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Ode to Joy Season 4 – Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu

Ode to Joy Season 4 is an urban female drama directed by Jian Chuanhe, led by Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing, Zhang Huiwen, and Li Haofei, co-starring Shawn Dou, Wang Anyu, Jing Chao, and Qu Zheming.

Based on the novel of the same name by A Nai, the drama tells a series of stories about five girls with different personalities who are bound together by living on the 22nd floor of the Ode to Joy Community.


Ode to Joy Season 4

English Title: Ode to Joy Season 4
Chinese Title: 欢乐颂4
Genre: Urban, Romance, Life, Drama
Tag: Multiple Mains, Female Centered Plot, Sismance, Multiple Couples, Strong Female Lead, Cohabitation
Episodes: 37
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jian Chuanhe
Writer: A Nai
Producer: Hou Hongliang
Released Date: 2023-04-07
Broadcast Website: 正午阳光官方频道, 中剧独播



The challenges that life brings continue, and the five girls from the Ode to Joy community on the 22nd floor are facing new challenges and opportunities in their careers, lives, and relationships.

Yezhenzhen has started a relationship with Dai Wei, and they get along very well. However, as someone who is devoted to scientific research, she inevitably gets caught up in various work-related criticisms and the tug-of-war between two families.

Fang Zhiheng has finally emerged from her past shadows, but her personality has also gradually changed. This lively group on the 22nd floor has brought out her softer side.

Zhu Zhe has repeatedly been suppressed by her superiors, but she believes that there is always a way out. There are many fields in a society where ordinary people can shine.

He Minhong is still experiencing more setbacks, and under the influence of her boyfriend, she is drifting away from the girls on the 22nd floor.

Yu Chuhui has invested more energy into her work and has finally overcome the confusion she felt since graduating.

The 22nd floor is like a safe haven. Although there are occasional disputes and doubts among the five girls, they mostly understand and care for each other. They give each other help, sincerely exchange opinions, and face the ups and downs of life together. They all grow and transform themselves in their own ways.


Five girls with different personalities live in the Ode to Joy community and each faces new challenges in their careers, lives and even relationships. Ye Zhenzhen, who works in life science research, is a true workaholic. She and her friend turned lover Dai Wei have upgraded their relationship from friendship to love and naturally established a romantic relationship.

Zhu Zhe, who is talented and intelligent, has not been defeated by her family and has become stronger and more open-minded. On the other hand, Yu Chuhui is still straightforward and hates evil like an enemy. She respects and admires Ye Zhenzhen, Zhu Zhe and Fang Zhiheng but is incompatible with He Minhong. They argue every three days or so, causing He Minhong to cry every time and feel that everyone dislikes her.

Fang Zhiheng’s goal of getting close to Li Qixing has become increasingly clear, and it has also made Li Qixing discover the despicable character of his father Li Xun. Without hesitation, he told his mother about his father’s ugly deeds. However, his mother knew that her husband was disloyal to the family and marriage but still chose to tolerate it. She accused the female victim of wrongdoing with a guilty conscience only to protect herself and her son. Li’s mother’s attitude confirmed what Ye Zhenzhen had said before. Li Qixing listened to his mother’s pleading with a blank mind.

Early in the morning, Zhu Zhe had already made shrimp dumplings and invited her roommates to eat. He Minhong had carefully considered it but still did not accept Zhu Zhe’s suggestion. She defended Song Le in her words everywhere. Although Zhu Zhe said it didn’t matter, Yu Chuhui was very annoyed by He Minhong’s weakness and deliberately provoked her with words to encourage her to fight for a way out. Otherwise, she would always be a thorn in Director Lin’s eyes.

In fact, Yu Chuhui’s reason for doing this was also to hope that He Minhong could see the reality and learn to resist. Zhu Zhe knew Yu Chuhui’s little thoughts and revealed that He Minhong’s company was in a sensitive period and would not dismiss her for the time being. Sure enough, Yu Chuhui felt a little relieved after hearing this.

On the way to the company, Ye Zhenzhen noticed that He Minhong was in a low mood and hesitant, so she suggested that she should take the initiative to resign. He Minhong refused to resign because she couldn’t swallow this breath. However, Ye Zhenzhen reminded her that rational people would take the initiative and consider their material life after resignation and future prospects first, rather than acting impulsively.

Dai Wei called to inform Fang Zhiheng that Li Xun already knew her identity and hoped that she could be prepared early. Fang Zhiheng responded that she had submitted the relevant information to the police. Even if Li Xun found out, it would be useless. This time he would definitely go to jail. The finance department suddenly sent a message revealing that she had landed in Hong Kong. Fang Zhiheng was ready to fight alone and deleted Li Qixing’s contact information.

Because the experimental results made by Ye Zhenzhen and Professor Tao denied the original pathogenesis, it also touched too many people’s interests, including those who followed the original pathogenesis and cooperated with pharmaceutical factories. Colleague Yu Miaosen reminded her to pay a little attention to avoid unnecessary trouble. Ye Zhenzhen consulted her father for advice and prepared to face accusations of academic fraud or lifestyle. She firmly believed that the innocent would be proven innocent.

Dai Wei acted as a middleman responsible for passing messages between Li Qixing and Fang Zhiheng and did not want to make any other comments. Ye Zhenzhen, who was devoted to scientific research, was inevitably involved in work criticism and the tug-of-war between two families. Fortunately, Dai Wei knew how to adapt and support each other with Ye Zhenzhen.

