2024 Chinese Drama List

The Last Princess – Wang Herun, Ryan Zhang

The Last Princess is a romantic drama directed by Yuan De, starring Wang Herun, Zhang He, Ke Naiyu, Zheng Haoyuan, Zhang Liang, Yu Qingbin, and Xie Zhuoni.

The drama tells the story of Jin Yurong, a fallen aristocrat in the early years of the Republic of China, and Zhao Zhengnan, the son of a large family, and their tumultuous life experiences and love saga.


The Last Princess

English Title: The Last Princess
Chinese Title: 步云衢
Genre: Romance
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Miscarriage, Time Skip, Temporary Blindness, Historical Fiction
Episodes: 35
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yuan De
Writer: Xia Lei
Producer: Chen Ranling, Li Xiaowei, Xia Lei, Guo Zhengzheng, Wang Haixiao
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2023-03-21
Broadcast Website: 优酷, youku.tv



In early 20th century China, people's livelihoods were in decline. Jin Yurong, a fallen noble, aspired to become a doctor who could save people and help society, using her own hands to help more people.

She met Zhao Zhengnan, a son of a wealthy family who also had a heart for the people. The two went from acquaintances to friends and then to lovers. They also worked hard to explore ways to make the world a better place.

After experiencing various hardships, Jin Yurong finally became a doctor who could save the world, and Zhao Zhengnan became a soldier who had progressive ideas and protected his homeland. However, the tide of the times forced them to separate, and they eventually went their separate ways.

When Jin Yurong felt disillusioned with life and fell into a low point, the belief in communism shone into her world, and she gradually underwent a rebirth, devoting herself wholeheartedly to the revolutionary cause and becoming an invisible guardian of the revolution.

After experiencing various obstacles, the two lovers finally got together. Under Jin Yurong's influence, Zhao Zhengnan also became a part of the "red wave", fighting against Japan and embracing the new China together.


The story takes place in early 20th century China. The female protagonist, Jin Yurong, is reciting poetry to her elders at home when Lord Wei gives her an amber as a gift. Bu Ri Gu De, who is outside, sees everything. It starts snowing heavily, and Jin Yurong notices that the snowman outside has no eyes. She uses the amber as the snowman's eyes, and Bu Ri Gu De also has a similar amber, which he uses as the other eye. This is how they become a pair of amber eyes.

Jin Yurong leaves in a hurry, but later finds an injured kitten and tries to help it. A group of young men come and try to take the kitten away from her, but Zhao Zhengnan arrives and returns the kitten to Jin Yurong. He then teaches the young men a lesson and accidentally injures his arm in the process. After the young men leave, Jin Yurong bandages Zhao Zhengnan's arm with her own medicine and handkerchief. Zhao Zhengnan suggests that Jin Yurong should marry him since she cares so much about him. Jin Yurong feels embarrassed and tries to leave, but Zhao Zhengnan stops her. Before she leaves, Zhao Zhengnan gives her his jade pendant and they agree to meet the next day to change his bandages.

Later, Zhao Zhengnan's father tells him that he will be punished for fighting with the son of a high-ranking official. Zhao Zhengnan argues that the other young man was at fault, but his father still orders him to leave the city immediately. Before leaving, Zhao Zhengnan calls Jin Yurong "the girl who feeds the cat" and she hears his voice, but they miss each other as he leaves in a carriage.

In 1911, the Xinhai Revolution broke out and the Qing Dynasty fell. Jin Yurong's kitten had grown up and she was about to go to Tianjin for school. She had been waiting for Zhao Zhengnan and said she would start looking for him after she went to Tianjin. Jin Yurong cut her long hair to go to college. Bu Ri Gu De came to see her and saw that she had cut her hair. He said he would take her to buy clothes. Before leaving, Jin Yurong wanted to find Zhao Zhengnan in the newspaper, even though the information was not complete. Jin Yurong left the newspaper office and Zhao Zhengnan, who was the director of the Education Bureau, also returned. His subordinates were afraid to report to him because he didn't care about work and just slept and played every day. Bu Ri Gu De asked Housekeeper Tong to help him rehearse, but his Mandarin was not good and he kept making mistakes. Jin Yurong helped him complete the rehearsal. Jin Yurong and Wu Baoyi were good friends and classmates. After class, Jin Yurong saw a newsboy selling newspapers and bought one to see if there was any response to the missing person's notice. Zhao Zhengnan became the director of the Education Bureau and it was reported in the newspaper. He was going to read the newspaper but was interrupted by a phone call. Sheng Jiaojiao called Zhao Zhengnan but he was too busy to go back. Zhao Zhengnan went to a dance party and Jin Yurong and Wu Baoyi also came. Zhao Zhengnan saw Jin Yurong and invited her to dance. Wu Baoyi told Jin Yurong that her brother and father were enemies of the Zhao family. Jin Yurong was invited to dance by Zhao Zhengnan and couldn't refuse. Zhao Zhengnan was curious about Jin Yurong and asked for her name. After learning that her name was Jin Yurong, he remembered a little girl named Yurong who had helped him before. Zhao Zhengnan's hand tightened around Jin Yurong's waist and she felt uncomfortable. Bu Ri Gu De came to help and took Jin Yurong away.

