Jiayi encouraged and supported Nan Fei's decision.

Chen Fang informed Shu Ting that he planned to take her back to Beijing. He had found a better medical facility in Beijing and wanted her to try it. Afterwards, Chen Fang proposed remarrying, and Shu Ting couldn't help but shed tears. Nan Fei went to the office to pack her things and was surprised to find that her former colleagues held her in high regard. After all, Nan Fei was competent. She submitted her resignation letter to Manager Ni, but he informed her that Jiao Yue had already appointed her as the acting dean. Jiao Yue left a letter for Nan Fei, knowing that she couldn't face him, so he chose to leave on his own.

In the end, Qi Jiayi decided to go to Europe for further studies. At the airport, she gave instructions and advice to her relatives and friends. Her mother reminded her to take good care of herself. Finally, Jiao Yue embraced Qi Jiayi, determined to maintain their relationship regardless of the distance. That night, Nan Fei returned home alone, and with Qi Jiayi's departure, the place suddenly became quiet. Nan Fei reminisced about everything they had experienced there, with their arguments and playfulness, but ultimately returning to their initial state.

Episode 37 Recap

Nan Fei thought about the wonderful things she had experienced with Qi Jiayi here. They had arguments and moments of happiness, and everything here felt very familiar. Nan Fei took over Ling Jiaoyang's position and had already settled all the important clients. The hospital was also running smoothly. Nan Fei would leave messages for Ling Jiaoyang whenever she had the chance and update him on everything happening here. The hospital had been developing well, and Nan Fei hoped Ling Jiaoyang would come back soon.

On the other side, Chen Fang was packing his bags, preparing to leave Shanghai. Shu Ting knew her condition wasn't optimistic, but she was willing to cooperate with the treatment. Her biggest concern was their son. After all, he was the only one she cared about. Shu Ting knew that Chen Fang had agreed to remarry her out of sympathy, but it wasn't the kind of marriage she wanted. Chen Po's condition had improved, and Shu Ting would pick him up from school when she had the time. She even went paragliding with him, hoping he wouldn't have any regrets.

After returning home, Chen Fang informed his parents about Shu Ting's situation and expressed his willingness to remarry her. At that moment, Shu Ting came downstairs. Tomorrow she would be going to the hospital, and they would need to entrust their child to their parents' care. Shu Ting knew she had caused a lot of trouble for her parents over the years, and she felt fortunate to have become part of their family.

Time passed quickly, and a year had gone by. While Nan Fei was working, she received a call from her father, informing her that her mother's heart palpitations had worsened, and she had been admitted to the hospital. Nan Fei immediately left her work and went to her mother's side. The doctor explained that her mother had mild depression, which was causing the palpitations. The depression was likely a result of the conflicts between her and her daughter. Nan Fei assured the doctor that she had already contacted the best psychiatrist to treat her mother. However, her father told Nan Fei that the real solution was for her to get married and have children as soon as possible. He believed it would be better than any treatment. Her father urged her not to feel too much pressure because she still had him to rely on.

During these days, Nan Fei would accompany her mother for walks by the river or go shopping to buy things her mother liked. However, her mother's mood still didn't improve much. Nan Fei took her mother to a shoe store, but her mother's greatest joy came from watching children play at the nearby amusement park. Late at night, Nan Fei was awakened by her mother's crying. Nan Fei couldn't help but cry too and apologized to her mother. She was willing to do anything to make her mother happy. Her mother also blamed herself for being too strict with her daughter in the past, which caused the current situation. Finally, the rift between mother and daughter was starting to mend.

Another year passed, and Qi Jiayi finally returned from studying in Europe. Jiao Yue was waiting for her at the airport, and their feelings for each other hadn't diminished. Jiao Yue's career was also going well. Chen Fang had been by Shu Ting's side all along, and her condition gradually improved. Since Nan Fei needed to go back to take care of her mother, Ling Jiaoyang naturally returned to take over as the hospital's director. Jiao Yue took Qi Jiayi to a restaurant and expressed the words he had been holding in his heart for a long time. Qi Jiayi was deeply moved. Since she met Qi Jiayi, Jiao Yue had rediscovered himself. Then, Jiao Yue knelt down on one knee and proposed to Qi Jiayi, who naturally accepted.

Shu Ting's condition improved, and Chen Fang's parents asked if she was willing to remarry Chen Fang. Unexpectedly, Shu Ting said that after experiencing so much, she understood that some feelings couldn't be forced. Even if she didn't remarry Chen Fang, she would still be a married woman. Shu Ting also said that Chen Fang was a warm-hearted person, and she hoped he could pursue the one he loved.

Episode 38 (Ending) Recap

Shu Ting told Chen Fang not to give up on the person he loved because of her. She encouraged him to find Nan Fei. Qi Jiayi and Jiao Yue came to Beijing to look for Nan Fei. When Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei met, they embraced each other and burst into tears. After all, they hadn't seen each other for a long time. Qi Jiayi told Nan Fei's mother that she was going to marry Jiao Yue and hoped that Nan Fei could be her bridesmaid. Nan Fei's mother reluctantly agreed, and Qi Jiayi even invited Nan Fei's mother to attend their wedding.

Jiao Yue and Chen Fang had drinks together and chatted. Jiao Yue asked Chen Fang to be his best man. When Chen Fang learned that Nan Fei's parents were also going, he hesitated. Jiao Yue wanted to convince Chen Fang, but Chen Fang didn't know how to face it. Soon, Qi Jiayi and Jiao Yue's wedding began, and many friends and relatives came to express their blessings. Jiao Yue's parents finally witnessed their son's wedding and handed over the family heirloom bracelet to Qi Jiayi. Tomorrow they would officially enter the wedding hall, and their parents gave them some trivial matters to take care of, hoping that they would hold each other's hands tightly and never let go.

In the evening, Qi Jiayi and Nan Fei had a heart-to-heart talk when they had time. Qi Jiayi recalled the days she had spent with Nan Fei over the years. Whenever she was on the verge of collapse, Nan Fei would notify her and accompany her immediately. They had been through so much together, and they were destined to be together. That was the most important thing. Then, Qi Jiayi told Nan Fei that Chen Fang would also come today and that he hadn't remarried Shu Ting. They had let go of each other. Qi Jiayi also mentioned that Jiao Yue had invited Chen Fang, but Nan Fei didn't say much.

The wedding officially began, and Qi Jiayi, dressed in a pure white wedding gown, walked towards the person she loved the most. In front of their friends and family, they exchanged vows. Nan Fei sat nearby, looking around to see if Chen Fang would come back to the wedding scene. After all, Nan Fei still hadn't let go of him in her heart. On stage, Qi Jiayi even directly handed the handmade flower to her beloved best friend, Nan Fei.

After the wedding, everyone prepared to leave. Jiao Yue kept calling Chen Fang, but there was no reply. Qi Jiayi was a little angry, but Nan Fei had already let go. After all, the two of them probably couldn't be together in the end. Nan Fei, accompanied by her parents, was about to embark on the journey back when Chen Fang suddenly called out to her. When they saw each other, they couldn't help but walk towards each other. Chen Fang held Nan Fei's hand and approached her parents, hoping they would give them another chance. Unexpectedly, this time Nan Fei's mother finally agreed. Chen Fang knelt down and proposed to Nan Fei, and everyone present warmly congratulated them.

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