After Yu Chuhui and others completed the entry procedures, they came to the leader’s office to report their work. Li was very satisfied with this and promised that as long as they came up with a practical plan, he would approve the funds. Then Yu Chuhui integrated into the new work environment, and the three of them worked together in harmony. They even decided not to have any job transfers in the next three years. Li looked at their well-arranged workstations and praised their strong hands-on ability. They were a team that could be taken out and fight.

He Minhong anxiously waited for the meeting to end and watched her colleagues come and go without the courage to get up. Director Lin was reprimanding his subordinates again, and He Minhong was terrified to hear it. Unexpectedly, she was called into the office. He Minhong simply brought her resignation letter to see Director Lin again and emphasized that she did not want to contact Song Li for the sake of the company. Director Lin accused He Minhong of using the wrong work methods, which caused Song Li to misunderstand and triggered a public relations crisis between Song Li and the company. She should have apologized voluntarily.

Originally, He Minhong was still hesitating whether to resign. After all, this matter was completely beyond her expectations. How to ensure her subsequent life was still the biggest problem. However, Director Lin’s contemptuous attitude and harsh words completely crushed He Minhong’s self-esteem, and she resolutely chose to leave the company.

Now that Li Xun has been arrested by the police, Fang Zhiheng’s efforts have not been in vain. The girls who were once deeply harmed expressed their gratitude to her one after another. Ye Zhenzhen couldn’t wait to share this good news with David and was convinced that Fang Zhiheng would definitely go home tonight.

As Ye Zhenzhen expected, Fang Zhiheng returned to her residence after get off work and met Yu Chuhui in the elevator. Because He Minhong was crying loudly at home and Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe didn’t want to disturb her by going in, they sat outside the door and chatted. Fang Zhiheng walked out of the shadows of the past and gradually became more cheerful due to everyone’s enthusiasm that stimulated her soft side.

After Ye Zhenzhen and Fang Zhiheng finished chatting and walked back, they saw Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe still sitting in the corridor and invited them to come in and sit down. The three of them discussed He Minhong’s resignation, inevitably feeling a little emotional. Yu Chuhui was even more angry with He Minhong for not being able to stand up for herself and was completely ignorant of the intrigues in the workplace.

The next morning, Ye Zhenzhen took Fang Zhiheng for a run and brought breakfast for everyone when they came back. He Minhong lay on the bed without eating or drinking, staring at the ceiling in a daze, looking extremely decadent. In order to make He Minhong recover, Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe deliberately provoked her by saying that she was not as good as Ye Zhenzhen in terms of background and education. She didn’t have a princess’s fate but had a princess’s disease. She was unable to recover after being taught by life.

Fang Zhiheng noticed someone following her home and decided to lead them into an alleyway. When the person appeared, Fang Zhiheng recognized her as Li Xun’s wife. Although they didn’t have a big conflict, Fang Zhiheng had warned Li Xun’s wife in a roundabout way, which made her slightly less likely to cause trouble.

The leader of the research institute wanted female subordinates to accompany them to dinner. Ye Zhenzhen didn’t buy it at all and scolded the male colleague who passed on the message on the spot. Everyone present watched the excitement until Yu Miaosen came forward to mediate. Ye Zhenzhen didn’t care whether this approach would offend the leader. She even let her female apprentice work with her and would decline any similar dinner invitations.

Yu Chuhui gossiped about what happened to Ye Zhenzhen at the research institute. He happened to have forgotten his cup and Zhong Penghao prepared a cup and snacks for him. He inadvertently revealed his liking for her. Just as Yu Chuhui was trying to find a way to politely refuse Zhong Penghao, he suddenly received a group message from He Minhong and learned about her true thoughts on resigning.

Yu Chuhui, who hates evil like an enemy, was ready to vent his anger for He Minhong and actively sought advice from Zhu Zhe on how to deal with Director Lin to ensure a one-hit kill. Zhu Zhe suggested that Yu Chuhui use the power of public opinion to throw out the most exciting revelations, indirectly alienate the relationship between senior management of the company, and attack Director Lin’s personal grievances in public. Sure enough, after this article was published on Yu Chuhui’s Weibo account, it immediately caused a sensation and attracted the attention of Boss Lu.

Zhu Tingting and her husband came to Shanghai for their honeymoon and went straight to the hotel where Zhu Zhe used to work. They accidentally learned that Zhu Zhe had already resigned. Because the hotel’s guest room manager had a good relationship with Zhu Zhe, Zhu Zhe learned about his sister’s surprise attack on the hotel through her and couldn’t help but confide in Ye Zhenzhen. Ye Zhenzhen felt sorry for Zhu Zhe’s inability to break away from this kind of family and the harassment of his vampire siblings. She was also grateful for her own good parents because of her experience.

As public opinion fermented to an uncontrollable level, Boss Lu personally went to He Minhong’s door with Director Lin for two reasons: one was to invite He Minhong back to the company; the other was to hope that He Minhong could settle this storm. He Minhong refused to return to the company and said that she could write articles as a gunner to make money. Zhu Zhe and Ye Zhenzhen respected her choice and decided to negotiate on her behalf.

Zhu Zhe met with the two high-level leaders as He Minhong’s cousin and made it clear that He Minhong would never return to the company. Boss Lu stated that he would respect He Minhong’s choice and immediately explained his intentions, hoping that He Minhong could publicly release a statement denying that her resignation was due to company persecution.

Also because of Boss Lu and Director Lin’s anxious attitude, Zhu Zhe deliberately raised the so-called paid compensation, accurately suppressed the other party’s arrogance, and also vented He Minhong’s anger. He Minhong refused to accept the conditions offered by the other party. Even if she suffered losses, she had to uphold justice and asked Zhu Zhe to accompany her downstairs to meet Boss Lu and Director Lin.