Jin Yurong often pays attention to missing person notices, but there has been no news. In fact, she really wants to find Zhao Zhengnan. Bu Ri Gu De has always liked Jin Yurong, but she has always had Zhao Zhengnan in her heart. Zhao Zhengnan learned from his subordinates that Jin Yurong and Bu Ri Gu De's marriage was fake, especially since Jin Yurong ran away on their wedding day. This was good news for Zhao Zhengnan. Jin Yurong prepared to go to class in the morning and told Housekeeper Tong that she would not be home for dinner. When she arrived at school, Zhao Zhengnan stopped her and asked her out to eat, but she refused. Zhao Zhengnan was disappointed and had an accident on the way home. That night, Jin Yurong told Bu Ri Gu De that she was going to intern at a hospital, which made him very happy. When Zhao Zhengnan returned home, he was surprised to find that Sheng Jiaojiao had come from Beijing to see him. She even prepared a big meal for him. Sheng Jiaojiao has always liked to stick to Zhao Zhengnan, and he has no choice. Jin Yurong also went to the newspaper to inquire about the situation, but there was still no news. She was a little disappointed, but she didn't want to give up. When she came out of the newspaper, she ran into Zhao Zhengnan and Sheng Jiaojiao. Jin Yurong planned to buy gloves for the little boy she met before, but Sheng Jiaojiao saw it and wanted to take them. Zhao Zhengnan asked Sheng Jiaojiao to give the gloves to Jin Yurong. Jin Yurong didn't have enough money, so she went back to get it. Bu Ri Gu De wanted to buy a ring for Jin Yurong, so Housekeeper Tong asked her to help his wife buy something from the Far East. They went back together after selecting the right size.

Housekeeper Tong returned and handed the ring to Bu Ri Gu De. Bu Ri Gu De was very happy to receive it. That night, Bu Ri Gu De took Jin Yurong and Wu Baoyi to see the fireworks. Wu Baoyi wanted to have some alone time with Bu Ri Gu De, but he made an excuse to leave. Wu Baoyi complained to Jin Yurong about not wanting to study medicine. She intentionally sent Jin Yurong to find Bu Ri Gu De in the opposite direction, but when Jin Yurong came back with the medicine, they were nowhere to be found. Bu Ri Gu De was still looking for Jin Yurong when Wu Baoyi confessed her feelings to him. He thanked her but couldn't accept them. Jin Yurong was also looking for them and heard a girl calling for help. She rushed over to help but almost got hurt. Fortunately, Zhao Zhengnan appeared and saved them both. Jin Yurong and Zhao Zhengnan took the injured girl to the hospital. When Zhao Zhengnan saw Jin Yurong's injured hand, he used the handkerchief she gave him to bandage it. Jin Yurong recognized him and was surprised when he kissed her. Bu Ri Gu De went to the hospital to find Jin Yurong but was told she had already left. Zhao Zhengnan continued to pursue Jin Yurong and said he wanted her to be his woman. She kept avoiding him, but he followed her until she got home. After Bu Ri Gu De saw Jin Yurong's injured hand, he helped her treat it. She asked him if he enjoyed the fireworks, but he was too preoccupied with finding her to notice them. Jin Yurong thought about everything that happened that day and realized that Zhao Zhengnan had been trying to contact her for years, but her father had always stopped him.

Zhao Zhengnan was listening to his subordinate's report on how to increase children's tuition fees, but he scolded them harshly. Jin Yurong was interning as a doctor in the hospital when Zhao Zhengnan came to change his dressing. Jin Yurong was surprised to see him, but she still helped him change his dressing as a nurse. Zhao Zhengnan remembered the girl he saw when he was a child, and Jin Yurong also recognized the scar on his wrist and confirmed that he was the one who saved her.

