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Reset In July – Xiao Yu, Gala Zhang, Zhou Ye

Reset In July is a youth campus drama directed by Liu Hongchi and starring Xiao Yu, Zhang Yao and Zhou Ye.


Reset In July

English Title: Reset In July
Chinese Title: 陪你到世界终结
Genre: Youth, Campus
Episodes: 25
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Liu Hongchi
Writer: Xia Mingyou
Producer: Zhou Jing, Li Hu
Broadcast Website: WeTV
Release Date: June 21, 2021


Xiao Yu Xiao Yu as Jing Zhihui
Gala Zhang Gala Zhang as Xie Jingyuan
Zhou Ye Zhou Ye as Liu Xichuan


The 17-year-old Jing Zhihui failed the placement test due to a traffic accident and entered class 11, a class with a poor learning atmosphere.

Jing Zhihui’s repeated attempts to leave Class 11 have ultimately failed, so she has to turn to the goal of gaining extra scores in the entrance exams for outstanding student leaders, and has set up a strategy to gain the trust of the class.

With the utilitarian purpose to contacting her classmates, Zhihui Jing gradually found various quality qualities in them.

After several laughter and tears, Zhihui Jing began to gradually integrate into the Class 11, which gradually changed the fate of the class, and everyone successfully completed the college entrance examination and entered their desired universities, leaving an unforgettable memory of youth.

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