Due to Li Xun’s wife’s tracking, Fang Zhiheng felt a sense of crisis and immediately informed Ye Zhenzhen of the matter. In addition to reminding her to take safety precautions, he also revealed the whole story. Fang Zhiheng’s success in overthrowing Li Xun was not only due to accusing him of sexually harassing women in the workplace, but also due to a financial helper who was lurking inside the company. This person held a large amount of evidence of Li Xun’s economic crimes.

In Fang Zhiheng’s view, this matter ultimately resulted in Li Xun going to jail, and even Li Qixing’s drunk driving accident was not spared. Such a heavy and destructive result is bound to attract strong retaliation from Li Xun’s family, which is far more serious than expected. Fang Zhiheng blamed himself for involving Ye Zhenzhen, but Ye Zhenzhen volunteered to help and had no regrets.

He Minhong bravely refused the 20,000 yuan sent by Director Lin, claiming that she could not clarify her conscience by posting on Weibo and that they should be responsible for what they had done. After saying this, He Minhong left with Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui. Yu Chuhui silently gave He Minhong a thumbs up in his heart, but he still had to ridicule her in various ways.

That night, Ye Zhenzhen and Fang Zhiheng had a drink and sang when they were happy, and both their body and mind were relaxed. On the other hand, He Minhong and Yu Chuhui temporarily reconciled. With Zhu Zhe’s help, they prepared a table of good food, which was called a celebration of He Minhong’s rebirth and the beginning of a new life.

The next morning, He Minhong personally made pancakes and talked to Yu Chuhui about their respective troubles. Whether it was her father who was addicted to gambling and domestic violence or her siblings who were snobbish and greedy, the same situation made them unable to feel the warmth of family affection. Fang Zhiheng tried his best to inquire about the situation of the Li family. He always felt that Li Qixing’s reaction was too calm and worried that there would be a sudden storm. He gave Ye Zhenzhen a preventive injection in advance.

Since Yu Chuhui saw through his thoughts last time, Zhong Penghao no longer concealed his love for her. However, Yu Chuhui refused straightforwardly, saying that her family had problems and was completely unsuitable for him as a decent and honest family. They can continue to be normal friends and colleagues in the future, but a romantic relationship is absolutely impossible.

After the public opinion storm, Director Lin was recalled by the parent company. Song Li knew the truth and took the initiative to apologize to He Minhong and thanked her for speaking up for grassroots authors. This incident made He Minhong feel unprecedented respect and satisfaction. She was complacent about this. Zhu Zhe reminded her that there was speculation in the content of the Weibo article, mainly based on reasonable speculation based on existing clues. He hoped that she would not spread it everywhere and feel guilty about Director Lin’s punishment because of her.

Regardless of any industry, disputes over interests will inevitably lead to blood and rain, and even Ye Zhenzhen cannot escape. As expected, the outside world is crazy about rumors that Ye Zhenzhen has an improper relationship with Professor Tao. A small part of people can see through it, most people follow the trend and curse, and some even distort the facts.

Yu Miaosen believed that even if Ye Zhenzhen did not respond, there would still be more malicious dirty water pouring in. The only way was to strengthen her own psychological construction, and sooner or later there would be a day when the truth would come to light. Dai Wei came to the office to find Ye Zhenzhen and announced that he had resigned and bought a car, ready to travel around and relax, and enjoy life. Regarding Li Qixing’s affairs, Dai Wei speculated that he was too busy with affairs and was unable to do two things at once. It would be difficult for him to establish himself in Shanghai. Even if he stayed in Shanghai, he would still have to work hard from the grassroots level without Li Xun’s protection.

During work, Zhu Zhe met Qi Mu waiting in the hotel lobby. Through conversation, he learned that the other party had been transferred back to Shanghai to work and was still in a high position. Qi Mu missed the days when he was Zhu Zhe’s little follower and couldn’t help but feel emotional. Because of important matters, he couldn’t chat for a few words and went to see the client first.

Dai Wei rested in Ye Zhenzhen’s studio waiting for her to get off work. His phone was casually placed on the table and was seen by Ye Zhenzhen when Li Qixing sent him a text message. Li Qixing wanted to spread rumors about Fang Zhiheng’s stains everywhere, which indirectly blackened her and caused her secondary harm. After Ye Zhenzhen learned about it, she was furious and replied directly with a text message, and scolded him on the phone, attracting colleagues to watch.

Although everyone knows that Ye Zhenzhen is a rich second generation, they did not expect that her family is actually a mine owner with a wealth of money and no one dares to provoke her. Some colleagues believe that Ye Zhenzhen is innocent, and public opinion has become polarized. Dai Wei calmed Ye Zhenzhen’s anger and learned that she was also being falsely accused. Therefore, Ye Zhenzhen sympathized with Fang Zhiheng’s experience and hated Li Xun’s father and son even more.

Chen Chaosheng had just gone out to eat, and Zhong Penghao immediately expressed his intentions to Yu Chuhui. After careful consideration, he decided to continue pursuing Yu Chuhui. Even if Yu’s father would be the biggest obstacle to his feelings, it was still not a problem in his opinion. Yu Chuhui was annoyed that Zhong Penghao couldn’t listen to reason at all, so he gave up reasoning and directly revealed that they were completely incompatible with each other, warning him to dispel this idea as soon as possible.