Sheng Jiaojiao told Zhao Zhengnan that she was leaving, and he was actually happy to see her go. This was all planned by his subordinate Yan Cheng, who knew that Zhao Zhengnan didn't like Sheng Jiaojiao and wanted to find excuses for her to leave. Zhao Zhengnan left early for something, and Jin Yurong was still thinking about what he said on her way home. Bu Ri Gu De also wanted to give her a ring at night, but Jin Yurong was absent-minded during class.

Zhao Zhengnan found out that his subordinates were making decisions without consulting him, and he dealt with it according to the military's way of handling things. Bu Ri Gu De received news that his father was coming to Tianjin and had something to discuss with him, so he had to leave after class instead of going to dinner with Jin Yurong. Zhao Zhengnan waited for Jin Yurong at the school gate and insisted on taking her to the military camp. Jin Yurong couldn't argue with him and had to let him take her there.

Jin Yurong thought Bu Ri Gu De was there when she got off the car. She turned around to leave, but Zhao Zhengnan unexpectedly put a gun in her hand. Jin Yurong refused to accept it, saying that she was there to save people, not to kill. Zhao Zhengnan fired several shots while holding Jin Yurong, scaring her. In fact, Zhao Zhengnan wanted Jin Yurong to learn how to use a gun so that she could protect herself when he was not around. Jin Yurong was so scared that the jade pendant in her bag fell out. Zhao Zhengnan realized that Jin Yurong had always had feelings for him. He had been trying to contact her, but his letters were intercepted. Zhao Zhengnan hoped that Jin Yurong would give him a chance. Jin Yurong said that the hero in her mind was completely different from the current Zhao Zhengnan. She argued to go home, and Zhao Zhengnan had to send her back.

Bu Ri Gu De's father arranged to meet him in a small place and told him that he had been working for the restoration of the Qing Dynasty for more than ten years. He needed Bu Ri Gu De to help him. Bu Ri Gu De thought that it was not a good opportunity to restore the dynasty, but his father had already made up his mind. Everyone was looking forward to the emperor's return, and Bu Ri Gu De could not refuse his father.

Zhao Zhengnan escorted Jin Yurong home. Bu Ri Gu De was supposed to confess his love to Jin Yurong tonight, but everything was disrupted by his father's arrival. Bu Ri Gu De knew that Jin Yurong had left with Zhao Zhengnan. Jin Yurong looked at the gloves she bought for Zhao Zhengnan and blushed. Bu Ri Gu De saw the gloves on the table and thought they were for him. He was very happy, but Jin Yurong could not say that they were for Zhao Zhengnan. Bu Ri Gu De proposed to Jin Yurong, but she refused and said that she had found the person she was looking for since childhood.

Bu Ri Gu De learned that the person Jin Yurong was looking for was Zhao Zhengnan. Jin Yurong said that she was confused and that the current Zhao Zhengnan was different from the past. Bu Ri Gu De was emotional and hoped that Jin Yurong would leave with him, but she refused and cried, saying that she did not like him. Bu Ri Gu De said that he would not give up.

In the morning, Bu Ri Gu De took Jin Yurong to school and met Wu Baoyi. Wu Baoyi said that she would always like him, regardless of whether he had a fiancée or not.

Wu Baoyi saw that Jin Yurong was troubled and told her that he liked Bu Ri Gu De. He had planned to confess his feelings to Bu Ri Gu De at the fireworks show, but he found out that Bu Ri Gu De had a fiancée. Wu Baoyi didn't mind and Jin Yurong wanted to explain things to him, but he had to leave for class.

Soon, a photo of Zhao Zhengnan and Jin Yurong together was published in the newspaper. Jin Yurong ran out of the classroom when she found out. Sheng Jiaojiao made a beautiful dress, but was angry when she saw the photo of Zhao Zhengnan and Jin Yurong in the newspaper. Jin Yurong went to find Zhao Zhengnan, but the guard initially wouldn't let her in. However, after seeing the photo of them together, the guard changed his mind and let her in.

Zhao Zhengnan was happy to see Jin Yurong and she asked him about the newspaper. He said he couldn't control what people wrote in the newspaper. Jin Yurong warned him not to cause any more trouble or she wouldn't forgive him. Bu Ri Gu De came to see Jin Yurong and Wu Baoyi told him about the newspaper. Bu Ri Gu De was angry and wanted to confront Zhao Zhengnan. However, Zhao Zhengnan didn't want to clarify things and said that Jin Yurong's innocence was more important. Jin Yurong fell for his trick and Zhao Zhengnan took her to get a hat. Jin Yurong was angry and left, saying that Zhao Zhengnan wasn't worthy of talking about love.

