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Pal Inn – Leo Wu, Sun Xuening, Xu Yue

Pal Inn is a historical fantasy web drama, starring Leo Wu Lei, Sun Xuening, Xu Yue, Tong Keke, Yuan Qiongdan, Liu Shuailiang, Liu Qi, and Chen Ximing.

The drama tells the story of Li Xiao who, after becoming a warrior, reverts back to the age of 19 and tries to stop his younger self from leaving the inn to venture into Jianghu. By fate, Zhao Ling'er, Lin Yueru, A Nu, and the main characters from other eras of "Chinese Paladin" gather at the inn to run and live together, eventually turning the inn into the number one inn in Jianghu.


Pal Inn

English Title: Pal Inn
Chinese Title: 仙剑客栈
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Wuxia
Episodes: 30
Duration: 20 min.
Director: Tan Hua
Writer: Zhao Shifang, Tian Chuan
Producer: Yuan Yumei
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2015-06-16
Broadcast Website: Youku



The main characters of the Chinese Paladin series, Xiaoyao, Zhao Ling'er, Lin Yueru, A Nu, Han Linsha, Yun Tianhe, Xiao Man, Long You, and Chong Lou, gather in the "Xian Jian Inn" run by Ms. Li to fight against the villainous, the lead of Bai Yue Sect, who runs the "Bai Yue Inn" at the opposite door.


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