That night, Dai Wei took Ye Zhenzhen to a restaurant for dinner. On the surface, it seemed that they were laughing and joking, but there were actually some unspeakable secrets. Ye Zhenzhen noticed Dai Wei’s strangeness and couldn’t force him to explain the situation. However, at this moment, Dai Wei’s true confession moved Ye Zhenzhen’s heart and she responded sweetly and happily.

After working overnight until midnight, Yu Chuhui packed up and left work directly, ignoring Zhong Penghao’s concern for her. Chen Chaosheng really couldn’t bear to see it and advised her to distinguish between sensibility and rationality. Sometimes excessive concern is like a shackle to others. Things that are clearly hopeful will become hopeless.

Yu Chuhui met Ye Zhenzhen who had just finished work in the community and saw Fang Zhiheng exercising. Because Ye Zhenzhen wanted to talk to Fang Zhiheng alone, Yu Chuhui went upstairs first. When she heard He Minhong’s Weibo praising Song Li, she couldn’t help but ridicule He Minhong as a stupid person without any progress, and pointed out the truth that she was being used. He Minhong looked at human nature too simply, and it was useless to realize it later. Zhu Zhe comforted her that life cannot be smooth sailing, and you always have to learn a lesson to grow your brain.

When Fang Zhiheng was not aware of the danger of his identity being exposed, she was now hurt again because of the public opinion hype of Li Qixing’s mother. Just when Fang Zhiheng and Ye Zhenzhen were feeling emotional, Dai Wei drove to pick up Ye Zhenzhen for work. He also mentioned that he visited Li Qixing and Yu Feixue. Both of them are in a relatively poor situation and no one is better off than the other.

After talking about their affairs, Dai Wei proposed to pick up and drop off Ye Zhenzhen every day, and also wanted to hike in Puxi this weekend. Ye Zhenzhen listened to Dai Wei’s plan and readily agreed, holding his hand tightly. Later that night, Ye Zhenzhen worked hard to revise the experimental plan. Her colleagues were all grateful to have such a good mentor who was far more responsible than someone next door.

Unfortunately, such an excellent and responsible female researcher is still at the forefront of public opinion. At least so far, the real rumor monger has not been found. Professor Tao has long been accustomed to it and has seen too many storms. He comforted Ye Zhenzhen not to be affected by these remarks, otherwise it would be a trap set by the other party.

At present, two pharmaceutical factories have been alerted and it means that funds will soon be available. Ye Zhenzhen remembered that Yu Miaosen asked her to send him the information, so she asked Professor Tao for his opinion. Unexpectedly, Professor Tao did not respond positively, but instead asked her if she had plans to get married. It turned out that a female researcher had delayed too much work due to getting married and having children before. Professor Tao was worried that Ye Zhenzhen would follow in her footsteps. Ye Zhenzhen promised that this would not happen.

The young apprentice admires Ye Zhenzhen for her courage to speak out. Compared to her honesty and integrity, other professors and mentors appear to have questionable morals and behavior, including Sun Qin who likes to spread rumors and gossip. The young apprentice told Ye Zhenzhen that male professor Xie Zuoping has no professional ethics and often asks female students to accompany him for food, drinks and entertainment. If they refuse, he will block their papers, causing many female students to be angry but unable to speak out and can only cry alone in their dorms.

Because Ye Zhenzhen had to go to the lab, she couldn’t have dinner with Dai Wei and had to cancel temporarily. Dai Wei half-jokingly said that he could accompany her. Ye Zhenzhen responded in the same way that if he were there, it would probably cause equipment failure. The young apprentices found their flirting both enviable and cheesy.

During the day, Zhu Zhe sent flowers to Qi Mu. Near the end of work, Qi Mu took the initiative to invite her to dinner. Zhu Zhe was puzzled by Qi Mu’s behavior and asked about his personal life. Fortunately, Qi Mu was straightforward and confessed that he had been divorced and that his child was being raised by his ex-wife.

Because of this, Qi Mu took the opportunity to ask Zhu Zhe to help him find a new partner and showed her a photo of his divorce certificate as proof. Zhu Zhe thought that Qi Mu’s conditions for remarriage were still reasonable and promised to introduce suitable girls around her. However, this meal was a bit depressing for her.

When she arrived at the bottom of the apartment building, Qi Mu happened to meet He Minhong who was taking out the trash. Qi Mu added her WeChat directly and said that she wanted to make new friends when she was out. Yu Chuhui teased Zhu Zhe whether he was interested in Qi Mu. Zhu Zhe smiled and denied it. After all, they had been separated for too long and were no longer the kind of people who were happy and excited. They politely exchanged business cards and made an appointment for dinner.

In theory, a successful man in his thirties who has just escaped from the siege of marriage should be in his prime. Why does he want to remarry so quickly? Yu Chuhui couldn’t figure it out, and even Zhu Zhe thought it was strange. Just as the two were analyzing Qi Mu’s true motives, He Minhong came back from outside and took Zhu Zhe’s business card without much reaction.

In a short while, Qi Mu sent a message to He Minhong, hoping that she could modify a public relations article for the company and there would be corresponding rewards. Yu Chuhui heard He Minhong’s voice call with Qi Mu outside the bedroom door and ran to tell Zhu Zhe with doubts. He guessed that Qi Mu contacted He Minhong bypassing Zhu Zhe and might have other thoughts.

In the meantime, He Minhong knocked on the door and told Zhu Zhe about this. She was worried that she would fail Qi Mu’s trust if she didn’t handle it well and waste his money. Zhu Zhe comforted He Minhong not to have too much pressure and said that the company would have a special account for paying labor costs, so the cost of modifying public relations articles would not come out of his own pocket.