Sheng's father talked to Zhao's father about Zhao Zhengnan and Sheng Jiaojiao's marriage. Zhao's father said that he only recognized Sheng Jiaojiao as his daughter-in-law. He also saw the news about Zhao Zhengnan and Jin Yurong and was angry. He decided to teach Zhao Zhengnan a lesson when he got home. Bu Ri Gu De found Zhao Zhengnan and said that Jin Yurong belonged to him. However, Zhao Zhengnan didn't want to give Jin Yurong to Bu Ri Gu De and knew that she didn't like him. They both stood their ground and didn't back down. Sheng Jiaojiao went to Tianjin in a rage and scolded the newspaper company. She found out that it was Zhao Zhengnan who had asked them to write the article.

Jin Yurong bought all the newspapers on the street and coincidentally, Bu Ri Gu De saw everything at home. Jin Yurong quickly went to knock on Bu Ri Gu De's door, but he was already drunk and didn't see her. Jin Yurong burned all the newspapers, and Bu Ri Gu De came out to help her. He hoped that Jin Yurong would leave with him and even tried to violate her. Jin Yurong pushed him away and said that she always treated him like a brother. Bu Ri Gu De thought it was because of Zhao Zhengnan and he couldn't lose to him.

Zhao Zhengnan just got home and was surprised to see Sheng Jiaojiao there. She seemed very happy and talked about making clothes. However, she was still sad because of the newspaper with Zhao Zhengnan and Jin Yurong. Zhao Zhengnan saw her crying and told her that the girl in the newspaper was the one he had always liked. Sheng Jiaojiao didn't care and said that she could only marry Zhao Zhengnan if she had to marry someone.

Bu Ri Gu De didn't come back after running out, so Jin Yurong and the housekeeper went out to look for him. At night, Sheng Jiaojiao kept crying, but Zhao Zhengnan didn't care and thought she would be fine after crying. Then, Zhao's father called, but Zhao Zhengnan didn't dare to answer.

Bu Rigu De drank a lot of alcohol in the restaurant and woke up next to his father. The next day, Zhao Zhengnan publicized in the newspaper that Jin Yurong went to celebrate his birthday, which made Jin Yurong very angry. If Sheng Jiaojiao saw this newspaper, she would definitely cry all night again. In the morning, Sheng Jiaojiao deliberately wore sunglasses while eating, pretending that nothing had happened. Yan Cheng also felt that Sheng Jiaojiao should be more stimulated this time.

As Bu Rigu De was about to give a speech at school, Jin Yurong was very worried because he had not shown up. Sheng Jiaojiao went to Jin Yurong's school and directly broke through the security blockade. Just when Jin Yurong thought that Bu Rigu De would not show up, he unexpectedly came and gave a speech on the stage. Sheng Jiaojiao asked everyone if they knew Jin Yurong and wanted to confront her. Wu Baoyi, who was sitting in the audience, kept applauding for Bu Rigu De. Just when Bu Rigu De finished his speech and was about to call the next person to give a speech, Sheng Jiaojiao unexpectedly came and said that she was Zhao Zhengnan's fiancée. Sheng Jiaojiao called out Jin Yurong's name on stage and said that she should not seduce Jin Yurong. Jin Yurong also came out to clarify, but Bu Rigu De also stood on the stage and said that he was Jin Yurong's husband. Wu Baoyi was very surprised, and Sheng Jiaojiao was so angry that she had nothing to say. Wu Baoyi directly slapped Jin Yurong, and their friendship was shattered.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Zhao Zhengnan also came. He clearly stated that he had fallen in love with Jin Yurong and that everything was voluntary and had nothing to do with Jin Yurong. Jin Yurong apologized to everyone on stage and said that she was willing to accept any punishment. Zhao Zhengnan also came to apologize to Jin Yurong. Zhao Zhengnan announced that Jin Yurong was his woman and that he would give her everything. Unexpectedly, Jin Yurong slapped Zhao Zhengnan in public and left angrily. Bu Rigu De tried to persuade Jin Yurong to leave with him, but Jin Yurong said that her refusal of Zhao Zhengnan had nothing to do with him and that she wanted to move out and calm down for a while.

