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Tiger and Crane – Jiang Long, Zhang Linghe

Tiger and Crane is a historical mystery drama directed by Guo Hu, starring Jiang Long, Zhang Linghe, Wang Yuwen, Ye Qing, He Landou, and Chen Youwei.

The drama tells the story of Hu Zi, an optimistic and cheerful orphan, who accidentally swallows a red pearl, the most powerful treasure, and befriends Qi Xiaoxuan, an aloof and proud captain of the State Demon Hunter.

The two young men are forced to go on a journey together because of a red pearl, and they make friends with Zhao Xintong, Wang Yuqian, and Shan Cha.

When the ambitions of the human and demon worlds are to bring about a catastrophe on earth, the group of young men sacrifices themselves to save the world.


Tiger and Crane

English Title: Tiger and Crane
Chinese Title: 虎鹤妖师录
Genre: Historical, Suspense, Youth
Tag: Demon, Orphan Male Lead, Multiple Mains, Slight Romance, Sibling Rivalry, Death of a Main Character
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Guo Hu
Writer: Cheng Fang, Nian Jianlun, Wang Gewen, Zhang Shaoshuai, Liu Yitong
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2023-10-02
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The optimistic and cheerful mountain orphan, Hu Zi, accidentally swallows a red pearl and befriends Qi Xiaoxuan, who is a captain of the national demon hunter.

The two young men with very different personalities are forced to go on the road together because of a red pearl, and they meet Zhao Xintong, Wang Yuqian, Shan Cha, and other partners.

They go from disliking each other to being attracted by the differences and "sparkling" in each other. After some adventures, they become best friends. Qi Xiaoxuan falls into prison to protect Hu Zi.

In order to save Qi Xiaoxuan, Hu Zi and his companions participate in the selection process for the National Demon Hunter. But as a result, they uncover the conspiracy of the National Demon Hunter and find out the truth about the war between humans and demons 500 years ago.

As the demon army, suppressed for 500 years, intends to destroy the human world, the master of the State Demon Hunter attempts to take advantage of the chaos to dominate the world.

Just when the ambitions of both the human and demon worlds are about to bring about a catastrophe on earth, the group of young men with dreams save the world at the risk of self-sacrifice.


  • 2023-10-03 16:47:55

    "Tiger and Crane" has a significant gap between the expectations and the actual presentation

    "Tiger and Crane" has generated a lot of buzz even before its release, whether it's the director, actors, costumes, or props, everything seems impeccable. However, the character setting is quite cliché, and the plot feels a bit lackluster.

    Looking solely at the plot, "Tiger and Crane" doesn't seem to offer much originality. The story starts with the typical demon-slaying scenes, and the plot where the main characters come together to combat demons is a well-worn theme seen in numerous films and TV shows.

    The traditional pattern of good versus evil, the theft and search for a precious artifact, and the elimination of the antagonist all follow a conventional template, failing to provide any surprising plot twists. This lack of freshness in the plot design leaves the audience feeling aesthetically fatigued.

    Furthermore, in "Tiger and Crane," the level of special effects doesn't meet the audience's expectations, giving off a rough and cheap impression. Special effects play a crucial role in modern film and television, enhancing the audience's immersion and visual experience, but in this series, they fail to meet the required standards.

    In summary, there is a significant gap between the expectations and the actual presentation of the series. "Tiger and Crane's" lighthearted and humorous style is suitable for relaxation, and the interactions between the characters and the plot developments can be considered interesting.

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