With Zhu Zhe’s words, He Minhong finally breathed a sigh of relief and replied to Qi Mu that night and modified the public relations article overnight. Meanwhile, Fang Zhiheng finished work and dragged his tired body back home. Ye Zhenzhen was busy doing experiments in the laboratory until dawn.

Early in the morning, Yu Chuhui came to chat with Fang Zhiheng and said that he couldn’t go out with her today because he had bought financial products and wanted to keep some living expenses. Fang Zhiheng was going to ask Zhu Zhe out, but she heard that Zhu Zhe was still sleeping, so she gave up the idea. Yu Chuhui packed up and prepared to visit his mother. Before leaving, he told Zhu Zhe that Fang Zhiheng’s condition was a bit strange and had been going on for three full days.

He Minhong arrived at the coffee shop at the agreed time and found that Qi Mu was fifteen minutes early. The coffee shop has a strong artistic atmosphere, which He Minhong likes very much. At Qi Mu’s suggestion, she ordered a cup of coffee called “Gui Xia”. Qi Mu has done a lot of research on coffee and even took her to visit the process of making coffee by the boss. Whether it is speech or behavior, it exudes the charm of a mature man, which deeply attracts the innocent and young He Minhong.

Qi Mu helped He Minhong refine the content of the modified public relations article and still paid her remuneration. He praised her throughout the process, making her confident and cheerful. In a short afternoon, Qi Mu left a great impression on He Minhong. After parting with him near the community, she picked up her phone and took pictures of the trees on the side of the road to express her happy mood.

So far, it seems that Qi Mu’s thoughts on He Minhong are very clear, that is, he wants to date her and get married as soon as possible. But in Fang Zhiheng’s view, a man’s willingness to get married already shows his sincerity and at least will be responsible for this relationship. Zhu Zhe noticed that Fang Zhiheng has been looking haggard lately and guessed that she was worried about the Li family’s affairs.

After careful consideration, Fang Zhiheng called Li Qixing to warn him and expressed her attitude. However, Li Xun’s wife suddenly came to her door. Rather than surrendering, she seemed to convey orders with a high attitude and demanded that Fang Zhiheng no longer investigate their responsibilities. Zhu Zhe couldn’t stand Li Xun’s wife’s face and cursed her away frantically. Fang Zhiheng was stunned and silently gave Zhu Zhe a thumbs up.

He Minhong was going to share with Zhu Zhe what happened when she met Qi Mu today, but Zhu Zhe deliberately avoided talking about Qi Mu and showed her the down jacket he bought. He Minhong didn’t notice anything unusual. When Yu Chuhui and Fang Zhiheng came over, a lively small group gathered around a topic, leaving only the relationship between Yu Chuhui and his father.

Everyone has seen the means of Yu’s father. If he really goes crazy, I’m afraid few people can stop him. Yu Chuhui is naturally worried that his mother will be found by him. Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any major problem at present. Yu Chuhui talked about his own experiences over the years and was glad to know everyone. Just when everyone was immersed in the excitement, He Minhong’s words immediately destroyed the atmosphere and ended this small gathering hastily.

Lawyer Guo Shengyang was commissioned by Li Qixing to send a lawyer’s letter to Fang Zhiheng. However, he failed to contact the other party and could not enter the floor where Fang Zhiheng was located. He could only continue to stay in the lobby on the first floor. After finishing the work in the laboratory, Ye Zhenzhen went home and slept soundly. After waking up, she called her parents.

Ye’s father was worried that his daughter would catch a cold without heating and immediately transferred tens of thousands of yuan to her account, reminding her to take good care of her health. At this time, Yu Chuhui came to find Ye Zhenzhen with breakfast, saying that he went to visit his mother yesterday and always felt that she had something difficult to say, so he wanted to follow her today to see it clearly.

Coincidentally, Ye Zhenzhen had time and thought of taking Yu Chuhui with her to work. When the two went out, they saw Guo Shengyang guarding downstairs and heard that he was looking for Fang Zhiheng. They immediately sent a message to Fang Zhiheng. Yu Chuhui followed his mother for a while and found that he was purely thinking too much and there was no so-called hidden difficulty.

Yu’s mother works as a nanny at Professor Tao’s father’s house and takes care of the elderly carefully and thoughtfully on weekdays. However, Professor Tao’s father is old but young at heart and wants to go out for a walk every day. As he is old and going out is risky, Yu’s mother secretly accompanies him out as much as possible to ensure his safety without telling Professor Tao.

After Yu Chuhui knew the truth, he breathed a sigh of relief but worried whether he should inform Professor Tao. In the end, Yu Chuhui sent a message to Ye Zhenzhen and asked her to help convey it to Professor Tao, hoping that Professor Tao could pay attention to the problem of elderly people’s travel. Professor Tao expressed his gratitude for this.

Fang Zhiheng received the message and went downstairs. He was not surprised at Guo Shengyang’s appearance and took the initiative to chat with him. Guo Shengyang has been a lawyer for a short time and has only been in Shanghai for a year. He is relatively simple and humble. He admitted that the main reason why he became Li Qixing’s agent lawyer was to deliver business cards to hospital wards to solicit business. His humor amused Fang Zhiheng, and they added each other on WeChat.