Sheng Jiaojiao was sent back by Zhao Zhengnan, crying all the way and not understanding why he didn't like her. Zhao Zhengnan didn't explain much, just asked his subordinates to take good care of Sheng Jiaojiao and then left. Zhao's father kept calling Zhao Zhengnan and scolded him severely, but Zhao Zhengnan just brushed him off. Jin Yurong packed up and prepared to leave, but Bu Ri Gu De told her not to leave and that he would go instead. Wu Baoyi was very sad when she returned home, and her father was even angrier when he found out that Bu Ri Gu De had hurt her. He planned to teach Bu Ri Gu De a lesson. When Sheng Jiaojiao returned home, her father was very worried when he found out that his daughter had been wronged. Even if she suffered more grievances, Sheng Jiaojiao was unwilling to call off the engagement. Wu's father was actually still doing arms business and found a better excuse to get rid of Bu Ri Gu De when the time came to restore the Qing Dynasty.

Jin Yurong was pointed at and talked about by her classmates when she went to class. Wu Baoyi saw her as an enemy and didn't want to forgive her. She even hit Jin Yurong. The class leader wanted to help Jin Yurong, but was also beaten by Wu Baoyi. Wu Baoyi also made sure that no one in the class could talk to Jin Yurong. When Wu Baoyi found out that Jin Yurong had received a scholarship, she became even angrier and left before class was over. Now, only the class leader Liang Bowen wants to talk to Jin Yurong. Their thoughts are very similar, and Liang Bowen even gave Jin Yurong a book. They were about to leave together when some classmates deliberately poured cold water on them. Jin Yurong and Liang Bowen didn't want to argue with them, so they left first.

Jin Yurong was looking at rental information at home. Actually, she wanted to move out, as she had already talked to Bu Ri Gu De about it. Huangbao driver came to pick up Jin Yurong early in the morning, but the housekeeper told him that Jin Yurong had already gone to school. During class, Wu Baoyi deliberately bullied Jin Yurong with some classmates, but only Liang Bowen helped her. Two female classmates blocked Jin Yurong in an alley, and she was so scared that she took out a gun. The two girls were frightened and left. They promised not to do it again. Zhao Zhengnan watched everything and couldn't help but smile. It seemed that Jin Yurong had learned to protect herself.

Jin Yurong took advantage of the afternoons without classes to look for a new house. The housekeeper wanted her to wait a while, but Jin Yurong insisted on finding a suitable house. She forgot to bring an umbrella and got completely wet. Fortunately, Zhao Zhengnan saw her and quickly took her to the car. He gave her clean clothes and waited for her under the car. After Jin Yurong changed her clothes, Zhao Zhengnan got in the car. He accompanied Jin Yurong to look at houses and was mistaken for her husband by the landlady.

Jin Yurong voluntarily gave the rent money to Zhao Zhengnan. He didn't want to accept it, but Jin Yurong insisted. Zhao Zhengnan was happy to see Jin Yurong move out. He told her that the gun he gave her was fake and only meant to scare her classmates. He promised to give her a new gun next time.

After Jin Yurong asked the housekeeper for Bu Ri Gu De's address, she went to visit him but found many people at his house and had to leave. When she returned, she asked the housekeeper what Bu Ri Gu De had been doing, but he didn't say much. Jin Yurong suspected that he was involved in the restoration of the Qing dynasty. That night, she invited Bu Ri Gu De to dinner, but they didn't talk about anything important. However, Jin Yurong had secretly drugged Bu Ri Gu De's drink to protect him from danger. Unfortunately, Bu Ri Gu De found out and decided to fulfill his mission despite Jin Yurong's wishes.

Zhao's father received news that the Wu family had allied with Zhang Shaohua of the Zhang family as soon as they returned to Beijing, and a battle was imminent. That night, Bu Ri Gu De and his team prepared to take action. When morning came, Jin Yurong managed to escape and went to find Bu Ri Gu De. He was loading supplies onto a cart when Zhao Zhengnan and his troops arrived and questioned him about the food. Bu Ri Gu De lied and said it was for his own use, but Zhao found nothing in the cart. Bu Ri Gu De had already moved the weapons. Zhao then intercepted a fake cart and arrested the old man who confessed to the deception. When Bu Ri Gu De's subordinate tried to attack, Zhao shot and killed him. Jin Yurong witnessed this and left in anger without listening to Zhao's explanation.

