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Scout Hero – Luo Jin, Ma Sichun

Scout Hero is a war drama directed by Zheng Xiaolong and An Zhanjun, starring Luo Jin and Ma Sichun.


Scout Hero

English Title: Scout Hero
Chinese Title: 侦察英雄
Genre: War, Drama
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zheng Xiaolong, An Zhanjun
Writer: Liu Gejian
Producer: Cao Ping
Released Date: 2024-01-09
Broadcast Website: Youku, 优酷



The story takes place during the fourth campaign of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea in early 1951.

Liáng Chén, the head of the reconnaissance department of a certain division of the Volunteer Army, led his reconnaissance unit to blow up the pass at Wūyún Mountain, successfully delaying the American attack and covering the retreat of the entire division.

On their way back, they rescued a member of the cultural troupe who had been captured by enemy infiltrators and thwarted the enemy's plan to attack the division headquarters.

Liáng Chén and his team infiltrated deep behind enemy lines to capture and interrogate enemy scouts, providing important and accurate intelligence, laying a solid foundation for the victory of the battle to capture Hill 314.

In a major battle, Liáng Chén led his reconnaissance unit to cooperate with the advancing troops, successfully attacking the enemy command post from behind enemy lines and blowing up the only bridge on the enemy's escape route.

With the support of the North Korean guerrillas, Liáng Chén ultimately defeated the South Korean special forces captain, Bái Chānghào, with whom he had been competing with his wit and courage on the battlefield, and wrote an epic hero story of the Volunteer Army

With the war won, Liáng Chén also gained love with Wén Jié, a singer and performer with the cultural troupe.


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