For others, a lawyer’s letter may be a threat, but it is useless for Fang Zhiheng. She will not choose to back down because of this. Li Qixing still paid the agency fee to Guo Shengyang and asked him to handle three things for him: one was about his drunk driving case; the second was the application for criminal detention treatment for injured patients; and the third was about car insurance. Li’s mother questioned Guo Shengyang’s professionalism and was even more dissatisfied that he easily earned legal fees. Therefore, she requested an additional commission in the contract.

Li Xun’s wife thought she had come up with a good way to bring down Fang Zhiheng. She asked Guo Shengyang to find a way to sue Fang Zhiheng and make sure the court would accept it, making her tired and wasting time and money. But this method was the same as a lawyer’s letter for Guo Shengyang and only frightened those who were completely ignorant of the law.

So in Guo Shengyang’s view, practical people like Fang Zhiheng not only had no effect but also might backfire. He was afraid that he would be physically harmed. Li Qixing knew that his mother was being unrealistic, so he added to the original lawyer’s fee to retain Guo Shengyang and entrusted him with full authority to handle related matters.

Fang Zhiheng made an appointment with an Australian client to view art and was well prepared to obtain detailed information about the other party. Zhu Zhe saw her working hard for the company and gave her some advice on how to facilitate cooperation based on his own experience. Guo Shengyang sent a message to Fang Zhiheng revealing that the Li family crisis had been resolved and that there was currently no threat to her. Fang Zhiheng became interested in chatting with him and gradually reduced her guard against him.

In fact, Li Xun’s wife knew that she could not clear her husband of the charges. The best result would be to seek a reduced sentence. However, she still harbored hostility towards those victimized women, which even Li Qixing could not bear. One night, Li’s mother prepared food for her son and walked to the hospital. She found Fang Zhiheng silently following behind her. Although she was full of fear inside, she pretended to be brave and cursed Fang Zhiheng for killing herself if she had the ability. Fang Zhiheng did not respond and immediately turned around and left, sending Guo Shengyang a thank-you text message.

Originally, Zhu Zhe was in line for the position of deputy director. Unexpectedly, the headquarters directly issued a document appointing Zheng Jin, which made it difficult for people not to suspect that there was a problem. Zhu Zhe explained this situation to Director Wang. Even if he was dissatisfied with the situation, he had already accepted it and only hoped that Director Wang could help him apply for a subsidy for shared rent. Otherwise, he would not be able to afford the rent and mortgage pressure.

He Minhong met Huang Dama at a blind date corner and participated in a sales promotion through her. The organizer hyped up the magnetic mattress pad and the price was also extremely unfriendly. At first, Huang Dama had some doubts, but when she saw the information He Minhong found on her phone, she immediately believed it and paid for the product out of her own pocket. The attendant at the venue noticed that He Minhong had no intention of paying and deliberately talked to her to get information. This led to the security guards hired by the venue misunderstanding that she was a reporter and threatening her to hand over her recording device.

However, after searching for a while and finding nothing, He Minhong was already trembling with fear. The security guards looked at her and didn’t seem to be pretending to be afraid, so they asked her to pack up and leave quickly. Ye Zhenzhen saw that something was wrong with He Minhong and asked her about it before learning about her experience. Coincidentally, Huang Dama came to the door with her son. Both mother and son believed that He Minhong was a scammer’s accomplice. He Minhong dared not go out to explain to them. Ye Zhenzhen had to go out alone to deal with it and finally managed to persuade the mother and son to leave.

Zhong Penghao’s pursuit of Yu Chuhui’s heart did not die. He followed Chen Chaosheng’s method and sent her flowers, which were ordered for half a year. Yu Chuhui noticed something was up and transferred the money directly to Zhong Penghao. However, she then thought that this money was the only living expenses she had left this month and had to ask Zhong Penghao for help in solving the problem with her meal card.

Although Huang Dama and her son have left, what happened today made He Minhong still feel lingering fear and she spent the whole afternoon hiding in her room. Zhu Zhe returned exhausted and sat alone in the corridor in a daze, almost scaring Ye Zhenzhen out of her wits. Ye Zhenzhen told Zhu Zhe about He Minhong’s experience, including Huang Dama’s anger after being deceived. However, He Minhong clearly heard Ye Zhenzhen’s scream but continued to hide in her room without asking about her safety. This cowardly behavior disappointed Zhu Zhe.

Zhu Zhe went home and knocked on He Minhong’s bedroom door. He thought she shouldn’t have let Ye Zhenzhen face the unfriendly mother and son alone. However, after hearing Ye Zhenzhen’s scream tonight, he chose to ignore it. In Zhu Zhe’s view, friends should know how to be grateful when they confide in each other. Ye Zhenzhen had been righteous many times without asking for anything in return, but that didn’t mean He Minhong should accept it with peace of mind.

Listening to Zhu Zhe’s questioning and condemnation, He Minhong’s eyes turned red with anxiety and she repeatedly apologized. Afterwards, she felt remorseful. However, the incident had already happened and there was nothing else to say or do. This made Zhu Zhe, who had already failed to get promoted, even more depressed. Fortunately, Fang Zhiheng came over to chat with Zhu Zhe and did some psychological counseling for her. This helped her gradually calm down emotionally.

Due to the heavy blow of this career change, Zhu Zhe is considering improving her personal education. However, re-examination requires a fee and her current savings are weak and difficult to choose from. She can only seek Fang Zhiheng’s advice. Fang Zhiheng strongly advises Zhu Zhe not to sell her house and to find other ways to obtain an education.

In fact, Zhu Zhe also feels that the house represents a way out and can give her the courage to continue fighting in Shanghai. Although Fang Zhiheng’s background and experience are completely different from Zhu Zhe’s, they can still find common ground and talk openly with each other. This makes them feel better.