Zhao took the Wu family's army away, which surprised Wu's father. Soon, the authorities found out that the Wu family had provided weapons for the Qing dynasty's restoration, and Wu's father couldn't explain himself.

Soon, Lord's entire house was surrounded, and it was now almost impossible for the Qing Dynasty to be restored. Bu Ri Gu De was also captured, and he thought of the scene where Jin Yurong had advised him before. Bu Ri Gu De said that the reason he failed was that he was too soft-hearted. Since then, Bu Ri Gu De wanted to die with the other party, but fortunately, he was knocked out directly by the other party.

Jin Yurong was just about to come out of the house, but the warlords had already surrounded the entire house. Jin Yurong asked the housekeeper to escape first and stayed behind to deal with them. Jin Yurong also wanted to stop them, but this group of people went straight to the room to search for things. While they were searching, Jin Yurong asked the servants to leave quickly. These people did not find anything in the house. They even asked Jin Yurong to bring out the things. Jin Yurong said that she did not have anything in her hands. When they threatened Jin Yurong, Zhao Zhengnan came over with a gun and pointed it at them. These people were scared and apologized to Jin Yurong, and then quickly left. Jin Yurong did not understand why Zhao Zhengnan took Bu Ri Gu De away. In fact, Zhao Zhengnan was also acting on orders and not his own idea.

Before leaving, Zhao Zhengnan still gave Jin Yurong a real gun for self-defense. After all, Zhao Zhengnan could not be by Jin Yurong's side all the time. Jin Yurong went to find Wu Baoyi, but Wu Baoyi was very angry when she saw Jin Yurong and directly drove her away. After Jin Yurong left the Wu family, it started to rain heavily. Jin Yurong actually came here today to ask for Wu Baoyi's help. After all, she was the only one who could help Bu Ri Gu De now. But Wu Baoyi refused to save Bu Ri Gu De. Jin Yurong said that she and Bu Ri Gu De were originally in a fake marriage, so she did not deceive Wu Baoyi. However, Wu Baoyi did not believe what Jin Yurong said. Jin Yurong walked alone on the street, letting the heavy rain wash her face.

In the evening, Wu Baoyi called her father to tell him that she wanted to save Bu Rigu De, but her mother told her not to get involved since Wu's father was also a victim of Bu Rigu De. Bu Rigu De was severely interrogated after being brought back, but he refused to say anything about his accomplices even if he was beaten to death. Zhao Zhengnan did not want Bu Rigu De to implicate Jin Yurong, so he said that he came to let Bu Rigu De die in peace.

Jin Yurong returned home soaking wet and did not know how to save Bu Rigu De. She decided to leave since she had rented a house outside. She took out the gloves she had prepared to give to Zhao Zhenghua and left. Soon, Prince learned that Bu Rigu De's father had been forced to death by the warlord's men and was frightened.

Jin Yurong was called by Zhao's father as soon as she returned to Beijing. He said that he could help Bu Rigu De clear his name and shift all the blame to someone else, but his real intention was to make Jin Yurong leave Zhao Zhengnan. Jin Yurong learned that her father had fainted and went to see him. They cried together, and Jin Yurong said that she came back to save Bu Rigu De. Zhao Zhengnan also came back to Beijing to be with Jin Yurong.

Jin Yurong then went to see Bu Rigu De, who did not want to implicate her and asked her to leave quickly. Wu's father deliberately told Bu Rigu De about the death of his father and family in a fire, which caused Bu Rigu De to completely collapse.

Bu Rigu De remembered the words his father had said to him, but he had not even seen his father for the last time, which was the biggest regret for Bu Rigu De. When it was late at night and quiet, Bu Rigu De dared to cry quietly in prison. Soon, Bu Rigu De was brought out for trial, and Jin Yurong and Zhao Zhengnan were also present. Bu Rigu De kept looking at Zhao Zhengnan with hateful eyes. The arrested person cleared all the responsibility from the Wu family, and even said that Bu Rigu De was the mastermind. Bu Rigu De admitted it, and finally, Bu Rigu De was sentenced to death and would be executed in three days. Jin Yurong wanted to see Bu Rigu De but was stopped. Bu Rigu De also wanted to use the prepared things in his hand to assassinate Zhao Zhengnan. Although Bu Rigu De was knocked unconscious, Zhao Zhengnan was still stabbed.