He Minhong hiding in the room is still a little sad. She wants to send a message to Qi Mu to confide in him but after typing a few lines, she feels it’s not appropriate and immediately deletes it. At this time, Qi Mu suddenly called her with a voice call and noticed that He Minhong’s emotions were not quite right. He then arranged to meet her at a coffee shop later to talk in detail.

He Minhong confided her heart to Qi Mu without reservation and questioned whether she had social anxiety and would always offend people inadvertently. But Qi Mu cleverly refuted He Minhong’s self-awareness and blamed all the mistakes on others. Even Zhu Zhe’s attitude towards her was due to jealousy caused by her previous liking for him.

Qi Mu hinted that He Minhong should continue to maintain her uniqueness, be fearless in the face of difficulties, avoid following the crowd, and define the truth of life with an open mind. Friendship is not about quantity but about knowing people, knowing hearts, and knowing situations. These words deeply touched He Minhong and her good impression of Qi Mu skyrocketed. Qi Mu personally sent her home and carefully put on her scarf, making her heart beat faster and smile shyly.

At the door of her house, He Minhong remembered the words “lonely and decisive” and ignored Yu Chuhui in the living room. An hour ago, Zhu Zhe considered that winter was coming and took the initiative to discuss with Yu Chuhui about jointly purchasing a high-power electric oil heater for the living room. They could share the electricity bill and at least live more comfortably. Occasionally, they could also dry their clothes on cold days.

As Zhu Zhe had a little conflict with He Minhong, he asked Yu Chuhui to convey the message. However, he was rejected by He Minhong. Therefore, Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui gave up the idea of buying an electric oil heater and decided to buy a heater each for their own bedrooms.

Early in the morning, Dai Wei sat at the door waiting for Ye Zhenzhen to go to work. He bought her a set of couple clothes and wanted to take a photo as a mobile wallpaper. The apprentices helped take photos and retouch them, and had to endure the two people’s public display of affection. Ye Zhenzhen found that Dai Wei was getting more and more clingy. Even when they were apart, they would have a passionate farewell kiss.

Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui went to work after breakfast without showing any intention of reconciling with He Minhong. He Minhong questioned whether her approach was correct and couldn’t help but send a message to Qi Mu. Under his sweet words and expressions, she remained determined to stick to her plan. Qi Mu believed that he had forcibly influenced He Minhong’s life trajectory and caused her to come into contact with the gray area. Therefore, he hoped that she would tell him if there was anything and promised to help her smooth out any negative consequences.

As soon as Ye Zhenzhen went upstairs, she heard He Minhong shouting in her room. At first, she thought that He Minhong was in danger and asked what happened. She found out that Huang Dama had reported her to the police station. As Ye Zhenzhen had been doing experiments overnight and really didn’t have the energy to accompany He Minhong to deal with those people, He Minhong contacted Qi Mu first. Unexpectedly, Qi Mu sent a lawyer to help her deal with it. When He Minhong finished making a statement and came out, she found that Qi Mu had been waiting at the door for a long time.

On the way back, He Minhong shared her recent feelings with Qi Mu. Although her friends were all very good, there were still major problems in getting along. Qi Mu suggested that He Minhong try to change her social circle and perhaps find people who are more tolerant and understand that part of her. After all, friends are better than many.

Later, Qi Mu took He Minhong to his own fast food restaurant and ordered a cup of hot milk and a hamburger. They talked about his original intention to open the store. In fact, Qi Mu mainly found her to help manage the accounts. He was going on a business trip during this time and did not know everything about the employees he hired. Therefore, he entrusted He Minhong to supervise them from the side.

At first, He Minhong was hesitant and did not agree until Qi Mu launched another verbal attack and coaxed her into agreeing. She promised not to let Qi Mu down. For several consecutive days, He Minhong came to the Wutong fast food restaurant every day. In addition to ordering a hamburger, she found various opportunities to take photos of the store, including the price list and employee operation desk.

Due to Li Qixing’s mother and son relationship, the intersection between lawyer Guo Shengyang and Fang Zhiheng has increased. To thank Guo Shengyang, Fang Zhiheng invited him to eat barbecue after work, and Guo Shengyang quickly agreed. Since the company’s products have not yet reached a turning point, leaders are struggling to make judgments between store quantity and product issues. Fang Zhiheng took out the prepared data analysis. Ji Zong praised her for this and wanted to establish a legal department for Fang Zhiheng to manage.

At the end of work, Ji Zong expressed that Han Zong had called Fang Zhiheng again to have dinner and supported Fang Zhiheng to deal with this kind of color embryo in her own way. On the other side, Guo Shengyang was already sitting in the agreed barbecue restaurant. Seeing Fang Zhiheng coming late, he immediately ordered her favorite dishes and carefully washed chopsticks and spoons for her.

Fang Zhiheng ordered two bottles of Shaojiu and revealed that she was finally able to stand firm at work, which was worth celebrating. Guo Shengyang was happy for her from the bottom of his heart and believed that such a beautiful and outstanding person like her would eventually be rewarded as long as she worked hard. Also because Fang Zhiheng was willing to share happiness actively, Guo Shengyang drank several glasses of Shaojiu excitedly. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold his liquor and passed out in the end.