Jin Yurong was completely disappointed with Zhao Zhengnan. She felt that Zhao Zhengnan was just like other people, a cold-blooded person. Jin Yurong did not even give Zhao Zhengnan a chance to explain and left directly. Now, Wu's father has pushed all the responsibility away and has even been selected as the army commander. Zhao's family is naturally very dissatisfied. Jin Yurong returned home very sad, and Zhao Zhengnan also sent someone to keep an eye on her. When Jin Yurong just returned home, she found that her father planned to throw away some things that Bu Rigu De had given her. Jin Yurong was naturally unwilling, after all, these things were all given by Bu Rigu De. Then Jin Yurong took the painting back to her own room. Jin Yurong was actually angry with herself, and Bu Rigu De was taken back to prison. Jin Yurong said that no matter what, she had to save Bu Rigu De. She couldn't just watch Bu Rigu De being executed. The housekeeper thought of a fellow villager who might be able to help them, and Jin Yurong suddenly saw hope.

Zhao's father was having a meeting with his subordinates when Zhao Zhengnan came over and questioned his father about why he wanted to use Jin Yurong. Zhao's father was very angry and felt that Jin Yurong was not worth it. Zhao Zhengnan talked about his liking for Jin Yurong, but was slapped by his father. His husband directly told his son to leave. The subordinates knew that Zhao's father was in a bad mood and prepared to leave. Zhao's father thought that he could give face to Wu's father, but he would not let his strength be underestimated.

Zhao Zhengnan left after being beaten by his father. The housekeeper took Jin Yurong to a tavern to find a fellow villager. Now they can only try their luck. Jin Yurong is worried that things won't go smoothly, but she wants to try. Later, the housekeeper took Jin Yurong to see Deputy Director Zhang. Deputy Director Zhang kept staring at Jin Yurong and said he could help with the matter. Jin Yurong also took the initiative to drink with Deputy Director Zhang. Later, the secretary called the housekeeper away, leaving only Jin Yurong and Deputy Director Zhang in the room. Jin Yurong gave her savings to Deputy Director Zhang, but he kept urging her to drink. Jin Yurong began to feel scared. While drinking, Deputy Director Zhang even touched Jin Yurong's hand. Jin Yurong wanted to call the housekeeper, but no one answered. When she tried to leave, Deputy Director Zhang stopped her and tried to assault her. Fortunately, Zhao Zhengnan's subordinate, who had been following Jin Yurong, saw it and rushed to save her.

Zhao Zhengnan was very angry when he saw Jin Yurong like this. Jin Yurong cried and said that Bu Ri Gu De was her relative, and she couldn't just watch him die. Zhao Zhengnan thought that since Jin Yurong came to him for help, he would help her. That night, Jin Yurong hesitated whether to go see Zhao Zhengnan or not, but after thinking for a long time, she decided to go. Zhao Zhengnan didn't expect Jin Yurong to come to him to save Bu Ri Gu De.

Jin Yurong went to see Zhao Zhengnan for Bu Ri Gu De. Zhao Zhengnan regretted his actions and took Jin Yurong to a place where he had already arranged for Bu Ri Gu De to be rescued. Jin Yurong was surprised to see Bu Ri Gu De and Zhao Zhengnan left. Jin Yurong took Bu Ri Gu De home, but he fainted before they could talk. Jin Yurong's father was unhappy with Bu Ri Gu De and told her to give him some money to leave. Bu Ri Gu De heard this and prepared to leave, but Jin Yurong refused and said she would leave with him if he left.

Jin Yurong left with Bu Ri Gu De, which surprised her father. They went to Doctor Song's house since Bu Ri Gu De was homeless. Soon, Zhao's father found out that Zhao Zhengnan had released Bu Ri Gu De. Jin Yurong told Doctor Song that she wanted to stay there and promised not to cause any trouble. They cleaned up a room and Jin Yurong and Bu Ri Gu De shared it.

That night, Zhao Zhengnan came to Jin Yurong's house and remembered their childhood memories. He had always liked Jin Yurong, but now he was stuck between her and Bu Ri Gu De.

Wu's father went to see the Great Marshal and complained that the Zhao family had released Bu Ri Gu De, but in fact, Wu's father wanted to use this to suppress the Zhao family. The Marshal told him not to dwell on this matter, as his subordinates also had problems. Bu Ri Gu De's headache was still ongoing, and he couldn't go to the hospital, so Jin Yurong and her master went to ask a Western doctor for a prescription. During this time, Zhao Zhengnan was busy on the battlefield and didn't have time to visit Jin Yurong. Bu Ri Gu De gradually recovered and told Master Zhao that he wanted to find a job and not let Jin Yurong earn money alone. However, Bu Ri Gu De suddenly collapsed due to a headache. Jin Yurong couldn't afford his medical expenses with her salary alone, so she planned to find another job. Bu Ri Gu De overheard her conversation with Master Zhao.