That night, Zhu Zhe took the electric blanket she and Yu Chuhui had and carefully checked it before entering the house to make sure there were no problems before carrying it in. Yu Chuhui talked to Zhu Zhe about He Minhong and felt that if he couldn’t persuade Qi Mu to keep his distance from He Minhong, he could take this opportunity to break off relations. Zhu Zhe said that Qi Mu had originally pestered her and later chose He Minhong, so now she would feel embarrassed when Qi Mu was mentioned. Yu Chuhui comforted Zhu Zhe not to care too much about these things.

After the two laid out the electric blanket, Yu Chuhui happily reflected that this was the second time she had felt happy and firmly believed that the rewards of working hard were very rich. Just as Yu Chuhui was cleaning up in the living room, she saw He Minhong come back from outside with a shy face. On the box in the living room was Qi Mu’s name, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that they were not ordinary friends.

Guo Shengyang woke up and found himself lying in a hotel room. He couldn’t find his phone and briefcase, but instead saw a message from Fang Zhiheng on the script, which made him realize that she had kept these precious items for him. Fang Zhiheng arranged to meet in the morning to return the items. When she went downstairs, she saw Guo Shengyang sleeping on the sofa. His silly personality and inadvertent humor made Fang Zhiheng feel better.

Because Yu Chuhui’s advice to Professor Tao was very useful, Professor Tao prepared a gift for Ye Zhenzhen to pass on. However, because of this, Yu Chuhui felt that things had been too smooth lately and suddenly felt anxious. On the other hand, He Minhong sat alone in the bedroom feeling down until he received a message from Qi Mu which made him smile. The sweet taste was evident in their messages to each other and they even arranged to have lunch together.

Yu Chuhui worked during the day and studied at night. Sometimes she was stretched too thin and neglected some aspects of her plan. As the deadline for submitting the plan approached, Yu Chuhui tried to make up for lost time. Zhong Penghao was worried that she might not be able to handle it, but Chen Chaosheng bluntly stated that small mistakes were not mistakes for her.

Ye Zhenzhen noticed that He Minhong had some conflicts with Zhu Zhe but didn’t want to become a sounding board for He Minhong’s emotional outbursts. So when He Minhong came to find her, she would deliberately take out the “rest reminder sign” and hang it outside. As for He Minhong’s fear of loneliness and refusal to interact with people, Ye Zhenzhen can only provide some advice, as to whether she will listen or not depends on He Minhong herself.

Yu Chuhui borrowed flowers to give to Tao Lao Ye for half a year of ordering flowers, which made Tao Lao Ye very happy. Mr. Li is preparing to arrange for Yu Chuhui to do sales, but Yu Chuhui feels that there is a big difference between her current job and sales. Just when she was about to refuse politely, she didn’t expect her father to come to the company and make a scene.

Yu Chuhui was in a difficult situation when she asked her colleagues for help but instead of helping her, they criticized her for not fulfilling her filial duty as a child. As a result, she decided to stand up for herself and confronted her colleagues. Her father was scared by her attitude and decided to go back to their hometown.

This scene was all seen by General Li, who was even more convinced that Yu Chuhui was the talent for management and invited her again. Yu Chuhui was a little moved and said that if the salary was high and the position was retained, she could still consider it. At this time, General Jin called and Yu Chuhui agreed to work part-time in the business department after careful consideration.

Afterwards, Yu Chuhui shared with Zhong Penghao and Chen Chaosheng the story of how she turned misfortune into a blessing. She felt lucky that she dared to fight against her evil father because that was the only way to protect her mother’s safety. Zhong Penghao felt heartbroken for Yu Chuhui’s experience, but in Yu Chuhui’s eyes, it was already a thing of the past. 

He Minhong wanted to help Qi Mu run his fast-food restaurant, but she didn't know where to start. So, she looked for differences in several franchise stores and found that all the store layouts and food tastes were very similar, except for the difference in the area, which made it difficult for her to fully utilize her abilities. Qi Mu appreciated He Minhong's serious and responsible attitude and stated that he had a good eye for people and had not mistaken her.

Ye Zhenzhen personally came to the school to pick up Dai Wei. She watched as many lovesick female students surrounded Dai Wei and restrained the urge to mock him for being charming. As a result, Dai Wei self-deprecatingly joked that he was a young man kept by a wealthy woman. Meanwhile, Qi Mu praised He Minhong for her strong hands-on ability and many valuable qualities. Her simple-mindedness was her greatest advantage.

When this was said, He Minhong felt like she had found a kindred spirit and confidant. She immediately poured out her grievances of the past few months, believing that Qi Mu was the only person who truly cared for and understood her. Qi Mu comforted He Minhong, telling her not to care about what others thought and to just focus on being herself. Before leaving, he revealed his love for He Minhong and expressed his hope that she would enjoy the happiness of being watched by others every day.

While Dai Wei and Ye Zhenzhen were having dinner outside, the topic of He Minhong suddenly arose and she became filled with anger, showing an article in which He Minhong criticized her work. It was obvious to Ye Zhenzhen that Dai Wei was upset, so she followed his emotions and criticized He Minhong for being too much. She then praised Dai Wei's work, saying that even if the protagonist was not perfect, the plot and character relationships were the most important parts of the story. As expected, Dai Wei was appeased by Ye Zhenzhen's righteous indignation, and he let go of his anger towards He Minhong's wrongdoing. Ye Zhenzhen laughed and remarked that Dai Wei was really easy to please.

After work, Yu Chuhui sent a message to her mother to inform her about her salary increase. However, she unexpectedly encountered her father on the way back home and became alert. Yu's father threatened her fiercely, demanding that she either give him money or take her mother away. Upon hearing this, Yu Chuhui immediately took out her pepper spray.



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