Wu Baoyi also returned from Tianjin. Jin Yurong took care of Bu Ri Gu De while studying. When he woke up, he wanted to talk to Jin Yurong and said he would try not to burden her. During this time, Jin Yurong suffered a lot for her medication. Bu Ri Gu De started looking for a job to help Jin Yurong, but he couldn't find a suitable one. Finally, he found a job, but he suddenly fainted while preparing to leave. Wu Baoyi saw this and took Bu Ri Gu De away, but he refused her help. Bu Ri Gu De saw a stall selling jujube cakes but realized he didn't have any money. He was in a very difficult situation.

Wu's father is discussing something when Wu Baoyi comes over to ask for his father's help with solving Bu Ri Gu De's job problem. Mr. Wu tells his daughter to leave quickly. Bu Ri Gu De finally buys a jujube paste cake, but it falls on the ground due to heavy rain, and he gets soaked too. Bu Ri Gu De feels like even God is playing a joke on him. Jin Yurong has been comforting Bu Ri Gu De all along. Bu Ri Gu De tells Jin Yurong that he has found a job, and she is happy to hear the news. In fact, Bu Ri Gu De did not end up working at the bank but became a laborer instead. His body has not fully recovered, so he feels dizzy every time he moves things around. In order to get the money as soon as possible, Bu Ri Gu De can only do this hard work. To avoid being discovered by Jin Yurong, he has to go to the bathhouse first before going back home every day. Today, he bought Jin Yurong's favorite jujube paste cake and brought it back to her. Jin Yurong was very happy to see it and asked Bu Ri Gu De to eat with her, which made her very joyful. Jin Yurong thought Bu Ri Gu De had received an advance payment, but he didn't want to tell her the truth. These days, Bu Ri Gu De still goes to work as a laborer every day. He was spotted by someone while working, and they went to see him with a photo. His colleagues thought he could not hold on for more than three days, but to their surprise, he persisted until the fourth day, although his headache was still very severe. In fact, Wu Baoyi was looking for Bu Ri Gu De and was surprised to see him doing such hard work. Wu Baoyi even said that Jin Yurong could not help him at all, only he could help Bu Ri Gu De. Wu Baoyi's words stimulated Bu Ri Gu De, and he suddenly fainted.

Wu Baoyi hurriedly looked for a foreign doctor to help with Bu Rigu De's headache, but the doctor said that his headache couldn't be cured and the only way to relieve it was to let him smoke opium. After much consideration, Wu Baoyi finally allowed Bu Rigu De to smoke opium, hoping to relieve his headache.

Master Zhao gave his salary for the month to Jin Yurong, and she returned the money that he had given her last time. In fact, Master Zhao had just met a patient and was temporarily busy, but he still wanted Jin Yurong to go. Jin Yurong agreed.

When Bu Rigu De woke up, he found Wu Baoyi by his side and was surprised to see the opium next to him. When he learned that Wu Baoyi had given him opium, he was angry and couldn't accept his current state, so he ran away. That night, Bu Rigu De came back very late but didn't tell Jin Yurong what had happened.

Sheng Jiaojiao came to see Zhao Zhengnan early in the morning and was very happy to hear that he was coming back. She hurried to the door to meet him, but he found an excuse to leave. Zhao's father was proud of his son for defeating the Wu family, but he knew that they wouldn't give up and that they needed to be vigilant.

When Bu Rigu De woke up, he found a note left by Jin Yurong. She had gone to see a patient and left breakfast for him in the pot. But he had a headache again. Zhao Zhengnan had won the battle this time, and his father was very happy. Jin Yurong saw a patient today, but the patient's mood was very bad, and it would take some time to treat him. Wu Baoyi felt sorry for Bu Rigu De, who was doing hard labor.

She asked Bu Rigu De to come back with her, but he refused. Wu Baoyi felt that he didn't know what was good for him, and even said that all the money he earned was from her. He was angry and said he would return the money to her, but he couldn't produce the money. Wu Baoyi also told him that Jin Yurong was now going to the brothel to treat the prostitutes, which made Bu Rigu De very angry and caused him to have another headache.

Jin Yurong had just finished her visit to the brothel and was about to leave when she met Zhao Zhengnan, who was very surprised to see her there.



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